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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 41

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 41


They started investigating the owner behind this Weibo, and soon caught the instigator Wang.
    Wang was Wang Qian. At first, Wang Qian didn't admit that she did it. Later, when Wei Youyou and the others released the recording, they also took out the surveillance video.
    Only after watching the video of herself talking with Xie before her eyes did Wang Qian admit it.
    She was asked why she did this.
    Wang Qian’s answer made Yang Zhengqing and Wei Youyou very angry. She said: "I just don’t like Shen Tingshuang." 
    Even if you didn't like it, you didn't have to slander others like this. She must have known that Shen Tingshuang depended on this to make a living. Food safety issue was huge. Once the matter was unclear, Shen Tingshuang’s business could be completely ruined.
    Just look at the previous Weibo, and you can see how ugly those scolding comments were.
    The netizens did not expect that this matter could be reversed. Everyone might not believe Shao Feng and Qin Yueze, but to the police they did not dare.
    [Fuck, the reversal came too fast.]
    [I didn't expect it to be such a thing. I want to say that the mosaic of the editor is so good.]
    [I really thought that Miss Sister didn't put fruit on the shelves because of a guilty conscience. It seems that I was wrong again.]
    [I know this person and his name is Wang Qian.]
    [She works in XX company.]
    [One more piece of news. Before, Wang Qian hired navy to scold Ah Shuang in her live broadcast room. There are pictures as proof.]
    [It turns out that the mentally handicapped navy was invited by her.]
    [Come on, I will summarize Wang Qian's information and post it in the picture. I wish all bad people all over the world will make friends like Wang Qian. (Picture)]
    Wang Qian's information was picked up, and some people picked up that she used to have a good relationship with Shen Tingshuang.
    Some people even speculated that the relationship between the two was actually never good. After Shen Tingshuang was expelled from the Shen family, Wang Qian began to target Shen Tingshuang.
    Speaking of this, the Shen family was pulled out again and scolded by many netizens.
    Soon, everyone went to the other topic #Thank you Qin Yueze#.
    The truth on Xin Yuan Shan came to the fore, and Qin Yueze who spoke for Xin Yuan Shan and gained a lot of goodwill. Even Shao Feng also gained a wave of followers and returned to the previous above 1 million level.
    At a time when Xin Yuan Shan related topics were hot, the Pei Group also posted a Weibo.
    [Pei's Group: Xin Yuan Shan’s delicious fruits are all in Super Mall. @Ah Shuang who Farms (Picture)] There are ten pictures at once, each of which was a fruit of Shen Tingshuang.
    [Hand over the fruit and I will not kill you.]
    [Limited purchases are really annoying, I can't buy them at all.]
    [I thought this fruit was delicious, but was only known by a small group of people. Now that the actor promotes it, I guess it will be finished tomorrow.]
    Because this farce, Shen Tingshuanh Weibo followers directly soared to 1 million.
    At 8:30 in the evening, a little bird came up to tell Shen Tingshuang that the fruit under the mountain had not been sold out.
    Shen Tingshuang ran to the foot of the mountain again, and there were quite many fruits left over. Because of yesterday's incident, very few villagers came to buy fruits today.
    Shen Tingshuang took the rest of the fruit back to the courtyard. In addition to eating part of it by herself, she also fed the August melons to the birds and other animals on the mountain.
    Longan can be kept for a period of time, and she was not afraid that it will spoil, so there was no need to deal with right away.
    After washing the remaining 8 kinds of fruits, they were all dried in the air and processed separately. Among them, the magnolia berry could be stored just by air drying them naturally.
    Shen Tingshuang first cut the watermelon skin and removed the fruit inside, leaving only the white rind. This piece of rind was cut into long strips, poured sugar in and set aside.
    During the period of marinating the watermelon rind, Shen Tingshuang peeled the kiwi fruit, took the flesh inside, cut it into cubes, added sugar and set aside.
    Chinese bayberry was treated similarly to kiwi, and set aside.
    The watermelon rind after being marinated in sugar just now produces water. Shen Tingshuang pours the watermelon rind and juice into a pot and cooked them. When the juice becomes thick, lower into low heat and simmer slowly until the water evaporates, stir often to avoid sticking.
    This good watermelon peel candy could last for a while.

Watermelon Rind Candy here
    Shen Tingshuang put the marinated kiwi in a pot and boiled them. After boiling, change to low heat. Although this pot was non-stick pan, Shen Tingshuang kept stirring during the cooking process, and waited until the juice jas thickened. The kiwi sauce was ready.

    Chinese bayberry is also treated in the same way.
    The red wine that Shan Tingshuang had bought before has arrived, but the taste was average. So she put some dried grapes into a large glass jar and poured the remaining red wine into it.
    As for the remaining apricots and peaches, Shen Tingshuang canned them.
    Xiao Zhang and the others finished working overtime and found that Shen Tingshuang’s live broadcast was over. Xiao Zhang quickly opened Shen Tingshuang’s certain treasure shop: "Is this not on the shelves or is it sold out?" 
    The colleague shook his head: "Xin Yuan Shan is on hot search again!"
    Xiao Zhang clicked in and found out that so many things had happened on the Internet during the hours when they were working overtime: "I really can't figure this out, Ah Shuang just sells fruit, why so many people want to ruin her."
    "Yes, because of this we can't buy any fruit today."
    After Xiao Zhang found out that Shen Tingshuang's store was on the shelves, he immediately bought it with his colleagues.
    The next day, the fruit arrived.
    The three of them cleaned the fruits, and then divided each of them into three portions.
    Xiao Zhang had eaten peaches, so he tasted watermelon.
    To be honest, the watermelon was delivered after being cut, and Xiao Zhang was afraid it will not be delicious.
    As a result, he didn't expect that he could feel the cool sweetness at his first bite, which was really delicious.
    Another female colleague surnamed Liu ate peach first. Previously, she felt it should be delicious even when she only smelled its scent. After taking a bit, she found it really was delicious.
    There was also a male colleague whose surname was Lei. After he ate one grape, he said that he couldn't bear to even peel the next grape's skins.
    In short, the three of them have eaten all the fruits together and decide that when the three of them buy fruit in the future, they will buy different varieties. Then they will gather the fruits and each kind of fruit will be shared equally. Who let this shop restrict the purchase? They can only did this to be able to eat.
    However, the fruit has not been restocked until now.
    Xiao Liu sighed: "These people are too much."
    Xiao Lei said, "Or, let's go to Xin Yuan Shan to buy fruit tomorrow? Netizens said we can buy directly at Xin Yuan Shan."
    Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu's eyes lit up: "Good idea!"
    When he got up the next morning, Lu Minghui found that Shen Tingshuang had no plans to offer the new six kinds of fruits today.
    Lu Minghui knew that someone was splashing dirty water on Xin Yuan Shan recently, so he comforted Shen Tingshuang: "Don't worry, this matter will be solved."
    Shen Tingshuang nodded, she did not provide the new fruits because of the system, not because of Wang Qian's trick.
    Lu Minghui left with the fruit, but was stopped as soon as he reached the entrance of the village.
    This person was from the village, in his fifties, and he whispered to Lu Minghui: "You are still working with Xin Yuan Shan?"
    "What's the matter?" They had to rush back to deliver the fruits. On their way here the supermarket has called  saying that there were already customers outside who have started to line up.
    This man said: "You don't know, the vixen in Xin Yuan Shan had a problem with the fruit she planted. The police arrested her. I don't know what demon method was used. The police sent her back."
    Lu Minghui: "?" This @&#!!.
    But Lu Minghui didn't say what's on his mind, holding back his anger: "Don't talk nonsense, how could Miss Shen be a vixen? Besides, her fruit is okay. The police have said that the previous incident was a false accusation by others."
    This person saw Lu Minghui and shook his head, "People nowadays, they can't listen, forget it, I won't say anything ." Lu Minghui asked the driver to leave here as soon as possible.
    These staff that followed Lu Minghui to pick up the goods today saw the scene just now: "Miss Shen life is really not easy."
    She was abandoned by the Shen family, now lived alone on the mountain and sold fruits for a living, it was very hard. Meanwhile there were people splashing dirty water.
    Lu Minghui sighed, only wishing Shen Tingshuang to get better and better.
    Shen Tingshuang thought that there were not many fruits sold on the booth yesterday, so today she only put 50 catties of each fruits, and then she drove the small trailer to B City.
    It was still yesterday's flower shop. The boss saw Shen Tingshuang coming and he was very enthusiastic: "Sister, are you here to buy flowers?"
    Shen Tingshuang : "Well, buy some seeds today." 
    The florist: "The seeds are here." 
    Yesterday, Shen Tingshuang almost bought all of seeds from their store. She hadn't had time to restock them.
    Shen Tingshuang counted, there were only seven kinds: "Are there more?"

    The florist knew that Shen Tingshuang had a big mountain: "What about this, I'll take you to the market where I buy the goods."
    "That's great." So the two went to the flower and bird market.
    On the way, the owner of the flower shop asked: "Sister, do you have fruit shop?" Yesterday, she ate the fruit that was given by Shen Tingshuang. She ate it when she went home. It turned out to be very delicious. Unfortunately, she want to buy more but didn't know where to.
    "No, but it's sold in Super Mall." Shen Tingshuang answered.
    The flower shop owner remembered that Super Mall is a first-class supermarket and if the fruit can be sold there it showed that the quality of Shen Tingshuang's fruit was excellent.
    The two arrived at the city flower and bird market and Shen Tingshuang found that there were all kinds of flowers here, but she didn't need them. She only needed seeds now. After walking around, Shen Tingshuang bought all flower seeds available.
    She was mainly afraid that the system will release such a boring task next time.
    The florist also bought some goods by the way.
    After saying goodbye to the florist, Shen Tingshuang returned to Xin Yuan Shan and checked the time, 10 o'clock in the morning.
    The fruits at the booth has been sold out, and there were still people waiting at the foot of the mountain.
    These people all came from yesterday’s hot search. There were also fans of Qin Yueze, they wanted to eat Shen Tingshuang fruits, but they couldn't buy them in Super Mall.
    Shen Tingshuang went back and added a few hundred catties of fruits.
    Back on the mountain, Shen Tingshuang began to plant flowers.
    She was afraid that the spiritual energy would not be enough, so every time she sowed the seeds, Shen Tingshuang only watered a small piece of land.
    Until noon, Shen Tingshuang only planted 6 kinds of flowers. It was not that she was slow, but it was because there were too many people who came to buy fruit at the foot of the mountain today, and Shen Tingshuang was constantly going back and forth to replenish fruit.
    When she went to supplement for the fourth time, she simply picked 500 catties of each kind of fruit and placed it under the mountain.
    She was busy until the evening, before finally Shen Tingshuang finished watering the last piece of land.
    As the lilies bloomed, the system's prompt sound finally came: "Congratulations to the host, completing the 22nd mission, and get a reward: restore the spiritual veins by 22%."
    The spiritual energy recovered in an instant, and Shen Tingshuang stretched her feet: "Zhizhi, are the fruits below sold out?" Zhizhi was the little bird who has been passing news to Shen Tingshuang.
    Little bird: "Sold out."
    Then Shen Tingshuang didn't need to go down the mountain, she went back to the courtyard, eat dinner, and then took out the thermostatic footbath that she bought before.
    Today was a busy day and it was summer, Shen Tingshuang intended to relieve her muscles and bones.
    Shen Tingshuang soaked her feet, took a shower, and then went to bed.

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  1. That villager's comment was ironic...

  2. Thank you for the update!
    I never knew we can make candy out of watermelon rind, now I feel like making it too.
    Some of the villagers really are jealous their fruits are not as delicious as hers.

  3. Gossips in small villages are always the scariest🀧


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