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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land - Chapter 57

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 57


Geng Chengyun wiped the table: "Tingshuang, two big bags of vegetables, how did you earn them?" He thought about this problem all afternoon and couldn't figure it out. Their team had Qin Yueze in, and they made more than 800 yuan in the afternoon. Shen Tingshuang's two big bags were worth more than that.
Shen Tingshuang: "Farming."
Geng Chengyun looked at Shen Tingshuang with a sense of confusion. He knew she was a farmer, but she could get so many vegetables?
Qin Yueze said: "Tingshuang may mean that she helps people farm, and they donate the two bag of ingredients."
Shen Tingshuang nodded: "That's correct." 
Geng Chengyun fell into a deep thought. If he needed to make money next time, he would help the people farm the land. 
After tidying up the kitchen, only the living room has Wi-Fi, so Geng Chengyun stayed in the living room to play games. 
When everyone got up the next morning, they were surprised to find that breakfast had been prepared. 
The main reason was that after eating a meal made by them yesterday, Shen Tingshuang was reluctant to let them continue cooking. Yesterday, except for the eggplant that was still acceptable, everything else was difficult to swallow. After all, wasting ingredients was not a good thing.  Besides, cooking didn’t make her feel tired.  So Shen Tingshuang got up at five o’clock, took out the bacon and soaked it in water, then went out and ran around the ancient town.
Her cameraman and photographer immediately dispatched, but they found that after running for five minutes, they were extremely tired. In the end, all the cameramen of the other guests took turns to follow her so that they could complete the shooting at this time. 
At 6 o'clock, Shen Tingshuang returned to the house and went to the kitchen. She took out the cabbage and washed it. After washing, the condiments such as green onion, ginger, and garlic were cut open and set aside. She took out a large bowl, pour some flour into it, and then add water to make dough.
Shen Tingshuang with her white hands didn’t look like a farmer, but she kneaded the dough very quickly, and after a while the flour became a smooth dough.  Shen Tingshuang divided the dough into six equal parts and began to make noodles.
She took one part of dough and it quickly turned into thinner and thinner noodles in her hands. Shen Tingshuang placed the noodles on the cutting board and sprinkled them with a layer of flour, then she did the same for the other five doughs. 
Shen Tingshuang took out the bacon soaked in the sink, clean them again with running water, and then cut into thin slices. It could be seen that these bacons were carefully selected by the grandpa and grandma. The meat was so red and looked very good. 
Shen Tingshuang washed the pot carefully, turn on the fire, wait for the water vapor in the pot to evaporate and pour some oil into it. After it was hot, she added the onion, ginger, and garlic, stirred a while for the aroma to come out then removed them.
Shen Tingshuang then added the slices of bacon. The strong aroma of bacon came out at this moment. She then poured in water until half the pot was filled. Fortunately, this pot was big so that she could add noodles for six people at the same time.
When the water in the pot boiled Shen Tingshuang directly put the noodles in, and finally added the cabbage.
Qin Yueze got up at 6:30, when he opened the door he smelled the fragrance of the house. He walked to the first floor and found that Shen Tingshuang was cooking breakfast: "Get up so early, how was your sleep?"
"Pretty good." Shen Tingshuang filled a bowl of noodles and sprinkled a layer of green onion on it: "Eat breakfast."

Bacon Noodles here

Qin Yueze thanked her. He knew how to cook because of his childhood, so he had experience in cooking by himself. Of course, whether his cooking skills were particularly good, he couldn’t guarantee. 
Shen Tingshuang also served a bowl for herself.
Qin Yueze already held his chopsticks, and the two sat side by side. 
At this time, Liu Jing and Shen Xuan were also up. After all, this was a variety show. If they wanted more shots or left a good impression on netizens, they must get up early. They both smelled a delicious scent as soon as they went out, and when they went downstairs, they saw the noodles in the kitchen pot. 
Liu Jing said: "Brother Ze, we are sorry you need to get up so early to make breakfast for everyone."
Shen Xuan also echoed: "Yes, Brother Ze has worked hard, this noodle is very appetizing at first sight."
Qin Yueze said: "The noodles was made by Tingshuang."
Liu Jing didn't expect Shen Tingshuang to cook, and smiled awkwardly. She served a bowl of noodles, but because she saw the bacon in it, she only served a small bowl.
Shen Xuan took less than Liu Jing. 
The voice on the first floor made Geng Chengyun and Bai Hao woke up from their dreams and they began to wash up casually. When they went downstairs and saw the noodles in the kitchen, they were no longer sleepy.  The two each served a large bowl of noodles.
In fact, Shen Tingshuang portioned the same amount of noodles, but because Liu Jing and the other three were serving themselves, Liu Jing and Shen Xuan took less, so Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun was able to take extraordinarily bigger portion. 
Tempted with the delicious smell, both of their bowls were full of noodles. When the two of them finished serving, there were no noodles left in the pot. 
Qin Yueze was the first to eat. The noodles were distinct, accompanied by the fragrance of meat and cabbage. When you ate to such a bowl in the morning, your stomach was very comfortable. 
Liu Jing also took a bite. Unexpectedly, there was no greasiness of bacon at all. Instead, it was full of fragrance, especially the cabbage inside, which was much better than the boiled cabbage she usually ate! 
Although Shen Xuan didn't want to admit it, this bowl of noodles was really delicious. 
Bai Hao took a bite, and almost bit his tongue, he shouted happily, "This noodle is too fragrant. I didn't think noodles that have such a delicious noodle aroma will be this good."

The meal last night could be considered a nightmare. In order not to be hungry, they forced themselves to eat. Now looking at the bowl of noodles in front of them, the aroma of bacon wafted out, and the noodles were also very chewy.
"Too delicious! This is called eating!" Geng Chengyun lowered his head and ate a big bite, which has explained everything.
Everyone felt that eating this kind of noodles made the spirit to tackle the day coming.
Qin Yueze finished his bowl of noodles: "The noodles are really delicious." 
Everyone was boasting, and Liu Jing also said: "You are really amazing Tingshuang, I didn't expect your cooking to be so delicious." She just regretted it, if she knew she would have take more.
Bai Hao made a suggestion: "I suggest that starting from today, we leave all the meals to Tingshuang." 
Geng Chengyun immediately agreed: "I will do the dishes after Tingshuang cook." After all, letting others did things, he has to pay. 
Bai Hao: "I can also wash the dishes and clean up the house."
Liu Jing also agreed. After all, Shen Ting Shuang's cooking was really delicious. As a star, they usually eat less, but if they were to eat they wanted to eat well.
Qin Yueze didn’t have any comments.
Shen Xuan didn’t say a word.
Everyone agreed by default. After eating the noodles, they cleaned up the bowls and went out. Only then did they find that there was a task hanging at the door. 
Qin Yueze took off the card, and read: "Six guests, please check out the three most famous scenic spots in this ancient town within one day."
Bai Hao has never been here, so he didn’t know, he asked: "Drum Tower is famous here, what else?"
Qin Yueze: "There are also running water under the bridge and the scenery of the ancient town at night. Drum Tower has entrance fee because many famous crews have filmed there."
If there were no filming, visitors would be charged a fee if they want to enter, and the ticket price has increased from 5 yuan to 10 yuan, and then to the current 50 yuan. That was to say, if six people want to enter, it would cost 300 yuan.
They only have 1357 yuan, and one attraction already cost 300 yuan, Liu Jing tremblingly paid. 
There were already some tourists in the Drum Tower, but because of the arrangement of the crew in advance, even if they saw the guests, they stayed far away and only watched from a distance. Because once they spoke, they would be driven out of the Drum Tower.
Shen Tingshuang was walking at the back. Qin Yueze, who was originally walking in the front, saw Shen Tingshuang walking at the back. He pretended to look at the buildings inside the Drum Tower and follow Shen Tingshuang to walk together.
However, Shen Tingshuang was destined to not understand Qin Yueze's intentions. When she walked to the second floor, she said: "This Drum Tower history does not seem to be long." Looking at the wood, it was only a few decades of history. 
Qin Yueze explained: "It's really not long. I knew it was built for filming."
After Shen Tingshuang nodded, Qin Yueze began to tell her the history of the Drum Tower.
At the top of the Drum Tower, people could see the scenery of the entire ancient town, overlooking the mountains and small buildings. Since they wanted to complete the task, the guests must stand next to the Drum Tower and take photo, but their phone has been confiscated again, so they faced the camera and began to make poses, some love, and some make weird moves. 
Qin Yueze looked at the crew: "Is this task completed?" The crew nodded. 
"Great, let's go to the river next." Liu Jing said. 
It seemed that completing the task was not that difficult, so everyone went to the river with light heart. Unexpectedly, for a boat, the cheapest cost 100 yuan and it was a two-seaters. The four-seaters one cost 180 yuan. Now it was either they rented one four-seaters boat and one two-seaters boat for 280 yuan, or rented three two-seater boats for 300 yuan. 
280 yuan one was obviously a better deal, but who was going to take a two-seater boat? 
Geng Chengyun, who rarely speaks, suggested: "A four-seaters boat can sit six people, but we need to forgo the boatman." They have to row by themselves, which was laborious but saves money. 
Bai Hao immediately agreed: "Just the rent one four-seater boat for 180, let's row it ourselves!"
Anyway, there were three big men on the scene. Everyone agreed that saving money was the best, Liu Jing paid the money, and everyone got on the boat. 
"The safest seat is in the middle, let women sit in the middle!" They didn’t know where Bai Hao heard this.
"I'll go up first, sit in the front." Together with him was Geng Chengyun, followed by Liu Jing and Shen Xuan.  Although these two girls wanted to sit with Qin Yueze, safety was more important. 
The last ones on board were Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze.  Soon, everyone discovered that rowing was really not that simple. It was originally upstream, and it took a lot of effort to let the boat move.
The first row was taken by the duo of Geng Chengyun and Bai Hao. At first, they planned to row it all at once.  At the end, it took a while before they knew that it was impossible to reach the end, so half an hour later, the two handed over the rowing task to Shen Xuan and Liu Jing behind them. 
The boat has only traveled for one kilometer. If they continued to row like this, when it reached the end, it was estimated that it would be at night. 
Liu Jing had already thought about it, she wanted to row with Qin Yueze, so she put the paddle into Shen Tingshuang's hands: "Ting Shuang, can you row first?"
"Okay." Shen Tingshuang saw that everyone found it was too difficult to row, so she directly took the oar and rowed.  Soon, the boat started to slide sideways. 
Bai Hao said, "Shen Xuan, can you give a little bit more effort?" The boat slide sideways showed that Shen Tingshuang was rowing hard, but Shen Xuan was not.
Shen Xuan was very wronged. At the beginning, she admitted that she did not want to use force, but when she saw the whole ship drifting in the direction of Shen Tingshuang, she felt it was wrong, but after she rowed as hard as she can it still leaned to one side.
Qin Yueze: "I'll do it." Of course, the effect was not much better. 
Shen Tingshuang sighed: "Give it all to me."
Shen Tingshuang took the oar from Qin Yueze, sat in the stern, and rowed. The boat started moving faster and faster, and the speed was almost the same with the crews on the side that were riding on engine boat.

Bai Hao looked around in surprise: "Tingshuang, you are really strong!"
Geng Chengyun also nodded again and again, Shen Xuan had to admit that Shen Tingshuang's strength was not normal. As for Qin Yueze at the end, he fell into contemplation. Was he a bit slack in fitness recently?
Shen Tingshuang rowed to the finish line alone. The group completed the task happily.
Because Shen Tingshuang had been paddling for too long, when they went back, they decided to take turns within the remaining five people. It happened to be downstream, and it was much easier to go back, but even so, the five people rowed for a long time before they returned to the place where they came from.
When they got ashore, except for Qin Yueze who was in better physical condition, everyone felt that their arm was no longer their own. When they returned to the house, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon. Liu Jing and Shen Xuan went out after they ate less in the morning. Then they spent a lot of physical energy, which made them feel very hungry.
Shen Tingshuang went back to wash her hands and began to prepare lunch. Qin Yueze walked to her side, took out the green onion, ginger and garlic from the cabinet, and began to wash these condiments.
Liu Jing asked: "Tingshuang, what do I need to do?"
Shen Tingshuang: "Please help boil a pot of water." Liu Jing immediately helped to boil some water. 
Yesterday, the grandpa and grandma gave a chicken. Shen Tingshuang cleaned it and chopped it into small pieces, as well as some shiitake mushrooms. After washing it, it was set aside for later use. 
Shen Tingshuang put oil to the pot, when it was hot she added sliced ​​ginger, pepper and garlic, sauté until fragrant, put the chicken into it, pour a little cooking wine, stir-fry and add light soy sauce.  Wait for the chicken in the pot to evenly colored by the light soy sauce, Shen Tingshuang then added boiling water, boiled it again for a while and put the previous shiitake mushrooms into it. 
After the soup was simmered, Shen Tingshuang took out the leftover bacon from the morning, combined with some garlic shoots, she fried a plate of garlic shoots and bacon. 
After that Shen Tingshuang made stir-fried cauliflower with boiled green vegetables. 
Hearing that dinner was served, everyone immediately sat around the table. Geng Chengyun was too tired to even play games. He served the dishes, and puts it near the sitting position of Shen Tingshuang in the morning: "Tingshuang, I will serve you your meal."
"Okay, thank you." Everyone sat down as they were last night.  "Thank you so much Tingshuang!"
Bai Hao took his chopsticks and put down again without hesitation. He was dying. Next to him was a plate of stir-fried vegetables. It was obviously the same ingredients and the same pot. Why did he make it so unpalatable yesterday?
So he said. "It’s so amazing, the color of the stir-fried vegetables was still so green, and it looks good and also tastes so good."
Geng Chengyun ate the fried bacon with garlic shoots. He hasn't eaten the bacon this morning. He ate a bite and felt happy all over his body. Geng Chengyun actually didn’t eat garlic shoots, but now, eating them with bacon, the taste of garlic shoots was much more fragrant.
Shen Xuan smiled and said, "Chengyun, aren’t you afraid that your agent will scold you?" When Geng Chengyun was in the crew, if he ate more, the agent would kill him.
Geng Chengyun: "What am I afraid of? Anyway, I am working and he can't see it now."  He then pointed to the camera inside the house. "I'm recording a show, and this bacon is so delicious, I want to eat more." 
Everyone laughed, Liu Jing said: "Today I don't want to diet. The most important thing is to fill my stomach. What's more, Shen Tingshuang cooking is really delicious. This soup is also delicious, with the fragrance of chicken and the sweetness of mushroom.  The taste is really delicious."
Qin Yueze took his chopsticks and looked at the Shen Tingshuang who was eating quietly next to him, feeling as if he was filled with something in his heart. 
After eating, even if everyone feels tired, they still have to clean up the kitchen. After all, Shen Tingshuang rowed the boat alone and returned to cook, so they couldn’t do nothing. 
Shen Tingshuang returned to the room to rest first. At five o'clock in the afternoon, the six people got up one after another. Their task today, there was still a night scene not completed.  When they walked to the living room, they found six sets of clothes and a card on the sofa on the first floor.
It said [Today there is a party in the ancient town. Please six guests change their clothes and participate in this party. If you are recognized by the villagers, you will be rewarded: a dinner in the style of the ancient town!]
At this time, everyone was happy, and they choose their clothes. The six clothes were of different colors, with red, yellow and light brown for women's clothing, and black, gray and blue for men's clothing.
Of course, bright colors should be worn to this kind of party, so Shen Xuan and Liu Jing chose red and yellow.  Shen Tingshuang directly took the last light brown one. 
Shen Tingshuang liked to wear ancient clothes, it was comfortable.
After Shen Xuan and Liu Jing returned to their room, they used their own stitches to modify their clothes, so it would be something that suit their body shapes.
Especially Shen Xuan, with big breasts, round buttocks, and a convex back, she has a beautiful figure at a glance. 
Although Liu Jing changed some, it was not so exaggerated. 
The three male guests also changed their clothes in their room and went downstairs. 
Seeing Bai Hao's eyes staying on her for a long time, Shen Xuan felt so happy in her heart. 
Qin Yueze saw everyone coming down and said, "Let's go."
The six people went to the square. A bonfire has been lit in the center of the square. Many villagers gathered around the fire and started dancing. Shen Xuan couldn't wait to blend in: "Let's go." 
Although Liu Jing also learned to dance, her gestures were mediocre. 
Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun also joined. 
In the end, only Qin Yueze and Shen Tingshuang were left, standing outside the circle, watching the people in the circle dance. 
"Yao hey!" After one dance, the circle automatically extended outward, and someone on the right held Shen Tingshuang's hands. The person on Qin Yueze's left also grabbed Qin Yueze's left hand. 

The second tune sounded.  A villager shouted: "You two, pull your hands up. The next dance is about to begin."
"Yes, hurry up."
The jealous fire in the eyes of Shen Xuan and Liu Jing was ignited, and they regretted not standing next to Qin Yueze.
Qin Yueze raised Shen Tingshuang's left hand, which were obviously gentle and smooth, but for some reason, the moment she touched Shen Tingshuang's hand, it seemed that there was an electric current flowing through his heart. 
Everyone danced again. 
Qin Yueze concealed his emotions well and started dancing with the villagers. 
At first everyone thought that Shen Tingshuang could not dance, but when she did, they realized that Shen Tingshuang danced well. 
When she was still ginseng spirit, Shen Tingshuang liked to imitate people dancing everywhere, and these movements were not difficult for her. 
A total of three tunes were danced, and the villagers applauded. 
Someone came out carrying a tray with a big horn on it.  The villager said, "This is our custom here. If the guests can finish the wine inside, then your task will be completed!"
Each of the six guests was given a horn, and the wine in it weighed about a catty. 
Qin Yueze took a sip and estimated that the alcohol level was at least forty percent.
Bai Hao drank half of the bottle and his face was already a little ruddy: "No way, no way, it's too much!"
Liu Jing took a few sips, and found it a bit spicy.
Shen Xuan could drink some, but it was impossible to down a catty in one breath. 
Only Shen Tingshuang picked up the horns and drank all of them. 
When Qin Yueze saw this, he quickly thought about how to deal with it, and he was already discussing with the villagers when he heard someone beside Shen Tingshuang said: "This young lady has finished drinking!"
Everyone applauded! "It's great, sister!"
"Congratulations, the task is complete!"
Qin Yueze, Bai Hao and others: "?"
After some explanations from the villagers, they realized that this task was actually a trap. Six people only need to finish drinking one of the horns of wine. After all, the program group was not that bad, letting six people drink a catty of wine each.  What's more, this wine was more than 40 percent. 
But everyone did not expect they could drink the wine on the same horn. If they calmed down and think a bit, Qin Yueze should have found this clue. But when he saw Shen Tingshuang taking a big sip, his first reaction was to stop it. However, Shen Tingshuang has finished drinking and successfully completed this task. 
Liu Jing and others were dumbfounded, this was not only a mouthful or even a glass of wine! 
Shen Tingshuang put down the horn and hiccuped. This wine should be made by the villagers themselves with grains, so the taste was decent. Shen Tingshuang was straightforward so when Xia Xia and others saw Shen Tingshuang's movements on the screen, they were all shocked. 
A crew member next to Xia Xia said: "Well, can a person finish drinking this in one breath?"
Originally, they designed the trap so that the guests could only pass the test after drinking this wine. If six people couldn’t finish drinking, they would definitely discuss with the villagers. Then this process was just something worth seeing, but Shen Tingshuang drank it straight away. 
Everyone looked at Shen Tingshuang's face in the screen, with a little redness among her white skin, she seemed not drunk at all.  For a time, everyone could not describe their feelings at the moment.  
The villagers took six people to a location by the river, which was one of the spots they have completed during the day. In the evening, the lights by the river were lit up, which was another excitement. 
There were tables with a lot of dishes in the shore. There were many tables closer to the land, and there were six chairs on the opposite side by the river. At first glance, the six guests were arranged on the opposite side. 
"These dishes are our special snacks here, please take your seats."
The villagers arranged seats based on how much alcohol they had just drunk. People who drink a lot sat at the main table, so Shen Tingshuang sat on the left in the middle, and Baihao sits on the right in the middle.  Shen Tingshuang's left was Qin Yueze and Geng Chengyun, while Bai Hao's right was Shen Xuan and Liu Jing. 
Everyone was seated, and everyone had the same small dishes on the table. The portion was not much, but the variety was abundant.  The villagers introduced: "This is our vinegar fish, made with fresh fish from the river."
"This is angelica black chicken soup, which is grown by our villagers."
"This is our little pastry, sweet and sour." 
"Yes, it's delicious."
One dish after another, Shen Tingshuang could see the enthusiasm of these villagers: "Thank you."
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