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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 56

ATBBMPL – Chapter 56


The crews watching in the background looked puzzled: "Scissors and spatula?  What is she doing with these two? " 
Xia Xia: "Just look at it." She also didn’t know as there was no script.
They saw Shen Tingshuang walked out the door, took the spatula and started shoveling flowers. It seemed that there were no cohesiveness, the colors, the heights and sizes were inconsistent. But a small piece was moved out to some with color matching this piece and they turned out to be very beautiful.
After transplanting, Shen Tingshuang put the spatula aside, and then took out the scissors. The directors who watched the video in another room: "I can understand with the spatula just now, but scissors to cut flowers? How can you cut them?"
However, Shen Tingshuang didn’t only cut using scissors, but she also cut the flowers very fast. After a while, a small area of ​​flowers was trimmed. The original garden has changed.  It was now layered, with a flowerbed decoration, and the whole apartment has become more pleasant to look at.
Xia Xia looked at Shen Tingshuang on the screen and nodded with satisfaction. She really invited the right person this time.
The rest of the guest also unpacked their luggage and came down. In fact, Liu Jing didn't have time to unpack, she only washed her hands and freshened up a bit. Without opening the suitcase, she ran to the study room downstairs and started arranging plans for the next three days. 
The rooms on the first floor, except for the kitchen, were all open-plan, so Baihao came down and saw Liu Jing sitting quietly reading a book.
Geng Chengyun also came down after a while, he saw that there was nothing to do, so he just sat aside, and wore his headphones to play game. Their phones were confiscated, but he still had a tablet.
Qin Yueze came and asked if Liu Jing needed help, but got the answer: "No", so he sat opposite Liu Jing and looked out the window.
The last one to come down was Shen Xuan. She sat down in a place close to Qin Yueze, and began to read in a calm and peaceful manner.
After sitting for a while, Liu Jing said, "I have finished my plan. I will tell you first.  If anyone disagree, I will change it." After finishing speaking, Liu Jing looked around, "How about Ting Shuang?" After all, everyone was in a group and they needed to ask everyone for agreement.
Shen Xuan said, "Did she sleep? My sister is often sleepy." 
Qin Yueze pointed out the window: "She should be the first to come down." 
Liu Jing was slightly startled, Qin Yueze was sitting opposite her just now, she thought that Qin Yueze was looking at herself, but she didn't expect this to be the case. 
Shen Xuan on the side was also taken aback. For some reason, she just seemed to see coldness in Qin Yueze's eyes. 
The remaining people looked out the window and saw that the garden that had been messy before had changed its appearance and looked very beautiful.
"Wow, it's so awesome!" Bai Hao couldn't help but think that Shen Tingshuang’s fruits must be delicious. With these skills, how could they be unpalatable?
Geng Chengyun also rarely looked out of his phone and saw the flower bed outside.  His face was shocked.
Liu Jing couldn't help but exclaim: "Tingshuang is too powerful!" At this time, if she didn't exaggerate a few words, it would be a bit wrong.
Shen Xuan also said: "My sister is really amazing!"
This was the second time that Bai Hao heard Shen Xuan call Shen Tingshuang sister today, so he asked: "Tingshuang is your sister?"
Shen Xuan nodded, but didn't explain too much.
Seeing that Shen Xuan didn't say anything, Bai Hao didn't ask any more.
Liu Jing opened the window and shouted: "Tingshuang, can you come in first? We have to discuss what to do next."
"I’m coming." Shen Tingshuang put the scissors and the spatula on the ground, and then walked into the room.
Bai Hao saw Shen Tingshuang's scissors: "You just cut these flowers with scissors?"
Shen Tingshuang: "Yes."
Bai Hao gave Shen Tingshuang a thumbs up, she was indeed a skilled person.
Liu Jing said: "Okay, everyone is here, let’s talk about the next three-day activities. Because there are only 1,000 yuan but there are seven meals to be provided, the most important thing we need now is food. If we buy ingredients to make our own will be the cheapest way, but even by doing that the living expenses we have now are not enough."
Baihao nodded, it was definitely not enough. "So, we have to make money."
Liu Jing said: "I can paint, and I can make money by drawing sketches for people." This cost was also low, so no one objected.
Shen Xuan said: "I can play the piano." After speaking, everyone was silent: "There is no piano here..."
"It can be rented." Shen Xuan said in a low voice.
Liu Jing: "The price of renting a piano must be high, is there any other plan?" Shen Xuan shook her head.
Qin Yueze: "I'll go to the street to sing." 
"This is okay." Qin Yueze will definitely make a lot of money from singing on the streets. Liu Jing didn't expect Qin Yueze to be so open when Shen Xuan said: "It's not good to let the senior sing on the street."
Bai Hao said: "What's wrong, here Brother Ze's ability to make money is the best, is it possible that we have to starve until the day after tomorrow?" Bai Hao continued: "I'm going to help Brother Ze!" If Brother Ze was tired of singing, I can sing too!!
Shen Xuan was flushed with shock. Firstly, she was distressed by Qin Yueze, and secondly, she wanted to show her goodwill to Qin Yueze's fans. After all, fans would definitely felt distressed when they saw it. 
Liu Jing looked at Shen Tingshuang and Geng Chengyun: "How about you two?"
Geng Chengyun: "I'll go to town and have a look later." He hasn't thought of what to do: "If there was nothing else, I will also help Brother Ze sing together."
Everyone looked at Shen Tingshuang, who said: "I might be able to bring some vegetables back for everyone." On the way, she saw that there were many people farming around here. If she helped these people to sow the field, she should be able to get some vegetables. 
Everyone: "???"

Forget it, anyway, the money was mainly to be used to buy foods, earning vegetables was also good. 
Liu Jing stood up: "Okay, let's just eat something nearby at noon, and then act separately."
Everyone has no objection, six people ate noodles at the vendor next door, beef noodles for 15 yuan per bowl. After using ninety yuan, Liu Jing paid the bill distressedly: "I'm going shopping now, who will be with me?" 
"Me." Shen Xuan immediately raised her hand.
Bai Hao followed: "I'll be with you and help you carry things." 
Liu Jing gave Qin Yueze two hundred yuan: "Then trouble Brother Ze to rent equipment."
Upon hearing this, Geng Chengyun volunteered to join Qin Yueze. 
Only Shen Tingshuang was left. Without asking people this time, she directly said: "I will fix the outside garden first."
In addition to the flower bed, there was also the door. After they were all gone, Shen Tingshuang continued to repair the flower beds. After finishing, she took a bucket of water from inside the house to wash the fences outside the house.  
The supermarket was not far away. When the three celebrities were shopping, they have also been comparing prices.
Baihao wanted to eat steak, but he looked at the price: "Oh my God, a steak cost 88 yuan!" If you buy six, you will have to use half of the living expenses.
Liu Jing immediately took the beef from Bai Hao's hand and returned it to the refrigerator: "What steak!"
Qin Yueze and Geng Chengyun have already found a place to rent speakers and microphones. 
Shen Tingshuang cleaned the small house and transplanted some flowers from the garden to the side of the house, now the whole house looked different. After finishing all these tasks, Shen Tingshuang also set off.  
The trio with Liu Jing bought a lot of ingredients and seasonings for a total of 389 yuan, which was after the three of them reduced everything into only the basics. When they walked to the house, the three of them were stunned: "Is this still our little house?"
Because he was unhappy with the little money they have just now, when he saw the house in front of him, Bai Hao felt better: "Tingshuang is too good." 
Liu Jing couldn't help but said: "Yes, I thought it was a bit uncomfortable to live here, but now I think it's quite good."
Shen Xuan said anxiously: "My sister seems to have already left, let's go make money too." Go find a place to rent a piano here.

Meanwhile Shen Tingshuang had already walked to the nearest farmer's house and knocked on the door: "Excuse me, do you need help with farming?"
Currently it was spring and most of farmers were starting to plant land, but Shen Tingshuang didn’t look like someone that has ever sow land before so the first one refused.
Shen Tingshuang was also confused, she searched for several houses and finally found a willing one.
This one was a home to two elderly people. They usually farmed their own land as most of their fields were rented out: "What kind of compensation does the little girl need?" 
Shen Tingshuang thought for a while and said: "Just give me some vegetables later." 
The two elderly people agreed, her request was not difficult. The old grandma and grandpa prepared to take the hoe when Shen Tingshuang on the side took it: "You lead the way."
Soon they arrived to the field, and the grandma said: "This 5 acres of land is ours, in fact, it stretches through there, but we rented it out." Their expenses were enough by just collecting some rent in normal times. The remaining fields were used to grow things for their own consumption, and it was enough to provide them vegetables all year round.
Shen Tingshuang asked: "What do you need to sow?"
Grandpa said: "It's okay, you dig the soil first." What he thought was that Shen Tingshuang plowed the ground, and for sowing seeds the old couple would do it.
The old lady was going to teach Shen Tingshuang how to plow. After all, Shen Tingshuang's appearance was really not like a farmer with her delicate face. Their old couple saw Shen Tingshuang stood in a standard posture, and quickly plowed the land quite fast.
Grandma, Grandpa: "?"
The hands of the two holding the hoes stopped, especially the grandpa, who was a good farmer, but even when he was young and vigorous, he didn't have the same speed.
The grandma looked at Shen Tingshuang then looked at the ground again, and finally wiped her eyes. Did she have hallucinations? Could someone plow so quickly? The old grandma took a closer look and found the plowed soil was really good! The depth was the same and straight. It was better than the one plowed by machine. After all, the machine occasionally has problems.
Shen Tingshuang was really fast. After a while, one acre of land was plowed, while the grandpa and grandma only plowed a distance of less than two meters. Shen Tingshuang still controlled her speed. If she were in Xin Yuan Shan, she would have finished all 5 acres.
Two hours later, Shen Tingshuang raised her head: "Did you bring the seeds?"
The old man wiped the sweat from his forehead: "Child, take a break."
The old lady also took out the water she brought and handed it to Shen Tingshuang: "Drink some first." 
Shen Tingshuang took the water and drank a few mouthfuls: "It's okay, I am not tired."
The old woman took a few packets of seeds: "This one is peppers, this one is cabbage, this one..."
Then, the two were dumbfounded to find that it took less than 10 minutes for Shen Tingshuang to scatter seeds on 5 acres of land. And the old grandma looked at it, and the seeds were spread very evenly, not random. This was five acres of land, not a single square meter!
Shen Tingshuang covered the seeds with a layer of soil, and then began to carry water to irrigate them. 
When the work was over, the grandfather and grandmother were insane. They felt that they have planted nothing on their own. For the five acres of land, the one usually took at least fifteen days to hire someone to plant was all planted in less than four hours. 
The five acres of land if completed by a hired worker would cost at least 4,000 yuan. Although Shen Tingshuang said just now that she only needed some vegetables, the old couple still decided to give her some money.

After returning, the old grandma quickly poured a glass of cold boiled water and took some more snacks: "Girl, drink some water and eat snacks first." The snacks in the village were crispy candies covered with sugar. Shen Tingshuang drank the water and ate another candy, which was really greasy.
Grandpa took out two thousand yuan and said embarrassingly: "Girl, we were supposed to give you four thousand yuan, but we don't have so much cash on hand. Let's take this two thousand first, and then we'll give the remaining two thousand for you later."
"No, just give me some vegetables." Shen Tingshuang won't take this money.
The old woman said: "That's not good, you deserve it." 
Thanks to the ‘blessing’ of the system, Shen Tingshuang knows that money was very important to human, especially the elderly, so Shen Tingshuang definitely didn’t want this money.
Seeing Shen Tingshuang insisted, the two elderly gave Shen Tingshuang a lot of food. "This potato is really delicious, and there are also sweet potatoes." The old grandma also took out some bacon: "This bacon is also delicious. If it feels too salty, wash it with water before eating." There were also chickens and fish in the house, she also gave some. 
The grandpa and grandma were honest people. They gave a lot of things, even some flour. "This is enough." The food in the big tartan bags they packed couldn’t be eaten for six people in three days. In the end, Shen Tingshuang only chose two big tartan bags to go back.
The grandpa and grandma originally came out to get Shen Tingshuang to take the other things, but they found that Shen Tingshuang ran very fast even when carrying those bags.
Even the cameraman couldn't keep up, let alone the two elderly people. The crews accompanying the filming were still thinking about whether to help Shen Tingshuang, but they saw Shen Tingshuang carried the things and ran. They couldn’t even keep up.
All the panting crews: "..." You were so fast, did the fans know?  
Everyone returned to the house after a tiring day. 
Shen Xuan rented a piano for 100 yuan, earned 30 yuan, and lost 70 yuan. 
Liu Jing bought tools to do portraits such as sketching paper, pencils, erasers, and easel for 80 yuan, but in a day, she painted ten pictures for people, received 300 yuan, and earned 220 yuan. 
Qin Yueze, Geng Chengyun and Bai Hao's team rented equipments for 150 yuan, received 1036 yuan, and earned 886 yuan. 
Liu Jing said: "You were good."
Geng Chengyun: "In fact, I earned less, it was mainly earned by Brother Ze and Brother Hao." He could feel that when he sings, there were fewer audiences, but when Qin Yueze opened his mouth, even if only to say a few words, people were crowding all around. 
Bai Hao also said: "I am the same as Chengyun, this was mainly due to Brother Ze's credit."
Nowadays there were very few people who carry cash, as their mobile phones have been confiscated, no one could set up QR code to pay, so many tourists didn’t manage to give money even if they wanted to. 
Not only did Shen Xuan not make a profit, but she also suffered a bit. She originally wanted to be with Qin Yueze and the others, but Qin Yueze said that there were too many people in their group and asked Shen Xuan to find another position. 
Liu Jing was in a good mood. Besides Qin Yueze, she should be the one who made the most money here: "Where is Tingshuang?"
Bai Hao guessed: "She is probably still farming."
As soon as his voice fell, Shen Tingshuang walked in from the door.  There were two big tartan bags in her hands, and they couldn't see what was inside.
Qin Yueze got up and walked to Shen Tingshuang: "I'll do it." He tried lifting the tartan bag and it turned out to be quite heavy.
Qin Yueze helped out, Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun couldn’t just sit there, so they quickly got up to help.
Shen Tingshuang was about to change her clothes, so she let the men took the bags, "Let's put them in the kitchen first."
Unexpectedly, Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun both raised the same bag but it didn’t move at all. Qin Yueze’s bag was lighter as it contained various vegetables, while Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun’s had potatoes, sweet potatoes, bacon, and chicken, so it were a little heavy. 
Together, the two moved a few steps with difficulty. 
Shen Tingshuang has only left a few steps when she saw that the two people, so she came back: "It's better for me to lift it."
Bai Hao: "It's okay, we can."
Shen Tingshuang took the tartan bag over and casually heading toward the kitchen.
In response to the doubtful glances of the others, Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun: "..."
It was not easy, why didn’t you try it?
Shen Tingshuang first went back upstairs to change clothes. 
Bai Hao felt that he needed to restore his image: "Brother Ze, don't you think this is heavy?"
Qin Yueze: "Heavy." But Qin Yueze lifted the bag to the kitchen by himself just now.
After a while, Bai Hao definitely stopped struggling with this question.
Liu Jing said: "Do you know how to cook?"
Shen Xuan: "I'll make tomatoes and eggs." She bought tomatoes and eggs deliberately just to make this dish. It was simple and easy to make. She knew that there were many variety shows with cooking in it, after all, people relied on food. But as the daughter of a rich family she has never cook or even enter a kitchen before, so this scrambled eggs with tomatoes was deliberately learned before she came here. She has tried it several times at home.

Tomato and egg here

Bai Hao honestly said: "I never cook before, so I will just fry some vegetables." 
Geng Chengyun: "Shredded pork with green pepper."

Pork with green pepper here

Liu Jing: "Then I will make a soup, how about Brother Ze?"
"Grilled eggplant." 

Grilled eggplant here

One person, one dish, soon they had four dishes and one soup.
As for Shen Tingshuang, Liu Jing said: "Tingshuang has been tired for so long, let her rest." Otherwise, the screen time would be dominated by her. After all, no one knew where Shen Tingshuang's two big bags of vegetables came from, but it must be an explosion.
"First, unpack these two bags of vegetables." Qin Yueze said.
Everyone agreed. As soon as the bag was opened, everyone regretted it. No wonder this bag was so heavy. One bag contained various vegetables and condiments, and the other bag contained potatoes and sweet potatoes.  There were also bacon and flour. Almost all the ingredients were in it.
Baihao suddenly wailed: "If we knew we would not buy vegetables and condiments in the afternoon. All this was wasted." After all, their total funds were only 1,000 yuan, and it cost close to 400 yuan just by going to the supermarket.

Liu Jing also feels distressed, thinking that as a big star, they feel distressed for such a small amount of money. This variety show was really ridiculous. 
Geng Chengyun: "Brother Hao, it's normal that we couldn’t lift this before." 
Bai Hao nodded, Shen Tingshuang was the abnormal one. 
Shen Tingshuang took a shower and changed her clothes.
Everyone had finished cooking. Once she entered the living room, Liu Jing said, "Tingshuang, come and have dinner."
Originally, Liu Jing and Shen Xuan wanted to sit next to Qin Yueze.  But they didn’t want to be too obvious lest they got scolded by fans. So Geng Chengyun sat on Shen Xuan's left, and Bai Hao sat on Qin Yueze's right. Only Qin Yueze had a place to his left, Shen Tingshuang directly sat down there. 
"You worked hard today, eat more!" Bai Hao said immediately, this two big bags of vegetables, how much money did it cost! 
Shen Tingshuang glanced at the dishes on the table, except the eggplant that looked pretty good, and the soup next to it was decent, and the rest were a bit horrible. 
Bai Hao made the dish first, but the greens were burnt.
Shen Xuan cleaned the pot only with water and didn't wash it carefully, so she couldn't scramble the eggs and tomatoes properly. 
Geng Chengyun's shredded pork’s meat thickness was not uniform, so some of the fried pork was already crumbly while some were under cooked.  
Shen Tingshuang tasted the eggplant, which was okay, but everyone felt that way, so the eggplant soon disappeared. Shen Tingshuang silently ate a bowl of white rice and drank a bowl of soup. 
After a difficult meal, Liu Jing said: "Next time, Brother Hao, Chengyun and Xuanxuan will not cook."
Bai Hao was relieved: "No problem."
Shen Xuan wanted to explain, but she couldn't explain. The tomatoes turned black when they were in the pot. She panicked at the time, and then she fried a mess of things. She only knew this dish. She can't explain why she would make another sorry looking scrambled eggs with tomatoes.
Geng Chengyun also had no objection.
Liu Jing counted the funds: "We only have 1,357 yuan, but today we have brought so many ingredients, we should not worry about food in the future."
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they didn’t have to run in fear of starving. 
Qin Yueze nodded: "I have been here when I was filming. Tomorrow we can go to the Drum Tower."
"The local customs here are also good. Tomorrow we can also walk around the ancient town." Shen Xuan hurriedly said. When she came, she saw people dancing, and she was the only female guest who had learned to dance. At this time, she would definitely be able to attract fans if she danced on a song, and if Qin Yueze could follow her by then and dance together, it would be more perfect.
"I want to buy some souvenirs on the last day." Geng Chengyun wanted to take them home and gave to his family.
"Then we set aside six hundred yuan." Liu Jing said, at that time everyone could buy something to bring back.
Everyone had a good discussion, and Liu Jing said: "Then Shen Tingshuang please help clean up the table." After all, washing dishes was something no fan wanted to watch.
"Okay." Shen Tingshuang didn’t have these twists and turns in her heart. After all, the rest of the guests were cooking, so she has to do the dishes. What's more, for Shen Tingshuang, these people were just human cubs. There was no need to be so strict.  Except Shen Xuan, she couldn’t be called human at all.
Bai Hao: "Thank you Tingshuang!" After speaking, he followed Liu Jing and Shen Xuan to leave the table. Today he was exhausted all day.
Shen Tingshuang began to work. Qin Yueze and Geng Chengyun did not leave. They helped bring the dishes to the kitchen, and Shen Tingshuang said: "You go and rest."
She could see that the others were very tired. As she has spiritual veins in her body she didn’t feel tired at all. 
"It's okay." Qin Yueze rolled up his sleeves and began to wash the dishes. Geng Chengyun started to wipe the table.
Shen Tingshuang encouraged them to leave a couple of times but both of them were still there to help. Shen Tingshuang did not continue to persuade, and began to clean the stove. 

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