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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 69

ATBBMPL – Chapter 69


Shao Feng’s mother looked at Shao Feng, and she again felt regret.
Before, their lives have improved a lot because of Shen Tingshuang. But knowing that her son liked Shen Tingshuang, Shao Feng’s mother couldn’t bear it. She felt anger in her heart as if Shen Tingshuang was a goblin who seduced her son.
Then, she slowly discovered that Shen Tingshuang didn't even like her son, and she became even angrier. What’s wrong with her son that Shen Tingshuang didn’t like? Her son was excellent.
Later, because of those gossips, Shen Tingshuang and Shao Feng did not keep in contact anymore, and Shao Feng was silent every day, also her husband often blamed her, saying that if it was not because of her Xin Yuan Shan would still in a good relationship with them.
At first, Shao Feng’s mother would still talk back. But then, she found that if she didn’t act like that back then, Shao Feng and Shen Tingshuang might be together now and they what they were right now.
But, there was no medicine for regret.
There was also Xia Xia who was also having a headache.
She has a big problem. The third recording of the show has such disaster. The thing was that there was a problem with her decision at that time. Shen Tingshuang asked the cameramen turned off the camera, but Xia Xia and the others insisted to keep them on.
Fortunately, there were no casualties in the end, but this made her re-examine where to go for the next recording, wait no, whether the guests would still be willing to participate in the next recording. 
Nowadays, many netizens were commenting on Weibo, asking them to reconsider security issues. This was one example of comment with a good tone, the others were almost directly cursing. After all, there were six guests in their program group and various fans. 
After such thing happened, many didn’t even agree for their idol to still participate on this show.
However, Xia Xia still went to Ai Ming first. This time, as the head of the crew, she had to come directly. First to apologize for the incident that compromised the safety of the guests. Second, she would like to ask whether the artist was still willing to participate in the fourth recording.
Ai Ming had heard Qin Yueze talk about these things. Although it was nerve-wracking, Qin Yueze came back safely in the end.
There was just one thing that Ai Ming didn’t expect. Qin Yueze was really in love with Shen Tingshuang. On one hand it was basically impossible, as if Qin Yueze was in love at this time, fans will definitely be sad and might took off from the fandom. And on the other hand Ai Ming always thought that these two seemed to be very detached with the rest of the world.
After Qin Yueze said that he had confessed, he also said that Shen Tingshuang did not accept it. Ai Ming was still dumbfounded and thought ‘Why? His family Yueze is the best actor!’
But after thinking about it carefully, Shen Tingshuang seemed to be quite powerful. In terms of appearance, she was no worse than Qin Yueze. In terms of career, she farmed until even Tu Yuan recognized the delicious fruits she produced.  Otherwise, why would she look down upon Qin Yueze, the national husband? 
As for Qin Yueze's participation in the fourth recording, Ai Ming replied that it depended on Qin Yueze himself.
Since Xia Xia knew now that Qin Yueze was the head of Qin Group, how could she dare to face this god directly? So she asked Ai Ming for help. 
Before making a decision, Qin Yueze asked Shen Tingshuang. 
Shen Tingshuang said that she would definitely go to the fourth recording, after all, the contract was signed for five sessions. 
Soon, Qin Yueze's reply came, he was willing to participate in the fourth recording, Xia Xia finally let go of worry.
While she went to other guests to apologize, she also asked them for their participation on the next recording. 
Xia Xia went to Shen Tingshuang's place. She felt that among all the guests, she was most sorry for Shen Tingshuang. At that time Xia Xia did not agree to turn off the cameras, but she did not expect that Shen Tingshuang asked for it because of the flood. 
Fortunately, Shen Tingshuang didn't care about these things and all six guests were willing to participate on the next recording. 

Netizens paid much attention to the dam incident in X City.
The relief materials and funds were very transparent. This was also known as the fastest settlement in the history of China.
Just when everyone was happy, Shen Tingshuang put 300,000 copies of watermelon seedlings on the shelves.
This was unprecedented, and all netizens went crazy for a while. 
[I really saw the watermelon seedlings on the shelf, but in a second, it became a commodity off the shelf.]
[Do you believe me? I went to the payment interface, but it told me that there was an error in the system. I refreshed it again and it was gone.]
After the seedlings were put on the shelves twice in succession, Shen Tingshuang's spiritual veins had recovered to 92%. As long as the seedlings were sold 8 more times, Shen Tingshuang's spiritual veins could be completely restored. 
There was no need to record programs these days, so Shen Tingshuang would water the seedlings, and they can be put on the shelves once a day. 
For the remaining eight seedlings, Shen Tingshuang planned to sell apples, pears, peaches and other fruit seedlings that were more common and easy to grow. 
On the third day, netizens were surprised to find that at 7 am, Shen Tingshuang put up seedlings again, this time it was 30,000 apple seedlings.
Following this, netizens set an alarm clock at 6:55 every morning, just to grab the seedlings.
On the fourth day, Shen Tingshuang put something on the shelves again, but unfortunately, even though many netizens set alarm clock, many people still didn't manage to grab even one of the 300,000 seedlings up for sale.
For eight days in a row, Shen Tingshuang has put seedlings on the shelves, which made netizens think that Shen Tingshuang would be doing this every day from now on.
As a result, when it was the ninth day, Shen Tingshuang's certain treasure shop no longer stocked new seedlings. 

[Why? Did Ah Shuang forget today?]
[I think it is very likely that Ah Shuang is no longer selling seedlings.]
[So sad, I didn't get even one of these nine batches of seedlings.] 
Contrary to the feelings of netizens, Shen Tingshuang happily received the system prompt: "Congratulations to the host, the spiritual pulse is restored to 100%, and the dying and healing skills are activated."
The mechanical sound of the system just fell, and the originally windy and sunny weather above Yuanshan changed, purple qi gathered together, and then formed purple clouds. Shen Tingshuang's spiritual veins fully recovered, and purple auspicious clouds appeared in the sky. 

Everyone in Yao Village was attracted by this vision. They stood at the gate of their own house. Perhaps they couldn't see it from other places, but they could clearly see that the location of this auspicious cloud was just above Xin Yuan Shan. 
Yingying noticed the abnormality and came to Shen Tingshuang. Watching Shen Tingshuang’s spiritual veins slowly recovered, he stayed calmly by her side. Until the afternoon, when the auspicious clouds slowly dissipated, Yingying stretched out, and flew back to the back mountain. 
Shen Tingshuang's whole person was reborn, complete recovery of spiritual veins and 99% recovery of spiritual veins could be described as a night and day different. For flying, before Shen Tingshuang had to rely on something as a step on, but now, it was completely unnecessary.
Her spiritual energy was also more abundant than before, let alone watering the entire Xin Yuan Shan, watering the entire Yao Village was no problem now. If there were ordinary humans staying near Shen Tingshuang, they would feel comfortable.
Xin Yuan Shan, as it witnessed the full recovery Shen Tingshuang’s spiritual veins today, the surrounding energy also increased sharply. Today, every fruit here was better than before.
Not only the taste, with the spiritual energy contained in it, by eating two kinds of fruit it could even cure all diseases. 
The healing skills were the most useful skills of Shen Tingshuang. As a ginseng spirit, especially someone tens of thousands of years old, a single root hair could pull people back from the dead. 
If Shen Tingshuang saving people previously needed spiritual energy as assistance, nowadays, a single strand of her hair could save lives, let alone Shen Tingshuang's blood. 
After the seedlings were put on the shelves for 9 consecutive days, Shen Tingshuang never put any produce for sale again, whether it was in her certain treasure shop, under the Xin Yuan Shan, or via Meow Meow Takeaways. She only provided fruits as per agreement with Super Mall every day. 
When Lu Minghui saw the fruits recently, he clearly felt that Shen Tingshuang's fruits were better than before.
Pei Wenshu received the fruits brought by Lu Minghui, and immediately felt that their aroma was more intense. To be honest, he ate Shen Tingshuang’s fruits every day, and Pei Wenshu thought that he would be tired of eating after a while, but to this day, not only did he not get tired of eating it, but he even felt that the fragrance smelled better.
When Lu Minghui had just walked away, Pei Wenshu opened the bag full of fruits. He thought that the bananas were pretty good before, but now the bananas were bigger and the yellow color of the bananas was also looks more beautiful. He never thought that Shen Tingshuang's fruit could be better.
Pei Wenshu couldn't wait to peel, and then he took a bite. Soon after he was surprised to find that this fruit was really more delicious than before, and he wondered if it his illusion, but after eating this fruit, he felt very powerful all over.
To be honest, Elder Pei said that he had eaten two kinds of fruits every day, and his health has improved a lot. He said many minor illnesses of his have disappeared. At first, Pei Wenshu thought that this was the old man’s self suggestion, it might only be psychological factor. But after seeing the test report given by the Market Supervision Bureau and also Tu Yuan’s reaction, Pei Wenshu thought that what Elder Pei said was likely to be true.
Pei Wenshu looked at the bag of fruit, and he was more grateful for the cooperation with Shen Tingshuang. Because he also knew that now Shen Tingshuang’s treasure shop, Meow Meow Takeaways and even the foot of Xinyuan Mountain, have no fruit to sell.
In addition to Pei Wenshu, other loyal customers of Shen Tingshuang in Super Mall have also discovered that the quality of Shen Tingshuang's fruits has improved again.
No need for netizens to say this time, the Market Supervision Bureau followed directly to Super Mall to take samples for testing. Super Mall was very distressed when they needed to give the fruit, this made the staff feel that they seemed to have done some unkind things, as sending food for testing was more often done in bad situation.
Soon, the test results came out. This time they checked that the nutrients in these fruits were ten times higher than the last time! What is this concept?
Experience and common sense tell them it was impossible for Shen Tingshuang to be able to grow such fruits. But in reality, the test results were like this. What's more, they have done three tests and the results were the same.

Tu Yuan previously bought strawberry seedlings from Xin Yuan Shan and they finally produced the first crop.
Tu Yuan has its own laboratory, so he immediately picked some of the fruit and tested it personally. He found that the nutrients in it were much higher than what they planted using regular seedlings. Half of the strawberry was kept for consumption and the other half was tested by Tu Yuan. 
After eating it, he found that the nutrients were high and the taste was delicious. On the same day, the Tu Yuan Laboratory also announced their test results.
The people who bought Shen Tingshuang’s seedlings were excited. Although they were restricted, they could buy these precious seedlings and planted them have became a very fortunate thing.
Even for the scalpers that offered high prices, no one actually willing to sell. This thing was high in nutrients, there was no harm, so naturally wanted to keep them for themselves and their family to eat.
People in Yao Village, also knew these two test results. Whether it as the test by the Market Supervision Bureau or the test by Tu Yuan, it showed one thing, that was, the two seedlings were very precious.

The villagers didn’t pay for these seedlings at the beginning, but now they knew the seedlings’ rarity, so without instructions, the villagers spontaneously cleaned the weeds around Xin Yuan Shan as payment.
Some villagers even proposed to build a statue for Shen Tingshuang. But when Yao Dazhu came to Shen Tingshuang to ask for her opinion, he was directly rejected fiercely.
Tu Yuan sent his experiment report to Shen Tingshuang and thanked her. Her seedlings have greatly helped their laboratory to develop some things in the future.
Shen Tingshuang then sent some other seedlings to Tu Yuan.
Tu Yuan treated them as a precious gift, and did not allow his apprentices and subordinates to touch. Not only that, Tu Yuan also thanked Shen Tingshuang on Weibo and said that she has made great contributions to the progress of mankind.
In addition to Weibo, if Tu Yuan received an interview, Tu Yuan would also mention Shen Tingshuang to thank her.
Tu Yuan originally had a deep root in the hearts of Chinese people. If he said this, no one would dare to oppose it. For a time, Shen Tingshuang’s status also rose up.
The time for the fourth recording of <Travel Together> was finally selected.
The place for this episode, Xia Xia chose a prairie, after all, there were no big rivers there, and there would never be any disaster again.
The recording schedule this time was still Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.
Early in the morning, the cameraman came, and Shen Tingshuang was already carrying her luggage and waiting at the foot of the mountain.
The cameraman didn’t know if it was his illusion, as he hasn’t seen Shen Tingshuang for a while, and he felt that she was even more beautiful now. There seemed to be a fairy aura on her body, although the clothes on her body were still the same cotton loose shirt and pants.
"Morning." Shen Tingshuang said hello.
"Morning, long time no see." This issue was still the same as the previous two issues, it was also in the form of live broadcast.
After Shen Tingshuang appeared, netizens’ comments also csme.
[I never get up early. But because of Ah Shuang now I do.]
[Seeing Ah Shuang today, I feel that Ah Shuang is developing more and more like a little fairy.]
[Ahhh, seeing Ah Shuang, it feels like it will be another exciting day.] 
In this issue the crews announced the recording location in advance.
The cameraman: "Do you have anything you want to do in the prairie?"
Shen Tingshuang: "Riding a horse?" To tell the truth, the speed of riding a horse was not as fast as she could fly. She just said this to cater to the topic that the cameraman deliberately looked for. 
Netizens seemed to see it too. 
[I feel that Ah Shuang is not really interested in riding horses.]
[Hahaha, Ah Shuang is about to talk the topic to death again.]

Cameraman: "In this issue, Director Xia said that there will be no excessive tasks."
Shen Tingshuang: "The previous ones were fine actually." It's not difficult for her anyway.
This time, Shen Tingshuang was the last to arrive. The other guests came early.
Geng Chengyun even drove the airport by himself. When his cameraman was about to pick him up, he was told that Geng Chengyun was already at the airport, so the cameraman was immediately forced to rush out to catch Geng Chengyun.
Liu Jing also met the show crew halfway.
Everyone greeted Shen Tingshuang happily.
Geng Chengyun: "I made the right decision to come. Recording this show is my happiest job." Even though after what happened last time, he would still feel a little scared when he thought of it, but Geng Chengyun felt happy to spend so many days with these people.
Bai Hao also said, "Me too."
When Xia Xia asked him before, she offered an apology and asked him whether he would participate in the next recording, he felt a little bit inexplicable. After all, Xia Xia didn't know that the dam was about to burst. This matter can only be said to be a natural disaster and not a man-made disaster.  Xia Xia wouldn’t be able to do anything to prevent this, not to mention, in the end Xia Xia also asked the driver to pick them up. As for the next recording, how could he not participate?
Gu Yuan came back for inspiration and wrote a song because of her last experience. Her agent was originally opposed to her continuing to participate in this variety show, as Gu Yuan was not short of money, let alone fame, and did not need to participate in these things, but Gu Yuan insisted on it, and said that participating in the show made her inspired, so the agent could only followed whatever she wanted.
Liu Jing’s mentality has changed the fastest. At first, she felt that she was the best female guest in this <Travel Together>. Later, Gu Yuan’s appearance took the fame and popularity top position, and Shen Tingshuang’s performance was different from the others, it couldn’t even be measured. As for herself, she was the most lucky to be able to participate in the show!
Qin Yueze was sitting directly next to Shen Tingshuang this time, with Gu Yuan on his left, and Shen Tingshuang on his right. In front of them were Liu Jing, Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun.
After breakfast at the airport, everyone set off for the prairie. The flight takes four hours, and there was no recording during the flights, so the six people happily chatted about what happened to them recently on the plane.
Geng Chengyun: "Do you think I have gained a lot of weight? I just joined a film crew a few days ago and my agent checked my weight every day." Last time because of the incident, Geng Chengyun thought his agent would not say anything, but within a few days, his agent began to nag him again. 
Bai Hao: "My agent just kept asking me when I could buy some more fruits from Tingshuang." After the second recording, Bai Hao also took some fruits back. After going back last time, his agent asked about Shen Tingshuang’s fruit right after confirming that Bai Hao was okay. His agent didn't have time to buy at Super Mall, and he couldn't buy it in other ways, so he could only rely on Bai Hao's relationship. 
Liu Jing: "You are not as crazy as my agent. My agent is guarding a certain treasure every day at 7 o'clock in the morning, waiting for Shen Tingshuang’s seedlings to be restocked."

"Have you managed to grabbed some?" Gu Yuan also tried to grab it several times, but failed.
"How could it be possible to grab it?" Liu Jing had confirmed that the seedlings were still in stock, but as soon as she added them to the shopping cart, it became sold out. If it weren't for the monthly sales volume showing 300,000 items have been sold, Liu Jing would think it was a false listing. 
Qin Yueze, who did not speak, actually managed to grab some. However it was not just himself, but all the members of the Qin Groups’ IT department. Although each ID only allowed to purchase three copies, an entire department added up to a lot. At least he now could open up a small garden at home. 
Shen Tingshuang: "If you need seedlings, I will send directly to you. Just tell me what fruits you need."
Everyone was surprised: "Don't send it, we will get it."
"Yes, when you are free, tell us, we will come to Xin Yuan Shan."
Shen Tingshuang's fruit was really hard to buy now, especially because only Super Mal has it. What Bai Hao didn't say is that except for his agent, the artists in his company also gently asked him to help buy fruit every day. For a while, Bai Hao became the most popular person in the company.
Everyone chatted very well, time flies quickly, and the plane landed in L City at noon. The guests then needed to take the program group’s bus from L City to the prairie.
Because it was already noon, the program group prepared some simple meals. The guests ate casually in the bus. Three hours later, the bus finally arrived at the prairie.
At the end of April, the green grass has grown lushly on the prairie. The breeze blew and the grass sways. It seemed to be quite peaceful.
"Where do we live at night?" Liu Jing asked first.
Xia Xia pointed not far away and said: "The guests are staying in the yurt at night."

Traditional Yurt here
This yurt looked like a white tent, it just much larger than ordinary tents. After entering, the guests found that the temperature inside the yurt was quite comfortable, the furniture was quite complete, the bed here was also quite big. In the yurt there were three beds, female guests stayed in one yurt, male guests stayed in the next one. The program staff lives in another yurt.
Since the last recording, this time, the director team did not dare to be too far away from the guests, What if there was an emergency?
Everyone turned in their mobile phones as usual, put their luggages and walked out of the yurt.
"What are we going to do next?" As soon as Bai Hao asked this question, the guests saw local residents coming with a large group of horses.
The leader said: "Hello."
Qin Yueze and others responded: "Hello."
The visitor introduced himself. He was a local villager. The twenty horses he was holding could be rode by the guests later.
"Riding?" Liu Jing became interested, her equestrian skills were pretty good. 
The villager smiled and said: "Of course, but this horse riding is not a simple horse riding, but a competition."
"Competition?" Bai Hao discovered that the program group would not let them have a very easy life.
"Yes, we will also select six local residents to compete with everyone. If the guests can beat one of us, then there will be rewards at dinner tonight."
Geng Chengyun was interested in the reward for dinner: "What reward?" 
"There will be roasted whole lamb with our local characteristics."

"Wow!" The exclamation of Gu Yuan and others came out. The lamb raised on the prairie was different from one raised in City B. It has no smell and has a good warming effect after eating. The most important thing was that it tasted very good.  If it was roasted whole lamb, the taste should be better. 
"Only one person needs to win and we get the reward?" Qin Yueze asked. 
The villagers nodded and began to introduce the rules: "Yes, here will be the starting point, ride to the foot of the opposite mountain, pick a flag from the ground, and then return here. As long as one of the guests can surpass our villager and return to the starting point first, you can enjoy the reward of roasted whole lamb for dinner."
"Wow!" Hearing this, Liu Jing couldn’t wait to compete. She thought that the program group should have some tricks behind. They would definitely let the local residents chose people who were very good at equestrianism, so that this roasted whole lamb would be the crews’ dinner in the end. 
"Guests, please choose the horses." They brought a total of 20 horses and let the guests choose first. To some extent, it was already a concession.
For the guests, based on the attitude of ladies first, Liu Jing chose first. She chose a red horse. In fact, she wanted to choose that white horse, but Liu Jing only needed to take a glance to know that this white horse has a very strong temperament. If she chose it, she would definitely not be able to control it. 
Although Gu Yuan knows how to ride a horse, but he had average skills, so he chose a slightly smaller horse. 
The last one to choose was Shen Tingshuang. She had fallen in love with the white horse long ago. As soon as it was her turn to choose, she went straight over. 
The head of the villagers changed his expressions and immediately stopped her: "This horse is a bit tempramental." What he said was the fact. This horse was fastest in their local community, but it was not easily touched. If Shen Tingshuang chose it, this white horse would definitely not let her ride. 
Other villagers were also persuading her, their intention was to tell Shen Tingshuang not to pick this horse. However, soon everyone was shocked.

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