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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 53

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 53

The dinner tasted good, and everyone that saw Shen Tingshuang ate it deliciously also had appetites. 

In addition, today everyone felt that their sense of accomplishment was full, and this meal was especially happier.  
At the end of the meal, the SR staff sent Shen Tingshuang back to Xin Yuan Shan. 
The executives originally planned to send her in person, but because the company temporarily notified something, they asked the staff to send Shen Tingshuang back to Xin Yuan Shan.  
They also gave her a bunch of new SR autumn clothes by the way.  
When Shen Tingshuang wore these clothes today, she found that some of them could be worn during farming, and so many clothes would save her the need to buy more. 
After all, she still needed to save money for her task now, which couldn't be underestimated.  
Shen Tingshuang finished her shower, put the new clothes in the closet, and lied on the bed to open Weibo.  
Only then did ahe discover that both Qin Yueze's "The Answer" and Shen Xuan's "Sword Fairy" were both in hot searches.  
Both movies were scheduled to be aired during the Spring Festival. In addition, the leading male and female actors in the play were famous, so the discussion continued to increase.  
Shen Tingshuang clicked into the hot search and found that some people were discussing the plot, some were discussing the popularity, and some were discussing supporting roles in the drama, but most of them were complimenting Shen Xuan.  

(TN: Since the appearance of director Zhang Qing, the author used meaning drama for 'Sword Fairy'. The author also use the word 剧 for Qin Yueze project 'The Answer'. But in this chapter the author used 电影 meaning movies to refer to both, and the explanation on the release date etc match better with them being movies. So~ I will use movie from here on, sorry orz)
After reading it for a while, Shen Tingshuang felt that it was not interesting, so she quit Weibo.  
Before going to bed, Shen Tingshuang asked: "System, what's tomorrow's task?" 
"The host let the same person eat 15 kinds of fruits and vegetables you grow in 15 days." 
Shen Tingshuang will quickly grasped the point: "fruits and vegetables?" It meant that both fruits and vegetables were okay?
System: "Yes."
Shen Tingshuang couldn't help but think of Qin Yueze first, but this task was not too difficult. 
Now she has a rich variety of fruits and vegetables on the mountain, she could pack a big gift bag for one person to eat, and the task time was also 15 days, so, this task was not difficult.  
Early in the morning, Shen Tingshuang began to pick the fruits, mangoes, kiwis, longans, bananas and apples.
The vegetables were cabbage, chili, pumpkin, cucumber, winter melon, yam, green beans, green onion, ginger, and garlic.  

She put these fifteen kinds of fruits and vegetables in a bag and delivered them to Lu Minghui.
Shen Tingshuang took three bags and handed them to him: "For you, it’s best to eat them in three days." 
Shen Tingshuang gave Lu Minghui and the staffs big bags of fruits and vegetables, and everyone was grateful. 
After taking the bag, they found that the contents were quite heavy. 
For a while, the three of them were even more grateful. 
As for eating them within three days, this was not a problem. Shen Tingshuang's fruits, every time they managed to take some home, let alone three days, they ate them all in one day.
Sending them away, Shen Tingshuang loaded Shao Feng with dozens of large bags of fruits and vegetables in her trailer. 
During this time, Shao Feng and the others were busy, especially after VIVI live broadcast room, Shen Tingshuang kept the promise and put on the shelves almost twenty million servings of fruit.  
So far, they haven't shipped all the goods yet.  
It’s not that there were too few people, as Shao Feng has hired 30 temporary helpers every day. But because every time they need to pack until midnight, these helpers would not be able to keep up for a long time. 
Sometimes the hired helpers would only come back after a day or two of rest. 
Knowing that Shen Tingshuang invited them to eat, Shao Feng thanked her: "Don't worry, I will help you give the rest." 
It was the first time Shen Tingshuang came to Shao Feng’s newly built warehouse, and only then did she find the packing box Shao Feng carefully designed for her fruits. 
It had the name of her fruit shop on it, and there was also a bubble box on the side that contained fruits like kiwis.
"These must have cost a lot of money." After all, this is something she hadn't thought of, but Shao Feng thought of it. 
"Fortunately, it was not much money, these designs are very simple." 
"Thank you."
"Don't be polite." Shao Feng said
"Besides, don't we all rely on you to support our business."
This was true. Even a courier in a village sent more packages than most outlets in City B. 
After a few more conversations, Shen Tingshuang left first. 
Seeing Shen Tingshuang walking out of the warehouse,  Shao Feng's mother came up and asked, "She didn't say much else?"  
Shao Feng: "She said thank you, does she need to say anything?" 
Shao Feng's mother was a little dissatisfied. Their family had done so much, and Shen Tingshuang actually only said thank you.  
Since the last time she knew Shao Feng's affection for Shen Tingshuang, she looked at Shen Tingshuang differently.  
Shao Feng’s mobile phone sounded and he took it out to take a look: "Tingshuang transferred 500,000 yuan." 
Shao Feng’s mother was even more dissatisfied. 
Xin Yuan Shan sent so many fruits, Shen Tingshuang only transferred 100,000 yuan to Shao Feng each time.  
Knowing that Shao Feng had done so many things for her Xin Yuan Shan, she had only transferred 500,000 yuan now. 
Seeing his mother's face, Shao Feng was a little speechless. 

Even if Shen Tingshuang didn't transfer a penny to him, he would still do the same for her. 
Besides Shao Feng, Shen Tingshuang also put these fruits and vegetables bags at the foot of the mountain, which said: "The fruit and vegetable gift package is 100 yuan a bag, and each person is limited to one bag, and it is required to eat it within 3 days." 
Although people couldn't see what’s inside, many have bought it. Now there was no limit to what can be sold under Xin Yuan Shan.
People who bought them found there were all fruits and vegetables in this package. Everyone wanted to try them.  
At the same time, Shen Tingshuang also put this lucky bag on Meow Meow Takeaway and a certain treasure. 
Ten kinds of vegetables and 5 kinds of fruits, or 10 kinds of fruits and 5 kinds of vegetables, which were required to be eaten within three days.  
There were quite a few people who buy it.  
Perhaps because of Shen Tingshuang, people in the village will also pay attention to Weibo.  
So, after eating, a certain young man in the village took out his mobile phone and opened Weibo, and he took a look, yo, Shen Tingshuang went on Weibo hot search again, but this time the news was a bit crazy, he immediately called his family to report.  
"What? Shen Tingshuang was actually caught by the unspoken rules?" 
"Is it the mistress of a certain company?" 
"I said she is so beautiful, and she will definitely not be willing to farm." 
"Don't talk nonsense, she is really good at farming."
"Would you like to farm for a lifetime?" 
In less than half a day, everyone in Yao Village knew that Shen Tingshuang was the mistress of a certain company executive.  
Even Shao Feng’s mother heard about it, and when she came back, she said angrily: “See Feng’er, you have to break your relationship with Shen Tingshuang soon."
Shao Feng was loading fruit, and he didn't hear it. So he asked back: "Break what?"
Shao Feng's mother looked disgusted: "Shen Tingshuang is a mistress of some company's boss." She knew that there was definitely nothing good inside an overly beautiful woman.
Shao Feng stood up quickly. He didn't know where his mother heard the news. He said, "Mom, don't talk nonsense, she is not like that!" 
"If you say it is not, it is not. Now the whole Yao Village know about this.  Shen Tingshuang is a mistress, the mistress who broke a family!"
Shao Feng took out his mobile phone and boarded Weibo, only then he saw the hot searches on Weibo. 
#An internet celebrity willing to be a mistress to debut# 
[Today I go to the hotel to pick up friends, I saw a certain S executive and a recently popular internet celebrity coming out of the room. Please take a look. (Picture)] 
The picture was taken sneakily, but the face of the internet celebrity was very clear, which was the upcoming Ah Shuang who Farms.  
As for the senior officials next to her, some netizens came out afterwards and said they were SR executives. 
[Being so beautiful is a curse.] 
[Hehe, then she will go for a pure and pure jade setting for her debut.] 
[F*ck. Is this farmer real? Why is her private life so chaotic?] 
[Laughing so happy, I don’t know how many times this executive has satisfied her.] 
[I want to know how much it is.] 
Shao Feng was shocked. Why is it so vicious? 
Shao Feng looked at the photo, and on it was indeed Shen Tingshuan and SR executives. They also looked like they just came out of a room.  
But Shao Feng felt that something was wrong. 
Shao Feng’s mother also saw the photo on Shao Feng’s phone: “Did you hear what I just told you? Hurry up and break the relationship with her."
Shao Feng said coldly: “Your son has no relationship with Shen Tingshuang. What to break?" 
He wanted to have a chance to, but he didn't even have this chance now.
Yao village was not big, and the rumors spread quickly. 
After the village chief Yao Dazhu and his family learned about it, they immediately gathered the villagers and held a meeting at the entrance of the village. 
Yao Dazhu dragged his injured body and said quite forcefully: "I know all the rumors in the village recently. We are all from the same village. The girl Shen Tingshuang has brought us so many benefits. The children of Hongmei didn't like to eat fruit, but now only eat Xin Yuanshan’s." 
The named Hongmei nodded, now, as long as it was the fruit of Xin Yuan Shan, her little treasure ate it.  
"Also, Shen Tingshuang needs to deliver the fruit she sell so the Shao family opened a courier company." 
Shao Feng's mother whispered: "That's just convenient for her."
Someone next to her replied: "Its not like you haven't made money."
Shao Feng's mother snorted and stopped talking. 
Yao Dazhu continued: "Even villagers in Yao Village now go to work in Shao's courier shop and earn more than working in the city."  
This was true, and many people were silent.  
"That girl is so good, but now everyone is talking nonsense because of internet rumor, why is this?" Yao Dazhu wanted to tell the villagers that Shen Tingshuang was a good girl.
However, people were just like that, they only wanted to believe what they wanted to believe, and didn't want to believe the truth.  
Shao Feng's mother: "Village chief, do you have a secret something for Shen Tingshuang? After talking for so long, don't you just want to tell us that Shen Tingshuang is good?" 
When this was said, the atmosphere boiled over.  
Many villagers got up. "Yes, the village chief, what is your relationship with her?"  
"You also called us up specifically for her."
Yao Dazhu's wife quickly stood up: "Our Dazhu has nothing to do with Miss Shen. Miss Shen is really a very good person. Don't talk nonsense." 
Shao Feng's mother: "Shut it, who believes you, let's go!"
A group of people leave. 
Everyone thought that Shao Feng and Shen Tingshuang have a very good relationship. Shao Feng's mother has said this. Then Shen Tingshuang must really have a problem.  

So, many helpers hired by Shao Feng expressed their resignation one after another, and said that working for such a woman felt disgusting.
Shao Feng's mother didn't expect it at all. 
Although she didn't like Shen Tingshuang, she never thought about not making money.  
There was also a villager who was willing to continue to do it, but it was all for the money. 
When doing it, it was because of Shao Feng's face. 
But the situation has developed like this, Shao Feng's mother couldn't get angry and could only fake a smile.  
Shao Feng was very uncomfortable after learning about her mother's actions, but no matter how he persuaded her, his mother was firm. 
This would be bad for Shen Tingshuang. 
Even if she was not a mistress, she would still be shunned in the future.
In this case, he hoped that this matter would pass quickly.  
Fans of Shen Tingshuang’s support club saw the hot searches on Weibo and investigated, but they could not contact Shen Tingshuang and did not know how to explain.
They just believed that Shen Tingshuang would not do this.  
They tried private messaging Shen Tingshuang, but found that Shen Tingshuang's Weibo was not online and had no recent activity.  
The more noisy the discussion, the hotter the topic, most of netizens were trying to tell Shen Tingshuang not to debut. 
When the topic got beyond the internet celebrity circle and entered entertainment circle, SR executives finally learned about this Weibo.  
When they saw the photos and Weibo post on the Internet, they were really dumbfounded.  
The photo was real, but it was not in a hotel room, but in a restaurant. So, SR quickly issued a statement.  
[SR: Regarding the previous online statement about our group executives and @Ah Shuang who Farms, it was a fake. At that time, Ah Shuang finished shooting our endorsement and had dinner with the leaders of our company. There were other people in the same group. The place where they ate that night was in XX restaurant, see the picture for details.]
As soon as the picture was released, everyone knew that the photos taken before were photographed in a restaurant, not hotel.
Shen Tingshuang Fan’s support team started the second attack at this moment.  
When Fu Letian saw SR statement, he immediately hired a large number of navy forces again. 
He didn't believe that an internet celebrity could endorse SR.  
[Endorsement? An internet celebrity to endorse SR?]
[So funny, SR can't find a star anymore, so they hire such a low price thing?]
[Speaking with logic, Ah Shuang wore SR sweater and jeans in VIVI live broadcast room before, and they were all sold out at that time.] 
These counter-attack Weibo also released photos of Shen Tingshuang wearing these clothes at the time.
Everyone looked at it, oh, it was true.  But some people still raised objections.  
[You said it was an endorsement, but the brand she endorsed must be SR student line. Is it necessary for an executive to accompany this kind of shooting?]
The online controversy has once again fallen into a heated state. But soon, the doubts of netizens were answered.  
SR official Weibo directly released the endorsement picture.  
[SR: Everyone is looking forward to the long-awaited autumn new products, thank you spokesperson @Qin Yueze and @Ah Shuang who Farms, happy cooperation. (Picture)] 
The post sent a total of 15 photos, five for each set of clothes. 
When selecting the photos, the photographer was entangled. 
He felt that each photo looked good and he was reluctant to delete it. 
So the intent to post nine photos originally became 15 photos in the end. 
Even with those the photographer felt that they had sent to few photos.  
Later the editor also said that this was the easiest work for him as the photos selected to be posted on Weibo almost didn't need any editing.  
As soon as the Weibo post came out, the whole network exploded.  
In fact, SR executives did not intend to post this Weibo so soon. 
When the topic of Shen Tingshuang was fired, they planned to wait. Anyway, it has been clarified. The next public opinion could be let to ferment more.  
If the traffic was large, it was also a good thing for them.  
However, Qin Yueze sent a message asking them to send out the endorsement photos as soon as possible.  
So, they immediately posted the pictures on Weibo.  
[God kill me! It turned out to be the endorsement of my brother!] 
[F*ck it! I must buy it.]
[Although I don’t understand why my brother’s cooperated with an internet celebrity, this photo is definitely not an internet celebrity's level, it is way higher.] 
[Ahhhhhhhh! I actually think this internet celebrity and my brother are very good. Moon, please come and wake me up!]
[I am begging, hurry up and put the clothes on the online store, I want to buy it!] 
A small number of netizens posted comments, saying that after reading the photos, they felt that the two looked good together!  
Most of the Moon was complimenting Qin Yueze. As for Shen Tingshuang's fans, they were in a state of desperation.
As Shen Tingshuang has no unspoken rules, and she was not a mistress, how could she endorse SR? And it was SR's high-end line! 
And the most important thing was, how could she be with the movie emperor Qin!  
The fans discussed it for a long time, but no results came out.  
They would never dare to say under the comments that the two were very good friends, for fear to be considered by other fans as trying to catch the actor's popularity.
#SR Endorsement Qin Yueze Ah Shuang# was quickly climbing the hot search list, and SR senior managements rushed to let the factory produced more clothes faster.  
At the same time, the clothes used by Qin Yueze and Shen Tingshuang were available in physical stores and online store, but in the online store were only pre-order.  
However, this did not prevent SR from selling them, and the pre-order on the online store has been bought three times the amount sold by all physical stores combined.  
Qin Yueze ability to carry goods was undoubtable, buy it seemed that Shen Tingshuang was also not weak.  

SR decided to hug the thighs of these two people this year.
Fu Letian, who was a bit late, saw the picture released by SR, and felt it was a pity.  
After Shen Xuan was upset that day, Fu Letian asked the people under him to find out where Shen Tingshuang was in the restaurant, and then asked them to take pictures when the group came out.  
Although he doesn't mix in the entertainment industry, he understands the impact of these type of news on a star or internet celebrity, especially women.  
A male star, even if found cheating would have a chance to get back up and whitewash the scandal.
But if it was a female star, once it was revealed to be a mistress, involved in unspoken rules, or other similar type scandal, there would never be a day to get back, even if it was later proved to be fake rumors. She couldn't make another debut, almost can be said to be permanently blocked.  
After taking the photo, Fu Letian saw Shen Tingshuang's smiling face and found it very ironic.  
Fu Letian was much better than SR executives, and he didn't know why Shen Tingshuang chose to be with them.  
Yes, this was precisely that from beginning to end, Fu Letian believed Shen Tingshuang was truly nurtured, so he asked the navy to do this.  
He never thought that Shen Tingshuang and SR were having a cooperative relationship, and he never thought that the endorsing partner would be Qin Yueze.  
Shen Xuan also didn't expect that Shen Tingshuang would endorse SR high-end line that she previously coveted.
For this high-end line, even if Shen Xuan used to endorse SR mid-range, she could only say that she was worthy of being a candidate. 
Shen Xuan never expected that Shen Tingshuang actually got the endorsement, and she was partnered with Qin Yueze!  
Shen Xuan almost couldn't stop herself to go to SR headquarter and ask, why Shen Tingshuang could endorse with Qin Yueze!  
Shen Tingshuang didn't know about the mess on the Internet. After the SR staff called and asked her to forward Weibo, she knew that the photos had been sent out.
She opened Weibo and found that her Weibo was a bit stuck.
Now Shen Tingshuang finally understood that the mobile phone gets stuck on Weibo because of the increase in followers, private messages or too many comments. 
When the buffer was over, Shen Tingshuang found that her Weibo fans had really increased by 1 million, but most of the reason for the buffer was the private messages. Her private messages almost exploded.
After reading a few of them, she found that they were all from her fans.
The top one was asking about her relationship with SR executives, but then the fan congratulated her for getting the SR endorsement. 
When Shen Tingshuang learned about the rumors on Weibo, it has been clarified.
As for the unsightly comments on her Weibo, her fans had brushed them down long ago. 
However, even if the matter was over, Shen Tingshuang didn't plan to let the person who spilled dirty water go easily.  
At that time, she saw Shen Xuan in the restaurant. 
Shen Tingshuang didn't think her reputation would make paparazzi follow her, so Shen Xuan was probably the one who did this. 
Shen Tingshuang didn’t take initiative to cause trouble, but she was not afraid of it, especially if she was provoked.  
Shen Tingshuang first reposted SR's Weibo, replied some fans' private messages, and then contacted the administrator of her support club.
Shen Tingshuang knew that they have established two hardcore fan WeChat groups, Shen Tingshuang asked them to pull her in, and said that if they have anything in the future, they can contact her on WeChat. Although she didn’t go on WeChat often, it was more than on Weibo. 
After joining the group, Shen Tingshuang directly asked if anyone had a good computer level, but she didn't expect that some fans would actually post their certificates. 
Shen Tingshuang added the computer expert, entrusted him to check Weibo, and paid him a reward, but the fan would not accept it. 
So Shen Tingshuang had to ask for the address of the other party to send some fruits instead.  
The previous task of 1 person eating 15 kinds of fruits and vegetables has been completed, and the task now was to let 524,288 people eat her fruits within 15 days. 
Now such a task was easier for Shen Tingshuang to complete. 
Shen Tingshuang picked the fruits and went down the mountain to find Shao Feng, only to find that Shao Feng's mother was a little bit aggressive towards herself. 
Shao Feng had already told everyone about the clarification on the internet, most of the people understood and felt that they had been fooled as before.
But some people were like his mother. They still did not believe the clarification and felt that it was a trick by Shen Tingshuang.
Shao Feng asked his mother to go into the warehouse. He helped Shen Tingshuang drop the fruit, and said embarrassingly: "Please don’t mind my mom just now."
Shen Tingshuang really didn’t mind.
For her, Shao Feng’s mother was just a trivial person. Shen Tingshuang got out of the car and unloaded the fruit on the car.
When she was about to leave, she heard someone in the warehouse say: "That mistress is here again."
"Yes, she was too good to just do honest work, so she became a mistress."
Shen Tingshuang didn't think that they were talking about her until she clearly heard: "So many fruits have to be packaged away, do you think she really sells it by her own skills?" 
Shen Tingshuang's ears were better than ordinary people, so all these whispered discussions were heard loud and clear in her ears. As for Shao Feng next to her, he didn't hear it at all.
He watched Shen Tingshuang walked into the warehouse with a look of confusion.
When Shen Tingshuang walked in, the workers immediately closed their mouths. Their voices were so small just now that they didn’t think Shen Tingshuang could hear them. However, this was destined to disappoint them.
Shen Tingshuang: "I’m not selling fruit by my own skills. Why would you think so?"
Obviously it was a very casual question, but the two felt tremendous pressure on them at this moment.
Their voices when they discussed just now were very small. They didn’t know how Shen Tingshuang heard it.
"No, we don’t."
"We don’t have such thoughts." But now how to explain this was more difficult.
Shao Feng’s mother suddenly walked out from the side: "You are a mistress, the mistress who is kept by someone!"

Shen Tingshuang turned her head and Shao Feng’s mother almost fell. For some reason, she actually felt strong coercion. 
Shao Feng said loudly: "Mom, what the hell are you talking about, I have explained to you that it is someone else's framing Shen Tingshuang!"
Shao Feng never stood with herself, only with Shen Tingshuang, and Shao Feng's mother suddenly became hysterical: "Just a woman like her, she looks like an easy girl. How could she not be a mistress?"
"Stop talking!" Shao Feng tried to stop his mother, but she still said: "You are just a mistress but act so arrogant."
Anyone who was splashed with dirty water directly like this of course couldn’t stay silent: "Speaking ill of people, you will have rotten tongue."

Shen Tingshuang talked without a trace of warmth and she left right after. 
But the fear that Shen Tingshuang brought to everyone just now hasn't disappeared at all. 
Shao Feng's mother saw that Shen Tingshuang had gone said again: "She has a guilty conscience and no ability to refute."
Before she finished speaking, Shao Feng's mother found that her tongue hurts, and the pain became more and more obvious, accompanied by blood flowing from her mouth. 
She was in so much pain that she could only yelled, "Ahhhh!"
The person next to her looked horrified, just now when he heard Shen Tingshuang said, ‘Speaking ill of people, you will have rotten tongue.’ and Shao Feng's mother's tongue was obviously rotten now.  
Shao Feng hurriedly sent his mother to the hospital. 
"What do you think this is?"
"What nonsense, Shen Tingshuang just has the ability to threaten people."
As a result, when this person finished talking, he found that his tongue started hurting, and he suddenly looked horrified.  
Beside these people, the entire Yao Village residents who spoke badly about Shen Tingshuang behind her back, all had similar symptoms, but they were not as serious as Shao Feng's mother. 
After all, among these people, Shao Feng's mother was the one who speaks most viciously.  
The hospital checked Shao Feng's mother for a long time, but in the end only said that she was upset and prescribed some medicine. But Shao Feng's mother took the medicine, and her tongue still hurts.
Let alone talking, she couldn’t eat, and sometimes it hurt so much that she couldn’t sleep at night. 
Even after taking all the medicine, she didn’t get well, so she had to go back to the hospital. She went to several hospitals, but the cause was still not found. 
The other villagers who had tongue pains also had no progress no matter what medicine they took.
Finally, the news reached the village chief Yao Dazhu. The village chief had to call the villagers together again, especially those with tongue aches. 
Yao Dazhu asked before he said anything else: "Remember carefully, have any of you said something wrong to Xin Yuanshan's Miss Shen?"
Everyone looked at each other. Some people wanted to deny it, but after thinking about it carefully, they admitted it.
Seeing that everyone was silent, Yao Dazhu sighed: "I told you before that the girl is a good girl, and you still have to disagree."
Some people even have the nerve to say that the village chief and Shen Tingshuang had a secret relationship at the time, but now they also find it ridiculous. 
"You still remember that I fell from the mountain before. The doctors sentenced me to death, but I am alive now."
Everyone looked at Yao Dazhu. That day, Yao Dazhu was put on the first floor of his house. The villagers also saw Yao Dazhu’s condition at that time.  They didn’t expect him to come back healthy after that disaster.
Yao Dazhu once again dropped the heavyweight: "Shen Tingshuang was the one who saved my life." 
The villager looked shocked: "This?" Shen Tingshuang was not only a mistress, but also a genius doctor? 
Qian Tianguo said on the side: "I don't know if you guys still remember that the village chief’s house was full of people at that time of accident. Miss Shen couldn't get in, so she flew over everyone's head."
Thinking of the situation at the time, Qian Tianguo still felt magical: "It's just that she closed the door very quickly, so everyone didn't see it. Later, Miss Shen gave Dazhu medicine and applied medicine to the wound. Later, after we dialed 120 again, the doctor finally took Dazhu away."
Obviously, Yao Dazhu has been given up by 120 in the afternoon, but he could be saved in the evening. What does this mean? 
Yao Dazhu on the side looked at the faces of everyone, and was very satisfied: "It's true. That Miss Shen is a disciple of a master, so how can she do such sordid things."
Everyone suddenly realized: "Yes, only a fairy can be this beautiful."
"I felt that Miss Shen was different from ordinary people from the beginning."
Someone covered his rotten mouth: "Then what should we do?" His tongue hurts so badly that he could only eat liquid food for several days.
Yao Dazhu said, "Perhaps it was because you spoke untruths and spread lies so this was the punishment given to you by the master disciple. From today onwards, try to not talk nonsense and give praises instead, maybe you could be cured." 
"Will it be that simple?"
"Don't we need to take medicine?" 
Qian Tianguo: "You can try Dazhu's method first."
As a result, a villager with mild illness tried it and found that within three days, he was cured.
He ran around the village happily, telling everyone that the method given by the village chief worked.
Everyone had expectations, and some people stopped talking bad things about Shen Tingshuang, but their tongues were not healed. Some villagers did not say bad things about Shen Tingshuang, but they were still sick.
Yao Dazhu explained that in addition to Shen Tingshuang, they also needed to refrain from speaking ill of other people. 
For a while, a good atmosphere formed in Xin Yuan Shan, and everyone stopped gossiping and talking nonsense. Gradually, everyone found that their tongues were healed. Of course, this is something later. 
Only Shao Feng's mother had not been well, and she felt that Yao Dazhu was on the same foot as Shen Tingshuang. But as the villagers gradually healed, she panicked. 

"Feng'er, you can help me tell Shen Tingshuang, I won't dare anymore."
Shao Feng sighed. After the accident that day, he was going to ask Shen Tingshuang for forgiveness, but then his mother had an accident and he needed to send his mother to the hospital. Now things have been delayed for several days. 
Until now Shao Feng hasn't seen Shen Tingshuang again, and when he thought of what his mother said before, Shao Feng blushed. 
Although this express shop was originally opened for Shen Tingshuang, now it was him the one who profited the most. 
"Feng'er, go find her quickly, I can't stand the pain anymore."
Shao Feng ran to Xin Yuan Shan, but found Shen Tingshuang was not at the booth anymore. He planned to enter the mountain, but found that he was on the same spot wherever he went. Then, Shao Feng received Shen Tingshuang’s transfer.
Not long ago, Shen Tingshuang transferred 1 million to him. The money has not been used up yet, and he did not expect her to transfer another 1 million now. Shao Feng wanted to explain. 
He ran a few steps and found that he actually ran back down the mountain. He stood where he was and left after a long time.
Shao Feng’s mother thought that Shao Feng had been there for so long, and that the matter must have been settled, but only listened to Shao Feng saying: "I didn't see her."
"You go look for it in the mountains!"
Shao Feng shook his head: "I can't get in."
Shao Feng's mother slapped Shao Feng. She felt that Shao Feng just didn't want to help her find Shen Tingshuang.
Shao Feng’s mother went to Xin Yuan Shan with all her strength, didn't she just need to apologize? Okay she would go.
The result was very fast. Shao Feng's mother also encountered the same problem as Shao Feng. She stayed where she was down the mountain even when she walked up for so long.
Shao Feng’s mother tried several times without believing, and finally sat on the ground with a panic expression on her face. Could it be that Shen Tingshuang was really the disciple of a master? 
When Shen Tingshuang completed the task to restore 42% of her spiritual veins, she also received a message from her fans.
[Ah Shuang, that case was caused by Fu Letian. I double checked for assurance. These are all evidence, I have sent them to you.]
Shen Tingshuang guessed that it was Shen Xuan, but Fu Letian was the one who actually made the shot.
She was not surprised, anyway, they were the same kind of raccoon dog.
[Thank you!] Shen Tingshuang sent some fruits to the fans.
For Shao Feng’s eyes that hesitated to speak, Shen Tingshuang didn't even see it. After unloading the fruits, she left Shao Feng’s warehouse and went to City B.

She just went out of Yao Village, when Qin Yueze's phone call came in: "I have checked the matter on Weibo, are you free now?"
Shen Tingshuang didn't understand why Qin Yueze checked this matter, but she already knew: "I already knew it.  Thank you, I’m going to do something about it now."
After a while, Qin Yueze’s nice voice came from the phone: "You can call me next time if you need help with anything."
When Qin Yueze hung up the phone, the person next to him was a little puzzled: "Mr. Qin, what to do now?"
Qin Yueze looked at a large amount of information in front of him. In addition to Weibo scandal, this information also included Shen Tingshuang’s family history and the Shen family scandal.
"Wait first.  "
Shen Xuan was not in Shen's house, and Shen Tingshuang couldn’t enter Shen's house, but that didn’t mean that she can't introduce grievances into Shen's house.
What's more, she knew which room Shen Xuan was in. And it didn’t take too long to attract grievances. Calculating the old and new accounts together, Shen Tingshuang induced a lot of grievances in Shen Xuan's room, and then she turned to Fu Group.
Shen Tingshuang first asked the front desk whether Fu Letian was in or not, and after getting confirmation that Fu Letian was in the company, she walked out of the Fu Group building. 
As long as she was patient enough, she was not afraid of not being able to squat until she met Fu Letian.
The mechanical sound of the system suddenly sounded: "After checking, Fu Letian is now on the 17th floor." 
Shen Tingshuang: "?"
"Please get up and walk 100 meters to the east, and enter through the small gate on the west side. This system will help the host to enter the elevator."
This was the first time Shen Tingshuang felt that the system was useful.
Following the instructions of the system,  Shen Tingshuang successfully got into the elevator for senior managements, avoided all idlers, and found Fu Letian.
Fu Letian was in his office. Shen Tingshuang attracted a lot of grievances to this office. Then she turned around and left without looking back. 
When Shen  Xuan returned to Shen’s house, it was 11 o’clock in the evening, and she had a little chat with Father Shen, then Shen Xuan returned to her bedroom to rest.
Suddenly, at midnight, Shen Xuan began to sing with a shrill voice. That night everyone in Shen family’s house did not sleep well.
Originally they thought it was only Shen Xuan’s sleepwalking, but it turned out to be like this in the next few days.
Shen Xuan had to go to the hospital, but she was only prescribed some sleeping pills. 
She came back to the house because everything was fine when checked at the hospital, but when she returned to Shen's house, she would repeat the midnight karaoke.
Shen's father even thought that Shen's family had encountered something unclean and asked a master to help, but the result was to no avail. 
Shen Xuan was so scared that she didn't dare to stay outside. In case she would be photographed by others. If that happened her entertainment career would be ruined. 
It was also not good on Fu Letian side.
On this day, the person in charge of Qing Bar came to Fu Letian to report something. 
In fact, after the incident, the two tried their best to avoid contact. The person in charge even felt that he could not help shaking after hearing the name Fu Letian. 
However there was no other way as he needed to explain the accounts for this quarter. So, with a trembling heart, the person in charge of Qing Bar came to Fu Letian's office. 

As a result, he saw Fu Letian's smile just like that day, and the person in charge almost pull off his hair. 
Sure enough, in the next second, Fu Letian began to do striptease-dance. 
The trauma of the person in charge was activated, and he was so scared that he picked up the ashtray next to him and threw it at Fu Letian. 
After all, a man's strength was great, especially he was in such a panic. But, even injured, Fu Letian was still full of energy and didn’t seem to care about the blood on his forehead at all. 
Soon, from Fu Letian's office could be heard the sad cry of the person in charge of Qing Bar again.  
When Fu Fangyi heard this report from his subordinates, his face went dark: "This wicked obstacle!"
He had warned Fu Letian the previous time, but this time Fu Letian committed the crime again.
Moreover, this happened in the office. Wouldn’t all Fu's employees know this? 
When Fu Fangyi split the crowd to go to Fu Letian's office, the crowd couldn't help covering their eyes. It was too spicy. Fu Fangyi's face was extremely dark. One of the employee outside Fu Letian office said: "I was unable to do anything, and didn't manage to separate them."
This Fu Letian has gone insane too. So many people have come and they don't even know how to converge. 
The person in charge was a young man. He was crying rain at the moment. He was working for someone. Why was he forced to work twice? His hands shook as he put on his clothes.
He would never do this job again. He has done a lot of bad things for Fu Letian over the years. This was all retribution! 
The person in charge was pulled away, and Fu Letian hugged Fu Fangyi's bodyguard instead. The bodyguard showed an uncomfortable look in his eyes. If Fu Letian wasn’t his boss's son, he would have slapped him to death. 
In the end, everyone knocked Fu Letian unconscious before this trouble was able to be calmed down.  
Fu Fangyi asked the leaders in charge to warn their subordinates that today's matter was not allowed to spread. 
Fu Letian was ordered to rest at home for a few days, but when he came back to the office, the same thing happened again. 
As a result, after this time, many male compatriots in Fu Group resigned one after another, and some people broke the news about Fu Letian on the Internet. 
Fu's stocks began to fall. While they were spending money on suppressing the news, they were receiving bad news one after another. 
Previously cooperated companies have terminated their contracts one after another, and major customers no longer continue to cooperate with them.  At the end of the year, the capital plummeted, which was very bad for the company. 
Fu Fangyi didn’t understand why Fu Letian’s ugliness had caused so many chain reactions.
As a business veteran, Fu Fangyi noticed the problems behind this, and he followed a lot of leads before he knew that it was the Qin Group’s operation. But why did Qin do this? 
Fu Fangyi couldn't understand, when did Fu offend such a great god? 




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