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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 60

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 60


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When the post became more and more popular, the corresponding topic also appeared on Weibo.  
The forum post was also posted on Weibo, and some netizens said:
[Sorry, I checked it just now, and the current hot search is also written by Fu Letian.]
Yes, even the topic of Shen Tingshuang's Xin Yuan Shan fake condition was set by Fu Letian.  
#Shen Xuan got out of the entertainment circle# #Scum Fu Letian# and #Shen Family Story# have been hot searched one after another.  
Originally, Fu Letian was happily watching Shen Tingshuang being scolded on Weibo. But after refreshing the app again, he found that he was on a hot search.  
Looking at the content, he quickly asked the company's public relations department to contact Weibo.  
Shen Xuan's fans have entered the state of public relations one after another.  
Seeing the hot search, Qin Yueze tapped his right hand on the desktop rhythmically: "Weibo is ready for action."
The hot search hasn't gone down yet, when a government official Weibo posted. 
[Safe City B: After a citizen's report, it was discovered that a certain Mrs. Jiang death in April 1999 was not caused by dystocia but was caused by others. Our bureau has already started investigation.] 
This Weibo came out and the Internet immediately exploded. 
[Certain Mrs. Jiang, it was April 1999 again! Isn’t that Shen Tiande’s original wife? Not because of difficult birth? Is it homicide?] 
[It must have been done by Zeng Shanmei, I feel cold all over now.] 
[This woman is too cruel.] 
[I thought the posts on the forum were half credible, but now I feel like  It’s true!] 
[Shen Xuan’s fans don’t try to whitewash, it is proven already.]
The police already have sufficient evidence, and the truth was quickly investigated.
Jiang Fanghong death was because Zeng Shanmei bought a nurse from the hospital, and the female baby was sent to the mountain. 
If her mother friend came one step later, Shen Tingshuang might have been married off in the village.  
Zeng Shanmei was arrested by the police for intentional homicide and abduction. At the time of the apprehension, the City B government official account posted another Weibo saying that the suspect Zeng Moumei had been caught, all within a day.  
The media were dispatched to interview the doctors of that year, and everyone found that the posts on the forum were completely true!  
Shen Xuan's fans dared not make any more comments. 
When Shen Tiande saw the news, he didn't react at all. He always thought that Shen Tingshuang was lost in the hospital. At that time, everyone was sad about Jiang Fanghong's death. He didn't take care of Shen Tingshuang, so the child went missing.  
He never thought that Zeng Shanmei was such a person!  What was more unexpected was that Shen Tingshuang sued Shen Xuan for stealing other people's property.  
The hot searches on Weibo went up one after another, Shen Xuan’s fans didn’t dare to scold others and had to whitewash secretly by saying that Zeng Shanmei and Shen Xuan had nothing to do with each other. The fault was on the mother, why let the daughter help bear it?  
Fans of Shen Tingshuang scolded Zeng Shanmei for being unscrupulous, Shen family for their ruthlessness, and Shen Xuan for being unscrupulous on the Internet.  
After reading the whole story, most passers-by stood on Shen Tingshuang's side.  At the same time, the shares of Shen Group began to fall.  
Fu Fangyi didn't expect the Shen family to be a lot of trouble. In addition to the negative impact of the hot searches, the Qin Group has been out quite frequent recently, and they have no way to parry. In less than three days, the Fu Group assets have shrunk by 20%. What kind of concept is this? 
The Pei family, which they had looked down upon, was now much better than them.  
After seeing the hot search, Xia Xia regretted putting the video teaser early. Had she known it before the hot search to come out, she could edit out part of Shen Xuan. 
However, Shen Xuan still has a lot of fans. Her Weibo has lost several million followers but there were fans who still tried to whitewash Shen Xuan on the Internet.  
[Those are all done by Ms. Zeng, and my idol is also a victim.]
[If my things suddenly become other people, I will also be unhappy.]
[I may really understand. It is like if my parents gave me a room, but then my brother moved all his things inside.]
Xia Xia was very angry. She was complaining to her colleagues when she received a call from Qin Yueze.  
"Send me the video from the car."
At 11 o'clock that evening, the video of Shen Xuan talking in the car was exposed.
[Shen Tingshuang, I deliberately targeted you, you can't think of it but I am not a fake daughter at all, Shen Tiande is also my real father.]  
[My mother is the current wife of Shen Tiande, Zeng Shanmei, I am not a fake daughter.] 
[Just wait Shen Ting Shuang, I am now with Fu Letian, don't you want to be in the entertainment industry? You can’t enter the entertainment circle! I will ruin your reputation.] 
These words and sentences were very embarrassing. When these contents were posted, the fans that were still whitewashing were stunned. 
[I’m so stupid, really, I’m still defending you until the end. This video, you made me disgusting to the extreme.] 
[Fan for three years, I quit now, goodbye.] 
[I have no reason to worship you anymore, I’m sorry.] 
[I used to be a fan but sorry, I am now your anti fans Shen Xuan!] 
[This account is now abandoned.] 
[It’s so f*cking disgusting, what a bad person I have worshipped!] 
Shen Xuan’s fans have fallen in a large number, and more than 20 million fans have left. The remaining was only 10 million, but it was still declining.
Many people scolded her on Weibo. 

Her super topic was also full of declaration of fans leaving, and there were many fans that became anti fans.  
Shen Xuan agent's phone calls kept coming: "The last time the script that I gave, Director Wu said that he has changed people." 
"Brand X canceled the cooperation."
"Next week's magazine advertisement was no longer continued." 
Shen Xuan watched the fans that left crazily and the jobs that were constantly being cancelled. She hugged her pillow and cried bitterly. Now she only has the variety show <Travel Together>. She must seize the next recording of the show. Didn’t the group still have her in the video teaser? 
However, soon, the agent called again: "Banana Station cancelled the recording of your next episode of <Travel Together>.  
Shen Xuan sat slumped on the ground, why, why did it become like this. It was good last night. She was watching netizens scold Shen Tingshuang. She was happily watching. But then the police broke the door and said that Zeng Shanmei was suspected of murder. She didn't expect everything to change suddenly.  And she actually received a lawsuit from Shen Tingshuang today!  
Then came the revelations one after another. In the last video that appeared on the Internet, she never said that, although she did think so in her heart. The place where the video was recorded, she recognized was in the car from the ancient town to the airport. 
She originally wanted Geng Chengyun to help clarify, but Geng Chengyun said she has really said them and then she was refused by Chengyun.  
Shen Xuan couldn't prove that she didn't say it herself.
However, when people were unlucky, everything was unlucky.  
The famous director Zhang Qing also posted on Weibo, saying that the news that Qin Yueze was the male lead in the filming of 'Sword Fairy' was released by Shen Xuan. He also said that the female lead in the play was not Shen Xuan originally. The reason for choosing Shen Xuan was by Fu Letian's force to stuffed people in.  
Over the past six months, Zhang Qing has always felt that he was very unlucky, and it seemed that it all started from accepting Shen Xuan to join the crew. 
People were like this. Once a certain idea started to grow, it grew crazily.  
This was not even worse. The actors who collaborated with Shen Xuan have all come out. They talk about how Shen Xuan often played big names, how bad her acting skills were, and how she bullied newcomers in the crew and so on.  
Shen Tingshuang was still asleep, and she heard the mechanical sound of the system: "Congratulations to the host for completing the task, and got rewarded: restore 47% of the spiritual veins." 
After she woke up, Shen Tingshuang reacted and saw her followers reached 25 million. Then she turned over and continued to fall asleep. 
After the completion of the task, Shen Tingshuang got up early in the morning and started collating evidence busily. 
Thanks to Qin Yueze's help, she invited Chang Yan, the most powerful lawyer in China.
Qin Yueze gave very detailed information to order before, so later Shen Tingshuang gave the rest to Chang Yan.  
Chang Yan's action was top-notch, and the time for the trial was set for next month.  
Shen Tiande couldn't help Shen Xuan and Zeng Shanmei because of his company's affairs. Even when Shen Xuan called for help, he could only scold: "If your mother didn't seduce me back then, there wouldn't be so many funerals." 
Jiang Fanghong passed away like this. For a long time, Jiang Fanghong who remained in Shen Tiande's heart has become his white moonlight, and the memories were all beautiful. He even forgot why he cheated on Zeng Shanmei back then.  
Now when people search for the word Shen Xuan on the Internet, the comments they found were petition get her out of the entertainment circle, or all kinds of swearing words.  
Many netizens went under <Travel Together> and asked the show crew to change the cast. 
Shen Xuan has been kicked, but she still didn't know who to change.  
When the director called and asked her to terminate the contract with Shen Xuan, it was not measurable how happy Xia Xia was. Of course the question came again. Shen Xuan was terminated, who would she be replaced with?  
But for Xia Xia, it didn't matter how she feels, it was already good as long as Shen Xuan was not there. However, there was still one thing that needed to be resolved at the moment, whether or not to keep Shen Xuan's scene in the first issue of <Travel Together>.
The entire program group has been discussing for a day, and finally unified the opinions of most people, and keeps them. The reasons being first, the official announcement includes Shen Xuan. Second, editing to delete Shen Xuan's shots would increase the workload while they needed to release the first episode of the program as soon as possible.  
In addition, they planned to release two versions, one was a condensed version where the content of each recording will be played in two installments, and the other would be the full version. It would be broadcasted simultaneously on the official website, TV and mobile phone APP. 
There was no single shot of Shen Xuan in the streamlined version of the video.  There was also no single-player video of Shen Xuan in the full version. There were only shots from the opening and the end of the recording of the other five guests. 
This video would be uploaded to the official website and mobile APP after the condensed version of the video ends.  
This all affected Banana Station’s early announcement that the first issue of <Travel Together> would be broadcasted during the prime time on Friday night.  
On Friday morning, the system released a new task, requiring Shen Tingshuang to reach 100 million yuan in assets within 20 days. 
The original mission was 32 million yuan. But, Shen Tingshuang’s assets after the last VIVI live broadcast, where 20 million pieces of fruit were put on the shelves had already broken 32 million yuan. 
Except for the expenses during this period, her assets didn't decrease at all.  
"How much the spiritual vein will be restored after completing this mission?" This was equivalent to skipping two tasks at once. 
"50%" The system answered.
It was half of the spiritual veins. Now it was not difficult for her to make money. So she could still participate in the variety show. Anyway, she also received appearance fee for this.  
Shen Tingshuang calculated the time, put the fruit on the Meow Meow Takeaway directly, and then picked all the fruit after she put the fruits for Super Mall below the mountain.  

The users of Meow Meow Takeaways soon discovered that the store of Ah Shuang had opened, and everyone placed their orders one after another. For the takeaway deliverymen, another busy day began.  
At 8 o'clock in the evening, the TV channel of Banana Station and the official website and APP simultaneously broadcast <Travel Together>.  Because of the lively Weibo hot search some time ago, the ratings broke 2 at the beginning.  
The station congratulated Xia Xia, she once again created a legend of a variety show. 
It was a sensational rating at the beginning, and then the camera switched quickly, starting from Qin Yueze's appearance, to the appearance of the other four guests.  As for Shen Xuan, the program team did not include any of her single shots.  
As soon as Qin Yueze appeared, the comments started to come.  
[My brother is so handsome!]
[Mom, my brother's house is so neat.] 
[Unexpectedly, my brother got up so early.  ] 
Then there was Liu Jing, people remembered her from 'The Answer'. 
The fifth and last one shown was Shen Tingshuang. Of course, it was not Shen Tingshuang herself that appeared first, but Xin Yuan Shan. 
Netizens saw the bamboo forest and the manu fruits on the mountain.  
[So many fruits, my God, I want to go to Xin Yuan Shan to rob.] 
[I always thought that the purchase of fruits was limited because there are no many fruits available, but now I find that this is not the case at all!] 
[Looking at the picture of Xin Yuan Shan last year compared to now, I think this little girl life is not easy.]
[Come on, little girl!]
Then everyone went to the airport and saw Shen Tingshuang eating cakes, which hit the hearts of many viewers.  [Miss Sister looks so cute eating cake.]
[I want to eat like this, but it's all calories.]
[Ah Shuang actually ate all of them.] 
[Hahaha, I think Ah Shuang wears loose clothes probably so she doesn't need body management.]
[She is not celebrity after all, this is also good, I like Ah Shuang to be so happy all the time.] 
Shen Tingshuang saw Bai Hao and took the initiative to say hello. She also said that she recognized to Bai Hao from watching live broadcast room. 
Everyone saw Bai Hao's surprise in his eyes, and there were more comments.  
[Hahaha, Ah Shuang said she saw my brother from the live broadcast room, I saw that my Haohao seemed to be lost and collapsed.] 
[Ah Shuang, you are too frank, hahaha.]
[Don’t look down on it, my family Ah Shuang is a favorite fan 5 in a certain V live broadcast room!] 
[It turned out to be an experienced person.] 
The next step was to reach the ancient town and earn points from throwing arrows. And the guests selected rooms based on the final points. 
Qin Yueze's perfect score caused many audiences to scream.  
[Ah, my brother is so handsome!  All ten arrows are hit!] 
[Wow! Although my brother was not allowed to participate in the first round, in the second round, my brother got full marks!]
It was the turn of Shen Tingshuang, many netizens found that she threw all the arrows directly in one throw. 
Here, the post-editing also specially put in slow motion, and many viewers said in their hearts that this was definitely not possible.  
As a result, Shen Tingshuang ten arrows were all in.  
[In front of the screen, I slowly typed a question mark.]
[Miss Sister is amazing!] 
[I love it!!!] 
[I am the Moon, so I feel that maybe the program group arranged this arrow mission because my brother did not participate for the first time. I didn't expect Ah Shuang to be very good.  She was not arrogant, it was just her.] 
From the beginning of the show to the room selection, besides Qin Yueze’s most discussion, Shen Tingshuang was often discussed in the comments. 
In addition to her own fans, many passersby, including Qin Yueze’s fans, were discussing Shen Tingshuang.  
[I always feel that Ah Shuang deliberately gave the best room to my brother.]  
[Ahhhhh, Ah Shuang admitted that she is a fan of brother, you see, she really takes good care of brother.]
[I feel that Ah Shuang really likes the room on the third floor, maybe she didn't think of anything else at all.]
Next, the five people have a discussion, because Shen Xuan was in the lens, so this scene was not deleted. 
When Liu Jing asked where Shen Tingshuang was, Shen Xuan said that Shen Tingshuang was snoozing.  
[This Shen Xuan is really still a white lotus.] 
[Why didn’t the program team delete Shen Xuan’s shots?  The mood is destroyed.] 
[When I watched this variety show, I really feel that all Shen Xuan’s words before are full of malice.]
Before everyone finished the discussion, they saw Qin Yueze pointing outwards, and the camera also pointed out. 
Everyone found Shen Tingshuang repairing the garden?  
The program team also specially compared the the previous flower beds before Shen Tingshuang effort.  
[At this time, I discovered that my vocabulary was shallow, except for curses, I didn't even know what to say.]
[I will try scissors and spatula to cut flowers and transplant, goodbye!]
[Miss Sister is so awesome!]
Next was the scene of the guests making money. 
Qin Yueze’s nice voice once again triggered the comments of the fans, but then the picture was changed to Shen Tingshuang.  
They saw Shen Tingshuang holding a hoe, helping others farming.  
[Am I wrong?]
[Really farming?]
[As fans of A Shuang, I tell you that our Ah Shuang is really good at farming. She grows the fruits of Xin Yuanshan herself.]
[Miss Sister has such good hands, her posture is too standard.] 
There was no decentralization here, but everyone has made some money and returned to the house, while Shen Tingshuang carried two tartan bags full of vegetables and walked to the house.  
After entering the door, three male guests came to pick up the ingredients Shen Tingshuang brought back. 

The reactions of Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun made everyone burst into laughter again.  

[Wow, two big men can't lift it.]
[Hahaha, Bai Hao's face doubts life.] 
[Geng Chengyun’s expression is too pitiful.] 
[Bai Hao also asked if Brother Ze was heavy. After Brother Ze said it was heavy, Bai Hao didn’t know how to continue.] 
Soon after the guests sorted out the ingredients in the two tartan bags, the audience found the foods inside.  
[!! There are bacon and flour, how can it not be heavy.] 
[I previously blamed Haohao and Chengyun, but I found that they are normal, Ah Shuang is the abnormal one!] 
[Goddess of power!]
The next scene was cooking. 
Qin Yueze’s eggplant background music was wonderful tunes, while the others were in sad tones.  
The audiences couldn't bear to look directly at it. 
When everyone started to eat, their expressions made the audience laugh.  
[This meal is entirely for survival.] 
[Hahaha, although it hurts very much, but I still want to laugh.] 
[No one noticed, didn't Ah Shuang eat two bowls of white rice? Hahaha.]
The next morning, Shen Tingshuanh got up at 5 o'clock, which once again explained that what Shen Xuan said was fart.  
She ran around the ancient town, and later the cameraman was swaying. The shot was not long, but a careful netizen found one thing.  
[Many cameramen have taken turn in this shot, right?]
[Miss Sister left at 5 o'clock, when she went back, it was almost 6 o'clock, and her face did not even blush. Is this a huge stamina?]
After returning, Shen Tingshuang directly started making noodles, whether it was making noodles or cutting bacon, the audience praised once again.  
The other guests got up and found the noodles made by Shen Tingshuang, all of which were as good as the food they ate at restaurant.  
[I'm so touched, my family Chengyun is still growing up, thank you Shuang for taking care of him.]
[Haohao looks like he hasn't eaten before, I really want to laugh.] 
[Hahaha, Brother Ze is almost finished eating his bowl!]
[Sister Jing seems to regret that took so little.]
At first, the audience thought that Qin Yueze’s cooking was good, but when they saw what Shen Tingshuang cooked, everyone had to admit it.
Qin Yueze cooking was a kind of enjoyment, and they thought it was decent, but watching Shen Tingshuang cooking, everyone could become hungry. 
The sizzling sound of bacon fried in the pan, white flour in her hands turned into thin noodles, they wished they could take a few bites. 
Coupled with the reaction of the other people, especially Liu Jing and Shen Xuan's expression when they found it was delicious, but the noodles in the pot were already gone. 
[I think Ah Shuang is really tolerating it, Shen Xuan is so disgusting, and she also cooked her six meals.] 
[Don't mention, the two names are together, I think this is disrespect for the goddess Ah Shuang.] 
After breakfast is the end of the day’s task, from the Drum Tower to the boating. The audience once again witnessed Shen Tingshuang’s vigor. 
[Although Shen Xuan is disgusting, but when Bai Hao said that she could give more force, Shen Xuan’s face was really wronged.] 
[Actually, I believe that Shen Xuan tried hard, but Shen Tingshuang’s strength is too great, so she can’t help it.] 
[I also thought of the ingredients in the two big tartan bags, Ah Shuang was really too great!] 
[Hahaha, my male god is now Shen Tingshuang.] 
Then everyone watched Shen Tingshuang rowed to the finish line alone. 
The expressions of the other guests on the boat were obviously, where am I? Who am I? What am I doing?  
[Miss Sister is too good.] 
[No more, I turned into fans.] 
[I have also fallen into the pit of Shen Tingshuang fandom, may I ask where the fans of Ah Shuang are, take me in!] 
When the boat reached the end, the first issue was done being broadcasted.
As it was ending, and the next episode trailer was played for less than a minute. 
The footage inside was very fast, and everyone faintly saw footage of a performance. 
[Has 2 hours passed already?] 
[Please release the next issue!] 
[Brothers are you performing in a show?] 
The crew was actually very kind. There were no commercials for two hours. Of course, the sponsors’ advertisements were in the show. 
Netizens commented that the crew should hurry up and release the next issue.  
The official Weibo of <Travel Together> posted a Weibo telling the netizens that the next issue will be next Friday night. 
That night, the program group was on the hot search again. 
The most popular discussion was Qin Yueze, followed by Shen Tingshuang. 
Especially for Shen Tingshuang, at the very beginning of watching the show, people felt that Shen Tingshuang was just an internet celebrity and didn't match with other guests. But after watching the first episode, the truth was revealed. 
Everyone thought that they have found a treasure girl, too. It was unexpected. 
Of course, some people even questioned whether the program team was helping Shen Tingshuang deliberately looked extra good, saying how the garden can be managed so well by one person.
[Although I know that Ah Shuang is very good at farming, but this garden to be organized like this in such a short period of time was too much.]
[No malice, but with scissors and spatula, normally people cannot work so fast.]
[Landscape major here, our school's most powerful teachers can't even do this level.]
There were many people discussing, and this topic was also a hot search.  
The program group was also straightforward, and directly posted the separate clips of Shen Tingshuang managing the flower beds on Weibo. The video was fast forwarded 5 times. 
When it was sent out, the program group added a sentence: [There will be a full-time program tomorrow, and on that the video will not be accelerated.]
As soon as people clicked on the video, they found that Shen Tingshuang was taking care of the garden throughout the whole process. She was very fast, even with a spatula, she could indeed transplant flowers.  
If some still didn't believe it, there would be a full-time video tomorrow, and that video couldn't be faked.  

Finally, everyone's conclusion was that Shen Tingshuang was not only strong, but also skilled.  
When the full-time video came out, many netizens also watched it with gusto. 
The second episode of the program has not yet started, which did not affect everyone from looking for details in the full video.  
For example, some people even follow the show of Shen Tingshuang taking care of the flowers and plants, only to find it too difficult.  
Some people followed Shen Tingshuang to make bacon noodles, they were not good-looking, and the taste was also a bit worrying. 
In Yao Village, everyone knew that Shen Tingshuang appeared on a variety show it was also with the famous actor.  So, Yao Dazhu bought a large screen and hung it outside the village community hall.  
Friday night this week, the first episode of <Travel Together> would be broadcasted at the community hall at 8 o'clock in the evening.  
To be honest, there was a celebrity in their village and it was Shen Tingshuang, everyone found it strange.  
Tempted with the large screen here, the villagers gathered after eating, and even the young people who were nestling at home and would rarely come over have followed.  
No one wanted to give up on the big screen, and the villagers also discussed it fiercely.  
"It's that girl Shen Tingshuang." 
"This is really farming, with great strength."
All the guests, except Qin Yueze, didn't know how to cook on the show.  
"Qin Yueze participates in TV dramas and movies, so it can be said that more than 95% of Chinese people know Qin Yueze."
"Beating so many boys and girls while rowing, our girl is strong."
'It was not the same." 
Everyone nodded, the disciples of a master, of course she was different. 
After watching this variety show, the villagers were talking about it wherever they go. Now those who haven't watched <Travel Together> were considered outsider. 
The next friday night at eight o’clock, the villagers ate dinner and sat at the door of the village community hall early. They were waiting for the variety show start.  
Today was the second episode. After watching the first episode a few days ago, everyone wanted to know what would happen afterwards. Looking at the preview, there seemed to be a performance.  
While waiting, everyone started chatting.  
"A cabin was built under Xin Yuan Shan." 
"I also saw it. I don't know what it's for, but it looks very pretty." 
"Shao Feng seems to be out of business now." 
When someone mentioned this, everyone shut up.  
They silently felt that it was Shao Feng's mother who was acting like a demon, and she was scolding Shen Tingshuang directly to her face.  
The gossip they said at the beginning was proved to be untrue, but Shao Feng's mother still didn't like Shen Tingshuang for some reason.  
Shao Feng's express delivery point was still open. Even if they no longer operating, the large order from Shen Tingshuang before should be enough for them to live in this life.  
Shao Feng's mother was like, she didn't like Shen Tingshuang, but she still wanted Shen Tingshuang to make money for her. 
But they wouldn't say it. After all, now they knew that talking badly about other people would be a mess.
"Okay, let's start, look at everyone." 
In front of the village community hall, the lively discussion quieted down, and everyone's eyes were on the big screen. 
The second issue of <Travel Together> started at 8 o'clock, besides Yao Village, there were a lot of spectators in front of the TV throughout China. 
Everyone was waiting to see what happened on the boating and the dancing in the trailer. 
After Shen Tingshuang rowed the boat to the finish line by herself, for the way back the others changed turns to go back to the starting point. 
[These many people are still struggling so much.] 
[Lol I can’t help but laugh, I am the worshipper of goddess Ah Shuang.] 
[Visually, Ah Shuang wears loose clothes, probably because of her bad figure or muscle.  It’s too obvious.] 
No one could refute this. After all, Shen Tingshuang did not wear tight clothes. 
However, there were still many people who think Shen Tingshuang looked good and like it.
[It's good.] 
[I also think Ah Shuang looks very good!!!] 
Soon the scene changed to the drinking fiasco. 
When the villagers asked them to finish drinking, the netizens started discussing again. 
[Such a big horn, how much wine is there?] 
[My brother doesn’t seem to drink so much; the program group is too cruel.] 
[Can't you see? Ah Shuang has been seeping the drink in the horn all this time.] 
[I see it, is she going to finish drinking?] 
Everyone discussed it.  When it was lively, the scene showed that Shen Tingshuang had finished drinking the wine in the horns. The villagers said that as long as they drink a horn of wine, they would complete the task.  
Then everyone tasted the local specialty snacks. 
The solo dance by Shen Xuan was deleted, leaving only the one where the three including Shen Xuan fell into the river.  
Originally, they planned to edit this scene in the later stage, but in the process of editing, they discovered one thing.  
That was, the drop of the three guests was not accidental, but Shen Xuan did it deliberately. So after thinking twice, the program group decided to keep this clip after discussing it together.  
The recording of the program group was originally airtight, but fans of Bai Hao and Liu Jing later found that their idols had fallen into the river, so they should not trouble the program group.  This matter, whoever did it, bears the responsibility.  
When Bai Hao and Liu Jing fell, the fans of the two idols went crazy and commented rapidly.  
[This is too unsafe, why did my idol fall into the river!] 
[My Hao is already drunk, and now he fell down, it's night again! Oh sh*t!]
[Oh my god, my heart is squeezed.]
[I am not fans of the two, but I am so worried.] 
In Yao Village, everyone was also a little nervous. It's still spring and night again. How unsafe it was to fall.  

However some comments soon appeared in the barrage.  
[Uh, I just seemed to see that Bai Hao was deliberately pulled by Shen Xuan. Let me have a conspiracy theory. Did Shen Xuan want to pull Bai Hao so that Bai Hao would pull Shen Tingshuang? But what she did not expect was that Bai Hao didn't go to pull Shen Tingshuang, but Shen Xuan and Bai Hao were about to fall, so she simply pulled Liu Jing, but she didn't expect all three of them to fall.] 
[F*ck, I went to the replay and watched it again, it really was like this.] 
[Shen Xuan is so vicious.] 
[It was recorded by the program group, I'm really convinced.]
This was like stabbing a beehive, and fans of Bai Hao and Liu Jing attacked Shen Xuan one after another.  As a result, it was soon discovered that Shen Xuan had no one to speak for her, no matter how they scolded, no one came out to respond. 
The program did not end. The guests were rescued and sent back to the cabin. The scene switched to the starry sky outside. 
Then the next day, early in the morning, Shen Tingshuang got up and cooked the porridge first, and then went out for a run.  
The cameraman ran for a distance, and then simply shot the scenery on the spot. It was too exhausting to follow Shen Tingshuang.  
The audience was amused.  
[I feel the helplessness of the cameraman across the screen.]
[Ah Shuang can run so fast.]
[Don't film people, just film the scenery here.]
[Although not kind, but I laughed out loud.]
Everyone was smiling happily when they suddenly heard Liu Jing's scream, and then realized that when they fell into the river yesterday, the money was gone. 
This was not the saddest. The saddest thing was that they received a new task and needed to earn money to return to City B.  
[The program group is too unscrupulous!]
[The unscrupulous person is not the program group, but Shen Xuan, she caused them to fall into the river!]
[My mother, I feel sorry for my brother Ze, but I still want to see how they deal with it.]
[This is the highlight, although Shen Xuan is very hateful.]
The previous footage of Shen Xuan making money was not shown. Later when the guests calculated, the audience realized that Shen Xuan didn’t make any money, instead she made a loss. 
In addition, yesterday she caused the guests to fall into the river and lost money. This made the audience very worried that Shen Xuan would drag everyone down.  
[Can we stop her from appearing?]
[They still have to help her with the ticket money.]
[Too prodigal, I still know how to say I have never hated an actress so much.]
When there is a will there is a way. This probably best fitted to describe the mood of the guests at this moment. 
They actually found an ongoing show, and then they decided to perform to raise money.  
The first thing was the dance of Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun. It was so handsome. 
The songs sung by Qin Yueze made the comment section full again.  
[I want to see 'The Answer' again.]
[Brother is amazing!]
Qin Yueze exited the stage. 
Before the audience recovered their senses, they saw Shen Tingshuang's three-person dance.  
When the three of them turned around, the comment section exploded again!  
[Those who say Ah Shuang is not in good shape, please stand up and interview, do you have a pain in your face?] 
[Wow! Before looking at her wesring ancient costumes, I think Ah Shuang's is the loosest. I didn't expect that it was not because of her bad figure, but the best!] 
[Devil's figure, angel's face, I admire it!] 
[Ah ah ah ah, I want to call for Ah Shuang!] 
[F*ck, I saw Shen Xuan want to trip Ah Shuang?] 
[You are right.]
[Damn, so annoying, why so many small tricks.]
[I hope the program group doesn’t invite Shen Xuan anymore, it's disgusting.]
[Try to see Ah Shuang!]
The music was over, and this episode of the show was coming to an end. Everyone packed up and prepared to go back to City B.  
Everyone saw that at the end Shen Tingshuang asked the crew to return the two tartan bags back to the elderly, and then closed the door. 
This episode was finished.  
The ending song sounded, and everyone was still a little reluctant, why it ended like this.  
The villagers of Yao Village also have some ideas. "Hey, we..." 
When suddenly there was another picture in front of the big screen in front of them.
It turned out to be a video of the crew returning the ingredients in the tartan bags back to two elderly people.  
"Originally, she did a lot and didn't want to accept money. How could we accept the food back?"
"Or, let's send it back to the little girl. Then we can feel relieved."  
When the program team put the ingredients in the house and left, the two old men chased them out.  
"That little girl is really nice, thank her for me." 
The program crew walked a long way, and the two old men were still standing in their yard waving.  
Many netizens were in tears when they watched this scene. The sincerity of the two old people and the dedication of Shen Tingshuang were all touching.  It reminds them of their grandparents at home. 
Many people were discussing this scene on the Internet, of course, after the discussion, they began to urge the next episode to be broadcasted.  
Xia Xia was also in a hurry, they planned on recording five times in total, and the second recording has not yet started.  
There were more and more people calling on the internet, and Xia Xia went to the bottom of Xin Yuan Shan again to urge the cabin to be completed quickly.  
The furniture in the cabin has been selected, and it was made a long time ago to avoid the presence of formaldehyde.  
On the way to Xin Yuan Shan, Xia Xia suddenly thought of a good way.  
In addition to the construction of the cabin under Xin Yuan Shan, there was another major event recently. There was a lot of land at the entrance of the village. It was said that a logistics center was to be built.  
This logistics center included almost all courier companies, as well as fresh food delivery. It was said that the villager would be able to send and receive express delivery very quickly after it was built.  

Some young people started to think about opening an online store as they didn't expect the logistic center to open. 
There was nothing at here actually, but if you mentioned Yao Village, many netizens knew about it.  
"Everyone knows that this is because of the relationship between Shen Tingshuang. After all, Xin Yuan Shan is already famous now. Everyone can sell some fruits and vegetables with this light." 
But the people who open the online store were also sincere and used capital red letters directly below in bold: The fruits in our shop were different from Xin Yuan Shan. Please be cautious when you buy them. 
But netizens who couldn't buy Xin Yuan Shan fruits were still willing to try other fruits and vegetables in Yao Village. So for a while, Yao Villagers opened an online store for their own families, and it was pretty good. 
Maybe it was psychological factor. Everyone thought that the taste was better than other places. 
For a while, everyone opened online shops one after another. 
After Yao Dazhu learned about this, he specially called the villagers to discuss the matter. It’s okay to open an online shop, and it’s okay to use the name Yao Village, but they must ensured the quality, no use of messy fertilizer.
Of course, the most critical point was not steal the name Xin Yuan Shan.  Since the last incident, how could the villagers not be convinced of this? They all stated that they would abide by this rule.  
The cabin under Xin Yuan Shan was finished the night before. The next morning, Shen Tingshuang received a call from Xia Xia, saying that the second phase of the recording would be tomorrow and it would be a live broadcast. 
Shen Tingshuang had no objection to this. Her task has been completed, and she has nothing to do except farming.  
In the lawsuit with Shen Xuan next week, Zeng Shanmei has been sentenced to death. This was probably the best revenge for the original owner and the original owner's mother.  
At six o'clock in the morning, the sky was still bright, and the cameraman had just moved out the cameras before he had time to enter Xin Yuan Shan, and found that Shen Tingshuang had driven a small trailer down, loaded with fruits to be supplied to Super Mall.  
There was nothing else. 
The shooting was in Xin Yuan Shan, so Shen Tingshuang didn't even pack any luggage.  
The author has something to say: 
It's time to show the vegetables and fruits of Xin Yuan Shan!

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