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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 12

TMMTMQ – Chapter 12


Yu Chuxue looked at the villagers in front of her with a pale face. Some of them were holding knives and some holding sticks. She didn't know what this people were going to do, but she was sure that it was definitely not a good thing.
Seeing Gong Qingyao didn’t say anything, Ma Sun continued, "Originally, I refused for you to film here, but the director told me they will give money, I thought, anyway, this bad production team is not well-known, so I let you film. I went up to the mountain to hid for a few days during the filming. Who knows, you have discovered our secret."
Occasionally, Ma Sun would go to the city to abduct a few women back. He acted cautiously because he was afraid that he would be spotted if he entered the camera, but he was reluctant to let go of the money from Mao Liqiang, so he decided to hid in the mountain for two days while they were filming the reality show.
Zhong Xinyi immediately denied, "We don't know your secrets."
Ma Sun smiled treacherously, "It doesn't matter if you know, anyway, you will all be staying here."
Yu Chuxue's heart became more and more afraid, "You, aren't you afraid that we will expose you?" She originally planned to point to the cameraman, but when she looked at it, she found that all their cameras had already been smashed, and Yu Chuxue's heart became cold.
"Do you think you can get out of here today?" Ma Sun said.
A wretched-looking man on the side said, "I like that girl, Ma, give her to me later."
When Yu Chuxue saw the man pointing at herself, she shrank back in shock.
Another man also said, "I want her." When the villagers heard this, they started pointing at the women present, and Zhong Xinyi was shocked by the scene and backed away.
Lu Yongyi ran out to stand in front of the women, "Don't you think about doing anything to them."
You Xingyu also came out.
Ma Sun looked at Lu Yongyi, "The two of you can stay here. We also have people that prefer men." After that, he pointed to You Xingyu, "Especially him, oh yes, little Fresh meat, I will let them taste you later."
As soon as the voice fell, they heard only "Oh" and Ma Sun clutched his forehead. He saw a bamboo tube that fell on the ground, and looked at Gong Qingyao sitting aside, and said angrily, "Bah. How dare you hit me?"
Gong Qingyao clapped her hands, "It's been a long time since I moved my muscles and bones." Not to mention her heyday, even if she currently only had 3% power compared to her heyday, she could easily handle this group of people.
Just now, the strength of the bamboo tube was not small at all. Ma Sun wiped the blood from his forehead and walked towards Gong Qingyao, "Then, let me move your muscles and bones first, and later ..."
Before the disgusting words were spoken, everyone saw Gong Qingyao moved quickly in front of Ma Sun. Between each breath, before everyone could see what had happened, they saw Ma Sun fell down.
"Oh." Ma Sun hugged his arms and legs in pain and shouted, "What are you guys doing in a daze? Give her to me."
When the other people saw this, they rushed up immediately, but no matter who it was, anyone who walked into the circle of one meter around Gong Qingyao would be subdued by Gong Qingyao within three strokes. The people behind saw that this woman seemed a little bit skilled so they did not dare to step forward for a while.
Ma Sun was helped by the people behind and slowly stood up, "This woman is a bit weird, Zhang San, you guys all go to deal with her, and the other surround the rest."
Zhang San and his group were the strong men in the village. Hearing this, they summoned a few people and walked around Gong Qingyao. The remaining villagers rushed towards You Xingyu and the others. The scene became chaotic for a while, especially Zhong Xinyi and Yu Chuxue. They screamed the loudest.
Gong Qingyao didn't have many talismans on her body, so she struck out all of them at this moment, and then said, "Set."

All the villagers who attacked them immediately stood where they were, unable to move. Ma Sun looked at Gong Qingyao with a look of dread, "What did you do?"
Gong Qingyao said, "It's nothing. I just summoned all the people you have killed." When the voice fell, she quickly struck a few talismans on the foreheads of Ma Sun and the others.

These people went sluggish for a second, and then cried and shouted ghost, "Don't come over, don't come over, it's not that I want to harm you." This scared look didn't match the fierce look just now.
The other guests and crews looked at this scene. The male guests looked at each other, how could this resemble what happened last night?
Gong Qingyao's talisman only lasts for half a minute. This talisman was made for Lu Qianqian's parents before. Due to faulty creations, these few talismans only lasted for half a minute. Nonetheless, Gong Qingyao still carried them all the time, today it finally came in handy.
After half a minute passed quickly, Ma Sun and the others woke up. He looked at Gong Qingyao, thinking that if Gong Qingyao was resolved, then everyone else could stay, Ma Sun said with a fierce face, "This is a demon, kill her."
"I dare you!" You Xingyu shouted loudly, "Do you know that murder is illegal!"
Ma Sun spitted, "Bah, in Ye Mountain, I am the law."
"Charge!" Ma Sun shouted.
"Stop!" An angry voice came from behind the villagers.
Everyone looked up, it turned out that the police came. But, why only three came?
"The police are here!" Yu Chuxue said happily.
When Ma Sun saw them, he laughed and said, "Just what you want to find out? Brothers, grab these few people first."
These three policemen were all from R City. Just now they received a report that some people wanted to kill, but they didn't even think about how many will be involved. Only now did they discover that there were hundreds of villagers here. So they had to clenched their lips and fight with these villagers. One of the police was about to take the walkie-talkie to apply for additional manpower to the station, but the murderous villagers snatched his walkie-talkie, threw it on the ground, and stepped on it.
Within a minute, the three policemen were subdued.
Yu Chuxue and the others felt very cold. Although the police were here, these few people were obviously not enough to handle the opponents. These villagers, one-on-one or even one-on-two, were definitely fine, but they couldn’t handle a crowd.  So what happened to the policemen next, did we really have to explain it explicitly?
Seeing that one of the policeman was about to fall, Yu Chuxue and Zhong Xinyi closed their eyes in fear.
With a ‘pop’, suddenly there seemed to be gunshots.
"The villagers in front, raise your hands!" A man in uniform shouted while standing on the off-road vehicle with a loudspeaker in his hand.
"Great, another wave of police!" Zhong Xinyi said happily.
"You have the right to remain silent, but every word you say can be notarized in court."
Yu Chuxue cried with joy. She had only seen such a handsome scene when she was filming, but she didn't expect to experience it personally today.
It was Cheng Lei who was speaking. It stood to reason that Ye Mountain was in R City and it was not the area for the police in S City to take care of. But, last night Gong Qingyao asked the middle-aged women to surrender. When the middle-aged women said they would surrender, Gog Qingyao received a precognition.
Gong Qingyao saw in the vision that the middle-aged woman ran to a house halfway up the mountain, found her husband Ma Sun, and told Ma Sun that a very evil woman had appeared here, and asked them to surrender. Then Gong Qingyao saw that Ma Sun slept until almost noon, and then summoned the villagers here, surrounded her and the others. Ma Sun said that he wanted let them stay in Ye Mountain.
So after coming out of Ma Sun's house, Gong Qingyao went down the mountain. She told Mao Liqiang to call the police at noon, saying that Ye Mountain would be dangerous.
Then Gong Qingyao remembered that the people nowadays did not respect metaphysics, so she found Cheng Lei. Cheng Lei received the news that this was a trafficker spot, and immediately said that he would be coming. Gong Qingyao asked Cheng Lei to send Deng Xiuming's phone number to her. Deng Xiuming, who hated human traffickers most, after hearing what Gong Qingyao had said, he said he would send police officers and assured her that they would definitely arrive before noon.

At noon, Mao Liqiang thought of Gong Qingyao’s affirmative eyes yesterday. After thinking about it, he called the police. As Mao Liqiang was in the entertainment industry, he said that the situation in Ye Mountain was urgent. The police in R city believed it and sent people out immediately, the people was the three policemen previously.
Mao Liqiang was thinking about what to do if it was unnecessary to call the police. But then he saw that the live broadcast was interrupted. Mao Liqiang did not expect that something would really happen, so he immediately called the police again, this time more anxious than before. However, the police said that someone had been dispatched.
Everyone in the director car was in a panic. Mao Liqiang calmed himself down, and then led his team to rush up the mountain.
When the police in R City saw the arrival of S City’s police, they immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, they were here, otherwise it was unknown whether they could get out of here today. When they thought of this, they felt scared for a while.
With Deng Xiuming, more than half of the S City police came out, and even a lot of Special Forces came, so within a few minutes, the villagers were subdued. At this moment, the viewers who watched the live broadcast each thought of a way and brushed the topic. For a time, the wild survival reality show was pushed into the live broadcast hot search. The names of the six guests including Gong Qingyao were also on the hot search, and even Ye Mountain was also listed.
After Mao Liqiang's car drove for ten minutes, he saw the police car.
The roads in Ye Mountain were not wide, and only two small cars were able to pass at the same time. If both were big cars, it would be a bit crowded. Mao Liqiang had no choice but to order the car to move backwards. Mao Liqiang counted, a total of three police cars passed by, plus two off-road vehicles.
After the police car had finished driving by, Mao Liqiang immediately let his team go up, almost halfway up the mountain they finally found Gong Qingyao and the others. There were several policemen beside them.
Mao Liqiang quickly got out of the car. He was relieved to see everyone unscathed. Ai Xiaoyun then followed, and Yu Chuxue immediately cried when she saw Ai Xiaoyun. Zhong Xinyi sobbed quietly when she saw this. She didn't expect to encounter such a thing when recording a reality show.
Ai Xiaoyun comforted Yu Chuxue and glanced at Gong Qingyao again. Seeing that the latter was not frightened, she said, "It's okay, it's okay, let's go, get in the car, let's go back."
The policemen who remained were Cheng Lei and the others. They couldn't sit in the car just now, as they were worried that there would be other villagers waiting for ambush, so they stayed where they were. Now they saw that there was a space in the car, so they sat in.
Since Gong Qingyao and others still need to make a transcript, Mao Liqiang sent them directly to the R City police station.
When everyone walked out of the police station, it was already dark, and Mao Liqiang arranged dinner for everyone in the hotel. Except for Gong Qingyao, the others ate two bites at random and went back to their room to rest.
At the dinner table, Mao Liqiang looked at Gong Qingyao several times, as if he wanted to say something, but did not speak. Gong Qingyao slowly finished the last mouthful of rice and stood up. Only when Mao Liqiang had mustered up his courage and was about to speak, he heard Ai Xiaoyun next to him asking, "Qingyao, are you free?"
Gong Qingyao glanced at Ai Xiaoyun's palace of wealth and family on her face, guessing what had happened, and said, "Go to my room." Ai Xiaoyun followed behind Gong Qingyao, she felt that the artist she brought seemed to be really different now.
After entering the room, Ai Xiaoyun just closed the door and heard Gong Qingyao ask, "Are you still considering giving your brother more money?"


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