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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 54

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 54



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Qin Group, the top of China Business District. 
Rumor said that the person in charge of Qin Group died a long time ago and the power of the company was controlled by the brother of the original person in charge. This control lasted 15 years.
In recent years, the child of the original person in charge has begun to seize power, and he who was someone not favored has actually regained back the power within three months and driven away his uncle. This made the people watching in the sideline drop their jaws.
And after entering the battle, the new person in power was found to be not only neat, but also able to reigned members of the board of directors to be obedient.
Under his governance, the Qin clan became more and more prosperous. It was so good that there were faint signs of surpassing the other three major groups. 
But this young man, at present, no one has ever seen him. People only knew that he was very capable.  
"President Qin, the news has been released." Qin Yueze nodded slightly.
Before, he heard Shen Tingshuang said that she would deal with it herself. But then he found the strange things that happened recently in the Shen family and the Fu family.
Qin Yueze felt that these things affecting Fu and Shen family were not enough. So he also took a shot.
Of course, even now the retribution received by the two families was still not enough. After all, it was impossible to justify splashing dirty water on a little girl again and again.
What's more, this little girl was Shen Tingshuang. 
Since coming back from City B, Shen Tingshuang has been nesting in Xin Yuan Shan.
The fruits of a certain treasure store and the fruits on Meow Meow Takeaway have been taken off the shelves, and the fruits sold on the table at the foot of the mountain were also no longer available. Every day, only Super Mall still came to take fruits.
The villagers wanted to buy it but couldn’t buy it, and they regretted what they had done before. The most anxious one was Hongmei’s family.
When the rumors of Shen Tingshuang were reported before, she listened with gusto, and sometimes followed up with the others to scold.
But when Shen Tingshuang really stopped selling fruit, she was very anxious. Her little treasure did not eat other fruits at all. During this time, Shen Tingshuang’s fruits were diverse, no matter what, her little treasure would eat it, making her slowly thought that her little treasure likes fruit.
As a result, when Shen Tingshuang no longer provided her fruits, Hongmei became stupid.

As the system has not sent out tasks asking n number of people need to eat fruit during this period of time, Shen Tingshuang was too lazy to sell them.
In case of the task asking n number of people need to eat n kinds of fruits, she will directly pack them up in a bag and give them to Lu Minghui. If she was not very sure, she will also gave some for Lu Minghui to give to Pei Wenshu and the others.
The rest of the time, Shen Tingshuang stayed in her mountain to plant seeds on the back of the mountain. Her spiritual veins have recovered quite much, and her speed was also fast, plus Yingying's help, she could complete many chores.
After getting along these days, Shen Tingshuang discovered that Yingying was a little Yinglong with a arrogant mouth but a very good heart.  
In January, just before the Spring Festival, the films to be released during the Spring Festival began to be promoted in various cities. 
Qin Yueze was no exception.
Because of the limited time, he only went to a certain theater in City B and only participated in the promotion of this show, so the promotion ticket resell has been ranked up to more than 10,000 yuan. 
After ‘The Answer’ was played, the actors appeared on the stage.
Originally, on such occasions, the organizers would balance the fans of both male and female fans in advance. But the Moon group was too large. Even if it was balanced, most of the entire movie theater was still reserved by the Moon holding orange light board. 
The actors began to introduce their roles in the play and their thoughts, when the microphone arrived at Liu Jing.  The host asked her what she remembered most in the crew. 
"The most memorable thing." Liu Jing picked up the microphone and looked at Qin Yueze.  Everyone knew that this matter must be related to Qin Yueze. Generally speaking, for the promotion of the show, most of the male and female protagonists would fry CP, but Qin Yueze was completely different. (TN: CP or Couple. This Internet slang term is often used to describe couples in movies or TV series. Sometimes it is also used to describe real-life couples.)
This "The Answer" could be regarded as a major male protagonist movie, not to mention with Qin Yueze's current reputation, there was no need to be entangled with the heroine for hype. 
In fact, before the movie was released, Liu Jing's agent tentatively asked Ai Ming if he could hype on the relationship between the two, but Ai Ming refused. 
Liu Jing's eyes caused a lot of fans below to scream, and the excited Moon even shouted: "Qin Yueze, you are not allowed to look at her!" Qin Yueze was very indifferent. 
Liu Jing retracted her gaze: "Because of misunderstanding, I mistakenly ate all the fruits in Teacher Qin's refrigerator. As a result, Teacher Qin lost a lot of temper."
There was a boo in the audience.
Qin Yueze has always been a cold male god in the entertainment industry. It was not so much to say that he has no temper, it was better to say that he didn’t lose his temper much just because of something trivial. So everyone was surprised when this topic was said.
The host next to them asked everyone’s curiosity: "I can’t believe Teacher Qin will lose his temper just for this, can you tell everyone why? "
Qin Yueze explained briefly with a cough: "The fruit was given by others, and it is delicious." 
"Is it the fruit of Xin Yuan Shan?" They didn’t know who asked below. 
Qin Yueze actually nodded: "Yes."
Xin Yuan Shan's fruit was mentioned again.
Netizens knew that when Xin Yuan Shan was splashed with dirty water, Qin Yueze helped to speak, and then he and Shen Tingshuang jointly filmed SR endorsements.  At this time, Qin Yueze also directly admitted.

Fans would always support their idol, but this time, as Qin Yueze's big fan, Si Maidong suddenly felt bad. 
Qin Yueze has a successful career and has a large number of fans. With the age of 27, it was okay to find a girlfriend, but Si Maidong just felt a little bit unwilling. She could feel that Qin Yueze and Shen Tingshuang's relationship was indeed very good, and even too much better. 
This news was fired on the Internet again.  
Some fans expressed their incomprehension like Si Maidong, and some even wondered if the two were really in love. 
Of course, as soon as there was speculation, fans from both sides came to refute the rumors. 
Qin Yueze's fans didn't want to believe it, and Shen Tingshuang's fans confirmed that they were not lovers. 
The rest of the netizens who have eaten fruit said that Xin Yuan Shan’s fruit was really delicious and the purchase was restricted. If the Xin Yuan Shan fruit they bought was eaten by others, anyone would lose his temper. 
In short, because of this announcement, Shen Tingshuang's fruit was once again pushed into the hot search, and her followers directly rose to 18 million. 
Needless to say, with Qin Yueze's popularity, there has been almost no hot search in the past few days without his name.
As for Liu Jing, everyone didn't like her. After all, she has blown up a matter involving Qin Yueze without manner. 
In addition to Qin Yueze, there was also Shen Xuan on the hot search every day. 
There was a capital rumor about her being backed by Fu Letian and Shen's family. Although something happened to the Fu family recently, it was really good to her.
Not long ago, Fu Letian took her to see his parents. 
Fu Letian’s father, Fu Fangyi, seemed particularly satisfied with Shen Xuan, and asked when they planned to get married the first time they met. 
Shen Xuan didn't make it clear directly and only said that the two had only been in relationship for a short period of time, so they would talk about it after one or two years. 
If there was no such thing as Fu Letian's ugly news before, Shen Xuan felt that marriage would be fine, but as soon as that happened, Shen Xuan felt anxious. 
What's more, she still has a movie directed by Zhang Qing, which will be released soon. 
So, the movie ‘Swordsman’ she starred in and Qin Yueze's ‘ The Answer’ became the two most discussed movies of the year.  
On the day when Shen Tingshuang recovered 45% of her spiritual veins, it was Chinese New Year's Eve.
She also received a courier, which was a movie ticket for "The Answer" sent by Qin Yueze. 
At ten o'clock on the New Year's Day, Shen Tingshuang originally planned to stay at home, but Qin Yueze asked her if she wanted to watch the movie, she said that of course she wanted to watch it.
Since the sun room was installed, Shen Tingshuang has watched a lot of movies and TV series, but feels that Qin Yueze's performance was the most guaranteed. 
Shen Tingshuang opened the envelope, and the soon to be released movie ‘The Answer’ ticket inside was for VIP seat. 
She could go to the fifty theaters listed in the list at any time from the first day to the seventh day of the first lunar month. So she was going to watch it tonight. 
When she walked out of the courtyard, the fireworks under the mountain were set off.
Yao Village was no better than the countryside area. There was no ban on fireworks here.
Starting in the afternoon, people have set off firecrackers to celebrate the New Year and Reunion nights. 
Shen Tingshuang was sitting on the roof watching the excitement under the mountain, Yingying also flew over from the back mountain and squatted down beside her. 
"Happy New Year." Shen Tingshuang greeted. 
Yingying wagged his tail, which could be regarded as a response. 
After sitting for a while, Shen Tingshuang took out her mobile phone and searched for the best cinema in City B. 
After confirming that the theater ranked first was one of the 50 places listed on the ticket, Shen Tingshuang drove to the city. 
The traffic in City B was exceptionally smooth, and there were hardly any cars on the street. Shen Tingshuang thought most people probably went back to celebrate the New Year. 
So in less than an hour and a half, Shen Tingshuang arrived at the theater. 
A lot of people were already standing at the door, Shen Tingshuang walked to the counter, preparing to make an appointment for a midnight viewing, when she heard someone behind her discussing in a low voice. 
"The young lady in front is in good shape."
"I just took a look, and she is also pretty." 
"Hey, she seems to be that Ah Shuang."
"It's really her!" 
Unexpectedly, Shen Tingshuang would also watch their brother's movie.  
There was no traffic jam on the road, so there was still some time before 12 o'clock.
After Shen Tingshuang exchanged tickets, she went to the sit and waited.
Someone came over and asked: "You are Ah Shuang, aren’t you?"
Shen Tingshuang nodded: "I am."
"Ah, it really is!"
This person didn't expect that Shen Tingshuang would be very casual and there was no arrogance in the air: "Then are you watching brother's movie?"
"I came to see ‘The Answer’." 
"It's my brother's film!"
Shen Tingshuang said, "I heard that it was a criminal investigator role. It must be beautiful."
Most of the people who were waiting outside were Qin Yueze's fans. Hearing others praise Qin Yueze, they naturally squeezed over, and especially the other party also acquainted in real life with Qin Yueze and seemed to have a good relationship: "Yes, yes, it must be good-looking. The scripts my brother received are all of high quality."
In this regard, Shen Tingshuang agreed. Shen Tingshuang has watched every drama since his debut: "The previous Republican movie was also beautiful."
In fact, many people didn't like movies set in the Republic of China era, but after everyone watched it, they all found that the show was beautiful.
"Yes, I also like it very much. I cried miserably when I watched it."
Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze's fans discussed happily "Miss Sister, have you watched the ‘Fairy World’ that our brother filmed before?" Qin Yueze in this play was really like a fairy.

"I saw it, and it looks good, I like him the most when wearing a black suit." Although he was a fairy, but in the play Qin Yueze wore black clothes when he turned evil. Super handsome! 
Everyone found that Shen Tingshuang really understood Qin Yueze. The topic of this chat was getting higher and higher.
Someone in the crowd asked: "Miss Sister, what is the relationship between you and my brother?"
The lively crowd suddenly fell silent, the relationship between the two has been a hot topic of discussion recently, but everyone did not dare to discuss it clearly. 
Shen Tingshuang said: "Friends."
"Aren't you his girlfriend?"
Shen Tingshuang knew that there was speculation about their relationship during this period. She went to Weibo and read it, and later saw the analysis of fans.
She thought it made no sense, so in the same tone she said: "If I am his girlfriend, will I still watch this movie alone?"
This was also true, everyone was completely relieved.  Some fans were still worried, and asked: "Do you like our brother?"
"Like it." Qin Yueze was a BUG, ​​how could she not like it. 
The fan added: "I'm talking about the like between men and women."
Shen Tingshuang immediately shook her head: "I don't like it!" It's so messy between men and women.
Ordinarily, if Shen Tingshuang said that she didn't like Qin Yueze, his fans should feel relieved, but when they heard Shen Tingshuang said that she really did not like him, they actually had a serious look. What’s wrong with our brother Qin Yueze that made you feel disgusted?
Fortunately, at this time, the movie was about to start, and the staff was checking the tickets. Because it was a VIP ticket, Shen Tingshuang was not in the same place with most people.
Shen Tingshuang walked directly to the VIP lounge at the other end, this hall could seat six people, and currently she was the only one.
The seats were all large reclining chairs, and the table next to it was also filled with various snacks and soft drinks.
After Shen Tingshuang chose a position and leaned back on the chair, she started eating. 
At midnight, the hall went dark and the screen in front lit up.
Shen Tingshuang who was still eating popcorn, put down the popcorn in her hand and began to watch.
This movie was fascinating. ‘The Answer’ was shown for 2 hours, without even taking toilet break, until the end song sounded, Shen Tingshuang did not move. She looked at the snacks next to her, except for a little bit of the snack before the movie started, it was not touched at all.
Shen Tingshuang recalled the details in the movie completely.  It was engaging, the rhythm was tight and there was no filler plot! It's so good!
Shen Tingshuang couldn’t help but open WeChat and sent a message to Qin Yueze: [‘The Answer’ is so good!]
Apparently Qin Yueze was not asleep yet, so the reply came almost in seconds: [Thank you for your love.] 
Shen Tingshuang walked out of the theater and glanced at her mobile phone. It was already two ten in the morning.
Shen Tingshuang asked the staff, when will the tickets for the next viewing of "The Answer" be issued? 
As a result, she was told that the 2 o'clock show had already started, and the 3 o'clock show had sold out, so she could only wait for 4 o'clock. 
"By the way, do you still have VIP tickets?" The VIP room just now was really comfortable, sitting on such a big chair alone, and there were so many snacks next to it. 
"There is still a VIP ticket at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning."
"Give me one." Shen Tingshuang plans to go back to sleep, and come back later in day.  
A fan saw Shen Xuan and Fu Letian in another theater. 
After Fu Fangyi met Shen Xuan the last time, he proposed that the two families eat together on Chinese New Year's Eve this year, and Shen Tiande readily agreed. After dinner, the two families made an appointment to go to the theater together.
Shen Xuan's ‘Sword Fairy’ was released, and the two families must express their support. 
Actually Fu Letian would like to bok all the theaters, but finally only reserved one viewing hall. His explanation was: "Xuan Xuan's fans must also want to watch it. This theater is so big, and I also have to give some space for them." Shen Xuan felt there was no way to refute this.
The two families watched the early morning viewing. After reserving the hall, Fu Letian bought all the tickets for ‘Sword Fairy’ that was not sold in the early morning. Then Fu Fangyi ordered his subordinates to take tomorrow’s the tickets and sent them to the people of the group so they could watch with their family members.
Shen Xuan was very happy. Shen Tiande on the side sighed that his daughter still had ability.
The movie lasted for 2 and a half hour. After watching, the Fu family praised it to be good, and Shen Xuan's acting skills were also praised. "Xuan Xuan's acting was really good, I predict you will be the queen this year."
"I will borrow auntie Jiyan good words." (TN: Borrowing someone good words is equivalent to saying ‘I hope so too’)
Returning to the Shen family, Shen Tiande praised Shen Xuan again, saying she was enough to take Fu Letian.
At the dinner table today, Fu Fangyi had expressed their willingness to support the Shen family's business. This was an unexpected joy for the Shen family.
Shen Xuan was very happy. She went back to her room and wanted to check Weibo comments, but was feeling too sleepy.
However, she just lied down before she started singing like a ghost. After an hour, she finally calmed down.
The next door Shen Tiande stared at the dark circles in his eyes.  The happy mood previously suddenly disappeared for more than half. 
At five o'clock in the morning, the topic #Fu Letian and Shen Xuan's Love# was hotly searched. In the topic, their two families were eating together, there were photos of them watching movies, and some people even released videos.
It can be said that the relationship between the two families was really harmonious. 
[I just came out after watching the movie, and seeing the news, it refreshed me again.]
[Why did Shen Xuan dare to fall in love with Young Master Fu? After all, not long ago, everyone knew…]

[The Fu family is rich, and Shen Xuan is ready to marry a rich family.]
[I think it's pretty good, she has a talented look.]
[Are you going to be a model couple in the entertainment industry again?]
Because it was too early, there were not many netizens online. So, neither Fu Group nor Shen Xuan’s agency came out to refute the rumors. 
At 7 in the morning, Shen Xuan was woken up by her agent's phone call. After seeing the hot search on Weibo, she lost most of her sleepiness.  
At 8 o'clock in the morning, the movie ticket sale for the first day of viewing began to be updated. 
Ranked first was Qin Yueze's ‘The Answer’, with a box office of 50 million. The second place was Shen Xuan's "Sword Fairy", with a box office of 45 million. Of course, in this box office, Fu Letian also contributed a lot. 
Online ratings and reviews have also come out.  ‘The Answer’ was as high as 9.8 points, and ‘Sword Fairy’ was lower at 8.8 points. 
Netizens felt that the movie starring Qin Yueze was highly engaging throughout. On the other hand the movie starring Shen Xuan, although the scene was beautiful, but there was always something missing in the content.
But most of people who watched it in the early morning were fans of the actors or actresses, so even if they think the movie were not good, they would not say anything bad. 
At the moment, fans were more concerned about Shen Xuan's love affair. Except for the two movies, the love affair between Shen Xuan and Fu Letian has also been on hot search, but the involved parties still have not responded. 
Shen Xuan asked her agent to withdraw the hot search, but the response she got was that the hot search could not be dropped. She immediately understood that this was a hot search bought by Fu Letian, so Shen Xuan called Fu Letian, but the other party’s phone was turned off. 
Shen Xuan hesitated for a long time before deciding to go out.  
At 10 o'clock, Shen Tingshuang began to watch ‘The Answer’ for the second time.
After watching this time, new details were discovered. For example, the movie gave a lot of clues for the murderer at the beginning, but when she watched it for the first time, Shen Tingshuang did realize these things. 
At 12 o'clock, Shen Tingshuang came out of the theater, still feeling shocked. This was probably people’s normal reaction on a real good movie. 
When walking out, Shen Tingshuang heard someone say loudly: "What, today's ‘The Answer’ is sold out?" It's only noon, and there were no tickets available for the evening viewing. 
Saleswoman: "There are some still available for 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, but the seatings are not together. Maybe you can also watch ‘Sword Fairy’.
"I don’t want to watch ‘Sword Fairy’."
‘Sword Fairy’ two huge posters was hung at the entrance of the cinema. Shen Xuan's ‘Sword Fairy’.  
When Shen Tingshuang went to the parking lot, she could still hear someone discussing. 
"This ‘Sword Fairy’ is really not good-looking."
"It may also be that your expectations are too high."
"It's better to watch ‘The Answer’." 
"I also think so! I want to watch it again!"
"Go, let's go together!"
"There are no tickets today, what should I do."
Online, people have seen good reviews on the movie, and they said it was worth watching twice even thrice. Such a movie with such high reputation aroused the interest of many netizens who have not seen it before, and they began to go watch it. 
On the topic of ‘Sword Fairy’, besides the praises from fans at the beginning, ordinary audiences began to publish the truth after watching it. Most of the remarks were negative reviews, and some netizens even began to scold Director Zhang Qing.
[I don’t know if you guys watched ‘Sword Fairy’, I am really mad, yes, I admit that the scenes are beautiful, and this because I tried hard to look for even one good point of this movie.
Female cultivation is just a stepping stone for men? Men have to kill their wives to prove that they are really determined to cultivate into immortals? Why is it so poisonous?]
[!! Finally someone also said that this movie is not good. I originally went to watch ‘The Answer’ first but I didn’t manage to get a ticket to watch ‘The Answer’ the second time when I came out, so I could only watch ‘Sword Fairy’. After watching it, I was disgusted. Director Zhang, I am afraid that I will stop worshiping you.]
[The most disgusting thing about me is the magic fights. All are men, women are hiding behind.]
[Even as Shen Xuan fan, watching this movie, I really find it hard to say a word.]
[Well, if you didn’t trust the reviews of ‘Sword Fairy’, and still want to watch it, it is recommended to watch ‘Sword Fairy’ first and then ‘The Answer’. Otherwise if you watch ‘The Answer and then ‘Sword Fairy’, you would feel absolutely necessary to wash your eyes when you come out.]
The topic of ‘The Answer’ has been on hot searches repeatedly this morning.  
The score of ‘Sword Fairy’ that started at 8.8 points has dropped to 7 points at two o'clock in the afternoon, and the score was still declining, while ‘The Answer’ still maintained a high score of 9.8 points.
Major media were reporting on the two movies, and even some media pointed out Director Zhang Qing was having his first flop in history.
At 12 o’clock midnight, the box office was updated again. Combined with the first day of the release of ‘The Answer’ box office exceeded 100 million, while the total box office of ‘Sword Fairy’ was 60 million.
Shen Xuan could not find Fu Letian. Instead, she was photographed by paparazzi that she appeared near the Fu’s house. So, she suddenly became a hot search again. This time, it directly aroused the disgust of the public netizens.
Originally, everyone was discussing ‘The Answer’, but suddenly there was such a hot search.  In addition, before, Shen Xuan went on a hot search almost every day and everyone tolerated it. Now after the movie was broadcast, the wagon was obviously overturned.
She was on the hot search again and again. So some netizens started to diss Shen Xuan. Fans waited for a day, and neither Shen Xuan nor the agency responded. Now that they saw such a hot search, they knew that the relationship between Shen Xuan and Fu Letian was probably real. 
In addition to the disappointment brought by ‘Sword Fairy’, some fans chose to leave the fandom.  
After Shen Tingshuang returned home, she thought about the movie plot while she was farming, and felt that she should watch it again, but found that she couldn't get a ticket even if she spent money online. 

She clicked on the movie ticketing app again and found that the tickets for the next two days were already gone. So, everyone seemed to also think it was good. 
The gap between the two movies ‘The Answer’ and ‘Sword Fairy’ was getting bigger and bigger. The score of ‘Sword Fairy’ has been as low as 4.4. Although this year has just started, it has been rated as the most disgusting movie of the year by netizens. 
Shen Xuan finally managed to contact Fu Letian, but to her surprise, Fu Letian didn't know about the hot search about their relationship. The two people finally knew that Fu Fangyi did it. At this time, Shen Xuan couldn't withdraw the hot search anymore and she didn't respond at all. 
In addition, there were too many scolding her online so she was in a very bad mood. Fu Letian started mad buying to increase the box office for Shen Xuan and hired navy to score full marks.
As a result, two days later, the box office only exceeded 150 million, and the movie ratings that had been on the rise was noticed by netizens and they began to score 1 point madly. The result score was directly as low as 3.9 points. 
The movie ‘The Answer’ has been played the same number of times as ‘Sword Fairy’ from the beginning, but now it has three times more box office than "Swordman", and the attendance rate could reach almost 100% each viewing. 
Shen Xuan's followers, after the release of ‘Sword Fairy’, not only did not rise, but fell to 28 million. 
Fu Letian didn't expect Zhang Qing’s work to flop and Shen Xuan resisted the discomfort in her heart: "Its okay Letian, this time working with Zhang Qing, I think my acting skills have improved a lot, and the next drama will definitely be better."
Originally Fu Letian thought that she could stand up with this drama, but fortunately Fu Fangyi was quite satisfied with her. 
Fu Letian looked at Shen Xuan: "Xuanxuan, you are always so considerate." 
Unexpectedly, Shen Tingshuang still didn’t manage to grab tickets. At the moment, she can only catch one on the fifth day of the first lunar month.
Shen Tingshuang finally went to watch ‘The Answer’ for the third time, but was recognized by the Moon again. The main reason was that Shen Tingshuang look was so outstanding and some fans posted this news to Qin Yueze super topic. 
[Today I saw an internet celebrity go to see my brother's movie.]
[Don't you know? She was also watching at midnight on the New Year's Day.]
[No, no, this is her third time, there are pictures for proof.]
[Oh my god, is she a Moon?]
[It should be, someone asked on the first day of the New Year, she said she likes brother but it's not like between men and women.]
Unexpectedly, Shen Tingshuang was discussed on the hot search #Ah Shuang third time watching ‘The Answer’#.
The topic was originally ranked 12th, but Qin Yueze reposted this Weibo. 
[Qin Yueze: Thank you for your love.  // @...]
Weibo suddenly exploded, and the topic of #Qin Yueze’s response# successfully climbed into the hot search and ranked first. After a while, the topic became an explosion. 
[Brother, can you explain why every time you are involved with Ah Shuang, you will respond.]
[I'm so flustered, the two of them are really like lovers.]
[No, Shuang A personally admitted that the two are not lovers!]
[Yes, I recorded the talk when Ah Shuang said they are not lovers. There are videos so it is the truth!]
[Don’t talk nonsense, Ah Shuang is a Moon.]
Shen Tingshuang's followers finally broke through the 20 million mark. Seeing this, Shen Xuan was extremely angry! Why Shen Tingshuang only needed to go to a theater to get on the hot search, and she also gained so many fans. 
Meanwhile she worked so hard to get the heroine role in a movie directed by Zhang Qing, and after filming for so long, there was no return at all. Many fans even left!  
At this moment, Shen Tingshuang was very happy, because she completed the task just after the system released it. 
The task was within 20 days, her influence should exceed 19 million. However her followers have exceeded 20 million. 
"The host needs to add more tasks."
"The addition is successful, please host within 20 days, make your influence exceeds 25 million, and if the mission is completed 47% of the spiritual veins will be restored." 
Increase 5 million fans in 20 days,  Shen Tingshuang has to think about how to increase 250,000 followers a day.  
Banana Station began preparing for this year's variety show after the beginning of the New Year.
Reality show was the most popular type of variety show in recent years. So, they planned to make a show called <Travel Together>, where three men and three women will travel together. 
The director group discussed for a long time, repeatedly revised, and finally decided on the plan. 
Xia Xia, the chief director of <Travel Together> was quite well-known in the variety show world. The ratings of programs directed by her could always exceed 2.  Some people say that it was because of Xia Xia's vicious eyes and accurate eyesight. Others say that Xia Xia was very talented, and the variety show she created was different from other domestic variety shows. 
When the guests were still in the discussion stage, after seeing the hot search of #Ah Shuang third time watching ‘The Answer’#, Xia Xia immediately arranged for a staff member to contact Shen Tingshuang. 
Everyone was a little puzzled: "Isn’t this Ah Shuang just an internet celebrity?" Although the number of fans in the internet celebrity circle is quite large, it is far short of the other celebrities who are intent on invitations. 
"She brings her own topic." Xia Xia said as she checked Shen Tingshuang's Weibo.
On Shen Thingshuang’s Weibo, except for the forwarding of her live broadcast link, only few original topics were posted, but once a topic about her appears, it would be viral. Most importantly, there was also her involvement with Qin Yueze, a former traffic star. 
The staffs contacted Shen Tingshuang and found that their Weibo message was not replied at all. After waiting for a day, Xia Xia decided to go to Xin Yuan Shan in person.  
Since the last time the villagers of Yao Village have their tongues rotten, Shen Tingshuang's entire mountain has been set up in a formation.  So Xia Xia couldn’t go up. A strange boy told her that if she wanted to see Shen Tingshuang, she would wait under the mountain. If Shen Tingshuang hadn't come out after half an hour, then she should leave. 

Although she didn't understand why, Xia Xia decided to wait for at least half an hour. Sure enough, after fifteen minutes, Shen Tingshuang walked out of Xin Yuan Shan. The staffs on the side were a little upset.
Their Banana Station, when involving director Xia Xia's variety show, no one would not want to participate, let alone some internet celebrities. Even second-tier stars were not definitely eligible to participate.  However, Shen Tingshuang unexpectedly only came out after they have waited for so long. 
They didn't make an appointment in advance not because they didn’t want to but they had tried calling Shen Tingshuang before to no avail. Maybe because it was a call from a strange number, Shen Tingshuang didn't answer.  
When Xia Xia came, Shen Tingshuang was farming in the back mountain, and only when he heard Zhizhi’s report, she knew that someone was looking for her. 
"Hello, my name is Xia Xia, one of the directors of Banana Station."
Shen Tingshuang also knows that the director was someone related to filming, but why did a director look for herself?
Xia Xia originally thought it would be fine if she couldn't persuade Shen Tingshuang to participate in this variety show. After all, there were more popular celebrities. But when she came here today and seen Xin Yuan Shan, Xia Xia felt that she must invite Shen Tingshuang to the show in any way.
In case there was an issue for location, it could be recorded on Xin Yuan Shan.
Xia Xia did not enter the mountain, but from the foot of the mountain, she could see part of the scenery on Xin Yuan Shan. The rows of bamboo forests under the mountain and the gesang flowers on the roadside were like a fairyland.
"The thing is, we want to invite you to participate in a variety show <Travel Together>. The show will invite five other guests to play somewhere. The filming cycle was not long, a period of up to three days, for a total of five times."
Shen Tingshuang has no interest and was ready to refuse, but then she heard Xia Xia said: "You can attract fans." Suddenly, Shen Tingshuang became interested. 
"And the popular movie emperor Qin Yueze will also join!"
Xia Xia was not yet sure if Qin Yueze will participate, but Xia Xia intended to tell this first, after all, Ai Ming has not directly refused the offer. 
Shen Tingshuang: "Alright." With the bug, she could let him eat a few more bites of fruit.
Xia Xia froze, she was sure she needed a lot of excuses to persuade Shen Tingshuang but I didn't expect Shen Tingshuang to agree so easily. After a while, Xia Xia asked, "Then, can I buy some fruit?"
Xia Xia has always known that Xin Yuan Shan fruit was delicious, but because of work, she didn’t have time to line up at Super Mall, and the distance between her office or home couldn’t be serviced in Meow Meow Takeaways. She also didn’t check the store in a certain treasure every day seeing if Xin Yuanshan’s fruits were on the shelves. 
Back on the TV station, everyone in the office was very excited when seeing the fruits Xia Xia brought. Some of them had eaten Xin Yuan Shan fruits. 
Xia Xia put the fruit on the table: "Okay, please eat the fruit." Everyone took a fruit one by one and one big bag of fruit was gone in a while.
Xia Xia took an apple and bit it. She was shocked by the sweet and refreshing taste. This fruit was really delicious. She hurried to get the bag and found that there was no fruit left in the bag, not even a leaf!
She always thought that the online reviews or evaluations about the delicious Xin Yuan Shan fruit were bought with money. She has always felt that the team behind Shen Tingshuang was very powerful. It was not until this time where they invited Shen Tingshuang to participate in their variety show that she knew Shen Tingshuang did not have a team.
After eating the fruit, Xia Xia also learned that the praises on Weibo were not a marketing trick by Shen Tingshuang, but the sincere comments of netizens.
"Director Xia, you are so good to buy so many fruits at once."
"Yeah, I haven't eaten it for a long time. Now only Super Mall has it, a certain treasure shop has not been restocked for a long time."
"Ah, it's still a familiar taste."
"I didn't expect the fruits of Xin Yuanshan to be so delicious!"
"Director Xia, can we shoot an episode in Xin Yuan Shan?" He really wanted to see what Xin Yuanshan was like. 
"I agree too!"
Xia Xia looked at the empty bag with regrets in her heart. She would have bought two bags if she knew it earlier: "I will work hard." She also hopes to shoot a program in Xin Yuan Shan. 
Everyone cheered: "I look forward to it. I don't know if we can eat these fruits as much as we want at that time."
"Don't talk about eating, as long as I can take a look, I will be satisfied."
Xia Xia stayed at the station for a while and then went to Qin Yueze again. 
In his agency at 2:30 in the afternoon, it was the time that she and Ai Ming had arranged. Ai Ming was waiting at the agency gate. Whether Qin Yueze participated in this variety show or not later, Ai Ming should at least show respect for a good director like Xia Xia.
"It’s an honor to meet you Mr. Ai." Xia Xia said.
Ai Ming: "What are the words that Director Xia saying? We welcome you to come every day." 
Ai Ming took Xia Xia to the meeting room. "Director Xia please sits first. Yueze is on the way back."
Xia Xia sits opposite Aiming: "This time, <Travel Together> content was sent to you before. There will be no changes. We will invite three male celebrities and three female celebrities including Qin Yueze. The theme for the show will be tourism. There were five episodes in the first season, and each period was shot within 3 days." 
Qin Yueze has not participated in variety shows since his debut, whether it was during his traffic star time or time as an actor as he did not need to participate in these variety shows to improve. 
Xia Xia went on to explain: "There is no script for this variety show, and actor Qin can do whatever he wants."
Generally speaking, even if it was a reality show, usually there would still be a certain script the participant needed to follow. When Xia Xia said that, Ai Ming just smiled: "Has the other participants been decided?"
Xia Xia said: "The Qin movie emperor was the first participant we invited, but the other male guests, we plan to invite Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun." These two are both hot stars recently.
Ai Ming nodded. "On the female guest side, we have invited Shen Tingshuang, and we are now striving to be able to shoot in Xin Yuanshan for an episode."

When Qin Yueze entered the meeting room, he happened to hear Xia Xia said Shen Tingshuang's name.
Here Ai Ming was also a little surprised: "Shen Tingshuang?" 
Xia Xia explained: "Although Shen Tingshuang is an internet celebrity, we have checked her hot searches since she became an internet celebrity. Each time, she entered hot searches by her own means and has never bought any for herself."
After saying this, Xia Xia looked at Ai Ming, Shen Tingshuang several hot searches were related to Qin Yueze, but she didn't say this.
"This variety show…"
Ai Ming hadn't finished speaking, and Qin Yueze on the side already interrupted: "I'll take it." 
The meeting room was quiet: "Yueze?"
Qin Yueze nodded: "Adjust my schedule, I will take this variety show."
Xia Xia showed a surprised expression and stretched out her right hand: "Great, actor Qin, looking forward to our happy cooperation." 
The two sides shook hands and Xia Xia happily returned to the TV station. The preparations for variety shows could begin. With Qin Yueze and Shen Tingshuang, she felt that the rest of the guests were not that important.  
In order to avoid the embarrassment when filming, after agreeing to Xia Xia, Shen Tingshuang kept watching Xia Xia's variety shows at home to supplement her knowledge of variety shows.
As a result, she found that one celebrity personality was one in a certain variety show, but different in another show, and she became a little bit confused.  Finally, she searched on some forum to find out that there was a script in the program, but Xia Xia told her that this reality show would be unscripted. 
However, Shen Tingshuang felt that even if the program team gave her a character, she would not be able to act.  
After confirming cooperation with Qin Yueze and Shen Tingshuang, the crews of <Travel Together> also managed to sign cooperation with Liu Jing, Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun as three other guests.
As soon as they heard that it was directed by Banana Station’s Direcot Xia Xia, these three people immediately agreed. 
‘The Answer’ high discussion has also brought Liu Jing certain fame. Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun were among the rising small fresh meats now, and their traffic was pretty good. 
When later they discovered that Qin Yueze was also participating, the three of them were even happier. 
The author has something to say:
Have you seen the other book God of Cooking? Do you remember the details about Ah Shuang in it?



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