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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 61

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 61


Extra chapter 1 of 1


Even though it was early morning many netizens have logged on to the official website and started to watch the live broadcast. When they saw this moment, they flicked their screens.  
[This fruit! I love it.]
[Ah Shuang is simply not simple!] 
Shen Tingshuang asked: "Can I go to the hut first?" 
"Of course" The program crew agreed.  
Shen Tingshuang went to the hut and found that the kitchen utensils were complete, but there was no food.  
Thinking of the last recording, Shen Tingshuang knew that probably the program group would ask them to find a way to get the ingredients, but the ingredients were obviously not a problem for this recording.  
It happened that Shen Tingshuang hadn't have breakfast herself, thinking if the other guests was all picked up at six o'clock for the show, it would take more than an hour for the guests to come from City B, so then everyone could have breakfast together.  
Her mood was much better than last time, because Shen Xuan has quit the program recording. 
As for who the replacement would be, she didn't ask, she would be better than Shen Xuan most definitely.  
Shen Tingshuang went back to the courtyard and took some flour, dried chilies and lard, and picked some green onions when she went down the mountain.  
This time, the cameraman who filmed Shen Tingshuang has been assigned a car by the program team specially, but he found that it was fine at ordinary times, but it was not easy to use on the mountain. 
Although there were roads on the mountain, Shen Tingshuang walked on small roads. Therefore, he still has to run along, plus it was live broadcast, so he couldn't take it lightly.  
Xia Xia, who watched this scene, was a little speechless. Xin Yuan Shan was famous and the fruit was delicious, so she chose this place, but she never expected that Shen Tingshuang wouldn't behave like it was a recording but instead a nextdoor trip.  
Many fans of the guests and passerby were happy.  
[Hhh, I'm not afraid of the ingredients now.] 
[Why, I think the guests in this issue will be very happy!]
Shen Tingshuang put the flour in a large basin, added water and yeast, then started to knead them. After it has formed into a smooth dough, Shen Tingshuang put plastic wrap on it.  
Some netizens woke up early to watch this variety show, but they turned on their mobile phones to found that Shen Tingshuang was making food. 
[I'm hungry.]
[I originally said that it is comfortable to lie in bed and watch the show, but now I plan to look for food.]
Shen Tingshuang washed the green onions carefully, chopped the green part and left the white part. 
She then cleaned the chilies, chop them and place them in a bowl.  
She turned on the fire, heat up the pan, and added lard. When it was hot she added the white part of the green onions, and remove them after fragrant.  
Shen Tingshuang put the green onion oil in another bowl.  
She then ran to the mountain again to pick some fruits. It was early spring in March but there were all kinds of fruits on the mountain.
Shen Tingshuang picked some strawberries, pineapples and oranges. Not many fruits were picked. Shen Tingshuang thought it was better to take as needed. After all, she hated waste. 
Besides, if they wanted to eat more fruit, they could pick it at any time. 
Then Shen Tingshuang took out the dough and put it on the cutting board to knead for a while to expel the bubbles. She then divided the smooth dough into several small portion, each of which was then made into long rope of dough. 
"The last time Ah Shuang made noodles, what did you film?" In the director's room, someone has already started to discuss. 
"Her face?"
"Have you ever seen such a long homemade dough?"  
In addition to them, netizens were discussing what Shen Tingshuang did earlier on the comment section.  
Then they saw Shen Tingshuang took the chopped green onions, sprinkled them on half of the dough, and sprinkled with chili on the other half. After evenly sprinkling, she rolled them up from one end, and then steamed in the pot.  
This was obvious, Shen Tingshuang was making steamed buns.

Scallion buns here

Taking advantage of this time, Shen Tingshuang washed the strawberries and put them on the table in the dining room. There were two oranges, which were also cut and put on the plate. 
As for the pineapple, they were cut into small pieces.  
When it was ready, she waited patiently for the steamed buns to come out of the pot.  
Soon, the first guest Qin Yueze came over and smelled the scent in the room: "You are preparing breakfast? What do I need to do?" Qin Yueze put his luggage in the corner of the living room on the first floor, and then went to the kitchen to help.  
Shen Tingshuang: "Eat fruit first." 
In fact, Qin Yueze has eaten Shen Tingshuang fruits every day recently. 
Pei Group and Shen Tingshuang have an agreement, so Qin Yueze was able to buy directly from Pei. Not many, each kind was only half a catty. And there were other additional benefits. 
Qin Yueze washed his hands, sat at the table, and began to eat fruit. His first bite was pineapple. 
The fruit on the table that he has ever eaten was strawberries. Oranges and pineapples were never sold. 
The pineapples were cut into small pieces so he put a fork on it. Golden flesh, no pineapple sprouts at all, the rich pineapple flavor was very attractive, one bite, the sweet taste immediately spread in every part of the mouth, delicate and sweet.  
It seemed that he has not registered the fact that the fruits Shen Tingshuang grew were all top-notch in taste and texture. 
Netizens have begun to comment. 

[Ahhhh! Pineapple! My brother is so happy!] 
[I haven't tasted it yet. I’ve been craving pineapples, when will Ah Shuang put them on the shelves?] 
[There are oranges.] 
[I want to eat also when I see my brother eat.] 
Everyone had a good discussion, and Qin Yueze took an orange. The flesh was orange, before it even got to the lips, people could feel the sweet orange flavor. 
Qin Yueze put it to his mouth and it felt like drinking a glass of juice, the orange flavor splashed all over his mouth. 
Just now the pineapple was very sweet, but eating this bite of oranges, he could still clearly distinguish the taste of oranges, which was no worse than the pineapples. 
There were more bullet screens flying by. 
[It is simply torture, I just went to see Ah Shuang’s online shop  Still no fruit on the shelves.] 
[Meow meow takeaway is out of stock.] 
[I’m already at the door of Super Mall.] 
[I envy the people in City B.] 
Shen Tingshuang watched Qin Yueze eat fruit, and suddenly thought of a question, too. 
She didn't know how many Qin Yueze one bite was equivalent to now. 
The system did not want to say, but she knew that Qin Yueze’s every bite equivalent would continue to double, and during this time, he has eaten the fruits every day.  
Actually the next time Shen Tingshuang needed n number of people to eat fruit, or n number of people eat n kinds of fruit to complete the task, Qin Yueze could already complete it in one bite. Because now Qin Yueze's one bite was equivalent to 104.9 million people. Because of this the system did not answer.  
Shen Tingshuang didn’t care. She didn’t have any additional tasks after the task was completed recently, and she wouldn't worry about the next task for the time being. 
Soon, Liu Jing, Bai Hao, and Geng Chengyun also came, as soon as they saw the fruit, without Shen Tingshuang needed to talk, they have leaned in.
But before they had time to eat, they heard the voice of the program group suddenly saying: "Guests, please guess who the last guest is?"
Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads: "I don't know."
Everyone knew about Shen Xuan. The words of Shen Xuan in the car before have shocked everyone. 
Unexpectedly, the following revelations made everyone feel that Shen Xuan and the Shen family were more shameless than they thought. The Shen family was on the verge of bankruptcy now, and everyone felt that they deserved it. 
As for the guest to fill Shen Xuan position, the program team did a good job of confidentiality. 
There were some artists in the recommended by their company who wanted to enter the variety show, but the program team did not agree. 
"Why don't we guess?" Liu Jing said, even though they want to eat fruit, they still have to give the show crew face. 
Qin Yueze did not speak, Shen Listening did not speak, mainly because she did not understand the entertainment industry at all. 
Bai Hao said: "It must be a female." 
Geng Chengyun couldn't help but roll his eyes. This show was originally composed of three men and three women. The remaining one must be a woman, and it must be similar to Shen Xuan in terms of popularity. If they looked at it this way, there seemed to be a lot of names in the entertainment circle that fit these criteria, so he said a few names.  
Liu Jing also guessed a few.
"Congratulations, you got the wrong answer!" The program group said: "If the guest has not been guessed within three minutes, there will be a penalty."
"What penalty?" Bai Hao asked. 
"Clean up the weeds within 1 meter around Xin Yuan Shan." 
Although Xin Yuan Shan was very beautiful, there were still some weeds in the back mountain and part of the surrounding area. After all, Shen Tingshuang didn't take care of the weeds at the foot of the mountain every day. Her focus was more on the actual mountain. 
The program team did this mainly because they saw Shen Tingshuang alone taking care of the huge Xin Yuan Shan. With Shen Xuan's affairs, everyone felt that they wanted to do something for Shen Tingshuang. 
When everyone heard it, they had no opinion, they have said quite a few names. "Ah Shuang, do you want to guess one?"
Shen Tingshuang: "VIVI?" 
Liu Jing was stunned. She knew VIVI was an internet celebrity with first-class reputation, but how could Shen Tingshuang guess her. 
Netizens laughed immediately after hearing Shen Tingshuang guessed name. 
[Hahaha, I suspect that Ah Shuang only knows VIVI.] 
[Ah Shuang just guess what she knows, why are you so shocked?] 
Obviously, Shen Tingshuang's guess was wrong. After three minutes, no one guessed right.  
Geng Chengyun didn't care who the guest that would come was. He picked up his fork and prepared to eat the fruit, but then he heard the outside door open. 
Everyone looked at the figure outside the door and was stunned on the spot. 
The nice voice appeared, and everyone present was shocked. Except Qin Yueze and Shen Tingshuang. 
Qin Yueze had known for a long time that the person coming was Gu Yuan. After all, there was a lack of guests in the program group, and Gu Yuan was contacted by him. 
Shen Tingshuang didn't know at all who this was, so she was not surprised. 
The comment section at this moment has exploded. 
[F*ck! It is the goddess!] 
[Wow, I'm going to cry!] 
[God, I screamed with excitement.] 
[I was sitting on the subway and saw Yuanyuan appear, now tears are streaming down my face, even the uncle next to me handed me a tissue.] 
Gu Yuan, the pinnacle of China’s music industry has debuted for ten years, however, except for the first three years, only one album was released every year, and now a single was not even released after a year.  
Whenever Gu Yuan was releasing a single, it would become number one on the major charts. Her songs were always the most classic. Her voice was rated as the best voice in Asia, and there was no other!  
"Yuan Goddess!" Liu Jin stood up quickly, this person was too famous.  
Geng Chengyun was also speechless with excitement: "Gu, Senior Gu"

"What senior, I am not so old." Gu Yuan walked to the table, "Can these fruits be eaten?"  
"Sure, sure!" Bai Hao finally reacted and quickly got up and gave way to Gu Yuan to sit. 
Just ten minutes later, Shen Tingshuang ran to the kitchen and brought the steamed buns to the table: "The green onion rolls are not spicy." 
Gu Yuan: "Wow, this steamed bun looks good, everyone eat first."  
After speaking unceremoniously, they took some buns, and everyone resisted the shock in their hearts while they ate it. 
Bai Hao and Chengyun, who had wanted to talk to each other, stopped talking after taking a bite of the scallion bun. Bai Hao originally wanted to take the chili, but he thought about it, and finally took the chopped green onion, bite it, and screamed, but Bai Hao couldn’t bear to. 
This bun was too delicious, especially the taste of green onion. He actually hated these condiments the most, but the green onion at the moment has a very attractive fragrance: "It's delicious!"
Geng Chengyun saw the chili buns, tangled up a bit, and finally took it. The dough was very good, soft and full of aroma, and the taste of chili was even more exciting. It was very delicious.  He almost jumped up. 
Liu Jing knew Shen Tingshuang’s cooking skills when she cooked before, but this time she still couldn’t help but be surprised. This steamed buns was better than the noodles and porridge made before. 
She thought at that time, because Shen Xuan was there, Shen Tingshuang probably cooked all those meals casually. But now, Shen Tingshuang's real cooking skills were used: "Tingshuang, your cooking is really delicious!"
Qin Yueze nodded approvingly, the scallion bun in his hand was half eaten. 
Gu Yuan also ate the scallion bun, she bit it and she saw inconceivable flashes in her eyes, when she finished eating one of the scallion bun, she had to admit than this steamed buns made by Shen Tingshuang were really delicious. She has a very light breakfast every day, like this kind of buns, but to be honest, she never thought it was delicious until now. 
Shen Tingshuang took the chili bun for herself, although this chili was spicy, but it was delicious. After eating one, she stuck out her tongue and continued to eat. 
[She was greedy and crying.] 
[This chili! I bought a packaged bag before. It was really delicious. I beg for it to be put on shelves!] 
[I have eaten Xin Yuan Shan's garlic too, it’s really satisfying, Ah Shuang’s onion, ginger, and garlic are super delicious.] 
[Yuan Goddess’ expression is so shocked!] 
[I can feel my saliva!] 
[Even if only two peppers limited per person, it’s okay!] 
Xia Xia and the people in the director’s team were also tortured. They went to bed at 2 o’clock last night, and woke up less than 4 this morning. So they haven't had breakfast yet.  
When they saw the scene of several guests eating, especially Shen Tingshuang, who obviously only ate a steamed bun, but they didn't know why, everyone wanted to eat it when they saw her eating.  
Gu Yuan was a goddess, and when she ate steamed buns, peope would feel that the scene was beautiful, which will only make people interested to watch. While Qin Yueze's eating appearance was elegant.  
Only Shen Tingshuang, everyone looked at her and thought the food in her hand was particularly attractive.  
Shen Tingshuang portioned three buns per person. There were 10 scallion buns and 8 chili buns.  
Shen Tingshuang ate two chili rolls, and Geng Chengyun also ate two. He originally planned to eat three, but he was afraid that when he went back his agent would scold him fiercely. 
Previously, Geng Chengyun ate a bowl of bacon noodles. When he went back he was lectured by his agent for a long time. 
Bai Hao originally ate chopped green onion bun, but Geng Chengyun next to him had been eating chili bun, and Shen Tingshuang has also tempted him to eat some so he also ate one, but he couldn’t stop eating it, and finally ate two chili buns.  
Qin Yueze and Gu Yuan each took one of the remaining two chilli buns.  
Gu Yuan basically didn't eat chili. Her throat has always been well protected. She never ate this kind of irritating food, but today, she couldn't hold back and took a bite, and then she was full of happiness: "This taste is really nostalgic."  
Qin Yueze: "How long have you not eaten chili?"
"More than ten years, I can't remember." Gu Yuan said. She was okay to eat it, but everyone around her thought her throat was precious. When she ate it today, she found that her body still liked the spiciness. 
After Gu Yuan ate a chili bun, she actually wanted more, but unfortunately it was gone. 
Liu Jing wanted to eat it, but Qin Yueze and Gu Yuan both went to get the last of them, so she couldn't get it. 
The six quickly finished the steamed buns. 
After that Gu Yuan saw at the fruit on the table. She picked up a strawberry with a fork, after taking only one bite her eyes widened: "This is?"
Qin Yueze explained: "These fruits are from Tingshuang." 
Gu Yuan couldn't help but exclaimed: "You are too powerful. The strawberry flavor is too delicious. After eating, I feel full of energy."  
Shen Tingshuang smiled, the strawberries were filled with spiritual energy, so eating them was definitely good for people.  
After Geng Chengyun and Bai Hao had eaten three buns each, they still felt that it was still not enough. Although Shen Tingshuang’s buns was bigger than the ones sold in the market, but it was too delicious.  
But now there was only fruit left, so they can only ate the fruit. After feeding it into their mouths, the expressions on their faces reiterated how surprised they were. "Wow, how could it be so delicious?
"Oranges!" Bai Hao looked at the orange on the plate in shock. Although it looked a bit different from normal ones on the market, it was indeed an orange. 
Geng Chengyun ate the pineapple as if he had never eaten it before. Netizens thought it was very cute. 
[Brother Chengyun, how long haven’t you eaten fruit?] 
[Haohao hasn’t eaten oranges for a long time.] 
[Don’t say that! If you have eaten Ah Shuang’s fruit, I believe you will react in the same way!] 
[I really want to eat it too!!] 

The crews originally planned that if the guests could not finish eating, they would come to eat the leftover fruit, but they did not expect that these people would be able to finish three plates of fruit after eating the steamed buns. 
The director group: "...." It was hard to eat a fruit. 
"Tingshuang, you are too good."
"Yeah, why are the fruits you grew so delicious?" 
Gu Yuan also said, "People say that I am a golden voice, you are a golden hand."
Shen Tingshuang: "If you want to eat, I will pick more for everyone later in the evening."
"Are there many fruits?" Geng Chengyun asked in a low voice.
"Well, what do you want to eat?"  
Geng Chengyun said: "Are there any durians?" He likes to eat durian very much, but durian was smelly and high in calories, so his agent never allowed him to eat it. Moreover, once the stuff was secretly eaten, it was easy to be discovered. So after his debut, Geng Chengyun has never eaten durian again.

Durian here

"What about you?" Shen Tingshuang asked Bai Hao.
"I want to eat mangosteen."  
Liu Jing said: "Mango." 
Qin Yueze: "Are there any apricots?" 
"Yes." Shen Tingshuang answered and Qin Yueze smiled.  
[I remember my brother’s favorite fruit doesn’t seem to be apricots?] 
[Probably my brother wants to eat apricots now.]
Here, Gu Yuan said: "Is there any moon-dew melon?" 

Moon-dew melon was also a kind of muskmelon. This kind of fruit was rare. Because the production environment was a bit harsh, it could only be found in the southernmost part of China: "Yes."  
Gu Yuan didn't expect it to be available: "That's great!"  
Xia Xia shouted through the camera in the room: "Remind the guests, it's time to accept the punishment!" 
Why? The crews haven't eaten breakfast yet, and after watching for a long time, the guests have breakfast and eat fruit.  
Netizens were all talking about how delicious the fruits of Shen Tingshuang were. They were close at hand, but they couldn't eat them at all! Moreover, the guests were still discussing what fruits to eat at night! It's too much!  
After receiving the reminder from the program group, the guests in the room got up one after another, ready to accept punishment one by one. 
The program team prepared tools in advance, but Shen Tingshuang didn't use them, she directly drove her trailer and parked it aside, and then pulled the weeds with the guests. The grass that has been pulled out was placed on the trailer. 
Many people in Yao Village were watching the live broadcast together, and they saw that the guests were doing punishment. 
Many villagers ran to Xin Yuan Shan and began to help weeding together.  However, these villagers stood far away, trying not to let themselves into the camera, but sharp-eyed netizens still noticed.  
[It seems that someone is helping.] 
[Not a lot, and they all stand far away.] 
[Are they a fan of particular guest?]
[Not a fan, I saw that there are some who are young and some are older, and there are also a few very young people.]
[I feel that this show is not to travel together, but to farm together.]
Although Gu Yuan was a daughter of prominent family, she was not inferior to pulling weeds. She has never pulled the weeds before, but seeing Shen Tingshuang's movements, she has learned something, it's just her movements were slower.  
Qin Yueze also seemed to be doing well. 
As for the other three, everyone couldn't help holding their foreheads, but they were somewhat helping.  
"It's quite comfortable to live here." Gu Yuan said: "The air is good, so there is no pollution." 
"Yes, I want to buy a suite here." Bai Hao followed. He would come over during a break, then he wouldn't have to worry about having stalker fans. 
"Well, don't you guys stir up the house prices in this village." Gu Yuan said. 
Everyone laughed. 
Gu Yuan looked at Shen Tingshuang: "Are you taking care of this whole mountain alone?" 
"En." Shen Tingshuang's hands kept moving, and her speed of grass pulling was faster than all the guests here combined. Even when this was the speed after Shen Tingshuang slowed down.  
Geng Chengyun felt that he had just pull out a weed but Shen Tingshuang had finished hers and moved to another spot.  
[I found out, all the guests are soy sauce.]
[Hahaha, Yuan Goddess is a bit affectionate.]
[Chengyun is very cute, pull out a plant, and trot two steps.]
Before she came, Gu Yuan watched the recording of the previous issue and knew that Shen Tingshuang's strength was great, but there was still a difference between what she saw online and what she saw in reality. It's much more shocking!  
As Shen Tingshuang speed was really fast and because the villagers helped, by noon, the guests had completed the punishment.  
On the way back, Shen Tingshuang asked, "What do you want to eat at noon?" 
"Snail noodles!" Geng Chengyun said immediately.  
After the previous show was recorded, because he ate bacon noodles, his agent ordered Geng Chengyun to eat boiled cabbage for several days.  When he ate every day, he thought of Shen Tingshuang.
So, when Geng Chengyun was eating boiled cabbage, he searched the Internet, but he did not expect to find a video of Shen Tingshuang making snail noodles.  
Liu Jing on the side was stunned: "Chengyun, your taste is really a bit unusual." 
Bai Hao immediately said: "I also want to eat snail noodles!"
Qin Yueze: "No problem." When he saw Shen Tingshuang ate snails noodles before, he also ordered some, but he only ate a few mouthfuls, the taste was too salty, the spiciness was not pure, and it was a mess of heavy flavors. 
Gu Yuan: "Just right, I also want to try it."
Everyone agreed, so Liu Jing also had to agree, although she didn't really want to eat this thing. 
Shen Tingshuang went back to get the ingredients. 
"Shall we help get it for you?"  Bai Hao said. 
"No, I'll be back soon." 
Shen Tingshuang went back to the courtyard to get the ingredients. The cameraman followed a few steps and gave up. Shen Tingshuang ran too fast on the mountain, and he couldn't keep up at all. It was better to wait below. 

[Hey, the cameraman has given up. Already?] 
[Hahaha, he couldn't keep up with Ah Shuang.] 
Ten minutes later, Shen Tingshuang returned to the hut. The guests have cleaned the dining room and the kitchen utensils used in the morning, and Qin Yueze also has boiled some water in the pot.
Shen Tingshuang dropped the noodles directly on the boiling water, and then put the snails in another pot. 
"Tingshuang, did you make these noodles yourself?" Gu Yuan asked. 
"Yes, I made it myself." Shen Tingshuang: "Because I watched some live broadcasts, I bought the snails noodles there. I found it delicious, so later I made it myself."
Everyone thought about that guest Shen Tingshuang just guessed which was "VIVI". They thought it must be VIVI from VIVI's live broadcast. 
Shen Tingshuang also picked cabbage when she went down the mountain. Liu Jing put it aside after washing. Qin Yueze was also helping.  
Gu Yuan, she couldn't bother others, but, Bai Hao and Geng Chengyun was washing the vegetables and she was really worried. She might as well do it by herself. 
Shen Tingshuang cooked three portions at a time. This pot was not too big, so when the sour bamboo shoots were put in the pot, the unique scent of snail noodles comes out. 
Because time was limited, the snail soup base was not as complicated as before, but the final taste was not affected much. 
The first pot came out, everyone was being humber but finally let Bai Hao, Geng Chengyun and Liu Jing ate first. Gu Yuan and Qin Yueze were waiting for Shen Tingshuang to eat together. 
Geng Chengyun tasted a bite and looked satisfied: "It's so delicious!"
Bai Hao knew about snail noodles, but he hasn't eaten it yet. It was a little smelly when he smells it, but Geng Chengyun, who was next to him looked happy when he ate it. Bai Hao thought about Shen Tingshuang who was good at cooking, so he took a bite, and the hesitation in his eyes suddenly turned into shock: "Wow, this is too delicious!"  
[Hahaha, my idol northeastern accent is coming out.] 
[God, I really want to eat snail noodles!] 
[Ahhhhhhhh! I thought of the live broadcast of Ah Shuang again.]  
[Did she sell these snail noodles?] 
[Ah Shuang: Don’t even think about it.] 
Even when Liu Jing saw that the two of them eating the snail noodles happily, she was still hesitant. Thinking of the live broadcast still running, she also picked up a bite. Snail noodles were slowly fed into her mouth. 
There was no smell at all. The noodles have a very delicate and smooth taste. It was accompanied by the taste of snails, and there were sour bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and a hint of spicy at the end. 
Liu Jing thought the taste was not obvious, but at this moment, she could really taste so many different flavors at once. She took another bite, and has to say that this noodles smelled stinky, but the more she ate it, the more fragrant it was. Liu Jing's chopsticks didn't stop moving. 
[I didn’t like Liu Jing a little bit, but her reaction to eating snail noodles was really real.] 
[This stuff is really liked by people who like it, but for people who don’t like it, it is hard to accept.] 
The other three bowls were also cooked, Qin Yueze and Gu Yuan took their share and went to the table. Gu Yuan smelled the taste of the bowl and watched the other three eating deliciously: "It’s so delicious?"
Geng Chengyun was already holding the bowl and drinking the soup. He raised his head and replied: "It's really delicious, the goddess will know after eating it." 
The three sat aside and each took a bite. 
Gu Yuan seemed to have opened the door to a new world: "This is really good!" 
After Qin Yueze ate it, he found that the taste was much better than the last time he ate it. This snail noodles were no longer a pile of various flavors. Each ingredient played its own unique role. Although these ingredients were mixed together, but they all exuded their own fragrance, they gave people a wonderful experience. 
"Director Xia, why don't we eat snail noodles at noon?" Someone from the director group couldn't help saying. 
Xia Xia waved her hand: "Okay, you order takeaway."  
Then everyone opened Meow Meow Takeaways and found that there were no snail noodles to order nearby. Life was really bitter.  
Because of the lunch of the guests, the sales of snail noodles in major stores have soared.  
After Shen Tingshuang finished eating, Gu Yuan hurriedly said: "Let's clean up." 
Five people put away the kitchen tools, and Shen Tingshuang said: "Everyone will have a rest and later go to the mountain to pick fruits."
"Yeah!" Geng Chengyun answered happily. 
No one has objection.  
At two o'clock in the afternoon, everyone got up and set off to pick fruits at Xin Yuan Shan.  
Qin Yueze changed into a sports suit and stood with Shen Tingshuang with his talented and beautiful appearance.  
[Ah, I think my brother and Ah Shuang match each other.]
[I think so too, but I dare not say.] 
[Is there anyone knocking on the CP of these two people?]
[Ah Shuang fans shivering, we definitely did not give heat!] 
Although Qin Yueze's fans didn't want their brother to be tied up with other women, they have to admit that Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze really fit together.  
Entering Xin Yuan Shan from the bamboo forest, it was as if you have come to a fairyland on earth.  
"So there is such a place near City B." Gu Yuan sighed. Far away from the noise of the city, just standing here, she felt that her soul can be washed away. She was even a little grateful to Qin Yueze for inviting her to record this variety show.
Liu Jing's eyes were also full of surprises, it was so beautiful, it was no wonder that Shen Tingshuang took care of the yard in the previous house without any effort, after all, she has taken care of a whole mountain.  

"The Gesang flowers are so beautiful." Liu Jing was about to take out her phone, but suddenly realized when she went out in the morning, her phone was taken away by the program crew.  
[Hahaha, is sister Jing searching for her phone?]
[It’s really good-looking here, if it’s me, I’ll take pictures and cherish it.]
[My focus is wrong, look at the fruits on the mountain!] 
[My saliva has flowed out.]
In the first episode, when the cameraman went up the mountain, he recorded Xin Yuan Shan, but the shot was not many and only a small piece. 
Today all six cameramen were dispatched, and the area recorded was obviously a lot more.  
Netizens couls see the scenery of Xin Yuan Shan more clearly.  
"Durian is here." Shen Tingshuang took everyone to the durian field.  
Qin Yueze reminded the cameramen behind and said, "This is a vegetable patch, so be careful not to step on it." 
[Ahhhh, Brother Ze is so careful.]
[Indeed, if you step on it, I will feel so distressed!] 
[Don’t step on Ah Shuang’s fruits and vegetables!] 
Before they walked to the durian tree, they have smelled it: "I already smell the durian!" 
After a long walk, they finally saw the durian forest. 
Everyone quickly discovered the problem. How to pick this durian?  
Shen Tingshuang was about to pick it, when the program group said: "Guests who said that they want to eat durian in the morning, please pick it yourself." 
Geng Chengyun was stunned. The large durians were all high on the tree. They wanted him to pick it? 
The program team gloated and said: "If you can't pick it, you can't eat it."
Geng Chengyun took a deep breath, as if he couldn't!  
[I feel that the program group is deliberate.] 
[They are full watching the guests eat while they can't eat, they must take revenge.]
[I can understand.]
Shen Tingshuang had to teach Geng Chengyun how to pick the durian: "You take off your coat first, hit one off with a branch on the ground, and then you can catch it with your clothes."
"Okay, I will try." Geng Chengyun took off his coat, then took a branch to poke the nearest durian. 
He saw these durians, all of them were big, so he could poke any of them. As a result, after a long time, Geng Chengyun didn't make it. In the end, he jumped up and finally hit one with a hard jab, but Geng Chengyun didn’t realize that he had hit it so he stood still. 
If the durian fell and hit someone, it would not be only "a bit miserable" but a big accident. The durian fell very fast. 
Quick, Shen Tingshuang took off her clothes and jumped up to take the falling durian. 
Geng Chengyun: "Thanks, thank you for Tingshuang." 
[I was scared to death just now, such a big durian fell from the tree.]
[Although I was scared, I still think Ah Shuang is so handsome!]
[We thank Ah Shuang, if this durian hit my brother's face, the consequences would be really disastrous.]
The director team was also scared for a while, if it really hurt the guests, it wouldn't be good.  
After picking the durians, Shen Tingshuang took everyone to pick the Moon-dew melon. Picking this melon was nothing to worry about. Gu Yuan chose one by herself.  
In the order of going up the mountain, the rest of the guests also picked the fruits they wanted to eat, the last being Qin Yueze's apricots.  
There were not many apricots on the apricot tree, but Shen Tingshuang's current spiritual energy could make the apricots bear fruit again. 
Qin Yueze picked six apricots, one for each of the six guests.  
Liu Jing was a little puzzled: "Brother Ze, why are you picking apricots." In her impression, Qin Yueze's favorite fruit does not seem to be apricots.  
Qin Yueze smiled, did not speak, just put the apricot under his nose, the scent was still the same as when he ate it for the first time.  
[I feel there is a secret between my brother and apricots.] 
The apricot forest was very near the courtyard, however Shen Tingshuang didn't take the guests back to the courtyard, but took everyone straight down the mountain.  
The program team unexpectedly asked the guests who picked the fruit would be responsible for cleaning and serving it to the table.  
No way, Geng Chengyun has never peeled a durian.
Before debut, every time he bought some they were already peeled, even if it was not peeled, the fruit shop would help him open the durian. But the durian in front of him was poking people everywhere, he really didn't know how to open it.  
Finally, under the guidance of Shen Tingshuang, the durian was finally broken. The durian that Geng Chengyun poked out had exactly six petals, and each guest could get one.  
Gu Yuan chose Moon-dew melon, but she didn't know how to use a knife. After trying several times, she divided the melon into six completely different sizes.  
After Liu Jing went back last time, she practiced knife skills, so it was not a problem to cut mangoes.  
As for mangosteen and apricots, not to mention, they were easy to clean.  
Everyone prepared the fruit and began to eat.  
First of all, durian, with a lot of flesh, maybe first time people would only smell the odor, but after smelling it for a long time, they would feel that the smell was a bit fragrant. After a bite, it was soft, with a strong durian fragrance, and it seemed to be mixed with a touch of fruity wood fragrance.  
After Geng Chengyun took a bite, a bit of entanglement flashed in his eyes, but before long, he continued to eat the durian. Anyway, eating one bite he would be scolded by his agent, and two bites would also be scolded by his agent. It was better to finish it in one go.  
Liu Jing liked to eat mangoes, no matter green mango, Taiwan mango, Australian mango, she has eaten it all. The color of the mango in front of her was yellow and the flesh was delicate, and when she cut it, she found that there was no fiber. The first thing she tasted was mango. It melted in her mouth and had a super-sweet and fragrant mango flavor: "This is the best mango I have ever tasted!" Liu Jing said. At this moment, she began to admire Shen Tingshuang. 

Before, she despised Shen Tingshuang. Later, when she saw Shen Xuan's fall and the Shen Group slowly perished, she no longer looked down upon Shen Tingshuang. After all, a child who has been kicked out of the house could still grow up to this point, it was really amazing. But after eating Shen Tingahuang's fruits today, Liu Jing felt that she might have been wrong all the time. Maybe Shen Tingshuang had never thought about fighting for inheritance, she just wanted to plant a good land.  
Gu Yuan was eating moon-dew melon with a smile on her face. "What is the goddess thinking of?" Bai Hao had a very happy meal today, and the atmosphere here is good, so he has more courage.  
Gu Yuan said: "When I was young, I was travelling with my dad to south France. At that time, I saw moon-dew melon. At that time, my dad and I were having a conflict. I can't remember why I was angry at the time. Later, my dad bought it to coax me. After eating the moon-dew melon, he told me that this is the melon watered by the dew of the moon. When I was young, I took it seriously. At that time, the taste of the melon remained in my memory."
The sweet taste was exactly the same as the melon that day. 
After everyone had eaten the fruit, the dinner was not prepared, so Shen Tingshuang had to cook again. 
After all, they had been busy all day.  Baihao said: "When I go back previously, I learned how to cook. So for dinner I can cook potato roast beef brisket for everyone."
Not only Baihao, but the other guests have also learned how to cook. "I cook oily noodles for us all." Shen Tingshuang added.
"Good!" Geng Chengyun agreed to Shen Tingshuang offer first.  
Although he also wanted to cook, if Shen Tingshuang did it, he would rather eat Shen Tingshuang's.  
The rest of the guests obviously have the same idea, but they can't do nothing at all, so everyone does what they can.  
Gu Yuan was in charge of washing the vegetables, Qin Yueze was in charge of chopping the peppers, Liu Jing was in charge of cutting garlic, Bai Hao was in charge of boiling water, and Geng Chengyun was in charge of placing chopsticks.  
Shen Tingshuang quickly made the dough, pull them into noodles, and then put the noodles in a pot to boil, and put some lard in the other pot to heat up.  
She then stir-fried the peppers and garlic until fragrant. When the noodles were cooked, she added the noodles into it, added in the vegetables, stir-fry again for a while then remove them and place them in three bowls. 

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