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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 45

ATBBMPL – Chapter 45


Inside ‘Sword Fairy’ crew.
After Shen Xuan entered the group, she discovered that although Zhang Qing was a great director, he was very strict in filming, which could be said to lean more to overly critical.
Once the shoot was not good, he would yell at the actors/actresses, and his temper would be terribly grumpy. Everyone in this crew has been scolded.
Shen Xuan herself was scolded every day, and she couldn't count how many times she was scolded.
Once, after Zhang Qing was anxious, he said, "Some people, think that as they have a backing they don’t need to work hard. In my crew, if the acting is not good, just get the f*ck out!"

Shen Xuan still maintained her smiling face while apologizing, but when she returned to her room, her face was pulled down.
She would tolerate Zhang Qing for the time being, after she became famous in the future, who would care who Zhang Qing was.
When she got up in the morning, Shen Tingshuang resumed picking fruits. By early morning, all the fruits in the shop were sold out.
The fruits packing finished at 2 o'clock in the morning. Shao Feng got up at 7 o'clock in the morning and saw the soaring number of new orders. He immediately got up and washed his face with cold water.
Shao Feng's mother has woken up and made breakfast: "Are there many orders today?"
A dozen people packed for a whole day yesterday, and Shao Feng's mother thought that there would be not much today.
Shao Feng: "No less than yesterday."
When Shao Feng's mother heard this, she took a sip and drank a few mouthfuls of soy milk: "Then I will start."
"The villagers who helped with packing yesterday took the initiative to come over again today. Shao Feng left a few efficient people, as he didn't want any gossiping instead of working.
When other villagers heard that Shao Feng was hiring workers, they all came to help.
Shao Feng asked them to pack one for a test and then let them stay if they did it well.
Shen Tingshuang delivered two batches of fruits to Super Mall, and then started picking the fruits that needed to be sent away from a certain treasure shop.
At first, Shao Feng was worried that Shen Tingshuang would not have enough time, but later discovered that Shen Tingshuang was picking fruits very quickly.
Nearly a dozen of them had not finished packing one load of fruits, but Shen Tingshuang's second car has arrived.
Shen Tingshuang’s fruit was quickly sold and got many reviews. Many food review bloggers have also posted fruit reviews on Weibo.
Tiantian who loves to eat food was a food blogger who loves to critics. There was almost no delicious food on the market that he has not approved. Some people said that he has a golden tongue, he can taste every little flaw. He also sent a review for the fruits.
[Tiantian who loves food: Today’s evaluation is fruit, let’s watch the video directly.]
This time, as usual, the evaluation was sent out via video.
When the video was played, a man in his thirties was in the middle of the screen. He looked ordinary, but it was this man that made countless food-making people feel scared.
"A lot of people recently asked me to test this fruit."
Speaking of which, the screens were all mentions or private messages from netizens.
Without exception, he was asked to evaluate the fruits of Xin Yuan Shan.
"It’s just fruit, but as fans have requested, then I reluctantly review it. I have checked, Xin Yuan Shan's fruit can only be purchased through Super Mall and online, but"
The video is here, and a picture is inserted. It is a photo of Shen Tingshuang’s certain treasure store with fruits out of stock.
"Online, these fruits have been in a state of being out of stock for a long time. According to netizens, if you want to eat fruits, you can also buy them in Xin Yuan Shan. I am a food blogger! A food blogger with more than 5 million fans! Most of the food I evaluated is sent by people on their own initiative. Something like this that I need to buy myself is the first one!"
Tianxian who loves food showed an angry expression, and then said: "Okay, I won’t talk anymore nonsense. In short, when I went to Xin Yuanshan to buy, I found that the online store just restocked the shelf, so I quickly ordered a kiwi. You ask me why I don’t buy more, because the store owner restricts the purchase!"
Speaking of this, Tiantian who loves food, rolled his eyes, and made a speechless expression: "The fruit I bought yesterday has arrived. Let's unpack it together."
Tiantian took the courier from under the table every day: "This box is pretty good, it's not damaged..." He cut open the outermost layer of the courier with a knife. "
Take out the kiwi fruit wrapped in plastic paper: "It’s wrapped in paper, it’s pretty good."
There were not many fruits inside, just 200 grams of kiwi fruit. When Tiantian take out the kiwi fruit, he was obviously stunned in front of the camera: "This seller is quite conscientious. The kiwi fruit I have chosen are very large and undamaged. I just don't know how it tastes."
Tiantian who loves food picked up a kiwi in front of the camera: "Look, it's all this big, and it smells pretty good at the moment."
Tiantian peeled the skin of the kiwi, "Well, the flesh looks good, crystal clear, and the kiwi fragrance is also very good. I haven't picked out any shortcomings so far, so I will try it."
Tiantian bit the kiwi and yelled: "Wow, wow, this fruit! It's so delicious! Sweet, soft, melts in the mouth, and juicy!"
Well, just one bite after another, Tiantian who loves food ate the remaining few kiwis then found: "F*ck it, no more?"
He gave a unsatisfactory look: "This kiwi is really delicious. If you want to talk about the shortcomings, why do you want to limit the purchase? Ah, ah, it is not enough."
"I am not happy, today's evaluation is over!" The video screen turned black directly, and then a line of red letters appeared [Tiantian who loves food kneels begging the store for unlimited purchases.]
There is a small line at the bottom, [Don't find me these days. I'm going to Xin Yuan Shan to queue for fruit.]
The fans originally wanted to see how Tiantian who loves food criticized the fruit, but after watching the video, it didn't seem to be the case?
[Ahhhhhhhhhh, I know it]
[I wanted to eat the fruit from Xin Yuan Shan, but I couldn't buy it. I didn't grab it twice in a row. I planned complain about the fruits together with Tiantian, but I ended up praising instead.]
Tiantian who loves food has many fans and this evaluation has been circulated many times in the food circle.
Shen Tingshuang's followers also rose up to 2 million.
At five o'clock, Shen Tingshuang started live broadcast.
[Screw powder! I'm coming.]

[Are you making snail noodles today?]
Shen Tingshuang greeted, "Today I will make tofu skins in snail noodles for everyone."
She was standing in a field of soybeans, picked some soybeans, washed them, and put them in the grinding machine.
After squeezing the pulp, Shen Tingshuang boiled the soy milk, skimmed the top foam, and then lowered the heat. Because it will taste better, Shen Tingshuang cooked the soy milk with a wood stove.
[It feels like Ah Shuang made cooking tofu skins look so simple.]
[I will try it later, I like tofu skins and peanuts in snail noodles the most.]
Waiting for the time for the surface of the soy juice to condense into a skin like layer made of bean, Shen Tingshuang chatted with netizens.
"I also like to eat snail noodles. If you make it yourself, you can put more tofu skins."
[Miss Sister, I like to eat your fruit, when will it be restocked?]
"Wait for a while, a lot of goods has been shipped in the past few days." Shao Feng and Old Du were still packing them up.
[Ah Shuang, when can I buy fruits without restriction?]
"This is a bit difficult." The purchase restriction was to complete the task. If there was no task in the future, Shen Tingshuang probably won't sell fruit at all, except when she was short of money of course.
During the chat, the first layer of tofu skin was formed; Shen Tingshuang slowly picked them up, and then dried them on the pole next to her. Tofu skins can be dried in the drying room or using special equipment.
Shen Tingshuang hung it directly in the kitchen. She planned to build a drying room behind the courtyard in the near future.
After drying this tofu skins Shen Tingshuang said, "This is the end of today's live broadcast. As usual I will draw ten winners for the lottery."
After ending the live broadcast Shen Tingshuang continued to pick out the solidified tofu skins and stayed busy until the evening.
"Please the host produces 50 kinds of vegetables within 67 hours." At five o'clock in the morning, the task was released again.
With previous experience, Shen Tingshuang asked first: "Do the cabbage I planted before count?"
The system's answer was a bit hesitant: "Yes."
"Huh, so kind." Shen Tingshuang still remembered at the beginning the task was difficult and time was tight. Every day she felt like she was on the verge of failing to complete the task. Today's task included the vegetables she has planted before and there were three full days left.
There was no more reply from the system.
Shen Tingshuang didn't want to care about this system anymore.
Lu Minghui found that Shen Tingshuang provided a little less fruit and he couldn't figure out Shen Tingshuang's trajectory at all.
After Lu Minghui left, Shen Tingshuang carried a large bag of fruits and vegetables to find Shao Feng.
After packing for two days in a row until the early morning, Shao Feng was indeed a little tired. Shen Tingshuang was waiting for him downstairs and he immediately got up: "More than half of packages are done. Today we will work harder and it should be finished."
"No, I haven't paid you the postage yet." Shen Tingshuang asked Shao Feng to report this as Shao Feng did not establish this express delivery point just for fun. Since she moved to Xin Yuan Shan, Shao Feng has been helping herself, so there was no need to default on such expenses.
Shao Feng: "This is not in a hurry."
Shen Tingshuang, "I'll advance you one hundred thousand for the expense so tell me when it's used up."
Shao Feng’s price for Shen Tingshuang was a super VIP, which was settled on a monthly basis, regardless of whether it was inside or outside the province the price stayed 5 yuan per item: "Not so much."
"It's okay, put the rest as deposit." Shen Tingshuang transferred the payment to Shao Feng.
There was still a task to do, so Shen Tingshuang returns directly to Xin Yuan Shan.
Shao Feng looked at his own warehouse. Next, he wanted to build a larger warehouse next to it to store express delivery.
Fifty kinds of vegetables were not difficult at all for Shen Tingshuang. She only needed to grow ten more kinds of vegetables. In addition, the spiritual veins were restored quite a bit so the task was already complete by 12 noon.
"It's a bit weird to be so relaxed." Shen Tingshuang lied under the grape vines.
System: "..." It always felt that the host was a little bit flat.
"Ah Shuang, someone is looking for you below."
"Ok." Now, Zhizhi and its little friends have become Shen Tingshuang's messengers.
Shen Tingshuang ran down the mountain. The license plate that she had applied for before arrived. She took the license plate back to the courtyard and installed it by herself.
Looking at the black X car, Shen Tingshuang thought about whether to take a walk around the city today.
So Shen Tingshuang put down the screwdriver, sat in the new car driver's seat and drove to City B.
In her impression, the original owner liked to hang around major shopping malls in City B, and occasionally go to the shopping alley around school.
After comparing the mall and shopping streets in her memory, Shen Tingshuang decided to go to the shopping alley.
Following the memory of the original owner, she drove the car outside a certain university, found the underground parking lot and parked the car.
The shopping alley is very lively. There were many college students nearby. Here, you can feel the vitality of youth, and Shen Tingshuang, the ten thousand-year-old ginseng spirit, felt that she was young again.
However, what interests Shen Tingshuang most was the variety of snacks here.
Fried milk, stinky tofu, roasted pig's trotters, etc, Shen Ting Shuang bought a portion of each.

Fried Milk here

Although the tofu was smelly, it tasted very fragrant. Shen Tingshuang intended to make soy beans into stinky tofu after returning home.

Stinky Tofu here
There were many smaller alleys here. If someone was not familiar with the road, they might walk into a dead end.
Shen Tingshuang hugged a roasted pig's trotters. The smell was too fragrant so she didn't pay attention to the road.

Roasted Pig Trotters here

There was a lot of rubbish and dirty water on this alley and there were fewer and fewer merchants. Shen Tingshuang walked a few steps and found that it was not right. She was about to return, when she heard: "Boy, kneel down and call me Dad."
(TN: This sounds a bit weird, but was commonly used in many Chinese novels I have read. Someone may refer to themselves as Dad to another person when they feel superior or they want the other person to obey their words.)
"Huh." Is this a fight?

Shen Tingshuang suddenly became excited. When she was a ginseng spirit, there would a plot like this in the stories told by humans, but she didn't expect to see it with her own eyes today.
Holding the roasted pig's trotters and fried yogurt, she jumped onto the side wall above, and walked deeper into the alley.
There were five men in black suits surrounding one person.
The surrounded person snorted coldly. Shen Tingshuang paused while biting of the pig's trotters. The sound seemed familiar, and she looked closer.
The besieged person was Qin Yueze?
"Aren't you usually very good? Today you were so quickly caught by our brother. You think if we ruined your face can you still be an actor?" The man took out a knife.
Shen Tingshuang held the trotters in her right hand, thinking about how to help this BUG, ​​her current spiritual vein was restored by 25%, and it should not be a problem to deal with these five people.
When she was about to jump off the wall, Qin Yueze moved. He started to fight five versus one, but he didn't fall into disadvantage for quite some time.
Leaning against the wall next to him, Qin Yueze kicked these men who were instructed by Fei Rui into flying more than one meter away. If it were not for standing on the fence, Shen Tingshuang would want to jump up and clap her hands in applause.
"Go back and tell him that it's better to use less of these methods next."
The man in the lead was helped by the remaining four people to stand up. He cast a look at the people around him. Shen Tingshunag saw everyone surrounded Qin Yueze again, forming a circle.
Shen Tingshuang watched with gusto but saw the man in the lead picked up a knife and preparing to attack from behind.
Seeing that he was about to succeed, Shen Tingshuang quickly threw the pig's trotters in her right hand and hit the man's hand.
"Ouch!" the man screamed.
The fight fell into stand still while everyone turned their heads and saw a beautiful girl squatting on top of the fence next to them. She was holding a bag in her left hand and holding food in her right hand.
Seeing everyone looking at her, Shen Tingshuang showed a smile, and waved her right hand: "My hand slipped, I'm sorry, you continue."
The man who was hit glanced at his hand. He suspected that his bones were broken: "Damn, come down, apologize and have some fun with brother, I will..."
Before he finished speaking, the calmness around Qin Yueze who was next to him dispersed, and he beat these people to the ground in an instant.
The screams were endless for a while.
"Brother, spare my life."
"Spare us, we will never dare anymore."
Qin Yueze was usually has an indifferent expression but he looked a little angry at this time. There was a strong breath of rage around him. The five men shivered toward the corner and shrank away.
Qin Yueze walked to Shen Tingshuang and looked up.
Shen Tingshuang and Qin Yueze looked at each other, she shook the bag in her left hand: "I invite you to eat trotters, it's delicious."
The rage in Qin Yueze's eyes slowly dissipated: "Okay."
Shen Tingshuang jumped off the fence: "My house was too far, so let's change to another place."
After leaving the alley, Qin Yueze put on a mask and his sweater hood on his head. In a shopping alley with many people, he looked alike to college students coming and going, but still a bit more eye-catching.
Especially standing next to Shen Tingshuang, the two attracted the attention of many passersby.
Shen Tingshuang found another shop with a lot of queues and bought two trotters: "There is a milk tea shop over there. Would you like a drink?"
What she was observing just now, almost all college students would hold a cup of milk tea.
Shen Tingshuang found a milk tea shop, "I saw a lot of people holding this milk tea."
Qin Yueze nodded slightly and followed Shen Tingshuang into the milk tea shop.
Knowing that Qin Yueze was a celebrity, Shen Tingshuang was worried about him being recognized by others. Compared with just now, too many people could stare closely her so she asked the staff of the milk tea shop carefully: "Is there a private room here?"
"There is a room with partition on the second floor. You can go up."
"Is there anything you want to drink?" Shen Tingshuang looked at Qin Yueze.
Qin Yueze: "Anything is okay."
When he entered the milk tea shop, the staff here have been whispering. After Qin Yueze finished speaking, the cold and pleasant voice almost made several staff members scream.
"I want two cups of brown sugar pearl milk tea, thank you." Shen Tingshuang placed the order and pulled Qin Yueze's sleeve upstairs.
As he was wearing a mask, Shen Tingshuang could not see Qin Yueze's smile.
There were already some people sitting upstairs. The milk tea shop was playing music, if someone didn't listen carefully, they would not hear what other people were talking about.
Shen Tingshuang found the innermost position, and sat down opposite Qin Yueze. Some time later the waiter brought their milk teas.
Shen Tingshuang handed Qin Yueze a copy of the trotters she bought: "Try it."
There was only one door curtain as partition here. Qin Yueze never took off his mask after sitting down. He looked at the pig's trotter in front of him with a moment of hesitation in his eyes.
He looked up again and saw that Shen Tingshuang had opened another bag, took out the disposable glove inside, took a pig's trotter and bit it down. The pig's trotter was just roasted and still hot, and the outer skin was a little crispy. The meat inside was very soft.

The outside was crispy and the inside tender, "This one is better than the previous one."
The scent of pig's trotters quickly permeated this small private room. Qin Yueze took some gloves in a spirited manner, picked a small piece of trotter, and fed it into his mouth. The trotter was a bit greasy to him, but he thought it was delicious.
"This milk tea is delicious too!" The sweet taste could make people feel better in an instant, especially the black pearls inside, they were soft and waxy.
Qin Yueze took a sip of the hot milk tea, feeling as if something was slowly melting away in his heart.
From beginning to end, Shen Tingshuang didn't ask what happened just now.
Shen Tingshuang finished eating a trotter: "Thank you for what happened before." She heard the customer who bought the fruit said that when Wang Qing slandered her before, Qin Yueze sent a Weibo to support her.
"It's just the truth."
Before he finished drinking the milk tea, Qin Yueze's phone rang. Today he was filming near the university. After a scene was over, someone led him to the alley just now.
After Qin Yueze hung up the phone, Shen Tingshuang said: "If you have something to do you can go first." It's just a pity that she didn't bring any fruit, otherwise she could give Qin Yueze a few bites.
Qin Yueze saw Shen Tingshuang's somewhat regretful eyes, and Qin Yueze, who was about to get up, said, "Give me your phone."
Shen Tingshuang handed her phone to Qin Yueze.
Qin Yueze typed something and handed it back to Shen Tingshuang: "I have added my phone number and WeChat. You can find me if you have anything."
"Okay." Shen Tingshuang was happy. With this contact information, she could ask the BUG for his address in the future and send him fruit!
Qin Yueze also smiled when she saw Shen Tingshuang's smile: "Then I will go first."
Shen Tingshuang finished her milk tea, trotters and roasted yogurt, then left the milk tea shop.
Back in the car, Shen Tingshuang tweeted.
[Ah Shuang who farms: There is no live broadcast today, but there are foods. [image][image][image]]
She took photos of all the food she ate in the shopping alley and posted them on Weibo.
After Qin Yueze arrived back to the crew, he found that Xiaoyue was anxious. Qin Yueze was suddenly gone and everyone couldn't find him. When Qin Yueze came back, he was relieved.
After filming, Xiaoyue came over to ask about what happened, when suddenly Qin Yueze said: "Has the prize last time arrived yet?"
Xiaoyue: "?" Am I still your good assistant?
Unfortunately Qin Yueze did not intend to give up this topic. In the end, Xiaoyue gave Qin Yueze half of the fruit. There was no other way, who made Qin Yueze gave the correct answer at that time.
After Shen Xuan was scolded again by Zhang Qing, Shen Xuan's assistant sent a message to Fu Letian.
The next day, Fu Letian came to the crew to visit the shoot. For this ‘Sword Fairy’, Fu Group is one of the sponsors.
Therefore, Fu Letian visiting the shoot was welcomed by Zhang Qing.
Fu Letian prepared a luxurious lunch for the crew, no matter if it was the staff or the actors, he let everyone receive one.
Knowing the relationship between Fu Letian and Shen Xuan, Zhang Qing adjusted Shen Xuan's scene into later in the day to let them have some time alone.
Fu Letian saw that Shen Xuan was very happy. She also thanked him for letting herself into Zhang Qing's crew. She said she would work hard and live up to everyone's expectations.
This made Fu Letian feel even more distressed.
After leaving the crew, Fu Letian began to pay a lot of money for multiple hot searches, broke the news that Shen Xuan was doing her best on the crew, and then he praised Shen Xuan a lot. He also said how serious Shen Xuan was in the crew, how kind she was, and how cooperating she was with what the crew members instructed.
These hot searches were searched every other day and Shen Xuan's exposure has increased a lot.
The drama was not even released, but Shen Xuan's fans have exceeded 30 million.
The popularity of "Sword Fairy" on the Internet has also increased a lot due to Shen Xuan's hot searches. There were almost always people discussing this drama on Weibo.
Zhang Qing's attitude towards Shen Xuan was also better. Because of Fu Letian's care, the Shen family's recent business was also good.
Shen Tiande praised Shen Xuan highly every day when he came home, the atmosphere of the entire Shen family was very good.
In addition to Shen Xuan, Qin Yueze also has a hot search every once in a while.
Unlike Shen Xuan's hot search, Qin Yueze's hot search was on the list for real and not a bought one.
At the beginning, he gave up Zhang Qing's fairy tale drama, and chose another criminal investigation drama ‘The Answer’.
Qin Yueze has a lot of fans, as well as black fans. A lot of paparazzi would find ways to take sneak photos from the crew. It was just that the crew kept secrets and enforced strict rules, very few people were able to take photos. Even if they were photos taken by paparazzi, fans resisted such sneak shots, and in the end nothing went hot.
But even so, Qin Yueze can also be searched for various reasons.
The discussion of ‘The Answer’ was also increasing.

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    That aside, am I the only one hoping that when MC finally finishes her 100th task and has no more reason to sell fruits, the Shen family and Fu family put their maximum effort to ruin MC's business, so when she stops selling, everybody will think it's their fault?

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I am doing well now and I hope to always be in the future <3

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