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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 2

ICRAB – Chapter 2

Massive amount of foods mentioned below,
Grab your snacks and let's go!
- MD


Liu Weiwei, who wanted to go home, looked at the small mirror in her hand for the one hundredth time, showing a smile that was uglier than crying.

The person in the mirror had sparse long hair that was yellow and dull, and on her palm-sized face, there was only a pair of narrow phoenix eyes that barely seemed a bit glamorous. (丹凤眼 / dān fèng yǎn = red phoenix eyes / eyes whose outer corners incline upwards)

Touching her shriveled body again, Liu Weiwei shook her head mockingly, and buckled the small mirror upside down on the table. She was still an ugly girl, ah. Unexpectedly, she died, and once she woke up from her dream, she actually travelled seven thousand years to the future! God not only gave her a weird cooking system, but also reborn her on a strange body seven thousand years later.

According to the memory of the original owner, the earth was destroyed more than a thousand years ago, and only about 1% of humans managed to escape. Human beings now live in Namex galaxy, and she was now on a star called Linde that resembled the earth's environment.

Liu Weiwei sighed deeply, tried to cheer up and lit the screen in front of her. She clicked on the <Final Sprint of the College Entrance Examination> among a bunch of icons.

With her chin buried between her arms, Liu Weiwei lied on the table, yawned and started reading. That's right, she, a little white-collar worker pushing thirty who had been struggling in society for six years, was now preparing for a female college entrance examination seven thousand years later.

This wicked college entrance examination system actually lived longer than the earth? Did this still make sense?!

But life was never fair, it was just full of cheats.

After Liu Weiwei opened the book, she discovered the various xyz theories and photon quantum four-dimensional theories, which she did not know. Well, she was an illiterate old antique from thousands years ago!

[Student Liu Weiwei, your ranking in this monthly test is 9990th in the school. I hope you can improve next time and make persistent efforts.]

An electronic broadcast was sent to her brain and then bounced out.

Liu Weiwei wailed and covered her face. This thing also prevented people from living! Quickly unsubscribe this kind of email, she meowed! She didn't believe this anymore. She was an intelligent and knowledgeable woman. Could it be possible that she can’t beat a group of underage students in school?! She swore that in the next two months, she would use all her willpower to prepare for the college entrance examination.

Beep —— the light brain on her wrist made another sound, interrupting her fighting spirit. Liu Weiwei was irritated.

An extremely gentle young woman's voice rang out, tender and beautiful like an oriole, but it seemed to come from a hell urging her to death!

[Ms. Liu Weiwei, Interstellar Skynet Mick Chain Bank informs you that as of today, your arrears balance are 186.52 million Union Coins. Please pay attention to the repayment time, thank you!]

Puff ——

Liu Weiwei was taking a sip of cold water and sprayed it all on the electronic screen! Clicking on the e-mail again and rereading it in disbelief, she suddenly had thousands of horses rushing past her, and she couldn't help but raise her head and scream. Sh*t, what unforgivable sin did she commit for the heaven to punish her like this?

186 million? This girl didn't study well before, so she went to rob the bank?!

Liu Weiwei bit her finger, dig through her memories, and finished reviewing the nightmarish life of the original owner.

This original owner who happened to have the same name as her was born as an orphan. She was really pitiful. After years of being at the bottom of her grades and facing the pressure of the college entrance examination, the little girl finally couldn't stand it, and secretly escaped from the residential campus. However, depressed, she ran to an underground casino. After losing all the school subsidies, she logged on to Skynet and continued to gamble with the bank's high interest loans. As a result, she lost more than 100 million in one night. In the end, counting the high interest rates of the bank, it became the high bill of more than 100 million that Liu Weiwei saw now!

The original owner who knew that she had caused a catastrophe was afraid, shocked, and regretful. She didn't even dare to go back to school for a while. As a result, she was went bar that night and drank until she was unconscious. When the original owner woke up the next day, she had a pitifully low mental power, and because of excessive alcohol intake, she was rated as three stars from the original level of barely passing the four-star level.

The Interstellar Alliance Federation divided a person’s mental power levels from one star to ten stars. As a child, children with one to three stars in mental strength were assessed as ordinary and those with four stars or higher were considered as superior. The current child assessment’s highest record was the seven-star record set by a seven-year-old gifted child ten years ago. But through the cultivation and learning during the later growth process, the star level of mental power would change with age.

According to statistics from the alliance, normal teenagers that had been trained in an eight-year basic education, could reach the four-star passing line at the time of graduation, even if they were qualified ordinary as a child. Even with this, they could barely control the market full of advanced level life intelligence light brains and intelligent systems.

The original owner Liu Weiwei would be eighteen years old in three months. Once she was an adult, she could apply for a living allowance from the Disabled Persons' Union Federation with a three-star level that was considered below the standard. If even the life-like light brain system couldn’t be controlled, of course it was considered a disability.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. The culprit was gone, so the 100 million plus debt and the disabled brain power were handed over to her? What misstep and an eternal hatred this was!

The system's knife hung on her head all the time, her one shoulder was carrying a huge debt, and the other shoulder was carrying the arduous task of completing the college entrance examination. On top of them all, she was also a disabled. F*ck!

Liu Weiwei gritted her teeth, she had died once, so she was not f*cking afraid of anything! Wasn’t it just a matter of closing her eyes and dies again?!

But that night, Liu Weiwei, who was teased by fate, fell on the bed and wanted to log in to the interstellar network for a super fast and super first-class experience in the future world. She saw the advanced technology and Liu Weiwei felt a bit happy, but then she was completely defeated by fate again!

[Skynet connection, verification of the identity of the user is complete! Perform a body scan...]

[The mental power is below the level required to connect to Skynet. You need to log in under the supervision of a guardian, and note that the daily login time for Skynet should not exceed one hour, otherwise you will be forced to quit!]

Puff puff puff —— System, you come out! Just drop a thunder and chop her into ashes!

She closed the electronic screen that was useless for her, Liu Weiwei pushed open the sliding door of the closed nutrition cabin.

After seven thousand years, the desks and chairs in a classroom were replaced by these egg-shaped all-metal enclosed nutrition cabins. Every student carried out courses in these fully enclosed cabins. The cabin was equipped with the most advanced personal learning brain, which recorded all college courses, as well as real-life projections of advanced and outstanding teachers, which could answer students' questions at any time. And the nutrient solution placed inside would evaporate continuously in the air, supplementing the nutrition the students needed in a day, so they could save the time used for three meals.

Liu Weiwei stared at the huge projection in the metal egg shell, suddenly lost. She knew that the ultimate task of the system was difficult, but she didn't expect it to be this heinously difficult!

In an era when you could replace three meals a day with breathable nutrient solution, was there really a need for food?

In this age, there were various nutrient solution and energy agent nutrition cabins everywhere. Men, women and children, almost all depend on these things to maintain their food needs. This was not because of lack of materials or lack of food for daily needs. On the contrary, in various bazaar shops, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, fruits and vegetables were all available, and the prices were also extremely low, but no one cared.

The reason was very simple. First, when people found that the nutrient solution had all the essential ingredients of food, was convenient and safe, and also tasted great, why would they bother to stew vegetables and worry about pesticides not being washed properly? 

Second, people found that even if they took the time to cook, the taste of these things was not as good as a cheap nutrient solution, so who else was going to use a stove?

According to the original owner’s memory, more than 300 spacecraft crashed during the Great Escape at the time of Earth’s destruction, these ships included the ships that transported living supplies at that time. A large number of cooking spices, recipes and cookbooks were destroyed in the disaster. Over a long period of time, people had cultivated various animals and plants, but there was still no way to retrieve the delicacy described in the lost books.

For the next millennium, cooking had gradually disappeared from ordinary people’s lives. Now only a few nobles would occasionally enjoy a real food, and it was also if only they had mastered some of the more advanced cooking skills or developed some usable seasoning. Even so, the cooking level of the chefs in these noble circles was far below the level on the earth back then.

Liu Weiwei shook her head. After all the previous blows, she was already numb. The barefoot was not afraid to wear shoes! Just see, she would step on all those who stood in front of her! The scum Qian Jun was probably still living well in the past, of course she wanted to live better, ten thousand times better!

On the light screen, the white-haired teacher pointed at the bright-lined characters on the blackboard, and spoke dreamily. Alpha rays, beta photons, sigma hexagonal theory, ...

Liu Weiwei yawned and flashed into the cooking system in her mind with her eyes closed. Only by accepting destiny could she defeat destiny!

In a blink of an eye, Liu Weiwei was already in the antique and gorgeous hall, surrounded by hundreds of long tables. Without seeing the end of the table, a strong fragrance poured into her nose. She took a deep breath. Her tongue and taste buds were stimulated to secrete a lot of saliva instantly, and the depression of her body and mind seemed to be cured in an instant. As soon as Liu Weiwei was about to walk, she was tempted by the food in nearest Chinese cedar table!

On the table, there were neatly arranged blue and white porcelain pots, the tofu pudding with soy sauce and red pepper, the four-color cold noodles with fragrant sesame oil sauce, the bright red wrapped in chili oil skewers (chuan chuan), golden and crunchy scallion pancakes with sesame seeds...

Chuan chuan

Four color noodles

Scallion pancakes

Tofu puddings (Savory ver.)


With almost a stride, Liu Weiwei rushed to the table and firmly grasped the blue and white plate closest to her. Women who were broken hearted were often cured by two things, one was shopping spree, and the second was overeating. Swallowing fiercely, Liu Weiwei couldn't wait to reach out and grab a pair of silver chopsticks on the table, and quickly ate the food!

With a crisp sound, the blue and white porcelain plate in her hand disappeared in a flash!

Sh*t, her little drumstick!

Before she could react, all the twenty or so plates on the wooden table disappeared!

[The host completed the selection, first cuisine: street food! Initial task: complete learning three snacks, accumulatively earning 1,000 credits. Task reward: snacks cooking skill bonus 5%.] 

Liu Weiwei was about to slammed the table to protest, but then her head was so dizzy. She almost lost consciousness again. She opened her eyes again and found the other of the hundreds of tables full of various cuisines were gone, instead it was replaced by a closed red wooden door with iron buckles.

She pushed the door carefully, and saw a long marble cooking table with various pots and pans on it. The room was also surrounded by cabinets full of cooking ingredients on all sides! Ingredients walking on the ground, swimming in the water, growing in the soil... Fruits, vegetables, chicken, duck and fish were everywhere!

There were six neatly arranged bottles and cans on high shelves, many of which Liu Weiwei had never seen before.

Liu Weiwei took a deep breath and stepped in incredulously.

[Please note that the host can only leave after learning to cook snacks in this room and open the next branch of the cuisine room.]

As soon as the prompt sounded, a strange man in white coat and chef's hat appeared at the large long cooking table in front of her. He didn't even look at Liu Weiwei, but started moving his hands. At the same time, there was an explosion in her mind, and densely packed familiar and unfamiliar names floated by.

Steamed and boiled snacks: Siu mai, meat buns, flowering steamed buns, layered flat cakes, buckwheat pudding, chewy rice noodles, rolled noodles...

Buckwheat pudding

Chewy rice noodles

Flowering steamed buns

Layered flat cakes

Meat buns

Rolled noodles

Siu mai

Fried and grilled snacks: Crispy twists, twisted bread, fried sesame balls, spring rolls, pot stickers, savory crepes, radish cakes, meat rolls, sweet flat bread...

Crispy twists

Meat rolls

Radish cakes

Savory crepes

Fried sesame balls

Spring rolls

Sweet flat bread

Twisted bread

Pot stickers

Liquid type snacks: Mung bean soup, savory tofu pudding, wonton, mutton noodles, almond pudding, watermelon pudding, shaved ice...

Almond pudding

Mung bean soup

Mutton noodles

Watermelon pudding


Liu Weiwei was taken aback, and sparks suddenly appeared in her phoenix eyes, that sparks were getting brighter and brighter.

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