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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 55

ATBBMPL – Chapter 55


Extra chapter 1 of 1


As for the last female guest, Xia Xia hasn't decided who to choose.
She has planned to invite Shen Xuan at the end of last year, but after the bad reviews on her latest movie, Shen Xuan popularity has flopped. 
So Xia Xia wanted to change.
Shen Xuan herself knew that Banana Station was planning a variety show recently. She also knew that this variety show invited Qin Yueze as the only confirmed guest for now. As the first variety show in Qin Yueze's carrier, everyone talked a lot.
Later, Geng Chengyun's agent and Shen Xuan's agent revealed to Shen Xuan that Geng Chengyun had been invited by the program group. They both starred in ‘Sword Fairy’, if they invited Geng Chengyun, she should also be invited.
Shen Xuan waited for another day, only to find that no one from Banana Station contacted her.  Shen Xuan's agent went to the Banana Station, but there was no news all morning, so Shen Xuan approached Fu Letian. Fu Letian then contacted the deputy director of Banana Station. 
Xia Xia sighed, it didn’t matter anyway, there was no more suitable candidate now. When Shen Xuan got the last female guest position, the show could start filming.
The schedule was set mainly according to Qin Yueze's available time. The first shooting time was from next Friday’s 6 o'clock in the morning to Sunday night. 
Except for Qin Yueze, the rest of the guests have not been announced in advance, as the crews wanted to retain some mystery.  The recording on Friday would be the first time the guests met. 
At 6 o'clock on the day of recording, the camera crew started and entered the guest rooms. 
Shen Tingshuang knew that the director team was coming, so she temporarily erased Xin Yuan Shan's formation. 
Because Shen Tingshuang lived on the mountain, the cameraman drove to the courtyard directly.  All the way, the car passed through the bamboo forest under the mountain, which gave people a feeling of passing through a secret place.
After passing through the bamboo forest, they found that there were Gesang flowers on both sides of the road. Walking up the mountain, there were a variety of flowers. The most amazing thing was that you can see all kinds of melons and fruits, colorful, as if you have entered a dreamland. 
They originally planned to start recording when they arrived, but the cameraman couldn't help seeing such beautiful scenery and turned on the camera to start shooting. Therefore, the camera director Xia Xia saw this.
Qin Yueze’s cameraman started recording and found that Qin Yueze had packed his luggage and was ready to set off, so the cameraman only took videos of Qin Yueze’s living room, but that’s it. The Cameraman found that the actor's living room was very tidy. 
Geng Chengyun with his messy hair saw the cameraman and immediately sit up then get out of bed to freshen up. 
Bai Hao also saw the cameraman and he sat on the bed, froze for a while, then changed clothes listlessly. 
For the female guests, Liu Jing and Shen Xuan have already put on their makeup and were ready to set off. 
As soon as the recording started, on the last TV screen, there were pleasing flowers and fruits. The staff behind Xia Xia swallowed, "Why didn't she sell them when she has these many fruits!"
Every time the fruits were on the shelves, they thought there was not much fruit available. But at this moment, everyone saw a small trailer appeared on the screen, full of fruits. 
Seeing the cameraman, Shen Tingshuang stopped and said hello: "Wait for a moment, I will put the fruit under the mountain first."
Shen Tingshuang would be filming these days, so Shen Tingshuang has said to Lu Minghui so that when he came every morning he could pick up the goods on the small trailer. As for the goods on the cart, Yingying should help.
Yingying said that Shen Tingshuang has let him live in her mountain, so for this matter, he would help. It was just a matter of a few seconds anyway.
Shen Tingshuang drove the small trailer down after speaking. The cameraman quickly turned around and hurriedly followed. Shen Tingshuang parked the small trailer down the mountain and took her suitcase from the back.
Shen Tingshuang said to the crew following behind her: "Should we go now?"
The crew was taken aback for a moment, mainly in Shen Tingshuang's silence. The girl was really not saying anything. However, the relationship between everyone was not very familiar, and it should be difficult to chat casually so soon.
The crew asked Shen Tingshuang to pass the luggage to them and they gave the task card to her: "This is the task card for the guest." 
Shen Tingshuang opened it, and it said: "Task 1: Please gather at the airport in City B. Every time you recognize a guest, you will get a bonus point."
After reading it, Shen Tingshuang closed the card.  The staff stood there and didn't move. Why didn't the guests read the task? 
Shen Tingshuang: "Should I take your car to the airport?"
The staff reacted: "Ah yes." Shen Tingshuang got in the car.
Along the way, Shen Tingshuang was also very silent. Fearing that there would be no screentime in the later period, Xia Xia motioned to the crew in the headset to ask him to find a topic. 
He had to look back and ask: "Can you guess who the other guests are?"
Shen Tingshuang shook her head. There are too many variety show guests. She has been watching every day these days, and she hasn't even remembered a few names:  "Are there any hints?"
Shen Tingshuang waved her hands: "Then I won't be able to guess."
The crew thought Shen Tingshuang was a bit cute: "Are you nervous?"After all, this was Shen Tingshuang's first time in a variety show.
Shen Tingshuang: "Not nervous." According to her logic, these recording were nothing more than an effort to raise her influence as per tasked by the system, so these have no effect on her. 
The staff went silent again, but realized that Shen Tingshuang was really not nervous. 
After looking for a few topics bluntly, the car finally arrived at the airport. 
Yao Village was far from City B, but close to the airport, so Shen Tingshuang was the first to arrive. 
The crew got out of the car: "This is your boarding pass, I wish you a pleasant journey."

"Thank you." Shen Tingshuang took the ticket and entered the waiting room.
The crew was left behind, alone in the wind. The crew who worked behind the scene said: "She won't wait for anyone?" Generally at this time most celebrities waited in the lobby to met other guests, they did this to have more shots later.
Xia Xia shook her head. This internet celebrity was really amateur, so she didn’t anything. She didn’t know why Shen Tingshuang did this but it was precisely because of these uncertain factors that make this variety show more attractive.
In the first filming, including Qin Yueze, the tickets for the six guests were all first class, and there was no one in the waiting room. Shen Tingshuang woke up early, so she has not eat breakfast yet. She saw that there were a lot of stalls selling small desserts and drinks, so she chose some pastries, found a place to sit down, and began to wait for other guests.
In the past, when she did live broadcast, she often ate fruits, so even if someone recorded her when she was eating, she didn’t feel embarrassed. After eating a plate of pastries, Shen Tingshuang saw someone sitting on the table next to her, wearing a mask, a little familiar.
After thinking for a while, suddenly she found that it was Bai Hao who had appeared in the live broadcast of VIVI.
After entering the waiting room, the equipment of the filming crew was changed so it was not so obvious. But there were always people surrounding the guest, so Shen Tingshuang saw Bai Hao, or more specifically she saw him because of the people behind him.
Bai Hao saw someone looking at him, but he didn’t care. He made a cup of tea, leaned on a chair and listened to a song, until the person observing him, walked up to him: "Excuse me, are you a guest for <Travel Together>?" 
Bai Hao raised his head, saw the person coming, and was stunned. Even someone who has been in the entertainment industry for so long, seeing the girl in front of him, will be amazed. She was really beautiful, with a real bare face, but standing just like that, she could attract all eyes: "Ah, yes." 
Shen Tingshuang smiled, "I guessed it right." It means one point would be added. 
Seeing the smile on the other side, Bai Hao panicked, and quickly reacted, and this one was also one of the guests: "Are you too?" Shen Tingshuang nodded slightly. 
Bai Hao pulled off the earphones and introduced himself: "Hello, I am Bai Hao."
Shen Tingshuang: "I am Shen Tingshuang. I saw you in the VIVI live broadcast room before." 
Bai Hao's smile cracked for a moment. With so many works, he shouldn’t look bad. Why did the person in front of him recognize him from a live broadcast room? 
Originally, Bai Hao was still going to say something, but Shen Tingshuang returned to her seat and continued to eat pastries happily. 
Bai Hao: "?"  
The third guest that arrived was Liu Jing. Shen Tingshuang knew her as she starred in 'The Answer' with Qin Yueze. With the crew following her, Shen Tingshuang immediately confirmed that she was also a guest and wanted to ask her down immediately. So she walked to the side of Liu Jing. 
Liu Jing thought it was a fan that came to ask for an autograph, but when she saw that the person was very beautiful, her expression was dull for a moment. Then she heard the person said "Hello, are you also a guest?"
Liu Jing was taken aback for a moment, and let out a bit of doubt.  Shen Tingshuang thought Liu Jing hadn’t heard it clearly, and asked again: "Are you a guest of <Travel Together>?"
Liu Jing nodded. She also received the task card in the morning, so she knew that this was one of the tasks: "You too aren’t you?"
"Yeah." Shen Tingshuang guessed the two correctly and received two points. 
Liu Jing reacted, thinking that Shen Tingshuang was probably a newcomer, after all, there was Qin Yueze in this issue, and she might want to hype with Qin Yueze for her debut. 
Seeing Liu Jing still in a daze, Shen Tingshuang said: "If you haven't eaten breakfast, you can have some of these pastries, I will go first."
Liu Jing watched Shen Tingshuang sat down, and then only realized that Shen Tingshuang has given pastries to her, an actress. In other words, these pastries were impossible to eat; after all, their calories were too high. 
But Shen Tingshuang didn't mind Liu Jing at all. She was eating all the time. 

Liu Jing wondered whether this kid wanted to make her debut as a person who "eats", but such actresses have always flopped. 
Liu Jing walked over and found Bai Hao. After they said hello, they guessed each other. 
Each of these three people was sitting at a different table. 
The fourth guest to come was Geng Chengyun, but he sat directly in the corner, then turned on his phone and started playing games, as if no other people could enter his world now. 
The last person who came was Shen Xuan. Shen Tingshuang saw Shen Xuan, but she was too lazy to take care of her. She had already guessed that Shen Xuan would most likely be one of the guests this time. 
Actually, Shen Xuan started on the road early, but unfortunately, the car has some problems on the way so she just arrived now. She hadn't had time to guess the other guests when she heard that the time for the first mission was over and it was time to board the plane. 
At this time, the five guests got up at the same time and walked towards the plane. When Shen Xuan saw Shen Tingshuang behind, she thought in her heart that Shen Tingshuang was definitely not a guest, and was just following along with the rest of the people.
Shen Xuan said hello, and Geng Chengyun nodded as a response.
Qin Yueze also came out of another room. In fact, Qin Yueze had already come, but because in this variety show the news that Qin Yueze would participate was released in advance, Qin Yueze did not participate in the first mission.
After Qin Yueze came, he was also arranged in another room. There were exactly six seats in the first class cabin. The seating has been assigned a long time ago by the crew, with Qin Yueze on the left and Liu Jing on the right of first row; Bai Hao on the left and Shen Xuan on the right of second row; then Geng Chengyun on the left and Shen Tingshuang on the right of the third row.
Among these people, Shen Tingshuang only did not know Geng Chengyun. After all, Shen Tingshuang has not watched the movie ‘Sword Fairy’ until now.
After sitting down, everyone knew all the guests this time, but the talks between these people surrounded around Qin Yueze.

Qin Yueze turned back and found Shen Tingshuang sitting in the back alone: ​​"Everyone is familiar with me. But this one may not be familiar to everyone. Let me introduce, she is Xin Yuan Shan’s Shen Tingshuang. The fruits she grows are delicious." Everyone looked at Shen Tingshuang who was waving her hands. 
The jealousy in Shen Xuan’s eyes flashed past. When she entered the entertainment industry, she wanted to make a career by using gentle and kind personality so that she could find a wealthy family to marry to. The other reason was to get close to Qin Yueze, the white moonlight* in her heart. (*TN: White moonlight = first love / past love)
Unexpectedly, Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze met first and even seemed as if they know each other well. Qin Yueze has spoken in behalf of Shen Tingshuang many times in the past few months and she knew all of this.
She thought it was Shen Tingshuang who had been asking for Qin Yueze’s help. But just now, seeing the interaction between the two, Shen Xuan knew she was wrong. Qin Yueze was different to Shen Tingshuang, how could she not be jealous? 
Liu Jing was the first to react: "I see, did the fruits in your refrigerator given by Shen Tingshuang?" This was a bit ambiguous, this implied that Qin Yueze was angry when she ate the fruits previously because it was given by Shen Tingshuang. Shen Tingshuang has a lot of weight in Qin Yueze's heart. Once Qin Yueze fans know, they will probably tore Shen Tingshuang apart.
"It's indeed given by Shen Tingshunag, but it's not because of this that I was upset, but because the fruit is delicious. Also, you didn't ask for permission to me in advance."
Qin Yueze knew what Liu Jing was thinking. He said the last sentence, just to tell everyone, Liu Jing was good at making ambiguous claims. 
Liu Jing's eyes widened, she realized that Qin Yueze was different to Shen Tingshuang.
There were several of them who have not eaten Shen Tingshuang's fruit. Hearing this Bai Hao said: "Tingshuang, can you bring some fruit next time? Just a little bit." Eat too much, he would definitely gain weight, and his agent would scold him to death. 
Shen Tingshuang readily agreed: "OK."
Shen Xuan found that she hadn't spoken at all. This was not good. During the post editing, it would be embarrassing if there was no screen time. Everyone in the group was talking to Shen Tingshuang, so she said, "Sister, I didn't expect you to come to the show." 
Sister? Everyone was stunned again. Looking back at Shen Tingshuang, they found that she didn't want to talk at all. She picked up the blindfold next to her, covered her eyes, and started to sleep.
The atmosphere went silent. Even though these people worked in the entertainment industry, they were all human beings. Anyone realized that there was a problem between the two, but Shen Tingshuang was the first person who was not afraid of what others say and directly ignored someone.
Shen Xuan also did not expect Shen Tingshuang to participate in a variety show for the first time.  The show was so crazy, but she was not worried. When the first episode was broadcasted, the scolding would definitely be different.
The six guests did not chat further, some closed their eyes to rest, and some began to sleep. Except for Geng Chengyun, he has been sitting in the corner and watched some videos. If people looked carefully, they would find that it was a game video.
After 2 hours, the plane landed, and then the six people transferred to a bus. It was another hour's journey and finally they entered a small ancient town. The car took the six guests to the town square, where Xia Xia and the other crews were waiting.
"Welcome all the guests to join our program <Travel Together>. We are now in an ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Everyone will stay here for three days and two nights. I will announce the scores of the first round of the task just now. Shen Tingshuang 2 points, Bai Hao 1 point, and Liu Jing 1 point."
There was also a second round of tasks here. Each guest got ten arrows and they needed to throw them while staying behind the red line. They would get one point when it entered the bamboo basket. Finally, the crew would calculate to the points of the two tasks and the guests would be ranked according to the score to pick a room. The entire program team rented a large house with six rooms. The best room has everything in it, while the simplest room has only one bed. 
Everyone applauded after Qin Yueze started throwing and managed to score all ten sticks. Next was Bai Hao, who barely scored three of them, Geng Chengyun scored five of them, and Liu Jing scored six of them.
She was satisfied with this score, and she was even a little grateful for her throwing practices needed to shoot 'The Answer'. 
Shen Xuan was more reluctant, no score on the first five, but finally managed to score two in the back.  Liu Jing said: "It's already pretty good, and there will always progress. Maybe next time you can get five!" Shen Xuan smiled reluctantly. How could she not understand that Liu Jing was praising her on the surface, but the purpose was to say that no matter how hard she worked, she can't compare to her. 
Soon it was Shen Tingshuang’s turn, everyone looked at her and wondered if she could get points. Shen Xuan prayed in her heart that Shen Tingshuang would not score any, however, she was destined to be disappointed.
Shen Tingshuang directly took ten arrows and gently moved towards the line and threw them at once like that towards the bamboo basket. Everyone was stunned.
"All ten!" 
"Wow Shen Tingshuang, unexpectedly you are so powerful." 
Xia Xia did not expect that Shen Tingshuang would have this kind of ability and her eyes were again surprised. She was more and more looking forward to Shen Tingshuang's next performance: "In the second mission, Qin Yueze scored 10 points, Shen Tingshuang 10 points, Liu Jing 6 points, Geng Chengyun 5 points, Bai Hao 3 points, and Shen Xuan 2 points."
The scores of the two rounds of tasks were added together, Shen Tingshuang 12 points, Qin Yueze 10 points, Liu Jing 7 points, Geng Chengyun 5 points, Bai Hao 4 points, and Shen Xuan 2 points, please select the room according to the points."
Because Qin Yueze couldn't participate in the first round, Xia Xia and the others specially arranged the second task according to Qin Yueze's strengths, but they didn't expect that there would be someone like Shen Tingshuang. After arriving at the house rented by the program group, they thought: "How overgrown with weeds."
"The program group is not kind."
Shen Tingshuang thought this building was good.
There were white fences outside. Although it was dirty, it could be cleaned. There was also a small garden inside. Although weeds were overgrown and the flowers were messy, it would look nice after some tidying up.
Everyone has entered the house. This building was three stories high. The first floor was the living room, kitchen and study and other public areas. The second and third floors were all bedrooms.

There was a camera in the room, so there was no need for a cameraman to follow. Of course, there was no camera in the bathroom.
After everyone visited the room, Xia Xia said: "Please Shen Tingshuang chooses the room first." 
Shen Tingshuang finished checking the rooms and chose the innermost room on the third floor. The best room was the middle of the third floor, but it was too big. Although this room was not the best, it has everything in it, and it also has a separate bathroom. Plus it was quiet here. 
Next was Qin Yueze. Qin Yueze chose the middle room on the third floor. This room was the best. After that was third rank Liu Jing.
The best room in the whole building was the middle room on the third floor, and the next one was the middle on the second floor. She thought that Shen Tingshuang would definitely choose one of them. In her thought, after Qin Yueze chose, she could choose the room on his right. But what she never expected was that Shen Tingshuang chose the rightmost room on the third floor.
She really wanted to stay next to Qin Yueze, but the rooms on the left on the third floor and the leftmost room on the second floor were the worst. If she chose that, she would definitely be scolded by Qin Yueze fans, saying she has ulterior motives. After all, this was too obvious.
So Liu Jing thought over and over again and chose the room in the middle of the second floor.
Geng Chengyun was not so entangled and chose the room on the right of the second floor. The remaining two were rooms that were not good. Bai Hao chose the second floor, at least it has less stairs.
Shen Xuan was a little sad because she was ranked last previously, but she was happy at the moment. She didn’t expect that she could still stay in the room next to Qin Yueze. 
However Shen Xuan still pretended to be a little sad on the surface, after all, it was the worst room.
Liu Jing on the side saw this and said, "Xuansuan, if you don't like this room, I'll change it with you." She originally wanted to live next to Qin Yueze, but didn’t because there was no excuse. If Shen Xuan didn't want to stay in that room, she now had an excuse to change. In the eyes of fans, she would be seen as kind and gentle.
Shen Xuan who realized Liu Jing's thoughts: "No way, sister Jing chooses the room based on her own ability, how can I exchange with you."
Fortunately, the director group on the side spoke, so that they did not continue to struggle on this topic.  "This is your living funds for these three days. I hope you will have a good time. In addition, I have to trouble you to temporarily hand over your mobile phones to the director team."
Everyone handed over their phones, then opened the envelope and counted. There were only ten one hundred bills in there. 
"No way, a thousand yuan will not be enough!" Bai Hao said immediately, it would not even be enough for his own meal, let alone six people for three days. If he knew he would have eaten more at the airport. 
Geng Chengyun didn't seem to care. 
Shen Xuan said, "You can live a bit frugally."
Liu Jing said, "If you don't mind, how about I keep these living expenses?" Everyone had no objection, so Liu Jing failed to make a big speech.
Shen Xuan on the side then said: "Then hard-working sister Jing should keep the money first, the other let's go up and unpack our luggage."
When Geng Chengyun heard this, he went straight upstairs with his luggage, and the others followed along with their luggage. Liu Jing almost couldn’t hold her temper.
Qin Yueze was standing next to Shen Tingshuang, and saw everyone walking up with their luggage.  He asked sideways: "I'll help you with your luggage?" 
Shen Tingshuang quickly refused: "No need, my luggage is very light." As she spoke she picked up her luggage and ran upstairs.
Seeing Qin Yueze asked Shen Tingshuang, Shen Xuan was thinking about how to make Qin Yueze notice her and help carry her luggage. As a result, she saw Qin Yueze followed Shen Tingshuang directly and went upstairs. Shen Xuan had no choice but to lift her luggage to the third floor by herself. The luggage was too heavy and no one helped. Shen Xuan regretted how she brought so many things now.
Shen Tingshuang’s luggage was considered to be the least of all the guests, after putting away her few clothes, she went straight downstairs. She found a pair of scissors on the first floor, searched again for a while and found a rusty spatula. Holding these two tools, Shen Tingshuang went out.
The second one to go down was Liu Jing. She took her notebook and sat down in the study.

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