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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 65

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 65


The expert team concluded that Xin Yuan Shan has good soil, so all kinds of vegetables and fruits could be grown, and the fruits grown were delicious and nutritious.
As a result, as soon as the news came out, many agents contacted Shen Tingshuang but she refused to supply another supplier besides Super Mall. She also posted a Weibo for this reason.
[Ah Shuang who Farms: Xin Yuan Shan’s fruit is only sold at Super Mall, Meow Meow Takeaways, my certain treasure shop, and at the foot of Xin Yuan Shan. You can buy it in these four places.]
This was to say, the fruits’ physical stores, except at the foot of Xin Yuan Shan, were only at Super Mall.
Everyone thought that Super Mall would increase the price for this reason, but found that there was no such thing. Super Mall prices were still the same.
Seeing the news about Xin Yuan Shan being broadcasted by China TV Station, Pei Family felt a little fortunate that they had chosen the fruits of Xin Yuan Shan. Unexpectedly, in less than a year, the fruits of Xin Yuan Shan could reach such a height.
Everyone used to think that the fruits of Shen Tingshuang were expensive. But since the news came out in the country, everyone did not think it was expensive anymore. The fruits and vegetables grown by her were delicious and nutritious, and there were no messy fertilizers. This was pure and pollution-free. How this price could be considered expensive? 
The only drawback was that the fruits and vegetables provided by Shen Tingshuang were limited, and they might not be able to buy them even if they wanted to buy. Many people go to Shen Tingshuang Weibo every day to ask for restock.
Actually Shen Tingshuang’s current spiritual energy was sufficient. It was possible to make a fruit tree bore fruit again after picking, but this was not a long-term solution.
Many netizens wanted to buy, after a lot of thoughts, Shen Tingshuang finally went to Yao Dazhu.
Yao Dazhu heard that Shen Tingshuang looked for himself, and immediately vacated the meeting room. When he came out, he brought a notebook and looked like he was interviewing a leader, which made Shen Tingshuang a little helpless. "I came here to ask the village chief if I can provide seedlings, are there any people who are willing to plant them on their own?"
Perhaps the taste of the plant would not be as good as Xin Yuan Shan’s, but after all, these seedlings were also made with spiritual energy. 
When Yao Dazhu heard this, he was immediately excited: "Miss Shen, you are such a good person!" He have a foreboding that once the news was released, the villagers would come in bunches to receive it. 
At present, many villagers used Yao Village name to sell a lot of vegetables and fruits online, not to mention if the fruits and vegetables they grow were from seedlings provided by Shen Tingshuang. 
Shen Tingshuang used a small trailer to move the seedlings to the village community hall, and Yao Dazhu's family hurriedly came to plant the seedlings.  As soon as Yao Dazhu released the news, the villagers all came to Yao Dazhu's home. 
Hongmei was the first to arrive. Even if she grew fruit, she wouldn’t sell it in the future, it would be only for her son to eat. 
There were a lot of seedlings in a trailer, but the villagers of Yao Village were almost all here.
Yao Dazhu said: "Everyone try to take them according to their own needs, don't take too much!"
Everyone knew that Shen Tingshuang was a master's disciple. So they took according to their own needs, and it was very harmonious. The villagers in Yao Village were all good at farming, and soon they picked all the available seedlings. They believed it would not be long before the entire Yao Village would bear only fruit from Xin Yuan Shan. 
Shen Tingshuang watered some seeds with spiritual energy and turned them into seedlings when she heard the mechanical sound of the system suddenly said: "The host's credit point has increased, and 70% of the spiritual pulse will be restored.
Shen Tingshuang: "Huh?"
System explanation: "Because the host distributes the seedlings, every household in Yao Village has planted seedlings with spiritual energy. The host will not only benefit the villagers but also the people. In the future, more people will eat the fruits grown by the host, so take credit. Spiritual veins recovery increased by 20%."
Was there such a benefit?  This could save her from doing 20 tasks! 
Shen Tingshuang asked, "Is that the more people eat the fruits, the more credit I have?" In this case, she can definitely sell more fruits.
"No, it is not." The system didn't explain it anymore, like it asked her to guess herself.
After Shen Tingshuang tried a few guesses, but didn't success, she didn't guess again. Anyway, it was a surprise to be able to recover 20% of the spiritual veins this afternoon. 
At five o'clock, Shen Tingshuang finally started a live broadcast that had not been opened for a long time. After sharing the link, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room has exceeded 10 million.
[Ah Shuang, do you still know to live broadcast?]
[I almost thought I was dreaming.]
[Stop live broadcast for the rest of your life?]
[? I thought you were hacked?] 
Shen Tingshuang: "Long time no see, what do you want to see today?"
[I also want to see Ah Shuang farming!]
Unexpectedly, netizens all wanted to see Shen Tingshuan farming.
In the previous <Travel Together>, netizens have seen the appearance of Xin Yuan Shan, they knew that there were many fruits and vegetables on the mountain, and they have also seen the appearance of guests eating fruits. Yes, when the guests ate the fruit, they all showed that they had eaten super delicious food. Netizen could only see but not eat. 
But farming was very interesting to everyone. At five o'clock in the afternoon in late spring, the sky was not completely dark. Shen Tingshuang read that netizens wanted to see her farming, so she took it. 
She went to the back of the courtyard. There were various trees on the top of the mountain, so Shen Tingshuang didn't use the land to farm. Today she could farm under the mountain, probably just outside the courtyard. Especially at the back of the courtyard, after the sun room was built, she didn’t take care of the landscaping at all.

Shen Tingshuang fixed the phone and started processing this piece of land. First clean up the weeds, then plow the soil and sow seeds. The soil was not very huge, so Shen Tingshuang quickly planted it. 
The seeds scattered were sunflowers, which would look good when they bloom later, and there would be sunflower seeds to eat. 
After finishing all these tasks, Shen Tingshuang saw that many netizens said that they were not satisfied. But it was already dark and of course it was impossible to continue farming, so Shen Tingshuang temporarily closed the live broadcast. 
When she got up early in the morning the next day, Shen Tingshuang took her cell phone outside the courtyard and began to record a video of her farming. This time, Shen Tingshuang was taking care of the land on the west side of the courtyard, and she wanted to plant Orange Jasmine one meter away from the courtyard wall. 

Orange Jasmine here
In order to made netizens understand, Shen Tingshuang’s planting speed was a bit slow. After sowing the seeds, Shen Tingshuang found branches of the same size, and then tucked them into the soil, one by one. The branches were all connected using one horizontal branches in the middle and at the top. The simple fence was completed, and the courtyard would look very nice when the orange jasmine blossomed in the future. 
After she did all these, Shen Tingshuang started editing the video. She hadn't done this before, so she followed the software's explanation step by step. At the beginning, Shen Tingshuang editing was a bit slow, but when she became familiar with it, she became much faster. 
After integrating the required content, Shen Tingshuang began to add voiceovers, patiently telling netizens why she did this and that. Shen Tingshuang explained all her action one by one. 
After editing the video, it was afternoon, and she posted it on Weibo. 
[Ah Shuang who Farms: The video of farming, you can watch it if you want to learn. (Video)]
Fans saw Shen Tingshuang's Weibo, thinking that Shen Tingshuang certain treasure shop had a new product on the shelves, they refreshed it excitedly, but when they clicked on it, a question mark popped up in their minds. What the hell, teach people to farm? 
Someone who liked farming know how, and how to farm by science were two different things, but fans still clicked on the video.  As soon as they opened it, they heard a pleasant voice of Shen Tingshuang: "Before planting the land, we must clean up the land. You can't be negligent in weeding and need to pay attention when pulling..."
Shen Tingshuang's voice was very gentle, plus she explained very meticulously, including how to use a hoe to save effort, and how to dig efficiently. 
[Although I don't farm, I think it looks good.]
[Have a bit of land back home, I will go back to my hometown for the New Year and try.]
[I have already cultivated a piece of land in front of my house, planning to plant flowers.]

Soon, the topic #Ah Shuang teach people to farm # became a hot search. Although it ranked below the top ten, there were still many passersby that saw it. 
Some passers-by found it fun, some passers-by felt indifferent, and some felt that Shen Tingshuang was trying to win the crowd. 
[Laughing to death, what age is this, still need artificial farming?]
[At this time still making fences, I bought them online a long time ago. It saves time and effort. The key is to look good.]

Some people also refuted. 
[How huge is your home?  Is there an acre of land or do you have to move your car to have a bit of soil?]
[The branch used by Ah Shuang is red sandalwood. What material is the fence you bought online?]
The debate online intensified, until a certain agricultural expert Tu Yuan reposted Shen Tingshuang’s Weibo. 
[Tu Yuan: People rely on food as their heaven. How many people say that farmers are only doing brute force and hard work?  Look at this little girl.  /@Ah Shuang who Farms:..]
Tu Yuan have solved many agricultural problems and developed many deworming methods. It could be said that he have solved many food problems. He was a god in the hearts of Chinese people. And he reposted Shen Tingshuang's Weibo, what did it mean? It showed that Tu Yuan approved of Shen Tingshuang! 
That's the way the boss did it, either he didn’t speak, or he went straight to the point. 
Soon the topic of #Tu Yuan praised Ah Shuang# rushed to the top ten. 
One of the well-known agricultural experts, Tu Yuan has been paying attention to Shen Tingshuang recently, and Tu Yuan noticed her probably since the inspection by the Market Supervision Bureau. 
At that time, he was quite curious about the fruits grown by Shen Tingshuang. After all, looking at the entire China, there was no such high-nutrient fruit that could be grown. 
Later, agricultural experts went to take samples, and one of them was his apprentice. Knowing that his Master was paying attention, when he returned from Xin Yuan Shan, he also brought some fruits to Tu Yuan, not many, just a banana and a mango. 
Actually taking sample only needed a few grams of fruit, so when the fruits came to Tu Yuan, one banana and one mango were very many. 
This was given by Tu Yuan’s apprentice after some thinking. He thought that Tu Yuan was an old man, and he would definitely want to eat some soft fruits. 
Tu Yuan was in the laboratory and put the fruit aside when he received it. Although he knew that the fruit was nutritious, he had a job, so he didn't rush to eat it. 
As a result, after finishing an experiment, Tu Yuan found that it was late at night. He hadn't eaten at all that day. He was a bit dizzy due to low blood sugar. He looked at the banana next to him, peeled it, and ate it, intending to have a good night’s sleep after.

But suddenly the dizziness, panic, and sweating caused by low blood sugar were gone. Generally speaking, foods with high nutritional content were not tasty, so Tu Yuan always thought that the fruit of Xin Yuan Shan might not be that good as the nutrition was high, but he didn’t expect it to look good and taste better.
After eating the banana, Tu Yuan thought about buying some by himself. After asking, he realized that Xin Yuan Shan’s fruits were only available in Super Mall.
Except for sleeping, Tu Yuan spent most of his time in the laboratory, there was no time to go to the Super Mall to queue up to buy fruit. So Tu Yuan had to give up. Occasionally, after finishing an experiment, he would reminisce about the delicious bananas he had eaten that day. Because the bananas were so delicious, Tu Yuan did not eat the mango until the next day.
After eating the mango, Tu Yuan immediately knew that Xin Yuan Shan’s fruits were all treasures. He would definitely visit Xin Yuan Shan if he had the opportunity. After all, the apprentice also said that besides Super Mall, Xin Yuan Shan also sells fruits at the foot of the mountain.
After finishing today’s experiment, Tu Yuan was in a good mood. Thinking of the fruit he ate before, Tu Yuan opened Weibo. He also knew that this little girl from Xin Yuan Shan would be on the internet every other time. But as a somewhat celebrity, if Tu Yuan paid attention to Shen Tingshuang, netizens must made speculation.
In order not to cause trouble to Shen Tingshuang, Tu Yuan did not pay attention to Shen Tingshuang for the time being.
He opened the home page of Shen Tingshuang today, and Tu Yuan found that the other party had posted a video, he opened it a little bit, and found that the other party was farming.
Tu Yuan nodded repeatedly. For farming, many people really only know to plow the soil, but the depth of the soil was actually also very particular.  This little girl, every time she plowed it was very powerful. It was a real pleasure to watch her farming.
Soon the video was over, Tu Yuan reposted the video and followed Shen Tingshuang by the way. Not only this, Tu Yuan also set Shen Tingshuang as a special concern. Next time, Shen Tingshuang put fruits on the shelves, he should be able to receive a reminder so that he can buy some at that time.
Shen Tingshuang did not know the incident with Tu Yuan.
Not long after the video was released, she heard the voice of the system: "The host’s credit point has been increased, and 75% of host’s spiritual veins would be restored."
"Hey, why suddenly there are 5% more spiritual veins?" Shen Tingshuang asked, "Is it because of the video I sent?" 
System: "Yeah."
Shen Tingshuang began to sort it out. Before, her spiritual veins recovered 20% because she sent the seedlings to the villagers in Yao Village. Now almost every villager in Yao Village has planted seedlings from Shen Tingshuang, and they could use this seedling in the future to produce fruit, whether they sold it or ate it themselves, in short, they could eat it then.
There were more and more people who planted the fruit seedlings. Although the quantity and quality of the fruits they grew was not as good as Xin Yuan Shan’s, they still grew better than normal.
With this alone, the system restored an additional 20% of her spiritual veins.
Today, after posting the farming video, there was another point of credit, and 5% of the spiritual veins have been restored. 
Shen Tingshuang understood. 
The common point of these two restorations of spiritual veins was that once she gave benefits to mankind, she could get credit. Although the people who got the seedlings before did not watch the video, but in the future these seedlings would grow every year, and they would also bear fruit. More and more people would certainly eat more and more. 
"System, if I sell seedlings online, will there be any credit?"
Although the system didn't want to admit it, the system had to answer: "Yes."
"If there was credit, there would be spiritual vein recovery, right?"
System: "Correct."
"Then I sell seedlings, how many spiritual veins can I restore?" 
"It depends on the host's contribution." 
Finally, Shen Tingshuang contacted Qin Yueze and asked if seedlings could be delivered. Qin Yueze quickly replied that whatever Shen Tingshuang wanted to deliver, it was fine. This logistics building also has two planes for transportation. 
Selling seedlings was much simpler, only a little bit of spiritual was needed to turn seeds into seedlings. 
Shen Tingshuang posted a poll on Weibo to see what kind of fruit seedlings everyone would like to buy. 
[What do you mean?  Is Ah Shuang ready to sell seedlings?]
[Seriusly, Ah Shuang’s fruit is delicious, I also like to eat it all the time, but I don’t know how to grow it.]
[I’m ready. I’ve watched your video ten times before. After I buy the seedlings, I will definitely be able to plant them. Besides, I voted for apricots.]
But there were definitely many fruits than everyone wants to eat, but in the end everyone chose apricots. 
That night, Shen Tingshuang put apricot seedlings on the shelf, it cost ten yuan each limited 3 seedlings per user, and the freight was paid separately. Shen Tingshuang had a total of 300,000 seedlings on the shelves, and it was sold out in less than a minute. 
Don't mention how many netizens have grabbed seedlings. This seedling came from Xin Yuan Shan, and the future result must be no different from Xin Yuan Shan. 
[Fight for the fastest speed in my life, grab three plants, and after planting them, I will tell everyone the difference in taste later.]
[Hahaha, I only grabbed the fruit from Ah Shuang before, but I didn’t expect to grab the seedlings of apricots today!]
[Probably my luck in my life has been used here, I am really super happy.]
[Can those who snatch the seedlings shut up? I won’t tell you I’m jealous.]
Tu Yuan received the reminder from Weibo, but he had an experiment, so he didn't see it. When he was finished, he opened Weibo and found that Shen Tingshuang had put seedlings on the shelves. How could he not grab such a good thing? But when he clicked on the link, he found it was sold out. 

Sold out?  Three hundred thousand seedlings! 
Tu Yuan refreshed it again and found that the goods were indeed sold out. Do people now love farming so much? 
After thinking about it, Tu Yuan decided to visit Xin Yuan Shan in person tomorrow. 
Shen Tingshuang put all the seedlings to be delivered at the foot of the mountain, and the staffs of the logistics building came to fetch them. Until the evening, all seedlings were finally sent out.
She has to say that the logistics building Qin Yueze built was really fast, and the express delivery of 100,000 copies was completed in only half a day. 
In the evening, the next issue of <Travel Together> began to air. Although they have watched the live broadcast, many people didn’t mind watching the edited version again. 
Even so, everyone still couldn't help but laugh when they saw Shen Tingshuang's guessed "VIVI", but after Gu Yuan appeared, everyone was a little excited. 
In this issue, the delicacies cooked by Shen Tingshuang were specially edited by netizens and posted on the Internet.  Many people followed the recipe and shared their results for a while. 
After the two-hour program ended, <Travel Together> and its guests were once again on the hot search. 
Some netizens even made a statistics. A total of seven guests participated in this program. Except for Shen Xuan, the number of followers gained the fastest was Shen Tingshuang. After the three programs were broadcasted, her total number of followers increased by nearly 30 million. 
Qin Yueze went up by 10 million, Geng Chengyun went up by 8 million, Gu Yuan went up by 6 million, Bai Hao and Liu Jing went up by 5 million. 
Shen Tingshuang was undoubtedly the biggest winner. 
Meanwhile Shen Tingshuang, who has 50 million followers, was cleaning up the weeds on the mountain at the moment. 
The next morning, Tu Yuan set off from his home. It was said that when the general bosses were dispatched, and the younger brothers below would do a good job, however, Tu Yuan's subordinates discovered that they did not have the contact information of Shen Tingshuang.
Although Shen Tingshuang was a farmer, and it can barely be regarded as the same industry with them, and she has never contacted them. 
When the experts went to take samples before, Shen Tingshuang only asked them to take it casually, and there was no other conversation, let alone leaving contact information. 
After learning about this, Tu Yuan decided to visit Xin Yuan Shan directly.
At the bottom of the mountain, a car of four people looked at the looming Xin Yuan Shan and fell silent. The person in the passenger seat asked, "Will you go directly in?"
"Not good." Tu Yuan felt that it was a bit impolite not to say hello to Shen Tingshuang and to enter someone else's home directly.
Someone suggested: "How about we go and see?" Everyone waited for a while, but really didn't know what to do, so they had to go up and have a look. 
But when the driver drove the car under the bamboo forest, Tu Yuan immediately called to stop. "Teacher Tu, what's the matter?"
Tu Yuan's face was serious, he got out of the car, carefully observed these bamboo forests, and felt the aura of heaven and earth. In addition to studying agronomy, he also had some understanding of metaphysics. He could see that this bamboo forest was set up with an array. It showed that the owner of this mountain did not want others to step into this mountain at will. 
"Let's wait here." Tu Yuan became more and more curious about the little girl on the mountain.  At a young age, she knew how to farm, and she also understood these metaphysics.
Shen Tingshuang was watering the seedlings on the mountain. After the apricot seedlings were sold out before, Shen Tingshuang was growing some strawberry vines these days. In Weibo polls, besides apricots, the most were strawberries, followed by grapes. 
Shen Tingshuang intended to put them on the shelves one by one. 
The previous apricot seedlings gave her 5% spiritual vein recovery, and now her spiritual veins recovered by 80%. This method was much faster than selling fruits before. Besides her current spiritual veins, let alone watering these seedlings, all the fruit on the mountain, when she was full of spiritual energy she could water them twice in a row. So during this period of time, her spiritual energy has never been completely used up.  "Ah Shuang, a car came down from the mountain. They were going to come up, but they stopped before they reached the bamboo forest. An elderly person looked at the bamboo forest, and now he has been waiting in the bamboo forest for a while." Yingying flew and reported. 
Shen Tingshuang could guess that the people under the mountain must have seen the formation on the entrance. But this was not uncommon, and human beings also understand metaphysics.
Shen Tingshuang watered this strawberry vines, and then went down the mountain. The people in the car didn't refute, but they had objections in their hearts. After waiting like this, they didn't know when the people on the mountain would come down. 
As soon as their thoughts fell, they saw a good-looking woman walk down. 
Originally, Tu Yuan was looking at Xin Yuan Shan, and when he saw Shen Tingshuang, he immediately beckoned, and said from a long distance: "I'm sorry, I went to visit without telling you in advance."

Shen Tingshuang only felt that the temperament of the man in front of her was very comfortable, so she said: "You have anything to do with me?"
The person on the side hurriedly said: "Hello Miss Shen, this is Teacher Tu. Tu Yuan." Usually in China, once the name of Tu Yuan was mentioned, everyone would know who it was. After all, he was the character written in the elementary school Chinese textbook. 
The author has something to say:
Shen Tingshuang: Really? 70% of the spiritual veins are restored? 
System: Should I change it back to 50% for you? 

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