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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 50

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 50


The location of Qing Bar was in the bustling area of ​​the city. 
It was hard to imagine that there was such a place in such a bustling area. 
The lively city, after entering the gate of this clear bar, became very quiet. 
Everything in the room was isolated, soothing music was played, and the people who came here each sat in their own places, some was drinking small glasses of cocktails and others talking about business.  
The entire Qing Bar has two floors, the first floor was the lobby, and the middle of the second floor was hollowed out so you can see the first floor, and the railings next to it were also made of glass.  
Pei Rui had a reservation, and the waiter took them to sit down on the second floor.  
Shen Tingshuang, Li Xiaoru and Lu An'an were sitting besides the glass railing.  
Pei Rui and the others started ordering alcohol: "Ah Shuang, what do you drink?" 
Since they saw Shen Tingshuang's Weibo just now, everyone's name for Shen Tingshuang has changed from Tingshuang to Ah Shuang.  "I don't really know, you can help me order." 
Shen Tingshuang has never been here before, and has no idea about the wine with the English name written on it.  
Hearing this, Lu An'an said, "Give Ah Shuang a cup of sunrise, it's delicious, and the degree is not high." 

Tequila Sunrise here

After ordering, there will be not much waiting before the wine was served. 
In such an atmosphere, Shen Tingshuang felt comfortable, and then having a sip of the unknown alcohol, it was refreshing. 
After the alcohol, the waiter offered: "Today we have Xin Yuan Shan fruit. Would you like to have some?"
Except for Shen Tingshuang, everyone said in unison. Just now, Li Xiaoru and Lu An'an didn't eat enough of the strawberries that Shen Tingshuang brought, let alone the male compatriots. 
The fruit was quickly brought to the table. Lu An'an picked up the strawberry with a fork, ready to eat it.
Shen Tingshuang suddenly said, "This is not the fruit of Xin Yuan Shan."
Li Xiaoru's hand paused: "Huh?"
Shen Tingshuang said again: "This is not the fruit I planted."  
Pei Rui stood up all of a sudden: "Call your boss."
Pei Rui has some reputation in City B, and the waiter dared not make his own claim, so he quickly called the person in charge of Qing Bar. 
Lu An'an asked in a low voice, "Ah Shuang, how can you tell?"
It could be seen from the watermelon shell. It was completely different from the neat lines of Xin Yuan Shan's watermelon. 
The lines were messy, and the color was lighter than Xin Yuan Shan's. 
Besides, the most obvious thing was the size. Xin Yuan Shan didn't have such a small watermelon at all.  
There were also grapes on top, which seem to be carefully selected and have the same average size, but were still much smaller than the grapes of Xin Yuan Shan. 
Then there was the cantaloupe, which was also different. 
In short, there was no fruit from Xin Yuan Shan on the platter served.
Pei Rui asked the person in charge to come over, naturally knowing that this fruit was different from Xin Yuan Shan's. 
The fruit he ate every day has all been replaced by Xin Yuan Shan's. 
When this fruit comes up, he felt that something was wrong.  
Then he heard Shen Tingshuang's words, and he immediately understood that the reason for feeling something was wrong was that the fruit was not from Xin Yuan Shan at all.  
The person in charge came quickly, and when he saw this bunch of young masters, he bowed and apologized. 
On the way here, the waiter had already told him these things. 
So when Pei Rui pointed out that these fruits were not from Xin Yuan Shan, the person in charge quickly said: "I am really sorry, it is our negligence. Just now I asked the chef, today the fruits bought from Xin Yuan Shan are sold out. So these fruits are indeed not from Xin Yuan Shan. I am sorry to give this to Young Master Pei and the ladies." 
Knowing that the Super Mall sold Xin Yuan Shan fruits, the person in charge didn't plan to fight with them.  
Shen Tingshuang opened her mouth: "You mean you went to Xin Yuan Shan to buy fruit today?" 
The person in charge saw that Shen Tingshuang was dressed in ordinary clothes and he had never seen her before. She was definitely not the young lady from an influential family, but she was with Pei Rui and should be respected.  
The person in charge replied: "Yes." 
"Is it convenient to tell me what you saw?"
Compared to Pei Rui, the person in charge has a much colder attitude towards Shen Tingshuang: "Just these common fruits, pears, bananas, watermelons, grapes, and mangosteens." 

Mangosteen here

Hearing this Shen Tingshuang interrupted him directly: "You are lying. You didn't go to Xin Yuan Shan to buy today." 
Pei Rui felt that Qing Bar's behavior was a bit bad, and they entirely borrowed of Xin Yuan Shan's name.  
Mao Qinghua didn't know where he get the information, but he said something in Pei Rui's ear. 
After listening, Pei Rui said: "Your shop’s approach is a bit wrong. You told us that it was not from Xin Yuan Shan, but would still say to other guests that it was from Xin Yuan Shan as usual, and the fruits in these pictures are also the same as ours."
After finishing speaking, Pei Rui raised his phone. The picture displayed on the phone was taken by Mao Qinghua just now. The fruit served to the table of other guests. 
The person in charge did not expect that these young masters would be entangled with this fruit problem. 
Yes, the fruit in their store was indeed not bought from Xin Yuan Shan, and it was because Xin Yuan Shan’s fruits were currently somewhat famous that they advertised this way. 

However, if this matter was directly exposed it will became a problem.
The person in charge did not say much, he persuaded Pei Rui and said: "We are also helping Xin Yuan Shan with promotion. If Xin Yuan Shan gained fame, doesn't Super Mall also win together?"
Obviously, this flattering was nonsense, so Pei Rui said coldly: "You just have this excuse?" 
The person in charge saw that Pei Rui face was indifferent, and even a smile was shown, so he didn't speak anymore.  
Pei Rui called the company's lawyer: "Excuse me if someone is using Xin Yuan Shan's reputation, but the fruit sold was not from Xin Yuan Shan, what can you do?" 
Lawyer: "We can help Young Master Pei to report to the Consumer Association, and someone will deal with it immediately."
If this matter was reported to the Consumers Association, then it would be an even bigger trouble. 
The person in charge didn't understand why Pei Rui couldn't think of another way: "Young Master Pei, isn't it bad to be like this?"
The smile on his face was gone. The person in charge was not afraid of anything. 
This Qing Bar was the property of the Fu family. If Pei Rui wanted to fight him, it meant he would fight the Fu Group. 
He went straight back downstairs and reported this matter to Fu Letian. 
Pei Rui and the others were still comforting Shen Tingshuang, Shen Tingshuang was not afraid.
She did not do any bad things, it was someone else who used her name.
People from the Consumer Association came over soon. Qing Bar  was very quiet. 
Just now Pei Rui and the others have attracted a lot of people. 
The customers on the second floor were basically high-end customers, and the guaranteed consumption here was 5,000 yuan per table. 
Originally everyone was just watching from a distance, but when the people from the Consumer Association came over, everyone followed. 
Soon, everyone understood that the fruit on their table was not from Xin Yuan Shan. 
"I also think it was right. I have eaten Xin Yuan Shan's fruit, which is much better than this."
"This is a complete lie." 
"It's such a big bar, why is it still a lying?"  
The person in charge stopped paying attention to Pei Rui and his party, and was busy with those people from the Consumer Association.
The people from the Consumers' Association also know that this Qing Bar was owned by the Fu Group. 
Before they came, the leaders also explained that they came here just to go through the scene. 
After they came, they discovered that the report was from Pei Rui, as well as from the Li family and the Lu family. 
This could no longer be treated as a matter of just formality. 
After understanding what happened, the staff member said: "There is no evidence to prove that these fruits are not from Xin Yuan Shan."
Li Xiaoru said: "The person in charge acknowledged otherwise."
The person in charge hurriedly came out and explained: "I only said that your table is not." 
The implication was that the rest were fruits on other tables were from Xin Yuan Shan.  
But everyone could see that the fruits on other tables were exactly the same as those on this table.  
The staff continued: "Indeed, we cannot prove that the fruits are not from Xin Yuan Shan. Besides, no one else raises objections."
A small part of the customers who came here were members of the Fu Group or received benefit from the Fu Group. They would not dare to speak. 
The remaining guests said: "We have objections!"
The staff member said: "But, even if you objects, you cannot prove that this fruit is not from Xin Yuan Shan." 
Shen Tingshuang stood up and said word by word: "Why can't I prove it if I say it's not the fruit of Xin Yuan Shan?" 
Everyone looked at this girl, they had just noticed her.
Even though she was wearing the most ordinary clothes, she was so beautiful that everyone could distinguish her from a crowd. 
At the same time, everyone was thinking that she was with the Pei family, the Li family, and the Lu family, and they didn't know what their relationships were.  
The attitude of the staff to beauties was be slightly better: "You can't prove anything personally, only the person who grows fruits in Xin Yuan Shan can prove it. Otherwise isn't this just depends on everyone's taste?" 
Li Xiaoru, Lu An'an and others laughed suddenly. Pei Rui said loudly: "Very good, everyone just heard it, right? As long as the people who grow fruits in Xin Yuan Shan can prove that these fruits are not from Xin Yuan Shan, right?"
The staff nodded, and the person in charge also nodded. 
Although Xin Yuan Shan fruits was supplied only to Super Mall, Qing Bar couldn't help but let their staffs said that these fruits belong to Xin Yuan Shan to increase consumption. 
Suddenly Pei Rui said: "She is the person who grows fruits in Xin Yuan Shan, and she is also the supplier of fruits to our Super Mall." 
The onlookers were stunned.
What? This young and beautiful woman was a farmer?  
The staff was dumbfounded, no, shouldn't only a middle-aged uncle could grow such delicious fruits? Why was it such a young girl?  
The staff originally wanted to shirk this case, but this was no longer possible.
He looked at the person in charge of Qing Bar and his expression was also not good.
He never thought that there would be the deity of Xin Yuan Shan in this case, d*mn it, he even ran into the deity when he touched a porcelain. (TN: touching porcelain metaphorically refers to a behavior or trick when someone pretends to be knocked down so he can ask for money. Here)
Shen Tingshuang continued: Everyone who has eaten Xin Yuanshan fruit knows that Xin Yuanshan has never sold mangosteen."
Although they were planted, but she has never sold them. 
In addition to the previous eight kinds of fruits, now only strawberries, apples, and bananas were added. 
Mangosteen was not on the shelves at all. 
Pei Rui also said: "Yes, there is also no supply of mangosteens in Super Mall currently."

The fruit on this table clearly contained mangosteen, Xin Yuan Shan didn't sell any, neither did Super Mall, so where did this mangosteen come from? 
Everyone reacted and looked at the person in charge. 
The staff sighed in their hearts. If Qing Bar could no longer refuted, then Tonight, a compensation certainly needed to be paid out. 
Someone behind suddenly said: "Why is it so lively?"
The tone was very arrogant. Everyone looked back and it turned out to be Fu Letian. 
Some people changed their faces, and some people immediately lost their smiles and said hello.
Pei Rui sighed: "Even if you come, you can't change the fact that your Qing Bar cheated customers." 
"Tonight is indeed our Qing Bar's negligence. They thought it was a fruit that came in from Xin Yuanshan, but in fact it is not. I have punished them." 
Fu Letian looked completely indifferent, causing the crowd to sigh.  
What punishment he said should just to find a few scapegoats.  
Ignoring the anger of Pei Rui and his group, Fu Letian went on to said: "Of course, if the remaining customers feel uneasy, we can also waive the consumption tonight. If they feel that it is not enough, our Fu Group." The last three words, Fu Letian added a special emphasize: " will provide additional coupons."
Fu Letian came out to represent the Fu Group. Even if it was a fraud, it could be waived as a simple mistake. 
But many people agreed that this incident was indeed a mistake, and they were very satisfied with Fu Letian’s explanation and compensation. 
Soon there were only one-third of the onlookers left. 
Fu Letian took out a large number of coupons and added a threatening tone, si there were not many people left. 
Fu Letian looked at Shen Tingshuang in the crowd: "As for Miss Shen, I'm very sorry for using the title of Xin Yuan Shan."
When Fu Letian said this, his eyes were still gentle. 
The people below proposed to use Xin Yuan Shan's name, and he agreed. 
After all, he knew that Shen Tingshuang was a bit unusual to him, so he always thought Shen Tingshuang would not mind if they did this. 
Unexpectedly, Pei Rui came to find fault today.
Fu Letian didn't really care, he even felt that everything done today was Shen Tingshuang plot in order to attract his attention.  
But when he appeared here just now, he realized that he hadn't seen her in just a few months, and Shen Tingshuang was even more beautiful than before. 
Even ordinary clothes couldn't hide her beauty.  When he spoke, he naturally brought a touch of tenderness.  
Pei Rui, who was on the side, naturally saw it, and said in a bad tone: "Fu Letian, don't be shameless here. What mistake? This is infringement!" 
Fu Letian looked at Shen Tingshuang, and he was sure that the latter would not find any more trouble.  
But Shen Tingshuang was destined to disappoint him: "Even if you use legal means next time, my Xin Yuan Shan's fruits will never be sold to your Fu Group, disgusting!" 
Fu Letian's face suddenly darkened: "Shen Tingshuang, what do you mean?" 
Shen Tingshuang really annoyed Fu Letian, on the other Fu Letian has also angered Shen Tingshuang, so she pulled some grievances to Fu Letian.  Li Xiaoru and Lu An'an were going to stand in front of Shen Tingshuang as they were afraid this two people would quarrel.
But they saw Fu Letian, who was originally dark-faced, suddenly burst into laughter.  
Pei Rui, Lu An'an and the others: "?" 
Everyone didn't immediately react, when Fu Letian suddenly hugged the person in charge behind him.  
The person in charge suddenly became stiff: "Young, Young Master Fu?" 
Fu Letian directly kissed the person in charge. 
While struggling, the person in charge resisted hard: "Young Master Fu, I am not gay! I am straight!!!" 
It took a long time for Lu An'an to react: "Am I seeing this right?" 
Mao Qinghua couldn't help holding his forehead. It was really messy.  His eyes were too hot: "Ruirui, what should we do now?" 
Pei Rui was not interested in the affection of the two men: "Let's go"
The group followed Pei Rui's departure, and the rest of the onlookers also left. 
Consumers' Association staffs have long been involved.  If they wanted to leave, they should have an excuse to leave. 
Today’s matter, they dare not say any result. No matter how they say it, they will offend either party. 
This problem was better left to the leader. 
Only the people around Fu Letian were left. 
They tried separating Fu Letian from the person in charge. But Fu Letian power was too big, plus whoever touches Fu Letian, would be kissed by him, so no one dares to approached him for a while.
Until they got into the car, Lu An'an and the others still wore shocked faces, and so did Li Xiaoru. 
Although they didn't like Fu Letian, today's scene was really shocking.  
On the way back with Shen Tingshuang, everyone was still in the car talking about Fu Letian excitedly.  
Li Xiaoru suddenly reacted: "Oh, I forgot to record that." 
Mao Qinghua took out his mobile phone: "Don't worry, I recorded it, it is sent to the group." 
Several of them have a WeChat group, and they add Shen Tingshuang in. 
Shen Tingshuang took out her cell phone and couldn't help but smile when he watched Fu Letian's amazing behavior in the video. 
Pei Rui was a little worried, "Ah Shuang, maybe you should register a trademark for your fruit tomorrow, right?"
This way, if others infringed, they could be handled based on law. "Okay." 
Except for the episode with Fu Letian, Shen Tingshuang was still very happy today. 
When Pei Rui and the others sent her back to Xin Yuan Shan, she also packed some fruits back for everyone.  
Pei Rui and the others were extremely happy, especially Lu An'an and Li Xiaoru, who hugged her you one by one.  
After taking a shower, Shen Tingshuang went to sleep. But a Weibo suddenly appeared in everyone's field of vision.  
The one who posted the Weibo was a blogger often posted the things happened in City B. It was also a big V. 
The account mainly reposted some things in City B. To put it bluntly, it was just a gossip Weibo, but many people followed. 

[Those Things in City B: I received a private message today and I don’t know how to express my inner shock. Just look at the picture below directly. As for the video, see http://www.. (Picture)]
The first picture was a private message sent by the informant, and it says: 
[Great Lord, notice me! I ate too many melons in a certain Qing Bar today, and I don't know which melon is more shocking. One is the fruit in this Qing Bar. The waiter said it came from Xin Yuan Shan, but it actually not. Then today, the owner of Xin Yuan Shan coincidentally also visited the Bar, and she saw that the fruit was not from Xin Yuan Shan on the spot!
Xin Yuan Shan’s owner went with Pei’s, Lu’s and Li’s, and finally the Consumers’ Association was called, and finally the young master of the Fu Group also, and when the two sides were in an argument, Young Master Fu suddenly hugged the person in charge of Qing Bar and kissed him. I was so scared that I didn't dare to wait any longer. I ran away after filming. I asked again. Remember to make me anonymous! I want to live a few more days!]
The pictures at the back were the photos of the two parties at the time. As for the video, it was of the person in charge of Qing Bar and Fu Letian.  
After Weibo was released, many netizens and passerby were shocked.  
[Fuck, it was so exciting, Young Master Fu was so daring!]
[His kisses were so hungry and thirsty.] 
[My eyes are blind, why should I click in to see.]
It was not until midnight when Fu Letian finally woke up. 
He looked at the person in charge he was holding and his face darkened.  
The person in charge shouted all night, and his voice was sore. 
Fu Letian's eyes looking at him as if he was about to kill. He was so scared that he picked up his clothes and ran away. 
Was it easy for him to be the person in charge of Qing Bar?  
Fu Letian's face became darker and darker, and Fu Fangyi's call came in at this moment.  
No matter how bad the mood was, Fu Letian has no reason to lose his temper with his father. 
As soon as the call was connected, the other side was screaming, "Look at what good things you have done. You lose the face of the whole Fu Group."  
After hanging up the phone, Fu Letian opened Weibo and saw the trending news. 
He was so angry that he was about to smash his phone, but he thought that there were still important things to deal with, so he quickly dialed the group's IT department and public relations department.  
Soon, online videos related to Fu Letian disappeared. 
Once Weibo users discussed Fu Letian-related videos, they would be blocked. 
So netizens stopped discussing it at all and began to talk about another matter, except for Fu Letian’s video.  
One of them was the fraudulent use of the fruit in Qing Bar claiming it was from Xin Yuan Shan to fool customers. 
Everyone knows that Qing Bar was part of Fu Group, so there was no special monitoring from the IT and Public Relations Department of Fu Group.
Nowadays, they mainly focused on Fu Letian's video, and no one has paid attention to the rising popularity of Qing Bar topic for a while.  
The fruit pictures in Qing Bar were very clear, and netizens deliberately deleted Fu Letian’s pictures when reposting them.  
After a while #Qing Bar touched porcelain with Xin Yuan Shan# was on the hot search.  
Many marketing accounts and big V have reposted.  
[#Qing Bar touched porcelain with Xin Yuan Shan# they said that the fruit in their store is from Xin Yuan Shan, but they didn’t expect that Xin Yuanshan’s owner would be there. Today, the Consumer Association’s also came. I don’t know what the final treatment will be. I look forward to it.]
As this case has became a big mess, the Consumers Association dared not make any more sneaky moves. They have to deal with it impartially.  
When Fu Group discovered this hot search, it was too late to withdraw it.  
Meanwhile Shen Tingshuang didn't know about this at all, she has gained followers in her sleep.  
When she woke up in the morning, she went to pick up the fruits and put them in a trailer.  
Shen Tingshuang sighed, Ying Long's spiritual energy was huge, he can pick fruits with his energy and put these fruits in her small trailer with one swoop.  
Maybe when she recovered 50% of her spiritual veins, she could also do the same, but now there was still some distance.
Not too long after, Yao Dazhu came over. 
After he had encountered a disaster, Yao Dazhu almost lost his life, but somehow he got his life back.
He heard that Shen Tingshuang has saved him. 
So, the first thing Yao Dazhu did when he was discharged from the hospital was to personally come to thank Shen Tingshuang.  
Therefore, Shen Tingshuang, who was going to register trademark, had to talk to Yao Dazhu first.  
Yao Dazhu’s wife saw that Shen Tingshuang had something to do. “Sister, if you have something to do, you can go first.” 
After saying that, she looked at Yao Dazhu: “You also go back to rest. Anyway, we are all in the same village. We have more opportunities to say thank you in the future." 
Yao Dazhu said once again:  "Thank you Miss Shen.
"Its nothing."
Shen Tingshuang drove into his car and set off for City B. 
Watching Shen Tingshuang leave, Yao Dazhu and the others were also preparing to go home, but they saw Shao Feng coming out of his house. 
They knew that Shao Feng and Shen Tingshuang were more familiar with each other. 
They thought he was looking for Shen Tingshuang, and proactively said: "Ms. Shen has something to do, and went to City B."
Shao Feng did need to find Shen Tingshuang for something. 
He didn't expect something happened last night, and Shen Tingshuang didn't tell him anything. 
Everyone saw Shao Feng's face and asked, "What's wrong?"  
"Shen Tingshuang fruits were fraudulently used by others!"  Speaking of this out loud made Shao Feng angrier.
Yao Dazhu and others were shocked: "What?"
Shao Feng explained roughly: "For details, please read Weibo." 
After reading the news on the Internet, Yao Dazhu and Qian Tianguo quickly thought of a countermeasure: "The Fu Group is very powerful. But our countryside people are not afraid of not wearing shoes. I will write petition on this. They dared to bully the people in Yao’s village, are we dead?" 

Yao Dazhu wanted to go too, but was stopped by his own wife: "How can you go like this? Let's go, don't worry, no one can beat my ability to cry, throw tantrums, and threatening to hang myself!"  
The author has something to say: 
Fu Letian: ???
Person in charge: ???

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