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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 3

 ICRAB – Chapter 3

In the sky as soft as blue velvet without a trace of impurities, there were white clouds like cotton candy.

Liu Weiwei stood on a clean and bright street. She didn't respond for a long time, but she was awakened by the beeping notification from her ears.

[You have logged in to Interstellar Skynet. Please pay attention to the length of your stay. Do not indulge in the virtual world of the Internet. I wish you a happy browsing!]

God, was this the Internet world after thousands of years? In the future, the world would actually use brainwave connection, and achieved a virtual entity projection that was close to real?

Looking at the endless blue sky above her head, and then at the firm bluestone floor under her feet, Liu Weiwei took the first step carefully, and she was about to cry with excitement. This was the online world now? 

Had she not knew that she was still lying on the small bed in the school dormitory, Liu Weiwei would really have thought that she had transmigrated again. Except for those scum things, it was so touching to be able to see this high-tech future world alive!

Liu Weiwei was low on metal power, so she needed a guardian as guarantee to log in. In the morning, she went to the dormitory aunt, and finally got on the Skynet. The street she chose to land on was Third Street in the East District, which was said to be a very lively small market on weekends. But maybe because it was still early today, there were not many people on this street at the moment, only a few people talking and laughing on the road, and even many shops on both sides of the street were not yet opened for business. After her research, although Skynet was a virtual network, there were still many people who were willing to hang out and shop here.

If people fancied goods from a small merchandise store, they could purchase them directly on Skynet. After they paid, the goods would be sent to the people’s real-world addresses on the same day. If it was a service similar to massage or sauna, people could connect through brain waves, and they could also enjoy the service on Skynet. Moreover, compared with real-world human services, Skynet's price was almost half lower. For example, people were often entangled in changing their look, but still worry about the actual effect, then Skynet's hair saloons or barber shop was the perfect choice.

As such, more and more businesses were stationed in the virtual world of Skynet, and they had indeed found a lot of business opportunities.

Liu Weiwei strolled on the street that was still deserted at this time, and clicked on the real-time information sent by Skynet.

[You are now on Third Street, East District. Shops 323, 4834, and 327328 in this area are actively for rent. The monthly rent is 10,000 to 30,000 credits. Those who are interested are welcome to call for inquiries.]

So expensive!

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, the price almost caught up with the physical prosperous shops on earth. Thinking of the debt collection email that was still in her mind, Liu Weiwei immediately felt sad. When she reached the hidden corner of the street, she looked around and stopped reluctantly.

[Are you sure you choose to set up a stall here?]

Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched, she glanced awkwardly at the neat shop facade not far away, and nodded cruelly.

[Well, stall permissions have been opened for you. Please read the stall rules carefully, following the interstellar Skynet order, violators will be punished. Today’s revenue is subjected to 30% tax, I wish your business is booming!]

Electronic sounds just fell, when about three meters in front of Liu Weiwei, a long green frame appeared. The statistics window of today's turnover and the amount of tax to be paid also appeared on her light brain. The current data were all zero. Patting her hand, Liu Weiwei lifted up her sleeve and started to work.

From the virtual warehouse, Liu Weiwei called up the virtual wooden tables, iron racks, bottles and cans she ordered two days ago, and placed them on the shop one by one. She really didn't expect that she, a little white-collar worker with knowledge and culture, would be reduced to a street stall owner after thousands of years.

After putting everything in place, Liu Weiwei erected the fluorescent signboard provided by Skynet, and did not forget to place an order at the cheapest food supply store in the market. In this way, as long as there was a need, the continuous supply of ingredients would immediately fill up her virtual inventory, and of course her account would automatically pay these payments.

On Skynet, after her research, in addition to nutritional supplements, other food stores accounted for only 0.1%. This 0.1% part was just to satisfy people's curiosity about the taste of food, and it was struggling. Fortunately, thanks to Skynet's high technology, people's sense of taste and smell had reached 100% authenticity, and because of this 0.1% of the stores did not close down.

Liu Weiwei recalled that the original owner had also experienced this kind of food in a shop. The taste was basically steamed and boiled, which was simply tasteless. Wrong cooking steps made the food texture very poor, like chewing cardboard.

"Yo, beauty, newcomer?"

Liu Weiwei was busy when a voice suddenly appeared beside her. The voice sounded very young, quite mellow, but neat. With a hum in her mouth, Liu Weiwei raised her head. She saw a fat man wearing a white loose T-shirt with a protruding belly and a peaked cap on his head. He put one hand on her small wooden table, leaned against the wall, and was staring at her with a smile.

Liu Weiwei knew how malnourished her skin was now, and she didn't quite understand what's wrong with this man eyes to be calling her beauty.

When the fat man saw Liu Weiwei responded to him, his smiley eyes were immediately narrowed. He looked at Liu Weiwei up and down, and he couldn't help but shook his head and said, "Hey, looking at you, you must be inexperienced. There is no one in this little broken alley. Would you be able to sell anything?"

Liu Weiwei turned to look at the left and right. At this time, she was indeed the only one to start business. However, she checked Skynet and this was the cheapest stall in the nearby area. In areas with higher rents, she was afraid that the money earned was not enough for her to pay for the raw materials plus rent.

When the fat man saw that she didn't answer, he patted his chest profusely, "Brother has been here for three years. There are a total of 304 stalls in these three districts. I can recite them with my eyes closed. Oh, yes, I'm not afraid to tell you, yesterday, after only coming for a short time, brother made five thousand credits!"

He circled Liu Weiwei's small wooden table, picked up the bottles and cans on her table and sniffed, "What the hell is this? Hey, forget it, I will treat you as a good deed today and help you."

After all, he actually put out a linen blanket next to Liu Weiwei, and took out the crystal stones surrounded by silver wires from his virtual space. The colorful colors fascinated people's eyes.

At the same time, Skynet suddenly issued a market announcement. 

[Fatty is at the corner of No. 3485 East Third Street today. Please be early if you want to buy.] 

At this time, Fatty also finished setting his stall, straightened up and wiped off his sweat. He asked, "By the way, beauty, what do you sell? How about I give you an ad?"

Liu Weiwei lost her mind for a while, but then shook her head, "I sell food."

The fat man who just got up almost slipped, and the look in Liu Weiwei's eyes changed in an instant, "Food?" 

Liu Weiwei ignored Fatty questioning eyes, nodded her head, and fired the stove.

"Unbelievable!" The fat man rubbed his belly, "Sister, if you can make money today, brother will write his name upside down!"

Liu Weiwei ignored him, poured the prepared batter on the grill, skillfully made a circle with wooden slats, picked up the freshly delivered fresh eggs from the basket, cracked it on the edge of the pot with one hand and dropped it in the middle of the batter. 

This handsome and neat action surprised the fat guy who was chatting next to her, "Huh? That’s a good move! But is this food?" 

The fat man crouched closer to observe, the expression on his face suddenly changed, and he swallowed halfway through!

"It's... fragrant!"

Liu Weiwei frowned, but did not raise her head, she stretched out her hand to squeeze the fat man's body aside, "Don't spit on the food, I want to sell it!" 

The fat man didn't care about her when he heard that, but squeezed his chubby body a little closer, his eyes narrowed, and he took a deep breath, with a look of intoxication on his face, "What is this? This food can emit such a charming fragrance! "

His appearance was really quite awkward to Liu Weiwei. After enduring and forbearing, she finally pointed her finger at the signboard next to her.

"Savory crepes?"

Fatty finally noticed the free sign given by Skynet to a stall seller. It was the first time he heard about this crepes, so he was interested. As he read further down, his mouth opened wider and wider, ‘Savory crepes, twenty credits. Grilled chicken wings, eighty credits.’ He had never heard of these foods. But of course he knew what chicken wings were. He wandered around this market every day, and just yesterday he saw a whole cooked chicken that sold for only ten credits.

What kind of chicken wings were so expensive that they were equal to the price of eight whole chickens?

"Could it be that this grilled chicken is a new breed? What benefits does eating this meat gave to the body?" The fat man raised his eyebrows, he asked continuously.

Fatty remembered that he had a few bottles of ancient wine in his house. He heard that drinking it can strengthen the body and one bottle was equivalent to the price of a whole warehouse of nutrient solution. Could it be that this roast chicken was like this too?!

Hiss, if that's the case... 

Fatty's eyebrows tangled and moved in every way.

Liu Weiwei heard his complicated thoughts and she was shocked. What kind of roast chicken was this, and what benefits did it have on the body? How could he think of this? It's so strange.

"My roasted chicken legs are cooked with barbecue sauce. After being grilled in charcoal, the meat of the chicken will be sweet and soft, while the skin will be slightly crispy. As for the type of this chicken..." Liu Weiwei tilted and shook her head, "I don't know. It was shipped from the Skynet warehouse. It should be fresh."

"What!?" Fatty's was shocked and he squinted, "The wholesale broiler chicken!? The cost price is only five credits a chicken! You want to sell a pair of wings for eighty!?"

"Unbelievable, you little girl is shadier than me!"

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  1. I'm kind of confused with her physical appearance, what did she look like again? For her to think that she isn't pretty. Is it because she has alien like features now?

  2. Why did she start cooking when no one ordered anything? Where is the baby.


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