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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 47

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 47


Tiantian who loves food paid the money and held the bag full of fruit back to his car: "I saw people buying these fruits are paying very honestly, maybe they have a consensus. There are no cameras around here, this anchor is too good."
Tiantian fixed the phone in the car and said: "I bought many fruits and I am so happy. This watermelon is so fragrant, I will taste it first."
After speaking, he took out a spoon from the car, and fed a spoonful of watermelon into his mouth: "Wow, I can eat this watermelon gracefully but it's still very cool to eat it this way. This watermelon is delicious too, very sweet! I like this taste so much!"
After eating a few bites, Tiantian who loved longan went to taste the longan here: "Did you see it? When I chose the fruit just now, I didn’t pick it carefully at all. I just picked it randomly. But these longans are all high-quality goods and they are about the same size. I just don’t know if it will be delicious."
"Oh my word, although this longan is big, it tastes nothing like the artificially bred one. It is delicious! It is also rich in meat, and even the pit that comes out is so good-looking. I have to try another fruit."
As a result, he tasted every kind of fruit, but Tiantian who loves food still hasn't mention even one shortcoming of them: "Before I came, I said that I would draw a few fruits for everyone as a prize, but the fruit is so delicious, I think I will eat them all. So buy it yourself, bye."
The netizens who watched the live broadcast suddenly felt compelled.
Was this still the awkward culinary review blogger who always nitpick every food he ate?
Tiantian who loves food turned off the live broadcast. He originally planned to buy some more fruit, but when he saw that the fruits on the table were almost gone, he sighed. Had he known this earlier, he would just get more.
More than 2 million people watched this live broadcast of Tiantian who loves food. Because of the huge gap between this live and his normal live broadcast styles, after the live broadcast ended, fans discussed fiercely on Weibo.
As we all know, Tiantian who loves food, was a craftsman. Basically, if you have any food you loved to eat, you will be shocked by its many shortcomings if you go to his Weibo to check it out.
But today, he gave only good praises!
Some people edited his exaggerated snippet into a short video: "This anchor is so amazing!"
"This fruit is so delicious!" "I like the taste so much!" "It's over. I'm going to fall in love!"
Fast forwarded into a rap, it sounded very funny.
Some people also compiled these fragments with Tiantian who loves food's previous videos scolding other foods which formed a strong contrast. Everyone could not help but watch it several times.
Soon #Tiantian who loves food Xin Yuan Shan# was on the hot search.

Shao Feng was packaging fruits for a whole day, and only had a little rest time during mealtime. While eating, he took out his phone and opened Weibo, only to find that Shen Tingshuang was on the hot search again.
He read carefully and found the cause was a review by a food blogger.
After reading the content, Shao Feng laughed. He laughed for the fact that the two kinds of fruits were indeed delicious, but also by hearing Tiantian praises after eating a few bites of fruit.
Shao Feng took another look at Shen Tingshuang's Weibo, which now has 3.5 million followers and it was still climbing rapidly.
He remembered that Shen Tingshuang’s Weibo followers were only 3.2 million yesterday. Today’s live broadcast and hot search have brought her 300,000 fans in just half a day.

Shen Tingshuang hasn't broadcast live recently because she started to watch movies after she finished her farm chores every evening.
Many fans went to Weibo to ask for Shen Tingshuang to start live broadcast again.
An old fan replied to the comments: [Except for doing live broadcasts, Ah Shuang rarely goes on Weibo, so it is probably difficult for her to read your messages.]
In addition to this, there was another review posted, it was one of the viewers who won bamboo shoots last time.
[Probably my life's luck has been used in the lottery because I actually won the bamboo shoots in @Ah Shuang who Farms live broadcast!
After receiving the package, I found that it was quite large and packaged in a vacuum bag, as shown in the picture below.
It looked really appetizing so I opened the bag immediately. Bamboo shoots sour smell came out, this smell I feel has accelerated the secretion of saliva in my mouth.
The bamboo shoots are very big. I cut a small piece out. The snail noodles I bought have not arrived yet, so I ordered a bowl of hot and sour noodles and put the bamboo shoots in.
I ate one bite of noodles with the bamboo shoots and it tasted amazing. The originally unremarkable taste of hot and sour noodles, due to the addition of this bamboo shoot, has been upgraded three levels!
I really want to ask when Ah Shuang will be able to put the bamboo shoots for sale. I unconsciously ate all of it when my wife came back, she was angry that I ate delicious food by myself!]
Originally netizens have some doubts with Shen Tingshuang non-fruit produce, but because of this review, they were craving bamboo shoots so much now. However, the most important thing was these bamboo shoots. They did not know if it will ever be sold later, so probably the craving was just destined to wither away.

As for the vacuum packaging mentioned by netizens, when Shen Tingshuang brought the bamboo shoots to the express delivery point, she actually used a fresh-keeping container. After she left, Shao Feng used a vacuum party to package the bamboo shoots and then sent them away.

Five days passed quickly. At five o'clock in the morning, the task came as scheduled: "Please the host produces 60 kinds of fruits within 5 days."
Shen Tingshuang knew about this task last night, so she already had plans.
There were ten kinds of fruits in Xin Yuan Shan currently. Even if there were not many apricots and August melons left, but they were still some fruits left on the trees.
It was because of her spiritual energy that even after its peak season on month of August has passed, the August melons on the mountain were still producing.
Shen Tingshuang woke up in the morning, in addition to the daily chores that need to be completed, she began planting new fruits.

Shen Tingshuang has already bought and sowed a lot of fruit seeds. Previously because it was not needed to complete a task, Shen Tingshuang let them grow naturally on their own.
Nowadays, as she has received a task, she would directly water them with spiritual energy. Among these seeds, there were common apples, pears, mangoes, lychees, dates, bananas, etc.
Because of her limited spiritual energy, Shen Tingshuang only watered a small area of each seed. Even so, the energy was quickly used up.
Taking advantage of time between spiritual energy recoveries, Shen Tingshuang went to the market and bought a lot of seeds, especially fruit seeds. She fully filled the car's trunk.
The owner of the seed shop asked Shen Tingshuang to add his WeChat. Saying that in the future, Shen Tingshuang just needed to place an order directly via chat, and he could deliver the goods.
Shen Tingshuang felt that this was faster than buying at a certain treasure, so she added the boss WeChat.
Back to Xin Yuan Shan, Shen Tingshuang continued to plant the land, and then go to water when the spiritual energy was filled. She did this over and over.
At the end of the day, twenty kinds of fruits were produced. With the addition of the ten existing ones, the task has been half completed.
When she got up the next day, She started watering the other fruits.
Until about noon on the third day, the system announced: "Congratulation host, completing the 31st task, get a reward: restore 31% of the spiritual veins."
Shen Tingshuang stretched her sore muscle and relaxed. This task not only allowed her to plant the land below the courtyard, but also planted a small piece of land above it.
At the same time, she also found that the tasks of the system were getting more and more varied. To restore 100% of her spiritual veins, she still has to do more than 60 tasks. If she was a normal person, she was unlikely to be able to complete this abnormal amount of tasks.
But at the moment there was no other way. Shen Tingshuang continued to go up the mountain, only to see Zhizhi, its tone was a little panic: "Ah Shuang , the village chief fell on the opposite mountain."

Xin Yuan Shan nearest village was called Yao. It said that at the beginning it was not called Yao village, but Drug Village as Yao and Drug were homonyms. Later the name was changed permanently into Yao village.
The reason it was previously called Drug Village was due to its richness in precious medicinal herbs, they said also that someone here has found thousands of year old ginseng.
It was only later that people began gathering huge quantity of herbs on the mountain without care, which led to a sharp decrease of medicinal herb in the village's surrounding areas until there were none left.
Yao village's chief was a descendant past Yao medical family, ever since fewer and fewer herbs were found in Yao village, the ancestors of Yao village would prohibit outsiders picking herbs, even if they were nearby village's residents. It was only allowed at specific seasons.
Later, no one went to gather medicinal materials anymore.
Nowadays, people occasionally go to the mountains to collect medicinal materials. Most of what they get was only common Shezhong, Tianma, Huang Rui, etc. As for ginseng, it was never seen again.

Zhizhi flew to a tree not far away from Shen Tingshuang: "The village chief went to collect medicinal materials on the opposite mountain, but he fell at the bottom of the mountain. When he was found, he was covered in blood."
"Have they called 120?" (TN: China’s 911)
"It was called, but seemed that the car hasn't arrived yet."
Shen Tingshuang continued farming, and Zhizhi flew all around her: "Ah Shuang, won't you save him?"
Shen Tingshuang was not familiar with the village chief. The people have called for 120 and the doctor should come shortly. She didn't go well with such a crowd. Maybe they still thought that she was a liar.
Shen Tingshuang continued to water seeds she has sown. The dog of a system would not tell what the task was until the day before the task was released.
The system being scolded: "..." I didn't say anything, why you scolded me.

Shen Tingshuang was busy until noon, before returning to the courtyard. She ran down the mountain and picked a blessed lotus, which was watered with spiritual energy today.
When peeling it apart, Zhizhi began to fly far away: "Ah Shuang, why do you always like to eat things that smell like urine."

Yao Dazhu fell horribly. After 120 came, the doctor just bandaged the patient and did not drag the patient away. They only asked the people to prepare for the funeral, saying that dragging him away would be bad for the patient.
Zhizhi: "The village chief’s family is out of time, it's really pitiful."
Shen Tingshuang was feeling a little bit unbelievable: "They don't even try to rescue?" As a doctor, wasn't it their job to save the dead and heal the wounded? They even gave up patient like this.
She chose not to be involved in the afternoon, because people has called for a doctor, but now, Shen Tingshuang dropped the lotus in her hand and returned to the courtyard to take a cup.
She then took a cup to fetch water from the stream, pulled off a piece of hair and put it in it, then used spiritual energy to dissolve the hair.
When going down the mountain, Shen Tingshuang also picked some herbs.
Zhizhi followed Shen Tingshuang down the mountain and flew ahead: "Come with me."
Shen Tingshuang ran very fast, passing by one place, only an afterimage remained.
Zhizhi squeaked: "Ah Shuang , the village chief lives in the building in front. He is now placed in a room on the first floor."
Many villagers stood in front of Yao Dazhu's house, and she couldn't get past them.
Shen Tingshuang saw the crowd and found that it was quite deep. In order not to waste time, Shen Tingshuang step back, then ran with power. When approaching the crowd, Shen Tingshuang jumped.
Using the heads of the people in front of the door as support, within a few jumps, Shen Tingshuang stood at the door of the village chief’s house.
She quickly walked into the house, closed the door behind her with a bang, so Shen Tingshuang blocked the onlookers outside the door.

All this was done between a few blinks.
Inside the house, in addition to Yao Dazhu's family, there were also several cadres of the village. They looked at Shen Tingshuang who had landed from nowhere.
Shen Tingshuang has already walked up to Yao Dazhu.

This person who was still okay in the morning now venting more and getting less air.
Shen Tingshuang fed the water in the cup to Yao Dazhu.
Yao Dazhu’s younger brother Yao Daxing reacted first: "What are you doing?"
After shouting, Yao Daxing was about to came forward to take the cup, but was dragged by Qian Tianguo, the deputy secretary of the village: "Don't worry, you look at Dazhu first."
It's not that they haven't fed Dazhu any water in the afternoon, it's just that this person couldn't drink it, and all the water flowed out of his mouth.
Yao Daxing looked forward and saw that Shen Tingshuang's water entered Yao Dazhu's mouth, and the lifeless gray on Yao Dazhu's face was slowly fading.
"This ..."
Shen Tingshuang finished giving the water, and then she opened village head's clothes clothes. Emergency doctors came to just simply dress the wounds, which in some places still oozing blood.
Shen Tingshuang tore off the white gauze, put the medicinal herbs she picked on it, and then took the opportunity to infuse some spiritual energy into Yao Dazhu's body.
The bleedings stopped at once.
Shen Tingshuang only found a few serious wounds in Yao Dazhu.
Yao Daxing and other family members who lived with Yao Daxing didn't react to this scene.
Qian Tianguo walked up from the side of Shen Tingshuang and made a silent gesture, and then she left through the back door.
Yao Dazhu's complexion gradually improved, and the knocks on the door outside the house made everyone come back to their senses.
Qian Tianguo wanted to calm down, and immediately said: "Quickly, call 120 again!"

120 came over this time and took Yao Dazhu to the hospital.
Hearing this result, Shen Tingshuang went to rest with peace of mind.

When she got up the next morning, Shen Tingshuang picked some fruits and went to Shao Feng.
Shao Feng was building new warehouse recently. Judging from the foundation, the warehouse would be quite large.
Shao Feng's mother was enthusiastic seeing Shen Tingshuang and said: "Tingshuang is here, are you here to find Xiaofeng?"
"Yes, I brought a new fruit."
Shao Feng's mother thanked her again, and then called Shao Feng out.
Shen Tingshuang: "The courier money paid last time shouldn't be enough, right? I'll transfer some more to you. "
Shao Feng: "Don't be so rushed, it will be settled once a month."
"That won't work." Shen Tingshuang still transferred one hundred thousand yuan to Shao Feng.
She didn't stay there too long. After the transfer, Shen Tingshuang left.
Looking at Shen Tingshuang's back, Shao Feng did not return to his mind for a long time.
Shao Feng's mother watched for a long time, but Shao Feng was still standing there: "Xiaofeng, you are staring."
There were too many couriers sent before. When Shao Feng’s father saw this, he simply went home to help send the courier after he was done working in the factory. Even then, it took several days for all the goods to be delivered.
After resting for some time, Shao Feng was busy building a new warehouse again.
The family was very busy every day, but they all felt happy.

Back on the mountain, at five o'clock in the afternoon, Shen Tingshuang started the live broadcast. Before sharing the live broadcast link to Weibo, many fans already came in. Shen Tingshuang smiled and waved to the camera: "Long time no see."
[Ah Shuang, you still remember to broadcast.]
[Yes, how many days have I counted since it you have not been doing live broadcast.]
[Fruits in the store are not in stock, even the live broadcast was not regular, I cry.]
"Recently, I have been busy farming, so that everyone can eat more delicious fruits." Of course, the premise was that the system gave these tasks.
As soon as they heard this reason, netizens stopped being confused.
[Ah Shuang has worked hard!]
[You have worked hard. I hope to get new fruits quickly.]
[Seeing the mountain is so beautiful.]
On Xin Yuan Shan, in addition to the various fruits and vegetables that Shen Tingshuang has already planted, the rest of the place was still a bit desolate, but there were now many trees on the land above the courtyard.
Now that autumn was approaching, the leaves of these trees are yellow, and they looked very pretty.
[What is the content of the live broadcast today?]
Shen Tingshuang: "I haven't figured it out yet, what do you want to watch?" She just clicked on this software after thinking that she hasn't done live broadcast for a long time.
[I want to watch Miss Sister eat.]
[Me too. It is also fine to make snail noodles, or to eat fruits.]
[I agree~]

Shen Tingshuang: "Okay. The strawberries are ripe, so I will take everyone to see."
The strawberries were planted under the grapes, extending from both sides. Currently the ground was full of red fruits.

 Shen Tingshuang said: "I am sorry, strawberries have very short shelf live, so even if they are sold later, it is estimated to be only within City B."
Strawberries were too delicate and easy to break. After Shen Tingshuang put it into her mouth, the red strawberry tasted fragrant and sweet .
Shen Tingshuang finished the fruit and picked another one.
[Although I will be envious every time I watch young lady eating, I still persistently watching it.]

Sitting in front of the screen, Shao Feng was thinking. If they wanted to send strawberries later, they could use a styrofoam box and then put in an ice pack so that netizens nearby could receive the fruit safely.

After the live broadcast, Shen Tingshuang asked the system: "What's the task tomorrow?"
"The host's funds to reach 1 million yuan in five days."
The smile on Shen Tingshuang's faces gradually condensed: "The funds in hand, reach 1 million yuan?"
Shen Tingshuang: "No, what kind of ghost mission is this?" Every time she got used to the newly released mission, the system always developed another weird mission.
"It's a straight forward task, host, come on!"
Shen Tingshuang opened her Alipay, except for the last time she bought a car, installed a sun room, bought seeds, and transferred money to Shao Feng, she has no other consumptions.
There was basically nothing to spend on. On a certain treasure, these past two restocking combined already made almost 3 million. However, because some buyer did not confirm arrival of the goods, there are only 400,000 yuan on her account.

Super Mall has given income every day, adding up it has made a total of 920,000 yuan. Minus her consumptions, now around 620,000 yuan was left.
After seeing her Alipay's accounts with more than 800,000 yuan, Shen Tingshuang instantly felt that the task was not that difficult.

In the morning, Shen Tingshuang directly provided Super Mall with about 200,000 yuan worth of goods. She was happy that this mission was now completed and it was fairly easy.
The system suddenly advised: "If the host now adds on additional task, once the task is completed, additional 1% of spiritual veins can be restored."
The mission was completed just now, the recovered spiritual veins were 32% and if 1% more was recovered, it would be equivalent to 33%.
"What’s the time limit?" Shen Tingshuang asked.
"It uses this task time limit, so within these five days."
Shen Tingshuang: "If it fails?"
System: "After failure, 33% of the restored spiritual veins will be deducted."
She knew that the task would not be that simple, so Shen Tingshuang asked: "What is the amount needed on the additional tasks?"
The mechanical voice of the system: "The funds on hand reach 2 million."
Shen Tingshuang did some calculation, and reaching 2 million should be no problem. Certain treasure shops receipt should be confirmed one after another these days.
Plus there were Super Mall where she could provide more fruits. Supplying huge amount of fruits daily could also earn her millions: "OK, add it on."
The system announced: "The addition is successful. There are still 4 days and 16 hours before the end of the mission. Please the host finishes the work well."
Shen Tingshuang called Lu Minghui and asked him if he needed other supply of vegetables. At the same time, on a certain treasure shop, the fruit was restocked for the third time.

When Shao Feng received the mobile phone prompts, he did not expect that Shen Tingshuang would restock the store for the third time in such a short period of time.
Although Shen Tingshuang's restocking has been irregular, but doing such within short period of time made him felt a bit unprepared.
However, Shao Feng was happy when he had many courier deliveries, both for himself and Shen Tingshuang.

At 11 o'clock in the morning, Lu Minghui happily came over to take the vegetables.
Today's fruit sales on treasure store went out two thousand more than normal, but the number has not been credited into 1 million and as long as customers did not confirm the arrival of goods, so those funds were not hers yet.
Shen Tingshuang didn't plan to supply too much goods to Super Mall. She was worried that the supermarket will not be able to sell them within a day.
If Lu Minghui knew the thoughts in Shen Tingshuang's heart, he would probably vomit blood. He had emphasized with Shen Tingshuang before, no matter how many vegetables and fruits, Super Mall could sell them all on the same day.
Obviously, Shen Tingshuang didn't listen.

Because of the need for more funds, Shen Tingshuang also listed Apple.
This kind of fruit was available all year round, and an apple tree watered with spiritual energy could bear a thousand catties of fruit.
Shen Tingshuang's spiritual energy for a few days has been dedicated to watering the apple trees, and now the apple trees in this field have already produced fruit.
Lu Minghui set the price of five yuan a catty to be paid to Shen Tingshuang and six yuan to be listed in the supermarket. These apples were on the shelf not for long when they were sold out.
Mainly, the other eight kinds of fruits has been eaten every day. Apples were on the shelves for the first time. Many people wanted to try them.

There was a company next to Super Mall and Xiao Zhu worked here. Before she went to the company every day, she bought fruits here.
Eating fruits was also the happiest thing in her day.
When she went to Super Mall today, Xiao Zhu found that there were new fruits on the shelves.
The fruits from Xin Yuan Shan were now placed on a shelf by themselves at Super Mall, so the apples were placed on these special shelves. Everyone knew that it was a new fruit from Xin Yuan Shan.
Xiao Zhu was a little entangled. She didn't like apples. She preferred to eat other fruits, such as kiwi, longan, and cantaloupe.
Seeing that the number of apples on the shelf was rapidly decreasing, Xiao Zhu no longer hesitated and took an apple.
This fruit was produced by Xin Yuan Shan, and Xiao Zhu also wanted to try it. How did this apple taste?
After paying the money, Xiao Zhu was a little emotional. An apple cost six yuan. Even at Christmas, the apples with packaging only sold for five yuan, but the apples in her hand were very ruddy in color, much better than those sold at Christmas.
Xiao Zhu took the apple and went to the company.
The colleague next to her saw the apple in Xiao Zhu's hand and said with a smile: "Why didn't you buy fruit at Super Mall today?"
In fact, these colleagues also knew that Super Mall's fruits were delicious, but they were expensive. They ate them every few days. They wanted to eat them every day like Xiao Zhu, but they really couldn't afford it.
Xiao Zhu: "This is Super Mall's, I bought apple today."
Her colleague knew that Super Mall fruit was expensive, so she didn't ask Xiao Zhu for it: "Okay, if you like it, tell me, I'll try it later."
"No problem." Xiao Zhu cleaned the apple and set it aside.
After working for a few hours, Xiao Zhu's head hurt a bit. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples, and the faint fragrance of apple came from next to her.
Xiao Zhu grabbed the apple with her left hand and took a bite.
The sound of crisp apple exuded on the quiet office.
Everyone looked around and saw Xiao Zhu eating an apple.
Closely you could still see the juice splashing from the apple after she bit it, and the sweet apple scent spread everywhere.
Xiao Zhu was usually not interested in apples, but the apple in her hand was very delicious, fragrant and sweet, and there was a fresh scent when you smell it, and after biting it, the rich scent of apples spread out.
Xiao Zhu felt that she was in love with this apple.
The colleague sitting next to Xiao Zhu couldn't help but swallow.
Xiao Zhu had eaten a whole apple, and felt that her head no longer hurts. She seemed to have energy again at work. She rolled up her sleeves and got ready for work.
A colleague said: "Xiao Zhu, where did you buy that apple?"
Xiao Zhu: "In Super Mall."
"Isn't there no such kind of apples in Super Mall?" Xiao Zhu bought the fruits every day, and her colleagues were also familiar with them.

"Only released today."
In the morning, the colleague who was going to ask Xiaozhu how the apple was didn't ask anymore, those just now explained everything.

Shen Tingshuang asked the customer service manager of a certain treasure whether she could modify the limited purchase to allow second purchase after buyer confirmed the receipt, and the customer service responded quickly. It could definitely be set like this, and it could also be set to five-star praise to purchase again.
So Shen Tingshuang, guided by the instructions of the customer service manager, set the buyer to be able to re-purchase after confirming the receipt. Of course, the second purchase still limited the number of fruits bought.
After setting it up, Shen Tingshuang started live broadcast: "Hello everyone, let's show you some bananas today."
Banana was also an ordinary fruit. Shen Tingshuang has not put them on the shelves yet. This thing broke quickly, so there was no plan to sell it online for the time being.
The banana alley looked full of bright yellow fruits, it looked beautiful.
[Miss Sister, we just want to eat.]
[Is it only available in Xin Yuan Shan?]
[I just went to Xin Yuan Shan today. I tell you that I didn’t see any there.]
Shen Tingshuang: "Well, banana is not sold yet."
Everyone found that even if the ordinary fruit as banana was eaten by the anchor named Ah Shuang, there was always a special attraction. Netizens could not help but give praises.
After eating a piece of banana, Shen Tingshuang said: "By the way, if there are netizens who want to buy fruits the second time, after confirming that the first orders have been received, they can buy again. But the second purchase is still limited one kind of fruit per person."
[Wow, this is the biggest good news today!]
[Hearing this, I’m happier than when I won the lottery!]
After closing the live broadcast, Shen Tingshuang found that many netizens confirmed the receipt and made a purchase again.

The number of temporary helpers that Shao Feng hired was almost 20. However, after reading Shen Tingshuang's incoming orders, he felt that he should find more helpers tomorrow.
Shen Tingshuang took a look at her Alipay, because she reminded the netizens in the live broadcast room, her account has exceeded 1.8 million.
Early the next morning, Lu Minghui came: "When strawberries and bananas will be on the shelves?"
He also watched Shen Tingshuang's live broadcast. If the time did not allow, he would watch the replay. He has seen that Shen Tingshuang has grown a lot of strawberries. And on yesterday's live broadcast, the bananas showed were also in very large quantity and can be sold.
Shen Tingshuang: "Does Super Mall needs it?"
Lu Minghui exclaimed: "Very much needed!"
Originally, there were a lot of fruits suppliers in Super Mall. Later, when Xin Yuan Shan's fruits were on the shelves, there were fewer other suppliers’ fruits because there were fewer people buying them. Especially after the tastes of the two fruits were compared, no one would buy other fruits.
Lu Minghui especially hoped that one day, all the fruits on the supermarket shelves will come from Xin Yuan Shan.
Shen Tingshuang who just needed to make money: "How many catties do you need?"
"One or two thousand catties each." After a pause, Lu Minghui added: "It would be better if it were two thousand catties."
"Great, do you still need us to come back at 11 o'clock?" During this period, Shen Tingshuang's vegetables were also picked up at 11 o'clock.
She went back to the mountain and picked the fruits.
After the delivery with Lu Minghui, the additional task was completed.
After the delivery of bananas and strawberries, Shen Tingshuang's funds directly became 2.01 million, and it was still increasing because of the increasing confirmation of receipt of certain treasure's customers.
System: "Whether the host wants to add more missions? If you add, complete the mission, you can get 34% of the spiritual veins recovery. "
Shen Tingshuang: "No more." There were still two and a half days, it was better to take a good rest, the task would be endless anyway.
System: "Congratulation host for completing the 32nd mission plus additional mission, and get a reward: restore 33% of the spiritual veins."

Shen Tingshuang felt the increased spiritual energy in her body. 
Zhizhi flew over: "Ah Shuang, someone is looking for you at the foot of the mountain. It is the family of the village chief, but they are trapped by the formation."
That day, after Shen Tingshuang gave Yao Dazhu water and medicinal herbs, his family called 120 again. In the end, the doctor managed to rescue Yao Dazhu. In the past few days, Yao Dazhu slowly escaped from danger.
Although this group of people felt lucky, they felt something was wrong. Yao Dazhu was given a death notice that day, but because of the water and herbs from Shen Tingshuang, he survived.
Everyone remembered to kept Shen Tingshuang involvement to them alone, because they definitely didn't want to talk about it outside.
After a discussion, they decided to visit Shen Tingshuang when there were few people.
Generally when people visit, it was best to go in the morning. But they also knew how definitely busy Shen Tingshuang would be with people buying fruits and more.
So they waited until noon, when everyone went back to have lunch before they came to Xin Yuan Shan.
As a result, they were trapped from entering the mountain, still in the same place even after walking a few laps.
Shen Tingshuang let this group of people in.

After Yao Daxing and others came in, they were a little nervous. They felt that the probability of Shen Tingshuang saving Yao Dazhu life was about 50%.
But after entering the mountain, they couldn't get away. Everyone looked at each other and they knew that something strange had happened.
Not only were they not afraid, but they were convinced that Shen Tingshuang saved Yao Dazhu.
"Miss Shen is definitely a disciple of a master!"
"Thank you master’s disciple for saving our family’s Dazhu."
Everyone thought like this when they found that the road in front of them opened and they could go up.
As a result, the conviction of Shen Tingshuang in everyone's hearts became deeper.
Yao Dazhu's wife suddenly thought: "Did we bring too little gifts?"

Yao Daxing also felt that these gifts were not much. He glanced at Qian Tianguo, who said: "Since she is a disciple of a master, as long as we are sincere, Miss Shen will definitely be able to feel it."
Shen Tingshuang was planting the ground when she saw Yao Daxing and a group of people coming over. They thanked Shen Tingshuang for how kind and merciful she was.
Shen Tingshuang said it was okay, and asked them to take good care of Yang Dazhu. Because she was busy farming, she didn't say much to Yao Daxing.
Yao Daxing and others did not feel neglected, but got back into the car and left until they reached the foot of the mountain.
After reaching the foot of the mountain, Dou Ran, Yao Dazhu’s wife, said: "Should we buy some fruits?"
It's not that they haven't eaten the fruits here, they just thought they were delicious before, but after Yao Dazhu's incident, everyone thought that the fruits of Xin Yuan Shan must be immortal.

After they left, Shao Feng came over and brought a box of moon cakes: "This is given by the company, and important customers also get some."
Shen Tingshuang, a customer that sends hundreds of thousands of orders every month, was an important customer at that express company: "Thank you."
Shao Feng left, Shen Tingshuang gave him 100,000 yuan again for the courier fees.
When Shao Feng saw the transfer, he was a little helpless. He wanted to be nice to Shen Tingshuang, but Shen Tingshuang seemed to be twice as nice every time.

The moon cake Shao Feng gave, Shen Tingshuang ate one at night, and it was a bit too sweet.
She still remembered when she was still a ginseng spirit, one time during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a human grandmother gave her a moon cake. At that time, she thought it was super delicious.
Putting down the moon cake in her hand, looking at the round moon above her head, Shen Tingshuang planned to go to City B to purchase some things tomorrow.

The next morning, after unloading in the fruits for Super Mall, Shen Tingshuang was ready to go to City B.
Lu Minghui kept saying that her fruits were selling well, but Shen Tingshuang still remembered when it was not long after she transmigrated, she visited the supermarket, and there were no people in it.
But her supplies to Super Mall sometimes add up to more than 10,000 catties.
Therefore, Shen Tingshuang always felt that Lu Minghui's word was only because of Elder Pei.
Shen Tingshuang opened the navigation and went to the Super Mall nearest to Xin Yuan Shan.
When she arrived at the supermarket, it was already noon. Shen Tingshuang wanted to see how much fruit there was left.
As soon as she entered Super Mall, she found that there were a lot more people here than the supermarket she had visited before.
If any staff member knew Shen Tingshuang's thoughts, they would probably say that if she came in the morning, there would be more people, and their branch was not even located in a prosperous area.
Shen Tingshuang walked to the fruit stand according to the sign, and found that there was a special fruit shelf, but the shelves were empty.
Shen Tingshuang was not sure if the fruit in it was from Xin Yuan Shan.
The staff on the side saw Shen Tingshuang standing here for a while, and said, "Want to buy the fruit from Xin Yuan Shan?"
"Uh ..."
The staff member said: "We don’t have much supply so they will be gone every day at less than 10 o’clock. Our shop is a bit too far away from the city. If it’s not close to Xin Yuan Shan, we may not even be able to sell these fruits. If you really want to buy it, you can go and take a look at Xin Yuan Shan directly."
"So fast?" Shen Tingshuang was a little surprised. She didn't expect what Lu Minghui said was true.
The staff that didn't know Shen Tingshuang identity said: "Do not be surprised, even if our own employees want buy, we need to make reservation. Not to say, each employee can only reserve one."
Shen Tingshuang was still digesting what the staff said when the staff continued: "Also, Xin Yuan Shan's vegetables are also delicious, but they are not often provided. Even if you go to Xin Yuan Shan, you may not be able to buy them."
After a long time, Shen Tingshuang thanked the staff. She was also relieved, next time she encountered such a task, she can rest assured in supplying Super Mall.
Thinking of this, Shen Tingshuang was very happy, and bought a lot of ingredients and daily necessities in the supermarket.

On the way back, Shen Tingshuang thought, tomorrow she could provide both fruits and vegetables to Super Mall, and the supply would be two thousands catties each kind.
In this way, even if the next task became 4 million, she was not worried.
The mechanical sound of the system suddenly came out: "The host guessed well. The next task is tomorrow. The host's funds are required to reach 4 million."
Shen Tingshuang: "..." This dog system.
Happy mood suddenly went down more than half.

Fans were shocked to discover that Shen Tingshuang's fruits have not been taken off the shelves, except for purchase restrictions.
Netizens who were close to Xin Yuan Shan can take a picture of the fruit they received almost once a day, or once every other day, which means netizens who were far away will take longer.
At 7 o'clock in the morning, when Lu Minghui came, he saw Shen Tingshuang's trailer full of fruit and he was as excited as if it was Chinese New Year.
Two days ago, it was a thousand catties of fruit, but today it is more than two thousand catties. How could Lu Minghui be unhappy?
Shen Tingshuang: "If you need additional supply, you need to come back to pick up the goods again at 11 o'clock."
"No problem!"
After delivering the goods to Super Mall, 500,000 yuan was received, plus these two days certain treasure receipts were also confirmed and the funds also released.
So, in the afternoon, the system announced that the task was completed.
Shen Tingshuang took the initiative to ask; "Is additional task available?"
System: "Yes, additional task requires funds to reach 8 million yuan, do you want to add?"
Shen Tingshuang: "..." It took a little more than 4 days to earn 4 million. On average, it only needed a day to earn 1 million yuan.
Super Mall income of 500,000 yuan a day was stable, and the rest of certain treasure receipt confirmations should also reach 500,000 yuan.

After Shen Tingshuang thought about it, she quickly decided: "Add."
"Noted." The mechanical sound said: "Addition successful. After the task is complete, 35% of spiritual veins will be recovered."

Shen Tingshuang picked up a trailer full of fruits and sent it to Shao Feng, she also asked if he wanted her to help packing.
Shao Feng said: "No need, you can go back to plant the land and pick fruits." He has hired 30 temporary helpers today.

Shen Tingshuang went back to the mountain to pick more fruits. In fact, she wanted to change to a large truck, but her driver's license did not allow her to drive it.
Shen Tingshuang picked longan and cantaloupe, put them at the foot of the mountain, and then waited for them to get sold out in the morning before loading grapes.
This would ensure the fruits that customers buy were fresh.
The author has something to say: 
Ah Qi also want to make one million a day like this.
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