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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 11

TMMTMQ – Chapter 11


Guo Yuankai wanted to say something at this moment, or to ran away first, but he couldn't speak or move his feet.
Lu Yongyi and You Xingyu on the side seemed to have been shaken by the situation in front of them. They felt that they had encountered a ghost today. The knowledge they had received over the years made them unable to accept, but what happened here obviously told them that the knowledge they had been receiving was wrong.
Gong Qingyao sighed inaudibly, and then reached out to make a few gestures. The female ghost who had expanded her grievances and swelled to the extreme, was immediately suffocated by Gong Qingyao. Gong Qingyao sealed the female ghost in her ring, and the room returned to normal. The extinguished light turned on again, and the temperature around was not so cold anymore.
Lu Qianqian said sharply, "You put her in the ring, where should I go?"
Gong Qingyao didn't talk to Lu Qianqian, but looked at the middle-aged woman on the side, "When are you going to surrender?"
Lu Yongyi and the two other male guests on the side heard such a confusing question from Gong Qingyao before they had time to react to what happened just now. No, no, no, it wasn’t a question, Gong Qingyao said it in a declarative tone.
Guo Yuankai was the first to lose his temper and asked, "Qingyao, what have they done?" In his eyes, the middle-aged woman plus the child, also there was a ghost in the house. If the three of them added up, it was impossible for the ghost to do evil things for nothing.
Hearing Gong Qingyao's question, the middle-aged woman's eyes dodged a little, "I don't understand what you are talking about."
At this moment, the child woke up from his dream and cried loudly, "Mom, I dreamed of Liu Xi again."
Gong Qingyao corrected, "It's not a dream. Liu Xi has always been by your side."
The middle-aged woman screamed and passed out.
Lu Qianqian said, "Now she faints." -_-
"No hurry." Gong Qingyao found a chair and sat down. Ye Mountain have little development. There was plenty of spiritual energy here, so it was good to just sit and breathed in some energy.
You Xingyu, Lu Yongyi, Guo Yuankai: …
What did she mean by no hurry?
Five minutes later, the middle-aged woman woke up, she stared at the strong and calm Gong Qingyao, and finally said, "Don't worry, we will surrender tomorrow."
Gong Qingyao glanced at the middle-aged woman, then retracted her gaze. She said to the three men, "Let's go."
After leaving the house, You Xingyu and the others discovered that Gong Qingyao found the solution to the child's problem not because she had been a mother, but because of other reasons, but this reason was really unexpected.
"What should we do now?" You Xingyu asked. To be honest, he still hadn't figured out what happened tonight, as were Guo Yuankai and You Xingyu.
Gong Qingyao said, "You go back first."
Lu Yongyi asked immediately, "What about you?"
"I have something else." After speaking, Gong Qingyao left first.
Lu Yongyi was about to catch up with her but Guo Yuankai held him, "Don't you see that she is a little different? She definitely is going to be okay." What happened tonight was so strange.
That's how it was said, but she was a woman after all, Lu Yongyi turned back around and found no one? In less than a minute, Gong Qingyao was gone! The three men looked at each other, and planned to go back to the cabin first.
Gong Qingyao went down the mountain first, and then ran to the top of the mountain. The spiritual energy there was the most abundant, and coupled with the energy gathering talisman, it was the best place to practice. Gong Qingyao sat down to meditate and began to practice.

Lu Qianqian muttered to herself, "It's strange, how come I have encountered so many ghosts along the way?"
When the sky gradually lit up, Gong Qingyao opened her eyes. She didn’t expect that one night would allow her to break through the second level of Qi training. If Yu Chuxue and Zhong Xinyi were there, they would surely find that even after a day of sun exposure, Gong Qingyao’s skin at this moment was much fairer than before.

Gong Qingyao opened her eyes and exhaled.
Lu Qianqian on the side saw Gong Qingyao finally moved, and she also moved towards her, but Lu Qianqian had a feeling that the person in front of her was a bit more dangerous than yesterday.
Gong Qingyao looked at Lu Qianqian, "Come in."
Before Lu Qianqian could refute, she was stuffed into the ring by Gong Qingyao.
Gong Qingyao stretched her muscles and bones. After breaking through the second layer of Qi training, her body seemed to be dredged, and she felt a lot lighter. Gong Qingyao raised her feet and ran all the way to the abandoned cabin.
Last night, Lu Yongyi and the others came back and said nothing. Yu Chuxue and Zhong Xinyi saw that Gong Qingyao hadn’t come back so they were afraid to go to bed. They finally fell asleep at dawn. They were scared when they saw a shadow of a figure running in. Zhong Xinyi glanced at the sky outside, and quickly got up and ran outside to put on makeup.
When Yu Chuxue heard the movement, there was no time for her to be surprised how Gong Qingyao came back, she quickly followed Zhong Xinyi to put on make-up. The cameraman walked in as soon as the two returned to the house after they were finished.
Yu Chuxue, who came in from outside the house, breathed a sigh of relief, and said to the camera, "Morning."
Zhong Xinyi also waved. Gong Qingyao just nodded slightly. Yu Chuxue glanced at Gong Qingyao. This person didn't come back overnight. She didn't expect Gong Qingyao’s skin to be better than yesterday, and she didn't know what Gong Qingyao did this night.
The men outside also shouted, "Get up."
The six people gathered together. Guo Yuankai and the other male guests acted as if nothing was unusual, but if people looked closely, they would find that the male guests occasionally casted a glance at Gong Qingyao secretly.
When the six people walked out of the cabin, Zhong Xinyi asked, "What can we eat for breakfast?"
"It's the same as yesterday." Yu Chuxue said.
The others had no objection, so they picked the peaches. When they were eating happily, they saw a something flying by.
Yu Chuxue was frightened and screamed, "Ah!"
Gong Qingyao quickly threw out the peach pit in her hand, the others only saw the creature stopped moving in an instant.
Guo Yuankai looked at the creature. It turned out to be a rabbit, "Wow! Lunch is solved."
Zhong Xinyi ran up and hugged the rabbit, "The rabbit is so cute. How can you bear to eat it?"
Guo Yuankai on the side directly choked out, "If you can't bear it, don't eat it."
When everyone was discussing how to eat the rabbit, viewers started to comment.
[What did I see this morning?]
[That rabbit ran very fast just now. Can this rabbit be hit just by throwing peach pit?]
[Even if you hit it, you can't hit the rabbit without moving, right?]
[My mother, is this a yang finger?]
[If it weren't for the rabbit running fast just now, I thought it was designed by the production team.]
[6666666, I remembered she used bamboo to poke fish yesterday, and today she used peach pits to poke rabbits.]
[Tell you the truth, this is called Kungfu!]
Yu Chuxue glanced at the rabbit and said, "Let's go to the farmers to borrow something. Lunch should be fine."
Gong Qingyao said, "I think there are some mushrooms on the top of the mountain. We have enough for lunch."
This was Gong Qingyao's longest sentence since participating in the reality show. Yu Chuxue was a little unhappy after hearing this. After all, Gong Qingyao's remark was clearly a suggestion, but it secretly opposed her own opinion.
Lu Yongyi on the side said, "Qingyao is right. We should go to the top of the mountain to pick some mushrooms."

Yu Chuxue nodded, and afterwards, Yu Chuxue was extremely thankful that she did not go to the farmer's house to borrow anything.
"Okay, then I will deal with the rabbit first." After that, Guo Yuankai added, "I'll see you in the lotus pond later."
In the end, Zhong Xinyi and Guo Yuankai stayed where they were. Gong Qingyao took You Xingyu and the other three to run to the top of the mountain. Everyone picked a lot of shiitake mushrooms and wild vegetables. At the foot of the mountain, Guo Yuankai had lighted the fire, and the rabbit was skewered using bamboo sticks and was roasting.
Back at the lotus pond, Gong Qingyao washed the mushrooms she picked. You Xingyu cleaned the jar they picked up yesterday so that it could be used to cook mushroom soup later. Yu Chuxue washed the wild vegetables, and Lu Yongyi washed the bamboo tubes from yesterday. Zhong Xinyi picked up some dead branches to use as firewood.
Everyone divided the work and cooperated, so in a short while, the lunch was ready. The rabbit was quite fragrant, but the rabbit was not big originally, so everyone only got a small piece of meat.
In addition to the rabbit meat, there were also wild vegetables in the bamboo tube. They didn’t know if it was because of the second time or something. Everyone always felt that the wild vegetables made by Lu Yongyi were not as delicious as what Gong Qingyao made yesterday. After eating, the six people cleaned the bamboo tube and filled them with some mushroom soup.
"Wow, this mushrooms are so fresh." Zhong Xinyi said, if she knew she would not eat that wild vegetable just now.
"Is it all edible?" Guo Yuankai asked.
"Yes." Yu Chuxue replied. She actually didn't know the types of mushrooms in it, but when they were picking, Gong Qingyao explained to them what could be picked and what couldn’t be picked. Besides, Gong Qingyao was eating them herself, indicating that the mushrooms were okay.
"It seems that there are still a lot of good things in the mountains." Lu Yongyi said, knowing that they should have gone to the mountains to find food yesterday, not to the farmers.
"Yeah." You Xingyu nodded, "Once we are done eating, and we should look around in the afternoon to see if there is anything good."
"Boy, you can't leave." A grim sound came. When everyone didn't react yet, a group of people smashed the camera closest to them first, and the other cameramen saw it and hugged their cameras and moved back.
The one that was smashed was recording Zhong Xinyi, so this would be broadcasted live, and Zhong Xinyi's window went black.
Viewers were shocked and started to swipe the screen, [???]
[What's the situation?]
[It looks like something went wrong!]
[These seem to be mountain people! Call the police!]
[Wait, is this arranged by the production team or is it real?]
[It's really impossible for something arranged to smash the camera, I have already called the police!]
[Mom, there are hundreds of people from this mountain, right?]
[This is in Ye Mountain! Is there anyone close? Can you help?]
Within three minutes, all the live broadcasts turned into darkness.
However, not only did all the viewers not leave, they were even more powerful.
The situation on Ye Mountain at this time was not so optimistic. The leader of the mountain people approached Gong Qingyao, the guests and the crews step by step. The others were backing away, only Gong Qingyao was still sitting in place and drinking mushroom soup leisurely.
So what happened was, Gong Qingyao became the front most of the crowd.
Lu Yongyi was a little anxious when he saw this situation. At this situation, what kind of soup was she drinking? "Qingyao, come here!"
Gong Qingyao drank the last sip of mushroom soup and looked at the mountain people, "You didn't choose to surrender after all."
As if the man heard some joke, he said loudly, "I am Ma Sun, it is impossible for me to surrender in this life."
This Ma Sun was the husband of the middle-aged woman yesterday and the most prestigious person in Ye Mountain. What he did was to abduct various young girls in the city outside, and then he took them back to be the wives of the strong men in the mountains.


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