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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land - Chapter 42

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 42


    Shen Tingshuang slept soundly, but someone had insomnia. 
    Mr. Xie, who was instructed by Wang Qian lied in the hospital’s bed, he hadn't slept well for several nights. It wasn't that he doesn’t want to sleep, but, as long as his eyes were closed, he would have a nightmare.  
    He felt in a trance. People in his family said that he was too greedy for money to be able to do such a thing.  The person in the same ward spoke for Shen Tingshuang and said that he did such a thing, he would suffer retribution. 
    He stared at the dark ward and thought to himself, was this really retribution?  
    Beside Xie's insomnia, Qin Yueze's big fan Si Maidong also couldn't sleep. She has followed Qin Yueze for so many years and never seen him post Weibo for a person. Even if he has a rumored relationship with an actress, he has never posted an explanation on Weibo.  
    For the birthday party, Qin Yueze chose Xin Yuan Shan's fruit, they could understand that. After all, Xin Yuan Shan's fruit was delicious, and that person also saved Qin Yueze.
    But now that something happened to Xin Yuan Shan, before the matter was investigated, Qin Yueze actually took the initiative to speak for Xin Yuan Shan. What if there was indeed a problem with Xin Yuan Shan's fruit?
    Si Maidong thought for a day but couldn't figure it out, and finally sent a message to Ai Ming. Ai Ming sighed after seeing the message sent by Si Maidong. The reason why Qin Yueze did this was probably because of Shen Tingshuang's life experience. 
    When Qin Yueze was young, his parents were busy with business and seldom accompanied him. At the age of ten, Qin Yueze's parents died unexpectedly. Without the protection of his parents, the journey of growth was always much harder than other children.  
    Although Shen Tingshuang has parents, it was as if she didn't have any. Qin Yueze may have seen himself in Shen Tingshuang.
    At five o'clock in the morning the task arrived as scheduled: "Please plant 40 kinds of condiments within 43 hours." 
"Condiments?" Shen Tingshuang grasped her hair. 
"Green onion, ginger, garlic." The system said.
    Shen Tingshuang who has grown several different kinds of peppers: "How many kinds of condiments are green onions and chives?"  
    "2 kinds." The system said.
    Then this would be easy to handle, Shen Tingshuang suddenly thought of all kinds of condiment seeds. 
    In addition to the green onion, ginger, and garlic that have been planted, there were four different kinds of peppers. Shen Tingshuang counted them with her fingers: "There are also cinnamon, star anise, basil, coriander, chili, as well as bay leaves, Sichuan pepper, black pepper, wood ginger,  mint, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, and fennel." 
    Shen Tingshuang bought some from a certain treasure before, but they were not complete, so Shen Tingshuang had to visit the city again today. But she would prepare the fruits for Super Mall.

    As soon as Lu Minghui left, Yang Zhengqing and Wei Youyou came: "Wang Qing has been arrested by us," the two told Shen Tingshuang at the time that they would notify Shen Tingshuang as soon as possible, so they did not go to their station this morning but came to Xin Yuan Shan.  
Shen Tingshuang: "Can I go and see her?" 
    Shen Tingshuang has caused a total of two grievances. The first time was against black fan of Qin Yueze. Afterwards, that person had nightmares for several days and he was very haggard. The second time it was to the man named Xie. In the hospital that day, she gave more grievances to him. In addition to made Xie tell the truth, it was also because Xie did something worse than this black fan. 
    The black fan just stole fruits and insulted her. But Xie was framing her, which had a certain impact on Shen Tingshuang fruit sale, which had an impact on her task completion, and it could also be said that it prevented her spiritual veins from recovering. 
   This caused substantial damage. So that time, when Shen Tingshuang gave him grievances, she gave more. As for the instigator, Shen Tingshuang intended to arouse even more grievances. If she have a grudge against an evil person, Shen Tingshuang feels that she might become a good person, so she wanted revenge to Wang Qing. 
"Yes," Wei Youyou said. 
   Yang Zhengqing said: "Then let's buy some fruit first." God knows how much he wanted to eat the watermelon again. He wanted to buy it yesterday, but the news Xie said was too important. They had to take the case.
Shen Tingshuang: "You choose."
   Yang Zhengqing was not polite. He picked a catty of everything. Cantaloupe and watermelon directly took one whole fruit. Thinking of being balanced, Yang Zhengqing took more peaches. Wei Youyou also bought some upon seeing this.
   The villagers who passed by saw this: "Are you the police?" They dare not bought fruit here these days, but they were greedy for the taste. 
   Today, they were checking if anyone bought it when they saw the police.  Wei Youyou and Yang Zhengqing said in unison: "Yes." 
"Isn't there something wrong with Xin Yuan Shan's fruit?" The villager asked in a low voice.  
Wei Youyou: "That's a rumor."
   Yang Zhengqing also explained: "This fruit is very good. I bought a watermelon before and it was eaten by the colleagues of our station in less than half an hour." After thinking about it, he added: "They were all policemen and policewomen." 
   One villager said: "Like I said, how could there be a problem with such a delicious fruit."  The other said "Yes, this person who spreads the rumors is too hateful. Have you caught it?" 
Wei Youyou: "Once we caught the person will process the punishment."
   These villagers felt that they have been tricked. Other people said that there was a problem and made them scared.  They didn't dare to buy it. 
   The rumors said there was a problem with this fruit. Shao Feng said it was okay but the villagers would not believe it. However if the police came to buy it and said it was okay, the villagers would definitely believe it. If they didn't believe even the police, they were a total fool! 
   As a result, the villagers began to buy fruit again, but soon they discovered that there were not many fruits provided, and many outsiders were robbing them.
   Yang Zhengqing and Wei Youyou selected their fruits, and Shen Tingshuang followed them to the police station.  
Wei Youyou: "Wang Qing was detained inside."
   Shen Tingshuang followed Wei Youyou to the place where the prisoners were kept. Wang Qian usually wears heavy makeup. Today was the first time Shen Tingshuang saw her without makeup. The big eyes became triangular eyes, and it was not a good person just by looking at her face. 
Wang Qian saw Shen Tingshuang: "You came to see me suffering, right?"
Shen Tingshuang: "Yes." 
   After speaking, Shen Tingshuang no longer looked at Wang Qing, she turned to Wei Youyou: "I'm done, I will go back first, thank you." Shen Ting Shuangzhen turned around and left.  
Wei Youyou slowly asked: "What's wrong?" 
   Wang Qian inside suddenly became excited: "Shen Tingshuang, come here! What are you pretending for? You are very happy to see me like this, aren't you?"
   The roar was too loud, Wei Youyou directly hit the rails with an electric baton. Wang Qian was so angry when everything around her suddenly became dark and she seemed to see several shadows.
   There was a lot of grievance in the police station, but because of the positive energy exuded by the police comrades, these grievances generally did not dare to come out.  
   Shen Tingshuang came here not to really see Wang Qing, but to give Wang Qian some grievances, even more than that Xie! 
   Even as ginseng spirit that has lived for thousands of years, she still felt that it was a very right thing to have revenge, although Wang Qing was just a small and insignificant disease for her. 
   After "visiting" Wang Qing, Shen Tingshuang went to the vegetable market. In addition to condiment seeds, Shen Tingshuang also bought a lot of vegetable seeds. The small trailer was fully loaded.  
   Shen Tingshuang hasn’t watched any live broadcasts during this time, and Shen Tingshuang has saved a lot of money. Even if she bought so many kinds of seeds in the past two days, Shen Tingshuang still has more than 670,000 on her account. 
   This small trailer was too slow so Shen Tingshuang wants to buy a car.  In just a minute, Shen Tingshuang made a decision and immediately went to buy a car.  She didn't know any of this, but thought of Qin Yueze's X car. It was quite comfortable to sit inside car that night in the courtyard,  so Shen Tingshuang opened the navigation and went to nearby X automobile store. X cars started at least 500,000, so when Shen Tingshuang came driving a small trailer, she was stopped by security at the store entrance.  
"Miss, why are you here?" 
   Shen Tingshuang was a little puzzled: "Buy a car." Why else would she come here if not to buy a car?
   The security guard saw that Shen Tingshuang was good-looking, but was not well dressed. With a small trailer, it was hard to think of her as someone with enough money to buy car here: "The car next door is probably better for you." 
Shen Tingshuang: "But I don't want to buy there." 
The security guard said: "Then you can find a place outside to park the car and then come back." 
   "Okay." Shen Tingshuang was about to reverse the car when a girl in a suit came from behind to greet Shen Tingshuang: "I just heard that you want to buy a car, right?"
   Shen Tingshuang nodded. The girl introduced herself: "Hello, I am Lili, the staff member here, can I take you to see the car?"  
"Okay, thank you." Shen Tingshuang agreed. 
Lili motioned to the security guard to open the fence: "Your car can be parked here."  

   Lili was a new intern in X. She was humble and has a good relationship with the security guard. Seeing that Lili has said so, the security guard also opened the railing. Although in a place like X store, how weird it looked to park a small trailer.  
   Shen Tingshuang parked the car and entered the store with Lili. Lili asked as she walked, "Do you have any specific needs for the car?" 
   "It should be able to run on mountain roads, with large capacity and comfort." After thinking about it, Shen Tingshuang added another sentence: "In black is the best." 
Lili guide Shen Tingshuang inside: "Let’s take a look at this SUV. This is the latest SUV.'
   Shen Tingshuang tried it. She felt not very satisfied with this one. Lili was not in a hurry, and brought her to try several other models. Shen Tingshuang was still not satisfied.
   "Wait a moment." Lili went to pour a cup of chrysanthemum tea, and the colleagues on the side couldn't stand it anymore. So while Lili was pouring tea, one of them said: "That woman can't afford our car by her appearance. Don't take her to long, you are just wasting time." 
   Lili said indifferently: "It doesn't matter, I will just take this as practice while getting to know the cars better"
   "This is chrysanthemum tea. You moisten your mouth a little, and I will continue show you some more." 
   When Shen Tingshuang saw Qin Yueze's car, Lili said: "This car is used by many people. It is relatively low-key, but it has good performance." 
"How much?" After Shen Tingshuang tried it, she was satisfied with this.
   Lili said: "Standard configuration is 1.1 million, the mid-range is 1.2 million, and the top configuration is 1.3 million." 
   Shen Tingshuang glanced at her Alipay, 678,391 yuan, not enough. Lili's colleague suddenly asked: "Miss, do you not have enough money?" 
Shen Tingshuang nodded: "Yes." 
   The colleague looked at Lili and showed an expression that said I had guessed. Lili said: "Buy a car now, you can pay 50% down payment and the rest can be paid by mortgage."
   "Wait for a moment." Shen Tingshuang felt that mortgage was too complicated. It's better to find someone to advance some money. 
Lili said "OK." 
   When Shen Tingshuang went to make a call, the colleagues next to Lili said: "She may be someone's mistress, call and find the man to give more money so she can buy it."
Next colleague agreed "She looks so beautiful, this must be the case."  
   Another one said "But she was too ruthless. She is asking for a 1.1 million car at once."
   The money for a certain treasure shop sale could only be credited to Shen Tingshuang account after the buyer confirms the receipt, so some of the payment has not yet arrived. She has many pending payments but was a little sort on accessible funds right now. 
The author has something to say: 
Ah Qi remember a joke she saw a long time ago. 
A beautiful woman drives a Minicooper. Then at the traffic light, a passerby said that this woman is a mistress at first sight. 
Then the beautiful woman who drove yelled: "Have you ever seen a mistress get up to work at 7 o'clock in the morning?" 

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  1. While the joke wasn't that funny it fits the scenario.

  2. Hopefully we see how ms wang suffers heheeg

  3. Some people really can't just keep their ugly words to themselves. It's not even their money she's using so why they gotta be judgemental

    1. Cause they think selling to her is ruining their shop's reputation, but they still have to sell cause otherwise they'd have to go looking for a new job. Hence, they're feeling resentment and they're venting it by criticizing her...

    2. What's wrong with this society if a woman in ordinary clothes can buy a car meaning that's she's a mistress?

  4. idk if i should put a spoiler alert but my friend told me that shoe fang or sheo or shoa fang or shao fang's mother stoped liking her i think


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