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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 63

ATBBMPL – Chapter 63


Gu Yuan was stunned, and then laughed: "That's it? I can also go to your live broadcast room then."
"Sure, thank you." Shen Ting Shuang didn’t know who Gu Yuan was, but seeing the reactions of other people, she realized that Gu Yuan was a very powerful figure in the entertainment industry. As long as Gu Yuan could attract fans, Shen Tingshuang could expand her influence. These could help her complete the task. 
"Me too!" Geng Chengyun immediately raised his hand. He has watched Shen Tingshuang's live broadcast replay, it was a variety of fruit tastings. In such a live broadcast room, he could go 10,000 times. 
Bai Hao and Liu Jing also expressed that they could. 
Gu Yuan: "But didn't you and Old Qin know each other very early?"
Qin Yueze: "Tingshuang never invited me to her live broadcast room." The implication was that if Shen Tingshuang invited him, he would go. 
Shen Tingshuang: "Some netizens told me before that only when my fans are very high can I invite Qin Yueze."
Geng Chengyun suddenly realized: "So you asked on Weibo how to attract fans for this?"
"Yes, somewhat." Another reason was that the system mission was to increase fans.
Qin Yueze's lips kept rising: "Then when will you broadcast next time?" His meaning was obvious. He would come next time Shen Tingshuang broadcasted live.
It was a pity that Shen Tingshuang didn't understand: "I don't know yet." Recently, the system didn’t say to expand her influence, and this variety show gave her a lot of fans, so she didn’t bother to open the live broadcast.
[I understand what my brother means is, you set a good time, I will come to the live broadcast room.]
[Why is Ah Shuang a bit dense, she doesn’t understand what Zeze meant at all.]
[She’s too naive, she laughs me to death.]
Liu Jing sometimes felt Shen Tingshuang was really not good at interpersonal communication. But looking at the relationship between Shen Tingshuang and everyone, she felt that everyone liked Shen Tingshuang very much. Even if Liu Jing did not like Shen Tingshuang at first, but after two episodes of the show, she felt that Shen Tingshuang was actually quite good.
What Shen Ting Shuang said was the truth from the heart, but together it made people feel dumbfounded.
[It’s too early to say, it’s a bit miserable, isn’t the relationship between Ah Shuang and Ze brother very good?]
[Maybe it’s just that we think the relationship is good, but the parties don’t think the relationship is good.]
For a long time, the Moons felt that Qin Yueze was unusual for Shen Tingshuang, but at this time, when they heard Shen Tingshuang’s words, everyone reacted, maybe the relationship between the two was not the same as everyone guessed.
But Qin Yueze was really good to Shen Tingshuang, Shen Tingshuang drew lottery, he added some prizes, Shen Tingshuang was involved in scandal, he clarified on Weibo, Shen Tingshuang’s fruits were the best, when Liu Jing ate his fruit before, because it was Xin Yuan Shan’s he lost his temper.
Qin Yueze was lost in thought, he was so good to Shen Tingshuang, wasn’t it obvious already?
But the reason Shen Tingshuang participated in the show was because of him. Qin Yueze still felt a little surprised after knowing it.
Everyone quickly changed the subject and talked for a while before going out to farm.
On the back mountain, the sun hadn’t even reached here. After all, it was morning, and the weather was still a bit cold.
Several people had seen the photos of Xin Yuan Shan before, and then looked at the comparison of the scene, and once again admired Shen Tingshuang.
Looking at the fruits in the surrounding area, Bai Hao asked curiously: "What is planted over there?"
Shen Tingshuang answered: "Finger lime."

Finger Lime here
"It looks like an eggplant." Geng Chengyun said. 
"I'll give you a taste later." This piece of land has only been watered partially with spiritual energy. If Shen Tingshuang happened to pass by the back mountain, she would water some. Basically, there was almost no plant on this land in the back mountain.
"What are you going to plant on this piece of land?"
Shen Ting Shuang had planned it early: "Horned melon."

Horned Melon here
Geng Chengyun discovered that he had never eaten any of these fruits. 
"Work first." Qin Yueze said, already picking up the hoe and turning over the soil. When he starred in a Republic of China drama before, there were scenes of farming. Because of this, he went to the countryside and followed the farmers to plant the land for a month, so he knew how to farm the land. 
Shen Tingshuang also began to plow the soil.
Everyone learned in a decent way. If she saw a problem, Shen Tingshuang would point it out. Soon everyone discovered that farming was not that easy, even plowing the soil has a lot of techniques. 
Gu Yuan dug for less than 10 minutes, and found a big blisters in her hands. She endured the pain and dug for a while, but the blisters on her hands grew more and more.
It was Liu Jing who found Gu Yuan's abnormality: "What’s wrong?"
At this time, everyone saw Shen Tingshuang said: "You first sit here for a moment."
The others didn't know where Shen Tingshuang was going. The cameraman originally planned to follow, but found that Shen Tingshuang ran too fast, so he gave up. 
Soon, everyone saw that Shen Tingshuang had brought some herbs back. Shen Tingshuang shredded the medicinal materials, and then squeezed the bubble in Gu Yuan's hand with a small branch that they did not know where she picked it from, and applied the medicinal herb on it. 
Gu Yuan’s agent, who had been watching the live broadcast, jumped up on the spot.
Blisters could not be broken. There would be a risk of infection. Moreover, Shen Tingshuang applied some unknown grass, what kind of mess, how could she do this? 
The agent picked up his mobile phone to call Xia Xia, Gu Yuan was the daughter of Gu’s family, couldn’t the program team take it more seriously?
But after he took out his mobile phone, he saw the screen again. Gu Yuan on the screen who previously sweated profusely before, after receiving the herbs applied by Shen Tingshuang, her face immediately relaxed: "Huh, doesn't it seem to hurt anymore?"

Even Gu Yuan herself was a little surprised. When the first blister formed, she felt the pain in her hand. Unexpectedly, the more she plowed, the more blisters appeared on her hand, and her whole hand hurts a lot.
Shen Tingshuang: "Your skin is too fragile, just apply it for a while. Don't worry, there will be no scars."
She knows that human beings were most afraid of scars, so when she applied the medicine just now, she let some of her spiritual energy to enter. After all, Gu Yuan has also helped her plow the land. With this spiritual energy, Gu Yuan would get better soon.
Gu Yuan looked at her right hand: "This herb is amazing, it doesn't hurt after applying it. Also, I have been digging for a while, and I feel sore all over, but now I am not tired anymore. I feel that I will be able to plant the ground later."
The others hurriedly continued to farm.
Liu Jing dug for a while and touched the sweat on her forehead. She was already digging hard, but the speed was still very slow.
Geng Chengyun didn't know how to do it at first, but then he listened to the guidance of Shen Tingshuang for a while and dug too. It has worked quite well so far.
Bai Hao dug a small piece of land out: "Unexpectedly, farming is not only physical work, but also mental work. I always thought that I would only need physical effort to grow the land." He finally knew why Tingshuang hated waste.
"If the things I grown so hard were wasted, I would be really mad." Liu Jing said as she panted, she was really tired.
Geng Chengyun went down with his hoe: "I won't be picky eaters anymore. Nothing is easy to come by." 
[Lol This style of painting has changed.]
[Really we should go to farm together.]
[The key is I still watched with relish.]
[The guests are poisonous, now I also want to go back to my hometown to farm?]
With Shen Tingshuang help, this piece of land was quickly all plowed over, Shen Tingshuang sowed the seeds by herself, then everyone covered the seeds with soil, and finally watered it in. When the work was over, everyone was sitting directly on the ground. Not minding that ground was dirty.

Shen Tingshuang picked some finger limes and handed them to the guests, and then she looked at the cameramen on the opposite side: "You guys go pick some and eat too."
Among the cameramen on the opposite side, she didn't know who said: "Don't worry, we will not waste it." The fruits they picked in the morning, after returning to the director's room, within half an hour, everything was cleaned up.
Finger limes were normally about the size of a finger hence the name, but because it was watered with spiritual energy, these fruits were larger. It looked a little bit bigger, like a small eggplant. When you opened it you would find that the pupl of the finger limes looked translucent and they were separated resembling caviar. 
However it tasted nothing like caviar, its taste leaned towards cantaloupe. 
[I just went to Baidu, this thing was sold for a thousand yuan a catty.] 
[??? F*ck]
[I don’t deserve it.]
[I know why I never see it, it seems that I am not worthy of this expensive thing.]  
Xia Xia and several directors also saw these comments: "This thing is so expensive?"
Xia Xia hurriedly said to the cameramen from the headset: "Pick a little less, one for each person will do, this thing is a thousand yuan a catty."
Brother cameraman when he heard the price almost lost the camera in his hand.
"This is delicious." Geng Chengyun said: "It was like eating caviar." 
Gu Yuan explained: "This fruit is nicknamed caviar."
Liu Jing was listless: "I have seen it abroad before, if converted to reminbi, it is one thousand yuan a catty." 
Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun were stunned, they ate the finger limes even more cautiously. 
[Hahaha, what they eat is not finger lime, but money, which make me laugh to death.]
[This one is probably close to one hundred yuan each?  It's really expensive.]
Bai Hao didn’t dare to eat too much. He finished and he asked Shen Tingshuang: "Tingshuang, can we have a barbecue here at night?" Since he became famous, he hasn’t eaten barbecue again. 
Shen Tingshuang: "Sure."
"Is there a grill?" Geng Chengyun asked. 
Long ago, Lu Minghui and the others had a barbecue here, but Shen Tingshuang had not done it.  "No."
"Then let's go to the villager's house to borrow it." Everyone began to divide the work. 
Shen Tingshuang: "Then I will pick the vegetables and prepare bamboo sticks by the way."
Everyone acted separately, Shen Tingshuang picked the vegetables and placed them by the river. She then dug a bamboo under the mountain and split them with a knife.
Everyone only saw it for a while. Shen Tingshuang cut a lot of bamboo sticks.
Qin Yueze and the others walked down Xin Yuan Shan and saw some villagers brought a lot of tools, barbecue racks, charcoal fire, and others. 
The villagers gave away a variety of ingredients, but they were all meat dishes. They knew that there were vegetables and others on Xin Yuan Shan.
When the villagers came, Bai Hao and others saw it. This time, the villagers knew they needed tools and gave them away.  However the tools were delivered and the villagers ran away, so that the guests have no time to say thank you.
Gu Yuan: "The villagers must be watching the live broadcast." After saying that, Gu Yuan bowed to the cameras: "Thank you."  The others also bowed and thanked the villagers.
However they understood that the villagers might not send these things because of them, but because of Shen Tingshuang.
When Qin Yueze looked up, he was relieved. He also knew the gossip of the people in Yao Village before, including everything about Shao Feng’s family. That’s why Qin Yueze built the logistics center building here. In the future, if Shen Tingshuang needed to deliver goods, she didn’t need to find Shao Feng, she could use all the companies in the logistics building.

If the quantity of goods was high, now that the villagers were like this, Qin Yueze didn’t mind hiring some casual workers to increase their income.
Everyone returned to the mountain with barbecue tools and ingredients. Shen Tingshuang was going to go to the bottom of the mountain and waited for them, so she was a little surprised to see them coming back.
Qin Yueze explained: "The villagers were probably watching the live broadcast and sent us the tools and ingredients directly."
Shen Tingshuang nodded slightly: "Let's go."
Everyone came to the river, set up the barbecue rack, and set the charcoal fire, but then found that there was no lighter. 
Bai Hao looked at the cameraman next to him: "Is there a lighter?" The other party shook his head. 
Geng Chengyun stood up: "If you lied, you won't be able to pick fruits on the mountain next time." After saying that, he looked at Shen Tingshuang: "Right, Tingshuang?"
Shen Tingshuang nodded and saw the brother cameramen at the same time took out five lighters.
Geng Chengyun smiled triumphantly.
Xia Xia in front of the screen slowly asked a question: "?" When did the guest become so arrogant?
[Haha, mom, when did Brother Chengyun become so treacherous?]
[They were all forced by the show crew.]
[The show crew: I didn’t expect us to be dominated one day.]
Gu Yuan was sitting next to Shen Tingshuang. She wanted to mention something just now, but there was no opportunity. In fact, she felt that her hands were much better: "Can I remove these herbs?" 
"Yes." Shen Tingshuang said. In fact, these herbs were mainly pretense, it was all healed by her spiritual energy. 
Gu Yuan happily took out the herbs, and found that the bubbles in her hands had really disappeared. The most important thing was that there were almost no traces: "Tingshuang, you are too good!" How many people were willing to sell such herbs? It relieved pain and reduced inflammation, and most importantly, it also erased scars. 
Shen Tingshuang thought of a sentence said by netizens: "I’m not very great, I’m very so so, just the third of the world." Everyone laughed. (TN: 一般一般世界第三/Yībān yībān, shìjiè dì sān. Internet slang, just the third of the world = the bronze on sports, so not very good. It rhymes and usually used jokingly with friends.)
Gu Yuan had nothing to do, so she started to help clean the ingredients.
Bai Hao was planning to catch fish, but found out that there were fish in this river but they couldn’t be caught at all, in the end this fishes swam provocatively next to him, and then left: "I feel this fish is taunting me."
Shen Tingshuang wanted to say yes, this fish was indeed taunting him, just now the fish was still saying: "Fool, don’t you want to catch me? You can’t catch me even if I swim next to you." But Shen Tingshuang didn't say these words, she was afraid that Bai Hao would vomit blood. 
Bai Hao put his shoes back on, he has given up catching fish. 
Shen Tingshuang dug a pit at a distance from the barbecue rack, then arranged the dug potatoes and sweet potatoes neatly in rows, put dead branches on top of it, and then set them on fire. 
Qin Yueze had washed the eggplant and butterflied it up.
Shen Tingshuang prepared the condiments and put them in three large bowls. She put the eggplant on the wire net, brushed it with a layer of oil, and then spread a layer of garlic on it. She put some chili on one side, and then brush it again with a layer of oil. This then was placed on the grill. 
Gu Yuan cleaned the leeks, she washed them one by one in the river, and then placed them in a plate. After she placed them neatly, Shen Tingshuang brushed a layer of oil on the top and placed them directly on the barbecue grill. 
Liu Jing was cutting lotus roots, Bai Hao was in charge of skewers, and Geng Chengyun was skewering shiitake mushrooms. 
The aroma on the grill quickly spread.  The cameramen looked hungry again. 
Xia Xia: "How about now, do you want to post any tasks?" Although not kind, but watching them eat like this, it was really upsetting. 
The first to be done roasting was the eggplant. Shen Tingshuang put the net aside, and Qin Yueze was responsible for dividing it into six and placing it on the plate. 
The eggplant originally tasted good. After roasting, the aroma doubled. Everyone was eating it. Only Shen Tingshuang was still roasting the rest of the ingredients. 
Qin Yueze took a pair of new chopsticks and picked up the eggplant on Shen Tingshuang's plate: "Take a bite first."
Shen Tingshuang ate it in one bite.
[Ahhh, I'm dead!]
[Brother, why are you so warm?]
[Me? I want my soul to exchange with Ah Shuang.]

Later, Gu Yuan also did not hesitate to pick up the roasted leeks and feed it to Shen Tingshuang: "Tingshuang has worked hard." 
[!! Ah, I envy Ah Shuang!]
[Ah Shuang is so happy!]
[But Ah Shuang has been busy grilling too.]
Everyone fed Shen Tingshuang one after another, so Shen Tingshuang could focus on cooking the ingredients.
The cameramen recorded it like this, and they chose Geng Chengyun to comment while eating: "This grilled fresh shiitake mushroom doesn’t have the usual earthy smell. It's so delicious."
"The leeks are so delicious, My God, I can ate three servings at once."
"I usually hate enoki mushrooms. It doesn’t taste much and it’s disgusting. But today, I apologize to the enoki mushrooms. It’s really delicious."
"The taste of eggplant is almost the same as scallops, ahhhh!"
"This pepper is so delicious, I can eat ten more bunches!" 
The cameramen stood on the opposite side with a look of lovelessness.
Qin Yueze smiled: "Eat slowly, there will be potatoes and sweet potatoes later." They also baked some sweet potatoes and potatoes.

[I feel that Chengyun said these words to the cameramen.]
[Who told the cameraman not to lend the lighter at first.]
[No matter who he said it to, I am already hungry.]
Gu Yuan: "This is the first time I have eaten roasted cabbage, and it is delicious."
After roasting a batch of ingredients, Shen Tingshuang went to pick a big watermelon, and squeezed watermelon juice for everyone from the branches that they didn’t know where she got it from.
They had a bite of barbecue and a sip of watermelon juice. Everyone enjoyed it very much. 
After eating the second batch of ingredients, Shen Tingshuang found a medium branch and pulled the burning branches in the pit aside. Then she began to dig the soil, and soon revealed the sweet potatoes and potatoes inside. 
She pulled the baked sweet potato and potato aside, and when the other guest saw she was about to reached in the hot pit they shouted: "It's hot, Tingshuang, or let me get it." After all, the Shen Tingshuang was female, with delicate skin and tender meat. In case it was too hot, how can he say he was a man? Qin Yueze had already obtained a slightly thicker branch and helped Shen Tingshuang pull out the potatoes and sweet potatoes. 
After letting it cool for a while, everyone started to eat. 
Unlike the potatoes in City B, the potatoes in their hands were very high in starch. After a bite, they were soft and waxy. At the end of the chewing, they seem to have a hint of sweetness.  "It's delicious! Much better than the mashed potatoes I have eaten in restaurant! It's so fragrant!"
The cameramen wanted to shut up Geng Chengyun.
[Chengyun, it is enough.]
[I'm so hungry.]
[Me too+1]
[I have put some potatoes in the oven, ready to eat the same type of baked potatoes with the guests.]
After eating the potatoes, everyone started to eat red sweet potatoes.
They revealed the orange-yellow red meat inside, and it looked as if it has been soaked in sugar water prior. The cross section was as sweet as you see!
[Looking at the two superstars being scalded by sweet potatoes and reluctant to put them away, it’s funny.]
[Brother Ze’s high-cold man has collapsed.]
[I also found out and thought what about the good cold abstinence male god?]
Although Qin Yueze holding sweet potatoes was not against the harmony, but this one was red and a bit hot. After taking a bite, Qin Yueze switched to his left hand and took another bite. Then he switched to the right hand, holding the sweet potato with both hands alternately to eat. 
Everyone knew at a glance that it was because the food was too hot, but they were reluctant to put it away. Everyone knows that Shen Tingshuang hated waste, so they tried their best to eat, but Shen Tingshuang really baked too many sweet potatoes and potatoes. Everyone couldn't finish it.
Shen Tingshuang took out a bag, packed the sweet potatoes and potatoes, and handed it to the cameramen. 
The cameramen immediately said: "Thank you!" It was finally Shen Tingshuang who was an angel, not like the devil Geng Chengyun.  God knew how long they have been greedy just now. 
Shen Tingshuang knew that every time the cameramen picked the fruit, they brought it back to share with the director team. They also did not pick more, they picked as much as they could eat. 
In the past few days, they also tried not to damage the ground under their feet. So when digging potatoes and sweet potatoes, Shen Tingshuang estimated an amount to give some to the crews. 
After the barbecue, everyone consciously cleaned up the river, and then went back to the cabin. 
Geng Chengyun was planning to play game with Shen Tingshuang, when he saw Gu Yuan upstairs came out and said: "The stool in my room is broken."
When Gu Yuan came back, she took a bath and changed clothes. When applying skin care products, she found that the stool was broken. Fortunately, Gu Yuan responded quickly, otherwise she would have a close contact with the floor. 
She was planning to take a stool from the dining room when she heard Shen Tingshuang said: "I'm coming." Then, Shen Tingshuang took out the stool in Gu Yuan's room, went back to the courtyard and took a knife and an axe. 
They didn't know which tree branch she has cut down. Everyone saw Shen Tingshuang first cut off the unevenness of the branches, then smoothed them, and then dug some holes in them. 
[It seems that there are no screws?]
[Ah Shuang fans know that Ah Shuang never uses screws when doing carpentry work.]
[Since the last time I saw Ah Shuang used scissors to trim flower branches, I am not surprised to see her using a knife to make a stool.]

Shen Tingshuang took a knife to carve on the branches, and also carved on the stool. Then, everyone saw that Shen Tingshuang picked up the wooden block and pressed it towards the bottom of the stool. 
Hearing only the sound of "click", it seemed to be connected.  Shen Tingshuang put the stool on the ground and tried it. The stability was not bad. Anyway, it was fine now, so she carved some lines on it. They were all very simple patterns.
After carving she polished it clean again, and the stool was now repaired. 
The other guests were stunned. 
[The pattern is so good to see, I am so amused to see the expression of the guests.]
[Mom! What kind of hand is this!]
Gu Yuan fell in love with this stool immediately: "After recording the show, can I take this stool home?"

The program group would naturally not use the same stool for each recording. 
[Ah Shuang is the almighty goddess?]
[Farming, dancing, cooking, and now carpentry!]

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