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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 70

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 70


They saw Shen Tingshuang pat the horse, and it lowered its head and silently followed Shen Tingshuang. 
Everyone: "?" Was this still that unruly white horse? 
[Across the screen, I feel the dumbfoundedness of the villagers.]
[Hahaha, they seem to be thinking, come back, little white horse!]
[I think this white horse really recognizes people, it recognizes beautiful women.]
[Gu Yuan: I have been offended, thank you.]
The leader of the villagers had to put away his surprise: "Next, I will ask the male guest to choose the horse." After he said that, he glanced at the white horse again, and saw it staying behind Shen Tingshuang, he could see how well-behaved it was. 
Next Qin Yueze chose a dark horse, which was considered one of the few big horses.
Bai Hao also chose a red horse. He had to accept his ability and directly chose the smallest horse, which seemed to have a docile temperament. He really didn't know how to ride. Before in the crew, when he needed to ride a horse for filming, the horse only walked a few steps, but he was almost scared to death, let alone now. 
The remaining horses were distributed among the villagers themselves. The guests put on their hats and started to mount. Liu Jing mounted the horse first. As soon as she went up, the local villagers were applauding. The posture of Liu Jing mounting the horse was so beautiful. 
Qin Yueze has appeared in many period dramas, and there were many scenes of riding horses in them, so he has developed the ability to ride horses thru this, so his posture on horses also felt a bit like a young general on an adventure. 
The rest were much more regular, but Shen Tingshuang was almost flying on to the horse. 
"Miss Shen, you are too good. Have you ever lived in a prairie before?" After seeing Shen Tingshuang mounted the horse, the local villagers finally knew why the unruly white fellow can be tamed by Shen Tingshuang. 
"No." For Shen Tingshuang, communicating with animals was a normal thing, very easy. 
Everyone sighed, and the race started.
A whistle sounded and all the horses rushed out.
Holding on the horse’s back, Geng Chengyun shouted: "Mother!"
[Sorry, although I know I shouldn't, I still laugh.]
[I was drinking water and sprayed directly onto the keyboard.]
[Although I feel sorry for the cub, I can't help it anymore, hahaha.]
[I just arrive, can I laugh?]
Seeing Geng Chengyun, Shen Tingshuang chased him and pat his horse back, suddenly the horse slowed down and now walked.
Shen Tingshuang said to Geng Chengyun’s horse: "You can just walk around slowly with him."
When netizens found it funny for Shen Tingshuang to talk to Geng Chengyun’s horse, but the horse Geng Chengyun was riding seemed to listen.
As if it understood the command, it slowly dragged Geng Chengyun towards the opposite mountain. 
The netizens who were still laughing were stunned:
[F*ck?  Can Ah Shuang speak horse language?]
[Speaking horse language is too much, we all understand, didn’t she speak Chinese?]
[Although I know its wrong, this horse really seems to listen to Ah Shuang’s command.]  
Because of such a delay, everyone already ran in front of Shen Tingshuang and Geng Chengyun.
When Qin Yueze saw Shen Tingshuang left behind, he stopped and looked back at Shen Tingshuang. 
After Shen Tingshuang calmed Geng Chengyun's horse, she started to speed up. Little White was originally a BMW, so among these horses, he ran the fastest. Soon Shen Tingshuang rushed to the first place. Ordinarily, even at the foot of the mountain with flat plains, she should still need to dismount to pick up the flag. However, Shen Tingshuang picked up the flag on the ground just by reaching down while still holding on the horse, and then sat back upright again. 
"Wow!" The villagers who saw this scene applauded one after another, but at the same time they no longer acted humbly, and speeded up one after another. 
It's just that Shen Tingshuang's speed was too fast, even if the villagers tried their best, they still couldn’t catch up. 
Undoubtedly, Shen Tingshuang won first place in the end. 
Liu Jing thought she could get the first place, but these villagers suddenly accelerated, and she couldn't catch up no matter how much she followed. 
On the contrary, Qin Yueze had been delayed for a while, before finally accelerating, he barely reached the end at the same time with the villagers. 
[The CP is sending sugar, Yueyue deliberately slowed down to wait for Ah Shuang.]
[Although I don't want to admit it, my brother is really waiting for Ah Shuang.]
[I was a bit opposed to the two at first, but now I think Ah Shuang is particularly good. If the two are together, I give my blessing.]
[Moons, have you ever thought that brother will be in love and get married sooner or later? If yes then I think Ah Shuang is the most suitable.]
Netizens had a lively discussion. Meanwhile the competition finally came to the end.
As for Geng Chengyun, when everyone already reached the end, he hadn’t even reached the foot of the opposite mountain, but the horse he was riding was not in a hurry. Geng Chengyun leisurely walked to the foot of the opposite mountain, and then came back. 
The villagers praised Shen Tingshuang's equestrian skills: "I was commissioned by the program team to let give our best, but this Ms. Shen is too powerful." Even if they gave their best, they couldn't win. 
"This horse is good." Shen Tingshuang said. 
"Has Miss Shen tame a horse before?" a villager asked, this Little White was temperamental. Even the villagers might not be able to get on him if he didn’t allow. 
"Ms. Shen is too powerful. This Little Bai recognized his master, even we cannot touch him." Of the 20 horses brought today, Little Bai ranked first. At the same time, he could also let netizens know that their prairie horses were this good. 
Shen Tingshuang smiled slightly, and did not continue to answer. With such a smile, the local villagers were stunned. This Miss Shen really looked like a fairy. 

Qin Yueze walked to the right of Shen Tingshuang: "We have finished the game, can you take us to the dinner place to see?"
"Of course!"
Qin Yueze changed the subject cleverly, but many netizens found that something was wrong, especially the CP fans. 
[Ah, did you throw sugar again?]
[Absolutely, Yueyue just can't let anyone else stare at Ah Shuang, hahaha.]
[Have you not noticed that the position of Yueyue just blocked the sight of others looking at Ah Shuang.?]
[But Ah Shuang is really so cool today!]
Unlike before, Qin Yueze’s fans now have less and less objections when they were invited to discuss CP. 
Dinner was in another large yurt, and there was a local folk song and dance performance ongoing as soon as the guests entered. Shen Tingshuang and others were dragged to dance together. Only after that they began to take seats.
The leader of the village was sitting at the main table. He originally wanted to seat Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze on his left and right, but Qin Yueze sat calmly next to Shen Tingshuang, so the leader could only invite Gu Yuan instead. 
But the leader didn't struggle for too long. Soon, the local milk tea came up.  This milk tea was boiled with fresh milk and tea. The milk taste was very rich and the tea taste was also very fragrant.
Shen Tingshuang drank a full cup in a few mouthfuls. Qin Yueze that sat next to Shen Tingshuang took the initiative to add another glass for her. 
This scene obviously caused many netizens to scream. 
Then it was a variety of snacks. While the guests ate, the villagers introduced them one by one. 
Just when everyone couldn't wait anymore, the highlight of the dinner came. The roasted whole lamb was brought in directly to the center of the house. 
Only the villager in the middle said: "It's almost time to roast whole lamb now, but…"
Geng Chengyun knew when he heard this word that the program crew still didn't want them to have dinner in peace. 
Liu Jing couldn't help rolling her eyes in her heart. 
The villagers paused deliberately before continuing: "This roasted whole lamb is already edible now, but if it is roasted for a while longer, when the skin of the lamb appears oily and caramel-colored, it will taste the best." 
Everyone understood, if they wanted to eat it, you could eat it now, but if they roasted it for a while longer, it would taste better. 
"Then let’s roast it again." Bai Hao said. This should be the task from the program group.
The villager said: "So, if the guests want to eat, you need to do it yourself."
When Baihao heard it, he immediately brushed up his sleeves and tried to lift the roasted whole lamb by its skewers. However he suddenly predicted upcoming soreness on his arms.
This whole roasted lamb was at least one hundred catties, so it would be really tiring to turn it over so constantly while roasting.
Geng Chengyun also hurriedly joined the roasting force. After a while, both of them felt tired.
Liu Jing also came up and tried it, but after only turning it twice, she directly persuaded Gu Yuan to help.
Gu Yuan tried it, only once, she turned the stick 360 degrees, and then Gu Yuan gave it to Qin Yueze.
Qin Yueze alone turned more circles than the previous guests combined, but he quickly lost his strength.
Shen Tingshuang saw that everyone else had tried it, so she walked out. As soon as she appeared, Geng Chengyun and others immediately stepped aside.
[Hahaha, the younger brother gives way to the older sister.]
[Now everyone has a tacit understanding, and I feel that Ah Shuang is just taking care of this group of cubs.]
[Ah Shuang’s thought is probably: enough play, I will come.]
[No, no, my brother also takes good care of Ah Shuang. Just now my brother poured milk tea for Ah Shuang.]
Everyone saw Shen Tingshuang easily turned the lamb circle after circle. The villagers smiled when they first saw the guests roasted the lamb, but now they felt a different mood.  They thought Shen Tingshuang could not last for long, but one minute passed and Shen Tingshuang did not stop. Two minutes later, it still continued.
The villagers were a little puzzled as even the strongest among them could not roast lamb this long without stopping.
Shen Tingshuang said: "Are there any more condiments?" Although this roasted whole lamb was seasoned already by the villagers, it was not evenly distributed.
"We have already added the seasoning just now." The villager explained.
But Shen Tingshuang insisted. So the villagers quickly took out the condiments.
Shen Tingshuang did not brush the whole lamb, but brushed some chili powder on some specific parts, some cumin powder on other parts, and some in between brushed with soy sauce.
After her spiritual veins were completely restored, Shen Tingshuang’s sense of smell was also unmatched by ordinary people. Naturally, she could smell which part the lamb lacked what particular seasoning.
Ten minutes later, the lamb’s skin finally turned into caramel color, and there was oil oozing from it.
Before the villagers had time to help, Shen Tingshuang picked up a knife from the side and divided the lamb into several equal parts. The villagers got words stuck in their mouths. This guest already divided the meat, so what did they need to help with?
Liu Jing and others stood aside long ago, waiting for this scene. When Shen Tingshuang divided the lamb, they immediately took some plates and forks, and distribute the meat to those present.  Even the villagers got some. 
Bai Hao and others couldn’t wait to eat it, for sure everyone knew that it would be hot, but no one could bear to spit the lamb in their mouth.  It's so fragrant! 

The villagers did not expect that these additional condiments added by Shen Tingshuang did not spoil the taste of the lamb, but on the contrary, it added into the flavor. It seemed that every bite was absolutely delicious.
Before, when the villagers were roasting a whole lamb, some of the meat was delicious, because there was less meat and the spices easily soaked in, but some more meaty areas have no taste. But the lamb roasted by Shen Tingshuang has the same taste everywhere. 
Besides, her roasting temperature was appropriate and it made the lamb really crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The skin on the outside was very crispy, and the inside was very fragrant.
Every time they took a bite, they almost couldn’t hold from shouting good exclamations. 
Shen Tingshuang ate a bite of lamb meat and drank a sip of milk tea, and she felt very happy. This trip was really good. 
After a meal of roasted whole lamb, the guests and the villagers did not speak any more. 
[Ah, I am hungry.]
[The villagers are conquered by Ah Shuang’s cooking skills?]
[Previously they heard that Ah Shuang wants to add seasonings and they disagreed, but now they realized Ah Shuang’s lamb taste better.]
[The lamb raised on a prairie is really delicious.]

Xia Xia and the crews did not roast a whole lamb, but they did have some roasted meat.
They were eating their own and thought it was delicious, but when they saw the guests eating Shen Tingshuang’s roasted whole lamb, they felt the roasted meat in their hands not fragrant anymore. 
Everyone has eaten their fill. 
Geng Chengyun also comforted himself that eating lamb would not gain weight. 
When the guests walked out of the yurt, they found that it was past ten o'clock and the prairie was a bit cold at night. There was a big temperature difference between morning and evening, it might be very hot when the sun was up, but it would be a lot cooler once the sun went down. 
After staying outside for a while, everyone couldn't bear the coldness, so they went back to the yurt to rest. 
Anyway, they still have two more days. 

The guests got up in the morning, and the villagers were already waiting outside. 
"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, have breakfast here first."
Today was breakfast was simple, but everyone was hungry, so it tasted delicious. 
After eating his share, Geng Chengyun asked, "Is there any task today?" If it was a horse riding competition again, he would give up. Although his horse riding experience was pretty good yesterday, he didn't want to ride to the competition like that. 
"No, but today I want to take all the guests to experience our grass-skiing project."
"Grass-sledging?" Liu Jing was a little surprised. She had heard of this project, but she hadn’t played it before. She sledded down the snow at most, but sled on the grass here should also be pretty nice. 
The villagers pulled their horses: "Sliding grass location is some distance away from here, let’s ride on horses, and go over together." 
Geng Chengyun said, "Ah" He really didn't want to ride a horse. 
[Hahaha, this is the most inconvenient thing to fear while living in a prairie.]
[Prairie daily fear 1/1.] 
But fortunately, it was not a race, so Geng Chengyun only had to get on his horse and slowly followed behind the crowd. Everyone was paying attention to him, and the horse did not ride too fast. 
The prairie was very large, even if they were riding a horse, it took an hour to reach where the grass was slippery. 
Everyone was shocked by the beauty here. The grass of various colors was like a race track. These tracks continued from up the mountain, so it seemed quite fun. 
When they got close, they discovered that the grass on these tracks was not real grass, but it looked like real. There were tires on the top, which can be used for people to slide from the top to the bottom of the mountain. 
After reaching the top of the mountain, the guests discovered that the slope of the descending mountain was actually very steep. 
Liu Jing's impulsive mood suddenly went down: "It's so steep!"
"Yes, I feel that the slope fall at an impossible angle." This was not only annoying, it's a bit nasty. 
"Dear guests, anyone willing to try?"
Bai Hao asked back: "Dare you try?"
The villagers smiled and found someone to demonstrate first.
Although there were safety measures, the speed was still very fast in such a fall.
The villager explained: "Your hands must hold the rope so that there will no problem."
Geng Chengyun: "What happens if someone doesn't sled?" This prairie was really unfriendly. 
"Those who don't sled will clean up our horses."
Everyone: "?" This meant that they have to. 
Finally, Shen Tingshuang made the first attempt. When she went down, she found that the first slope was not too big, so it probably had a buffering effect. After the first slope, the second slope approached at a right angle, and she even felt a little weightlessness when going down. 
There were a few buffers, except for the second one, everything else was fine, so overall it was not scary. After Shen Tingshuang arrived at the bottom, she stood calmly and shared this experience with other guests. 
Next was Qin Yueze, who was also quite calm after sliding, although Qin Yueze's face was a little pale on the second slope. 
Gu Yuan was relatively calm, she was able to stand beside Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze with only shaking legs.
As for Liu Jing and Bai Hao, after they got down, they needed to be dragged by Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze to sit next to them. 
Geng Chengyun finally came down and was so scared that he yelled for his Mom and Dad.
[No more, I really want to laugh to death.]
[Emergency, I have been infected by all the laughter on this show.]  
Geng Chengyun didn't want to do this either, but it was really scary just now. 

Playing such a project, it also took a long preparation.
In fact, there was originally a rafting project here, but Xia Xia rejected it. Although the creek here was not big at all, Xia Xia felt that there were jinxes when she heard of water, so she gave up. 
Later, together with the villagers, the task became herding sheep. 
"Sheep?" Bai Hao widened his eyes. "Are you kidding?"
The villager said calmly, "If the sheep can be herded successfully, there will be mutton paomo as reward for the guests in the evening."
Gu Yuan asked Qin Yueze: "Anyone has done this before? Have you ever flocked sheep?" Qin Yueze shook his head. 
Shen Tingshuang: "It's not difficult, I'll do it later."
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. 
Inside the director’s yurt, Xia Xia's eyebrows couldn't help but jump. 
The director next to her said: "Director Xia, don't worry, there are hundreds of sheep, Shen Tingshuang shouldn't be able to do this."

Soon the villagers led the six guests to the place where the sheep were grazing. 
Everyone showed unbelievable expressions. 
"So many?" Geng Chengyun said. 
"Isn’t this just pitting us? Are you afraid that we will win?" Liu Jing said. 
[I saw an earthquake in the pupils of the guest.]
[Mom! It’s hundreds of sheep!]
[The program group is too ruthless.]

Xia Xia looked at the hundreds of sheep, and she was relieved. This issue finally has a difficult task.  She knew that it was difficult to roast a whole lamb. But she already knew that Shen Tingshuang had great strength when rowing boats in the ancient town, so she didn't consider that a difficult task.
The difficulty of today's show lied in herding these sheep. 
Xia Xia knew that Xin Yuan Shan had no sheep, so Shen Tingshuang would definitely not have any experience. 
However, when the villagers opened the door of the sheepfold, Shen Tingshuang only said: "Follow me." And these sheep really followed Shen Tingshuang.
The villagers even considered this task to be very difficult. It was really not easy to get all the sheep back into the sheepfold alone. However, they found that these were not a problem for Shen Tingshuang?
Everyone found that these sheep seemed to listen to Shen Tingshuang's words, she commanded them go to the left, these sheep proceeded to go to the left. Shen Tingshuang said to the right, these sheep wet to the right.
As for the other guests, they were sitting aside, enjoying the scenery and chatting, while Shen Tingshuang only yelled occasionally. 
These flocks of sheep seemed that they could understand, so they walked in the direction Shen Tingshuang said, and even if they run far away midway, they would rush back. 
Finally, seeing the time was almost up, Shen Tingshuang directly asked for them to go back, and the sheep returned to the sheepfold by themselves. 
Villagers: "?" They seemed to have put fake sheep. 
[Hahaha, the villagers are reluctant to believe the whole process.]
[No, I have done this before, and it’s really not that simple to actually herding sheep. It’s very hard to get them to go back to the sheepfold.]
[Don’t forget, Ah Shuang has a mountain, these are not difficult for her.]
 Xia Xia's face collapsed: "Why was it done so easily?" Without even running a few steps, Shen Tingshuang completed the task Xia Xia painstakingly arranged.
The villagers were also a little skeptical about life at this moment. Why didn’t they think about speaking to the sheep just because they didn’t speak human words? The villagers would try it tomorrow. 
The guests were very happy. With the BUG Shen Ting Shuang, the task the directors arranged seemed to be not difficult at all. 
According to the villagers’ promise, there would be a mutton paomo for dinner. The guests’ dinner was supposed to be a simple bun as punishment for failing the task, but the guests won, so the director team temporarily decided to let the guests made mutton paomo themselves in return. 

Mutton Paomo here
Tearing the bread for paomo was really troublesome. If you wanted it to be delicious, you have to tear it up in small pieces. If their speed was fast, they should be able to tear one bread in two to three minutes, but a bowl of paomo needed at least a couple of breads to be full. 
Gu Yuan on the side tore one bread for a long time before finally looking at Shen Tingshuang to ask for help. 
Shen Tingshuang took Gu Yuan's bowl, and within 30 seconds, she tore up Gu Yuan's portion. 
[It's over. I want to build a TingYuan CP.]
[Stop in front, I'll join!]
After that, everyone gave their not yet tore breads to Shen Tingshuang. 
The directors glanced at Xia Xia sitting in front of the screen with an expression ‘I'm so angry, but I still have to keep smiling.’

Soon, the six guests finished tearing up the breads.
[Hahaha, I feel that the difficulty of the tasks set by the program group is not difficult.]
[Laughing to death, Ah Shuang is the show’s mission terminator.]
[It is estimated that the director team has a headache now.] 
After tearing up the bun, the guests started adding rice noodles, soup, and finally put a layer of mutton slices on top.
This mutton slice was not as thin regular mutton, it was moderately thick, but the seasoning soaked in very well. Once all of the components were added, the aroma of steamed mutton comes out.
This mutton paomo did not contain chili, but there was no fishy smell at all.
After a bite of the mutton, the guests tasted its deliciousness and everyone's appetite rose, add in chewy noodles, they tasted the combination all the way. 
After absorbing the soup, the hard bread became watery and flavorful. Finally, the guests took a sip of the soup and instantly felt that their life was complete.

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