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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 7

TMMTBA – Chapter 7


In the early morning of the next day, Gong Qingyao got up and meditated. The spiritual energy in City R was thinner than that in City S. Probably because there were more people here, Gong Qingyao absorbed the surrounding energy before going to the bathroom to clean up.
Outside, the cameraman opened the door and whispered, "Let's see what Gong Qingyao is doing. I guess she's still sleeping." While talking, he crept to the bed.
There was a light in the room, and the cameraman thought Gong Qingyao turned it on deliberately. Although the production team didn't have a lot of money, this set of filming equipment was good. Even if the light was not good, it could still capture pretty decent video.
So the cameraman thought Gong Qingyao was still on the bed, and when he took a closer look, he found that the bed was clean and empty.
Even if the cameraman came in very lightly, Gong Qingyao heard him, and Lu Qianqian was chatting beside her.
Gong Qingyao came out of the bathroom after washing her face. The day was not yet bright outside. It seemed that the reality show had already begun recording. However, facing the camera, Gong Qingyao was a little uncomfortable. She gave the person entering the room a faint glance. She put the prepared bag on her back and asked, "Should we go?"
The cameraman was shocked, this was different from what he expected, "Yes, yes."
Yu Chuxue had washed and dressed before the cameraman came. While Zhong Xinyi put on makeup before the cameraman came and lied on the bed again. After the cameraman came, she pretended to get up. As for the three men, they all got up and dressed neatly after the cameraman came and went downstairs.
Gong Qingyao was the first to get into the vehicle downstairs. The production team prepared a bus and sent the six of them to the recording venue today. After about half an hour or so, the other five people also arrived in the bus one by one.
Mao Liqiang sat in the front row. After the car drove, Mao Liqiang faced the camera and said, "Dear friends who are watching our live program, hello, welcome to our outdoor survival program. Today we have invited six guests. Let me start simple introduction. First of all, our super-popular guest, You Xingyu!"
There was a round of applause in the bus, and You Xingyu waved to the camera, "Hello everyone, I am You Xingyu."
This live broadcast has a total of seven cameramen. One cameraman for each guest, and one  by the host. That was to say, the live platform has a total of seven windows, the largest window in the middle was broadcasting the video recorded by this host, and the remaining six smaller windows correspond to the other six people. The host mainly recorded six people together.
The live broadcast started early. There were about 5,000 people who have entered the live broadcast room. Because of the backing of the sponsor, the production team had also done publicity on Weibo. Because it cost a lot of money to buy equipment, the funds used for promotion were limited. To put it bluntly, the promotion was very weak. Most of the five thousand people who had came in were fans of You Xingyu.
[Xingyu, love you!]
[The front row confessed to my family Xingyu.]
[I woke up so early, it hurts.]
The comments on the live broadcast had been coming one after another, and Mao Liqiang went on with the introduction, "The next one is our super beautiful and super sweet Yu Chuxue."
Yu Chuxue smiled sweetly at the camera, "Hello everyone, I'm Yu Chuxue, you can call me Chuxue or Xiaoxue, I hope you who watch the live broadcast can support me."
Mao Liqiang in turn introduced the other three people, and finally looked at Gong Qingyao, "Finally, we welcome the last guest, Gong Qingyao." Gong Qingyao waved to the camera with a cold voice, "Hello everyone, I am Gong Qingyao." 

 After Ai Xiaoyun sat in this car, when she heard Gong Qingyao introducing herself, she couldn't help but shook her head. The introduction was too simple. In this case, she should show her face in front of the camera like Yu Chuxue so she could leave an impression to the netizens.

After introducing the guests, Mao Liqiang went on to say, "Next, we will have a two-day and one-night outdoor survival expedition. During this period, everyone can’t carry anything on their bodies."
Zhong Xinyi immediately asked with full innocence, "Then what shall we have for meal?"
Yu Chuxue immediately said, "Since it’s an outdoor survival show, I think the production team would definitely want us to find food by ourselves, right?"
Mao Liqiang showed a hint of admiration, "Chuxue is right, but apart from eating, the place for you to stay for the night in the mountain also needs to be solved by yourselves. To survive these two days and one night will be counted as a victory."
"In the mountain?" Guo Yuankai asked.
"Yes, the first stop we went this time was Ye Mountain in R City." Mao Liqiang said.
"Where is that?" Zhong Xinyi asked.
Gong Qingyao who received the script in advance: "..."
This thing called reality show or whatever was really embarrassing.
You Xingyu seldom opened his mouth, "Ye Mountain is famous for being a beautiful mountain, because it is rarely developed, it is said that few people go in..."
Mao Liqiang nodded, "Xingyu is right, other than that, Ye Mountain 's people are very simple, but for now please give us all the things you carry."
"Do you want us to hand in our mobile phones also?" Lu Yongyi asked.
"Yes." The director said immediately.
Zhong Xinyi heard, "If you also need to collect our mobile phones, and we are on the mountain, it would be a little difficult."
Yu Chuxue nodded on the side, "It will be, but I'm quite interested."
Gong Qingyao didn't say a word during the whole process.
After driving for an hour, Mao Liqiang got up and said, "Okay, we have arrived at Ye Mountain now, and our challenge of survival in the wild will begin. If you can survive from now until 6 o'clock tomorrow night, the challenge will be successful. "
Six people walked out of the bus. Zhong Xinyi immediately said, "Can I apply some sunscreen?" It's midsummer, and the sun's rays were indeed a bit big. If she spent two days in this way, she would get a lot of sunburn.
Mao Liqiang said unrelentingly, "No."
Yu Chuxue wanted to laugh in her heart. Seeing Zhong Xinyi's appearance, Yu Chusue knew that she not only put sunscreen on, but also put on nude makeup when she went out, but she asked the crews for some sun protection, which would make people think that she hadn’t use make up. It was an act, but Yu Chuxue was also a little worried. After all, when outdoors sunscreen needed to be reapplied every two hours, otherwise, after these two days, they would really get a few degrees of suntan.
"Well, if there are no other questions, please go up the mountain." Mao Liqiang said.
As soon as the six people entered the mountain, Yu Chuxue said, "I have an idea, we will spend these two days and one night together."
Zhong Xinyi immediately raised her hands, "Agree."
"I also think that’s good." Guo Yuankai said, "No matter how difficult it was, if we divide the work and cooperate, I believe we will definitely be able to pass these two days."
"What do Xingyu think?" Yu Chuxue asked, this time she wanted to hook up with You Xingyu for hype, but for now, You Xingyu seemed reluctant to cooperate.
"Ok." You Xingyu nodded.
Everyone looked at Lu Yongyi and Gong Qingyao, and the two also had no objections.
After walking for a while, Zhong Xinyi sighed, "If I knew this, I would have breakfast in the hotel."
Yu Chuxue was also a little hungry, but her personality in this reality show was omniscient. As a talented woman, she said to the group, "Let’s find food first, and make breakfast."
Zhong Xinyi’s eyes lit up, "Good, good."
Gong Qingyao, who was standing at the end of the crowd, was silently absorbing the spiritual energy here, and when several people looked at her, she nodded slightly.

Yu Chuxue looked at the surrounding plants, "According to geographical location, R City is located in the eastern part of our country, summer should be rich with wild peach and wild cherry here. If we look for them we might have something to eat."
If following the script, Gong Qingyao should say here, "Wow, Chuxue, you are so amazing!" However, Gong Qingyao really couldn't say something like this.
On the side, Zhong Xinyi's eyes glowed, looking at Yu Chuxue, "Wow, Chuxue, you are great, you even know this."
Yu Chuxue didn't care who said this, anyway, it's okay as long as someone said it, Yu Chuxue was happy. All of her thoughts were suppressed, "I only understand it a little."
"Chuxue, you are so humble, I don't know this." After that, Zhong Xinyi replied, "I feel that with Chuxue here, our survival these two days will be well accomplished.”
Gong Qingyao on the side felt a little embarrassed all over, except for the fruits Yu Chuxue said, the weeds and even the bark on their side could also be eaten, but Gong Qingyao still follows the script and just silently followed Yu Chuxue and the others.
Yu Chuxue kept giving Zhong Xinyi some knowledge about popular science, and Zhong Xinyi kept saying, "Wow, Chuxue, you are amazing." You Xingyu sometimes helped to add a few words, and Guo Yuankai also inserted a few words. Only Gong Qingyao and Lu Yongyi had been saying silent in the background.
This situation lasted for an hour, and Yu Chuxue finally led the team to find a peach tree.
"Are there men who can climb trees?" Zhong Xinyi asked.
Guo Yuankai said on the side, "I will try to shake it." However, after shaking it for a long time, even one peach didn't come down.
You Xingyu picked up a branch and threw it at the peach, it did hit, but the peach fell to the ground and broke.
In the end, Lu Yongyi said, "I will try."
Lu Yongyi climbed up the tree and picked some fruits. Upon seeing this, Guo Yuankai took off his clothes, and You Xingyu also took his clothes to pick up the peaches that Lu Yongyi had thrown down.
After a while, they had accumulated a bunch, "This should be enough." Guo Yuankai said.
Lu Yongyi came down from the tree, and the six people sat together, eating peaches.
After two or three bites, Zhong Xinyi asked, "What are we going to prepare for lunch?" After all, breakfast was already just some fruits, so lunch was definitely couldn’t be like this, otherwise they won't last for two days.
Yu Chuxue was happy this time, she didn't expect to find the peach tree so soon, but her face couldn't help but darken when she heard Zhong Xinyi's words.
You Xingyu got up and said, "Well, let's go to the surrounding farmers' houses first."
"I agree." Guo Yuankai said immediately.
"Okay!" Zhong Xinyi clapped her hands and stood up, "Then let's go now."
The six people got up and started looking for farmers. They found one after a while. You Xingyu and Yu Chuxue stepped forward to explain their intentions. In fact, this farmer was bought by the production team before, and had been arranged to meet the guest to give a task, "Okay, the chicken coop is over there. If you can catch it, you can take it, but you can only catch one."
Zhong Xinyi, who was standing in the front, came forward immediately, facing the camera with excitement, "They let us catch the chicken by ourselves, and will give it to us if we catch it."
The six people rushed to the chicken coop happily. Yu Chuxue, Zhong Xinyi and Guo Yuankai would try going in.
But when they arrived in the chicken coop, they stopped.

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