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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 16

TMMTMQ – Chapter 16


Zhong Xinyi nodded slightly, Gong Qingyao, she couldn’t say she hates or likes this person, but she knew that in the recording of the Ye Mountain reality show, Gong Qingyao repeatedly grabbed Yu Chuxue's limelight and was hated by Yu Chuxue.
You Xingyu and Lu Yongyi on the side glanced at the two of them and silently glanced at the ceiling. In their hearts, with Gong Qingyao temperament, she did not even pay attention to Yu Chuxue at all. It would just be that these girls were acting passionately by themselves. Qin Ze only nodded, was it necessary to be so excited? Who didn’t know that Qin Ze was the famous good-for-nothing on the Capital?
Gong Qingyao went to a nearby shopping mall and bought a four-piece beige bedset, and then bought a black-out silver-gray curtain. The curtains needed to be customized according to the specific size. However, Gong Qingyao couldn’t wait that long and just bought the sample directly.
Coming out of the mall, Gong Qingyao saw it was still early, so she searched for antique city nearby with her mobile phone. The nearest place to her was Shanggu Antique Street, where Gong Qingyao planned to go for a stroll next.
The decoration style of the whole street store was antique. There were various small stalls on both sides of the entrance. When people walked inside, they would find that the store was getting more and more atmospheric and there were fewer and fewer stalls. Shanggu Street, the most magnificent two antique shops located here was Lao Zhang and Lao Chen's. It was said that it had been open for many years, and there were many treasures in the stores.

In addition, most people who came to this antique street were divided into two extremes, either rich or poor. The rich came to really want to buy treasures, and the poor come to pick up the omissions and want to make a fortune. As for a young woman like Gong Qingyao, she was probably the first person to appear on Shanggu Street, so when she walked into this street, she immediately attracted the attention of many people.
It was said that the layman was watching the excitement and the expert was watching the doorway. As soon as she walked into Shanggu Street, Gong Qingyao frowned slightly. Anyone who knew Gong Qingyao would know that this expression had already expressed Gong Qingyao's dissatisfaction.
This place was much worse than she thought. The stuff at the stall at the entrance was inferior, coated with mud, they dared to claim them as antiques. Gong Qingyao took a few glances and walked towards the shop behind the stall. As a result, the things in the shop were similar, either fakes or useless. Gong Qingyao couldn't bear to look directly at the claimed best treasures in these shops.
After visiting several stalls and shops, Gong Qingyao's interest was almost gone. The owner of a certain stall had been looking at her since Gong Qingyao came in. Seeing that Gong Qingyao hadn't met anything satisfactory after walking around for a long time, he couldn’t help it anymore. He beckoned, "Little girl, come and take a look. Probably there will be something you like on my store?"
Gong Qingyao heard the sound and walked over. The store's stuff was average, but there was one thing that was useful once she looked closely.
In metaphysics, magical tools were divided into three levels, heaven, earth and humans, each of which was divided into three ranks: upper, middle and lower ranks. However, in addition to the magical instruments of the heavenly rank, there were even more powerful ones, the jade bracelet used by Gong Qingyao in her the previous life had already surpassed the heavenly rank, this was called a sacred instrument.
This was why Gong Qingyao didn’t dislike the things in this shop just now. The dark thing on this stall was made of black sandalwood, the material was decent, and there was a hint of spiritual energy on it, but it was good enough to be made into a magic weapon for body protection.
Seeing that Gong Qingyao valued the black wood, the boss couldn't help but gave a thumbs up, "Little girl, you are really insightful. This wood is really good. If you like it, you can take them for five thousand yuan."

"Lao Zheng, it was just a broken log, don't cheat this girl." The people at the stalls joked. Generally speaking, when customers came to buy things, people around would not say anything. This was the norm and regarded as the rules. But, today it was a little girl who came to buy, so everyone still speak.
The shop owner was called Zheng Yuan, and he has a unique vision. Among the small vendors in this street, he sold the most things. He didn't know why, he always found things that were useful and sellable. Although the starting price was not high, he never wanted to sell ​​it cheaply.
Upon seeing this, Gong Qingyao said, "I want it for two thousand." During this time, through Lu Qianqian's continuous knowledge update, Gong Qingyao finally figured out the concept of money.
The people on the side laughed, "Little girl, you will lost two thousand."
Another person went on to say, "No, even if you give me a hundred, I won't take it."
Zheng Yuan was afraid that this little girl would be persuaded by others, so he hurriedly said, "Okay two thousand, I will wrap it up for you."
Gong Qingyao glanced at Zheng Yuan, "I'll transfer money via WeChat." This was what Lu Qianqian thought Gong Qingyao.
Zheng Yuan knew that young people liked to use their mobile phone to pay. He quickly took out his mobile phone and opened WeChat. Gong Qingyao swept it down, and when she took the black wood away, she said, "Be careful when you go home at night."
Zheng Yuan was taken aback, and the people next to him laughed, "Hahaha, you lied to others, so the little girl wants you to be careful."
For some reason, Zheng Yuan felt that this was not the case. When Gong Qingyao paid the money, he also glanced at her. Could it be that there was a disaster tonight? But what could a little girl know? Zheng Yuan shook his head, feeling that he was thinking too much, so he immediately collected those thoughts.
Gong Qingyao went to several shops after buying the black wood, and finally went to the famous Lao Zhang and Lao Chen’s house. There were really good artifacts in the shop, but the asking price was also high, all of them were in millions. Gong Qingyao sighed, when would she not have to worry about the money?
After walking around like this, Gong Qingyao only bought the sandalwood. After walking out of the store, Gong Qingyao went to the supermarket to buy needles, threads and scissors before returning home.
She removed the previous curtain, spread the sample curtain on the previous curtain, cut it to the same size, and then hang it up.
Lu Qianqian said to the side, "Once you change the curtains, the house is really much more comfortable."
Gong Qingyao went to change the bed sheets next, and the house was instantly refreshed. Gong Qingyao threw all the curtains and bed sheets she changed into the trash can downstairs. This time, Lu Qianqian didn't say anything.
After doing all this, Gong Qingyao sat at the table and took out the black sandalwood bought today. When she was about to do something, her phone rang.
It was Deng Xiuming's call. Gong Qingyao pressed to answer, and an urgent voice came from the phone, "Master Gong, are you free now, can you come to City S?"
Gong Qingyao asked, "What's going on?" Deng Xiuming was a person who always restrained his emotions. His voice was very urgent now, obviously something extraordinary had happened.
"My child has been unconscious from yesterday morning until now." Deng Xiuming said.
Gong Qingyao gave them a safe talisman before, and she also remembered Ji Xiayun put the talisman on to the child. Now the child was unconscious, so he must have suffered something, but the specifics had to be seen before she knew anything. Gong Qingyao sighed and said, "Okay, I'll come over right away."
Deng Xiuming was so relieved that he almost cried, "Thank you so much, I will book you a ticket from the Capital to S City now."
"Okay." Because Gong Qingyao rented a place that was relatively far from city center, there was a highway to the airport nearby. In less than an hour, Gong Qingyao arrived at the airport. Ai Xiaoyun helped to get the boarding pass last time. This time, with Lu Qianqian was here, Gong Qingyao quickly checked in.

Gong Qingyao just got off the plane and was about to contact Deng Xiuming, when she saw him at the pick-up gate. He saw Gong Qingyao coming, and hurriedly greeted her, "I'm sorry to let you travel so late."
"Where is the child?" Gong Qingyao asked.
"He is here too, in the car." Deng Xiuming said as he walked out of the airport.
Gong Qingyao followed Deng Xiuming and hurriedly walked out. They walked to the parking lot. Deng Xiuming opened the rear door and Gong Qingyao sat in. Sitting next to her was Ji Xiayun, who had been waiting for a long time, with a sad expression on her face looking at her child. When she saw Gong Qingyao coming there was joy on her face, and she began to hand her child to Gong Qingyao.
Gong Qingyao was about to take the child over, when she heard someone say, "Don't give the child to a stranger indiscriminately."
Gong Qingyao was thinking about the child just now. She knew there was someone in the front row, but she didn't care. Deng Xiuming also sat in the driver's seat and said, "Mom, this is not a stranger. It is Master Gong."
Deng Xiuming’s mother, Feng Ying, was very shocked, "This is the master you are talking about?" Wouldn’t a master someone gray-haired or over half-a-hundred-year-old old man? So young and beautiful, if she was truly a master no one would believe, if she was a mistress probably.
Just as Feng Ying was looking at Gong Qingyao, Gong Qingyao also looked at her, only one glance made Gong Qingyao brows frowned.
Deng Xiuming, who was good at observing words and face expression felt tight. He knew that Gong Qingyao was expressionless most of the time, but just now she frowned. But rather than asking about this, Deng Xiuming was more anxious about his child, "Master, look at the child."
Gong Qingyao took the child, only to see the answer at a glance, this child has lost his soul!
Ji Xiayun said to the side, "I was really sleepy yesterday morning, so I went to bed for a while, but when I woke up, I found that the child was also asleep. I didn’t expect this sleep to last until now." At the beginning, Ji Xiayun was still thinking that this child was really an angel, he allowed his mother to sleep for an hour or two. After sleeping for a long time, Ji Xiayun felt that something was wrong, so she took the child to the hospital in the afternoon, but everything was normal.
Ji Xiayun ran to the hospital again as the child still didn’t wake up today. But the results of the examination were exactly the same as yesterday. Since everything was normal, the doctor didn't understand why the child didn't wake up, so he asked them to go back quickly.
Deng Xiuming finished working on Ye Mountain’s affairs. After returning home, he heard about the child's condition. He immediately felt a little weird and immediately contacted Gong Qingyao.
Gong Qingyao handed the child to Ji Xiayun, "Go, I will have a look at your house."
Deng Xiuming immediately started the car, and Feng Ying that sat next to him was whispering non-stop, saying that Gong Qingyao was unreliable. The car's space was not big, and ordinary people in the back could hear this sound, let alone the Gong Qingyao who broke through the second stage of Qi training.
Deng Xiuming shouted sternly, "Don't worry about our business."
Although Feng Ying was a little dissatisfied, she didn't say anything more.
Probably because of impatientness, Deng Xiuming drove very fast, the usual 40 minutes’ drive, became 15 minutes today. The car was parked in the underground parking lot. After getting off, he said to Gong Qingyao, "We live on the seventh floor. This way please."
Gong Qingyao went to the house with Deng Xiuming and his party. After entering the house, Gong Qingyao went around without finding the child's soul, so she went back to the living room and asked, "Where did the child go yesterday morning?"
Ji Xiayun said, "He didn't go anywhere, we were always at home."
Feng Ying also said, "Yes, the baby's mother didn't sleep much, and the child went to sleep with her. They have been at home and never left."
Gong Qingyao stared at Feng Ying. After a long while, Gong Qingyao said, "I see."


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