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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 58

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 58



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"Young lady is really good drinker."
The villagers sat down opposite the guests and everyone started to taste the food.
The small cakes next to Shen Tingshuang were really sweet. The sweetness was very overwhelming, but in the attitude of not wasting, Shen Tingshuang ate every dish.
Among the other dishes was a cold dish of duck head, which was particularly spicy. Shen Tingshuang took a bite, and her tears almost came out. It was too spicy, but after the spiciness, there was a pleasant taste. Shen Tingshuang couldn’t help but took another bite.
Qin Yueze on the side ate two bites of vinegar fish, and when he looked up, he saw Shen Tingshuang’s small tongue coming out, and there seemed to be some tears in her eyes.  Obviously the food was too spicy.

Qin Yueze took a glass of milk from the table, plugged in a straw and handed it to Shen Tingshuang. The milk could suppress the spiciness a little bit. In fact, this milk was not a local specialty snack here, but a sponsor of the variety show.
Shen  Tingshuang thanked him and drank the milk quickly. She found that the spiciness in her mouth was much better. As a result, Shen Tingshuang continued to eat the duck head. After eating a whole duck head, Shen Tingshuang had already begun to hush and pant away. She continuously drank the milk in front of her and Qin Yueze.
Bai Hao saw the milk in front of her almost gone and gave Shen Tingshuang the milk on his: "This duck's head is very spicy.  Why did you eat it all?"
"It's delicious." Shen Tingshuang added: "It's shameful to waste."
Bai Hao was taken aback, Shen Tingshuang said too righteously, then he looked at the leftovers in front of him and he began to eat silently.
Xia Xia and other crews watched this scene: "Is this milk so delicious?"
"Xiao Liu, bring a carton of milk and give everyone a glass." The chief director here was craving a bottle of milk.  It was nothing special, but after watching Shen Tingshuang drank some it raised his appetite. 

The meal was almost done, and the villagers said they would perform singing. 
"Okay!" Bai Hao and others applauded to express their welcome. After the meal, there was a performance to watch, who would refuse?
A villager walked to the middle on the opposite side, and sang a small tune of Jiangnan style. Shen Tingshuang and the others applauded loudly. 
Unexpectedly, after she finished singing, the other villagers said: "Our villager's performance is over, so the guests on the other side should also perform!" Qin Yueze sings very well, but everyone knew that the group must have a strategy, and it was not good to show the trump card directly.
So Geng Chengyun stood up: "Then I will show my ugliness!" He sang a soothing love song, and everyone present clapped wildly.
"Then let's give everyone a dance from our side." After that the villagers came forward again. It was completely different from the dance in the square just now. This dance was much more difficult. In addition, the villagers wear ethnic clothes. Although loose, it couldn’t hide the tenderness inside. 
Of course there was Shen Xuan in their group, and her dance won the applause of everyone present. 
Even though Shen Tingshuang felt that Shen Xuan was inhuman, she thought her dance was indeed good. 
They saw two cars suddenly came out on the opposite side. The villagers lowered the things on it. It was a big wooden mortar with candies in the middle and a big wooden pestle beside it: "The best food here is this kind of smashed candy, but it will take a long time to smash it."
Several villagers then started to smash it in turn. Bai Hao and the others were dumbfounded, didn’t they dance and sing away just now? Why did they suddenly start smashing the sugar?
The sugar in the mortar seemed to be unmoved, the villager said: "Guests have to help also, we are already sticky here."
Bai Hao whispered: "It's too shameless, they smashed as they want but now ask for help." After that, he ran to the other side mortar and smashed the candy with a pestle. This pestle was made of wood but it was not light at all, so Geng Chengyun also went to help.
Shen Xuan, Liu Jing and Qin Yueze also helped to smash the candies all at once. Fifteen minutes passed.  The villagers’s candy on the other mortar had turned white. Only Shen Tingshuang calmly finished the food in front of her, and then walked to her group with a wine glass.
She stretched out her right hand and Qin Yueze handed her the pestle. She then waved it casually. 
Just now, the five people smashed the candy and it hadn’t been flattened for a long time. Now after Shen Tingshuang casual wave the sugar was flattened. After another pound, the sugar became sticky.
The villagers who smashed the candy beside them were stunned. Were they dreaming? 
After a few pounds, the candy in the guests’ mortar was the same consistency as the other side, it changed color to white. Shen Tingshuang pound it again a few times then raised her head and asked, "Is this right?"
The village chief stared blankly at the candy on the guests’ side. It should really be like that, but it took at least an hour for them to pound this kind of candy even if there were many people helping.
However, Shen Tingshuang did not pound more than ten times and managed to complete the task.  It was almost impossible to complete. After all, there were many villagers on their mortart while she was alone.
The villagers thought they would definitely win. There were only six guests on the opposite side, and three of them were female. Not that they looked down on female guests, but because the strength of female guests was generally smaller. However, what they never expected was that there was someone like Shen Tingshuang. 
Xia Xia and the other crews saw this scene, then once again showed a dumb expression: "Boss, this one you invited is not a mission terminator, right?"
No one in their variety show ever acted like this.
The villagers had to admit defeat and gave the guests sweets one after another. Everyone was boasting that Shen Tingshuang was a great sister, and hoped that she could come here again if she had a chance.  
Shen Xuan didn't understand. It was obvious that the focus of the evening was on her and her dance, why did it become Shen Tingshuang? 
Seeing everyone around Shen Tingshuang, Shen Xuan's grievance grew. After eating, their group smashed the candy, so it was getting late. Everyone was going back. 

When she got up, Shen Xuan swayed for a while and was about to pull Bai Hao. It turned out that Bai Hao didn't hold Shen Tingshuang as she expected. 
Shen Xuan didn't want to drag only Bai Hao into the water together, so she quickly pulled Liu Jing next to her. 
Bai Hao was a bit dizzy and couldn't stand still. After being pulled like this, his body tilted, and all three of them fell into the river. 
The villagers were shocked and hurried to pull them back to the shore. 
The crews also moved, in their show no guests were allowed to have an accident, so they quickly went to save the guests. 
There were many people in the water at that time, and a few people stood on the shore. Since it was still spring, the river water was a bit cold at night. The crews sent the guests back to the house by car.  
The guests took hot baths one after another to prevent catching a cold. 
The next morning, Qin Yueze and the other four guests woke up to Liu Jing screaming. 
Yesterday they spent 480 yuan, so there should be 877 yuan left on her body, but she found nothing but two yuan. 
"What?" Bai Hao covered his face, what could these two yuan do? The plain noodles next door were at least 6 yuan a bowl. 
"They probably fell in the river yesterday." Liu Jing glanced at Shen Xuan. It was Shen Xuan who pulled her into the river as well. 
When she thought of last night, Shen Xuan was depressed. Originally, she planned to pull Bai Hao so that he pulled Shen Tingshuang. If everything went as planned yesterday, when she pulled Bai Hao, he would pull Shen Tingshuang, so Shen Tingshuang fell into the river. At that time, Bai Hao would felt sorry to Shen Tingshuang. As for Shen Tingshuang, it was Bai Hao who pulled her so it had nothing to do with Shen Xuan.
But now, Shen Xuan lowered her head: "Sorry, I was a bit drunk and dizzy at that time."
It has already happened, and there was a camera recording it, so she has to admitted it. 
Qin Yueze: "Have you looked for it in other places?"  
Liu Jing: "I've searched them all."  
She fell into the water last night and took a shower when she came back. Later, she was too tired and didn't think to check her pockets. When she got up this morning and counted the money, she found that there were only two yuan left in her pocket. 
Shen Tingshuang came back after running.  Everyone was sitting in the living room, and it seemed that something big had happened. 
Before Shen Tingshuang asked, Geng Chengyun said, "Sister Shuang, the money is gone, only two yuan is left." In Geng Chengyun's heart, Shen Tingshuang has became the boss here.
"Let's talk about it after breakfast." Before Shen Ting Shuang left, she boiled the cabbage pork porridge in a pot. 

Pork Porridge here
So now she went into the house, washed her hands, and went to uncover the lid of the pot, and the smell came out.
Everyone was worrying about money just now, and didn't notice the porridge next to them. It was only after the smell that they realized that Shen Tingshuang has made breakfast.  
Qin Yueze walked to the side and helped Shen Tingshuang to hold the porridge.  
Geng Chengyun smelled the scent and also went to help.  
Bai Hao sighed: "Let's eat, eat and work hard." 
Liu Jing lowered her head. The loss of the money was caused by Shen Xuan, but the money was in her hands, and the loss was not a little.  
Shen Xuan sat next to Liu Jing: "Sister Jing, blame me for being bad. After breakfast, let's go make money." 
Liu Jing was annoyed by Shen Xuan, so she would directly say, "Yes, if I didn't fall into the river it wouldn't be so bad." 
Shen Xuan did not speak. At this time, the audience would understand her mistakes and grievances. 
Liu Jing simply stopped talking. 
Liu Jing and Shen Xuan did not come over until the meal was served.
They had just finished eating when they found today’s task card was already here. 
Qin Yueze took it and read: "Hello guests, today's task is to make an effort to earn back the air ticket money back to City B.  PS: The airfare at 20:39 in the evening is the cheapest, all inclusive for 1,100 yuan per person." 
"Fuck!" Bai Hao couldn't help but burst into a rough line: "The ticket for six people is 6,600 yuan, where can we earn it?"  
Geng Chengyun was also very depressed. If the money was not lost, they would have 875 yuan to start with, but now there was nothing: "It's really not good, I can only sing again, but it was Brother Ze who has worked hard." 
Qin Yueze has no objection to this.  
Shen Xuan’s expression worsened. She played the piano the day before yesterday and not many people gave money, most of them were just taking pictures. 
When Liu Jing heard that they had to buy a plane ticket by themselves, she was in a worse mood and blamed Shen Xuan.  
Shen Tingshuanh: "I will go out and have a look." If it didn't work, she would continue farming. Last time, the old man said that the market price to sow five acres of land was 4,000 yuan, so seven acres of land would be 5,600 yuan, which was enough for five people to go back by plane. 
Why was there one less person? Because Shen Xuan was not counted. Shen Tingshuang was too lazy to take care of her, the recently cooked food for her was already the limit of her tolerance, okay? 
The ancient town at 8 o'clock was not crowded, but many people was in the square the guests visited yesterday. 
The people were setting up a stage. Only then did the guests know that they had a publicity performance today, so Qin Yueze immediately went to communicate with the organizer. 
How could the organizer not know Qin Yueze’s fame, plus a cameraman behind him, they knew that they were shooting a variety show.
The organizer didn't want to let go such huge opportunity so he immediately said: "How about this, if you perform three shows, we can help you buy tickets, and it will be first class!" 
Only three shows, maximum fifteen minutes, how could everyone disagree?  
The organizer has only one condition, Qin Yueze must performed alone.  
Everyone discussed with the organizer and decided that Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun would play the third from the bottom and perform hiphop dance.  
Qin Yueze would appeare on the finale and sang the opening theme of "The Answer".  

The remaining three people would dance last. 
Shen Xuan wanted to dance jazz, as she was super sexy in jazz, but Liu Jing disagreed: "I know you have the skills, but I and Tingshuang can't dance jazz." 
This has been said very clearly, if Shen Xuan persisted again it meant that she was disregarding the overall situation.  
In the end, the organizer arranged a dance that was simple and easy to remember. They consulted three people for their opinions.  Liu Jing saw it and thought it was OK then she asked Shen Tingshuang, Shen Tingshuang has no opinion.  
Shen Xuan felt that this dance was too simple, it was the kind that could be done with zero basic skills. But what Shen Xuan did yesterday caused Liu Jing to be very aggressive to her, so Shen Xuan didn't dare to say more. After watching it twice, she learned the moves and ran to practice alone.  
Liu Jing and Shen Tingshuang were still watching seriously, but Shen Xuan didn't even look there. 
The show started at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. At noon, the organizer provided lunch. Everyone ate a little casually, and then began to put on makeup.  
The opening performance was the show prepared by the organizer itself, and soon it was the turn of Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun.
The two wore white stage costumes. As soon as they went on stage, they caused everyone to scream, the music sounded, and the atmosphere of the scene was mobilized to the highest level.  
The scream seemed to cover the entire ancient town.
Shen Tingshuang and her group were also standing on the dance floor.  Because they didn't prepare in advance, the trio's dance clothes were the simplest black short sleeved shirt, although loose, it showed their belly. 
It was paired with white sequined hot pants, and white boots at the bottom.  This kind of combination was actually a test to the body, as when there was a little belly bulge, it was especially obvious under the lens.  
If the legs were not straight, it was also very obvious.  
Their hair was straightened and put on a hat. Shen Tingshuang had the best hair quality among the three, black and smooth. 
The makeup of the three of them was a bit chic. After putting on the clothes, the feeling of chicness was more prominent. 
Liu Jing likes this outfit very much. After all, she was selected for "The Answer" because of her chic appearance.  
But Shen Xuan was not satisfied with the outfit, her original image was in the style of a gentle woman, so when she wore this set, it became very inconsistent with her own style.  
Shen Xuan glanced at Shen Tingshuang next to her, and the jealousy in her eyes flashed. 
She and Liu Jing changed their clothes before Shen Tingshuang changed them.  As a result, when Shen Tingshuang came out the both of them were shocked.  
Shen Tingshuang’s skin was white and her exposed legs were whiter than the two of them. The key was that she has no extra flesh on her body, and there was a waistcoat line on her abdomen, and her legs were symmetrical like a straight line. 
They thought only with photoshop normal people would be able to achieve this effect.  
Shen Xuan has always been proud of her big breasts, but now when she sees Shen Tingshuang's, she suddenly realizes that it's not the bigger the breasts the better.  
Since the start of the recording Shen Tingshuang has not been using any makeup, but now that she wore some, the coolest out of the three was probably her.  
Liu Jing has found out that there was really a kind of person in this world. No matter how hard you try, you can’t catch up: "Let’s go!"  
At this time, it was advertised that today’s performance has a star lineup.  The performance of Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun ended, and the enthusiasm of the masses in the audience reached a climax.  
At this moment, Qin Yueze played.  The screams in the audience were several times higher than before!  
Even when standing in the background, Shen Tingshuang could feel the excitement of the people at the front desk!  
The music sounded, and the people in the audience shouted Qin Yueze's name excitedly.  Perhaps Qin Yueze made a silent motion, and the audience quieted down.  Shen Tingshuang watched "The Answer" several times, and the songs in the movie, Shen Tingshuang was also familiar with it.  
This was the first time Shen Tingshuang heard a real person sang the song. In fact, the sound effect here was not good, but it did not not affect Qin Yueze's good voice at all.  
Shen Tingshuang finally understood what the saying on the internet meant with "your ear will get pregnant after listening".  
The song ended soon, Qin Yueze bowed and stepped down.  
The audience began to call out Qin Yueze's voice again.  
"Let's go." Liu Jing took a deep breath.  
Shen Tingshuang walked on stage with her.  
Shen Xuan looked at the two people in front of her with an inexplicable look in her eyes.  
After they reached the center of the stage, everyone turned their backs to the audience, and Shen Xuan stood in the middle.  
Shen Tingshuang could still hear Qin Yueze's name called from below, but soon, the call slowly became quieter.  
The person in the audience was attracted by the person on Shen Xuan's left, only looking at the back, that figure was simply too good.  
"Who is that?" 
"I don't know, she has beautiful figure."
"The one on the far right is Liu Jing, I recognize it." 
The music sounded, and the burst of music combined with dancing instantly brought the emotions of the audience alive.  
The three of them faced the audience, and the audience continued to scream.  "Oh my god, it's Liu Jing!" 
"Shen Xuan next to her! They are all big stars." 
"Who is on the far left, she is so handsome!" 
"God, I like the lady on the far left too!" 
After Bai Hao sang, he went to the organizer’s small studio, where he could see the live broadcast of the stage. "Wow, Tingshuang is so cool!" 
After Shen Ting Shuang twisted around, Bai Hao felt his heart miss a beat. 
"Yeah, I didn't expect Tingshuang's dancing to be so beautiful." Geng Chengyun knew that Shen Xuab had learned to dance, but her movements were too soft and not suitable for this dance.  

For a while, Shen Ting Shuang attracted the attention of everyone present.  
Qin Yueze said coldly: "Have you bought the ticket?" 
Geng Chengyun and Bai Hao immediately reacted and asked the organizer about the ticket.  
They didn't know if it was an illusion. Just now, from Qin Yueze's eyes, why did they see some coldness?
On the stage, the positions of the three people have been changing, and many times they needed to cross-change the formation.  
Suddenly, Shen Xuan deliberately stretched her legs very far. If Shen Tingshuang coming from the left didn't react fast enough, she would fall.  
But Shen Tingshuang not only didn't trip, but she jumped over, then raised her head and smiled at the audience.  
This action was added by Shen Tingshuang herself, but it made the audience scream again.  
Liu Jing secretly thought that Shen Xuan was brain-dead, as at this time she was still thinking about harming others. 
She must have known that what they were doing now was to earn everyone's return ticket.  
Shen Xuan did not expect that she would fail, and instead let Shen Tingshuang be in the limelight again.  
When Qin Yueze saw this scene, his face went dark again. 
At the end of the dance, Shen Xuan wanted to did the same again, but before she touched Shen Tingshuang, she lost control of her body and she jumped then sat on the stage directly.  
With a "puff" sound, just when the music ended, the hat on Shen Xuan's head also flew out. 
 "This time the guests have worked very hard." The organizer didn't notice the details on the stage, but only lamented how powerful these stars are.  
"Yeah." Liu Jing wanted to laugh very much, but she held it back. She never expected that Shen Xuan would do bad trick again. As a result, this reward was really good. 
The audience shouted and everyone began to go down the stage when Shen Xuan found her legs were a little uncomfortable and she was unable to stand up at all. 
Also because Shen Xuan was afraid that her hat would fall when dancing, she pressed the hat hard on the top of her head. This made indents formed on her hair and forehead.
Shen Xuan has a premonition of her ghostly hair, but most important thing was that there was no one coming to help her. 
The host waited for a while and was about to announce the end of the show when he found that Shen Xuan was still not down, and only then the staff went up to help her down. 
Shen Xuan could do split normally, but this kind of jump directly into split was really painful. 
After the performance, the organizer expressed their gratitude to Qin Yueze and the others. 
The guests returned to the house with different feelings. They began to pack ready to go home. 
Shen Xuan's embarrassment just now, plus yesterday's incident, made Liu Jing's attitude towards her even colder. Originally, when the female guests were revealed, Liu Jing and Shen Xuan were close. But now, Liu Jing has been staying next to Shen Tingshuang. 
After Qin Yueze finished watched the female guests' dance, he also stood a bit away from Shen Xuan. 
Needless to say, Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun, although they did not watch Shen Xuan tried to play trick to Shen Tingshuang, Shen Tingshuang danced really well today so the two have been chatting beside Shen Tingshuang.
When they first came to the house, they felt that the conditions here were not very good.  But now that they were leaving, everyone felt a little reluctant. 
There was still a lot of food left from the two bags that Shen Tingshuang brought back. Shen Tingshuang's asked the crew to return the rest back to the grandpa and grandma. 
After tidying up, Shen Tingshuang threw the garbage in the room to outside the house. Then she saw the show crew’s car has arrived at the gate. 
The guests got on the car, Xia Xia gave a speech, and then the cameraman turned off the camera equipment. 
Xia Xia said: "Thank you.  This recording finally ended." Having said this, Xia Xia sat next to Shen Tingshuang: "Tingshuang, we want to record the second episode at Xin Yuan Shan, can we?" 
Shen Tingshuang was not disgusted with Xia Xia, but was so annoyed with Shen Xuan.
Xia Xia understood this time, she thought that Shen Xuan was a good person before, but after watching the full episode of the show, she was extremely annoyed with Shen Xuan.
But she didn't dare to express her opinion and could not directly let it out that she would not invite Shen Xuan for the next issue, this matter should be said by the deputy director. 
Shen Tingshuang said: "It's okay."
Xia Xia was happier: "Thank you Tingshuang."  
Shen Tingsuang thought that she has signed a contract with Banana Station for one season, so even if she was bothered by Shen Xuan, she still has to finish filming.  
Xia Xia didn't bother Shen Tingshuang any more, ran to the back and sat down.  
Everyone closed their eyes, Shen Xuan sat behind Shen Tingshuang, and she suddenly asked in a low voice: "Sister, why do you hate me so much?" 
This question was so pitiful and sad, implicating as if Shen Tingshuang was an unreasonable person.
The author has something to say:
Believe me, Shen Xuan is really about to go offline.



Ah Shuang to Shen Xuan was like:


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