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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 9

TMMTBA – Chapter 9


[My appetite was actually aroused.]
[You Xingyu is so handsome, did you find out? He gave Yu Chuxue the first drumstick.]
[I have also found out that there seems to be something unusual between You Xingyu and Yu Chuxue.]
The audience at this meeting has exceeded 30,000, so the navy bought by Yu Chuxue also brought up the topic of her and You Xingyu at this time, but obviously, You Xingyu's fans did not buy it. (TN: Navy means paid commenter, usually used to hype something on the internet)
[Didn't you see that our family Xingyu gave it according to the distance? Yu Chuxue is the closest to him. Of course he was the first to give it to Yu Chuxue.]
[Stay away from my Xingyu.]
[No appointment, no appointment, we don't make an appointment.]
The six people in front of the camera didn't know the comments in the live broadcast room. At this moment, they were exhausted after eating some salty chicken, which made them very thirsty. Gong Qingyao finished eating the chicken, then picked up one of the bamboos with green vegetables, uncovered the lid, and a clear fragrance came out.
Everyone found that Gong Qingyao had made six copies, so there was one for each of them. Guo Yuankai was the most welcome and directly picked up one of them. Zhong Xinyi asked, "Qingyao, can we eat this?"
"Eat." Gong Qingyao replied.
When the other people heard it, they each picked up one. Yu Chuxue was the last one to take it, not because she was modest, but she just saw that the bamboo water was scooped up from the lotus pond, and You Xingyu and the other male guests just washed themselves in it. She was not sure if the water was safe to be consumed.
Gong Qingyao used the chicken thigh bones she had just eaten as chopsticks, picked up the green vegetables cooked in the bamboo, and then fed it into her mouth. She had to say that the changes of the times have made the taste of water much worse, and this vegetable seemed to lack a hint of sweetness, but now she ate for fullness, so Gong Qingyao would still finish this.
Lu Yongyi drank a sip of vegetable soup and his eyes brightened. Unexpectedly, the vegetable soup boiled in bamboo has a hint of the fragrance of the bamboo besides the taste of the vegetable itself. Drinking it was simply refreshing. Lu Yongyi quickly ate the bamboo of greens clean.
Zhong Xinyi said, "This vegetable soup is delicious."
Guo Yuankai rarely agreed with what Zhong Xinyi said, "I always find that vegetable soup is difficult to drink. I didn't expect to find out today that the vegetable soup can also be so delicious."
You Xingyu also said, "It's really good."
Yu Chuxue originally planned to take two sips to fake it, but after drinking, she realized that the soup really tasted good, so she drank the bamboo soup inadvertently.
Once everyone was full, they went to the abandoned cabin and planned to rest for a while, but after a while, Zhong Xinyi got up, "There are so many mosquitoes here."
Yu Chuxue also grabbed her arm, and was bitten by many mosquitoes already. What should they do tonight?
"Qingyao, are there no mosquitoes biting you?" Yu Chuxue asked.
"Look next to her." Zhong Xinyi said.
Yu Chuxue found out that a pile of mosquito corpses was lying next to Gong Qingyao.
Guo Yuankai knocked on the door outside, "Are you awake? Let’s go find ingredients."
The three female guests walked out, Yu Chuxue told the other about the situation inside, and You Xingyu muttered for a while and said, "Otherwise you can go to the farmer's house to stay overnight."
Lu Yongyi put forward a rebuttal for the first time, "If we stay overnight, the six of us will be separated, so what should they do if they encounter danger." They also don't have mobile phones, and it will be really hard to contact anyone if they really get into trouble.
Zhong Xinyi also said, "Or, let's think of a way. If we can drive away the mosquitoes, we can live in this cabin at night." After that, she looked at Yu Chuxue.

Yu Chuxue nodded. She should have said how to repel mosquitoes at this time, but there was nothing about this on the prepared script.
Lu Yongyi looked at Gong Qingyao. For some reason, he always felt that Gong Qingyao knew something. Everyone followed Lu Yongyi's gaze and looked at Gong Qingyao.
"Wormwood." Gong Qingyao said.

You Xingyu immediately said, "I remember, burning wormwood can repel mosquitoes." (TN: I tried searching wormwood and the first thing that came up was its toxicity. It indeed repels insects but I found no method involve burning it, most just leave it as live plant. So please do not quote this and do your own research before doing anything. Thanks~)
Yu Chuxue's brain was blank. It was over. Peaches and pears were easy to recognize, but she couldn’t recognize wormwood. Yu Chuxue decided to remain silent.
Everyone planned to find wormwood first. Fortunately, there were many wormwood in Ye Mountain. With Gong Qingyao in front, everyone picked a lot of them in a short while. Lu Yongyi was responsible for taking these wormwood back to the abandoned hut. The rest of the people keep looking for ingredients.
Walking halfway up the mountain, Zhong Xinyi saw a dilapidated jar. Only half of the jar remained. Zhong Xinyi pointed to this jar, "Can it be used as a pot?"
"Of course not." Guo Yuankai said.
Gong Qingyao said, "Yes."
Guo Yuankai touched his nose, "Okay."
Everyone laughed. Zhong Xinyi just said casually that this jar was only half left, and it looked a bit like a pot. She never thought of treating it as a real pot, but Gong Qingyao agreed with this statement, so she suddenly beamed with joy. It’s just that this happiness didn’t last long. Everyone walked around and found no other ingredients at all except for some wild vegetables.
Yu Chuxue, who was silent all the way, finally thought of her script, "The lotus pond we went to at noon, there should be fish in it, why don't we try to catch some fish?"
"That’s a good idea." Guo Yuankai agreed immediately.
You Xingyu glanced at the sky, it was getting late, and he didn't know if they could catch fish later.
When they reached the lotus pond, everyone started to catch fish. The depth of the lotus pond near the shore was close to half a meter, and the deeper it went in the middle, everyone was on the shore for safety, but the fish was more difficult to catch than chickens. Zhong Xinyi tried a few times but didn't catch any. She looked at Yu Chuxue, "Why don't I go to the farmers to borrow something."
Yu Chuxue wiped the sweat from her forehead. It was indeed difficult to catch fish. "I will go with Xinyi." Anyway, the production team greeted these farmers in advance.
Lu Yongyi saw that they couldn't catch the fish like this, so he said, "Let's do it together, Yuankai and I will herd the fishes to Xingyu, Xingyu guard the spot and try to catch them."
"Ok!" The three men instantly formed an alliance and started.
Everyone was busy, only Gong Qingyao, sitting silently on the bank, cutting bamboo.
Netizens were also very curious.
[Guess what she is going to do.]
[No, no, Gong Qingyao is a woman I can't understand and guess.]
Gong Qingyao cut off the last piece, then stood up, looked into the pond, and then raised her hand to stab the bamboo down.

Guo Yuankai had already tried to catch fish for the Nth time, but until now the three of them have only caught three fish. This fishes were very slippery, so he didn’t believe Gong Qingyao would be able to stab a fish with such a casual poke.
When Lu Yongyi saw Gong Qingyao's movements, he stopped on the spot, You Xingyu said, "Did you get one?"
Guo Yuankai said immediately, "If she just pokes like that..."
Gong Qingyao lifted the bamboo, and there was a fish on it. Gong Qingyao placed the fish on the shore and continued to stare at the bottom of the pond.
Guo Yuankai: ...
Fortunately, he didn't finish his words just now.
"What were you saying?" You Xingyu asked.

"No, nothing." Guo Yuankai wouldn't say the next thing.
Without giving everyone a chance to relax, Gong Qingyao once again stabbed with the bamboo, Guo Yuankai's eyebrows trembled, this, this would not be a hit again, right?
Sure enough, Gong Qingyao picked up the bamboo, and there was another fish on it.
Everyone: ...
Damn it, was she still a human?
At this moment, Mao Liqiang in front of the camera looked at Ai Xiaoyun, "Your artist is a bit interesting."
Ai Xiaoyun smiled embarrassedly. She had never knew that Gong Qingyao understands so much. Before she had time to say anything, the phone rang. Ai Xiaoyun saw that it turned out to be from home. She hurried out of the car, "Hey, mom..."
Netizens also started to discuss this scene.
[Do you think this is real or fake?]
[Gong Qingyao has already hit five fish in a row.]
[I think it's fake.]
[As a person who has tried to do this before, it seems simple to insert bamboo into the water, but in fact it is not easy. First of all, the bamboo needs to be thin, or there will be resistance by the water in the process, also we must stab quickly and accurately, otherwise you will deviate from the direction because of the current.]
[So? Why don't the people upstairs tell me the point? It's real or not.]
[I think it's true. The fish is still alive and kicking up when the bamboo was lifted.]
[And this place is less than fifty meters, everyone can see it.]
[Let us suppose that the production team put the fish underwater and Gong Qingyao quickly stab the bamboo. Do you think the live fish will be so obediently waiting to be impaled?]
[Furthermore, it requires all five fish to be placed underwater. If there is such a big movement, the surface of the pond will not be so calm.]

In the end, the three men caught a total of five fish, and Gong Qingyao poked seven. Then they all cleaned the fish by the pond and washed them. They put them on the fire and roast them using bamboo sticks. Lu Yongyi quickly refilled the bamboo tube used at noon with water and placed it by the fire.
After a while, Yu Chuxue and Zhong Xinyi came back and saw that they had already cooked the food, "We asked for some oil and some eggs."
"Give me some oil." Lu Yongyi took the oil and brushed a layer of oil on the fish. A sizzling sound came and quickly aroused everyone's appetite. The main cameraman immediately switched the camera focus to the fish.
Netizens began to comment again.
[I feel like this fish is delicious.]
[Ordinary crucian carp actually thinks me hungry.]
[Wow, Lu Yongyi seems to know how to cook.]
Zhong Xinyi said next to him, "Do I need me to do anything?"
"Go and help Qingyao." You Xingyu said.
Since everyone started to roast the fish, Gong Qingyao has been washing the jar they picked up in the afternoon. After washing, she filled them with water and put them on the fire, which would be filled with lotus flowers. When Zhong Xinyi heard this, she immediately walked over to help Gong Qingyao pick the lotus. When Yu Chuxue saw Zhong Xinyi had passed by, she followed. At this moment, the navy that Yu Chuxue invited finally found a topic.

[My family Chuxue is so considerate, she is helping Qing Yao pick the leaves.]
Although Gong Qingyao has no fans, some netizens who watched today were fans of Gong Qingyao's actions. They immediately choked on hearing this.
[What do you mean by helping? Do you think Yu Chuxue will not eat later?"
[Considerate my *ss, she went to the farmer's house so she did not join to catch fish. Most of the fishes now were caught by Gong Qingyao.]
[I feel that Yu Chuxue's fans are so annoying. If not trying to hook You Xingyu to fry CP, they will just hype nothing like this.]
[Yeah, I have never seen other artists’ fans boast about their idols to this extent.]
Yu Chuxue's navy hurriedly silenced.

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