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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land - Chapter 7

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 7


Opposite to Xin Yuan Shan, a couple lived in the house next to Shao Feng's house.

    When Shen Tingshuang gave the apricots for free earlier, the wife felt that the origin was unknown, so she threw the apricots aside. Then when she was about to threw them away, she found that the apricots smelled good, so she kept it in the living room.

    Today the husband came back from work and his wife was still cooking in the kitchen. He slumped on the sofa. He felt dry and thirsty, but too lazy to get up and pour water. When he smelled the fragrant apricots beside him, he took one.

    The apricots left for a few days were softer than when they were delivered.

    With a light peel, the skin fell off, and the husband took a bite. The mellow taste made him take a deep breath, if he had to say, he felt like the apricot had something added.

    It must be sugar, but he also knew that even if sugar was added, the taste would not be so pure.

    The husband ate the rest of the apricots in one breath. When the wife brought out the dishes, she found that her husband had eaten the apricots that were set aside. She asked in surprise, "How can you eat them?"

    The husband said, "This apricot is really delicious!" The husband was about to let his wife taste it, only to find that he had finished eating all the apricots unknowingly.

    "Really?" the wife asked.

    "Will I lie to you? Although it has been left for a few days, it does not affect its moisture at all. It is really delicious." Not much was delivered, and hefelt like he was still in a good mood after eating.

    The wife looked at the apricot peels and kernels piled up in the trash can. Her husband liked to eat, but he was very particular about food. No matter how expensive it was, he wouldn’t take a second bite if it didn’t taste good.

    Now, he said that this apricot was delicious, then it must be very delicious.

    After eating the apricots just now, when served rice cooked by his wife, the husband obviously has no more appetite. He put down his chopsticks and said, "I think someone in Xin Yuan Shan is selling apricots, you can buy them tomorrow and try them."


    Shen Tingshuang didn't know that the apricots she sent were eventually eaten. She only knew that at midnight, the task came again: "Please have 32 people eat the fruits you planted within 12 hours."

    Yesterday, it was so easy with people from Li Ying’s company eating; it won’t be so easy today.

    Early in the morning, the old customer Shao Feng arrived first. He saw the peach next to him, and it was big and ruddy: "There are new fruits! How much is a catty?"

    Shen Tingshuang hadn't set the price yet, so when Shao Feng asked, she fell into silent thought.

    After spending a few days together, Shao Feng also knew Shen Tingshuang’s temperament: "You can price ten yuan a catty for your peaches."

    Shen Tingshuang: "Okay, it’s ten yuan a catty."

    Shao Feng weighed two catties of peaches, Hongmei also followed, and when she saw the peaches, she reacted like Shao Feng: "There are new peaches today, how much is it?"

    Shao Feng saw that Shen Tingshuang was busy, so he left first. This meeting, the wife who lived opposite him came too. Yesterday her husband kept talking about how delicious this apricot was. She got up early this morning.

    Hongmei saw her and said hello: "Eh, Jiang Yu, you also come to buy apricots."

    "Yeah, you also come to buy apricots?" They are all from the same village, so Jiang Yu knows that Hongmei's children never eat fruit. Their family was also upset about their children not eating fruit.

    "Yeah, my little treasure likes it." Hongmei feels happy that it can solve the problem of little treasure not eating fruit. She was worried that little treasure would get tired of eating too many apricots. She didn't expect that red peaches would be available today.

    Jiang Yu was very surprised: "Your child likes to eat this?"

    Hongmei chose the peaches and handed them to Shen Tingshuang, saying, "Yes, the fruits sold by this girl are really delicious, I will go back first." Today was peaches maybe her little treasure would like it more. Thinking of this, Hongmei wanted to take the fruit home quickly.

    Seeing Hongmei’s reaction, Jiang Yu remembered what her husband said yesterday, and finally bought a catty of apricots and a catty of peaches.

    When this wave of people left, only ten people ate the fruit grown by Shen Tingshuang, which was still a little bit shockingly far away from the target mission of 32 people.

    At about nine o'clock, some people came over and Shen Tingshuang recognized them. It was Li Ying and the head of her department yesterday.  There was also a new person that Shen Tingshuang never seen.

    When Lu Minghui saw Shen Tingshuang, he first greeted her, and then introduced: "My colleague, Sun Ping."

    After that, he said to Sun Ping: "This is what I told you, Miss Shen who grows good fruits." Sun Ping face showed surprise seeing Shen Tingshuang before finally automatically responded to Lu Minghui: "Hello, Miss Shen."

    Lu Minghui was on the phone last night with the Sun Ping, He said to go to Xin Yuan Shan today, where the fruit is especially good, and next supply them to the supermarket.

    Just now on the way to Xin Yuan Shan, Sun Ping was very curious about how delicious this fruit to make Manager Lu so concerned.

    Sun Ping has also been guessing it can only be a middle-aged man that can grow delicious fruits, but when he saw Shen Tingshuang, he discovered that he had guessed wrong.

    The other person was not middle-aged, plus she still looks so good-looking.

    It was too far from the image in his heart, so it's no wonder that it took him a long time to respond.


    Lu Minghui felt that Shen Tingshuang was very sincere. She packed two big bags of fruit yesterday, and everyone in their department received at least ten catties.

    In addition to his separately bought fruits, Lu Minghui also reserved a catty of apricots and peaches.

    After keeping only his personally bought fruit, he took the catty of apricots and peaches to the vice president's house in charge of their department.

    The department where Lu Minghui and Li Ying work was called the Property Management Department, and their company has a large supermarket chain called Bailian.

    On the team building, Lu Minghui fell in love with the fruits Shen Tingshuang grew.

    He believed that once Shen Tingshuang’s fruits were put on the shelves of their Bailian supermarket, the supermarket’s sales will surely rise sharply.

    So Lu Minghui went to the vice president to talk about this.

    Originally, when there were new products to be put on the supermarket shelves, Lu Minghui arrange it directly, especially for ordinary produce such as fruits.

    Therefore, the vice president did not understand why Lu Minghui complicated the matter. After taking a bite of the apricot, the doubt in the vice president's heart was completely solved. He said: "You can do it, this apricot, let them set the price for ten yuan a catty, peaches cost 20 yuan a catty!"

    The vice president turned his head fast, knowing that with such delicious fruits they should not worry about selling, especially many consumers think expensive things are good.

    After the vice president ate the apricots and peaches, the smile on his face never stopped, always boasting that Lu Minghui was good in business.

    Coming out of the vice president’s house, Lu Minghui felt that his future was bright. Although Shen Tingshuang currently only has two kinds of fruits, he has the confidence to grow the varieties. In the future, Shen Tingshuang can grow a variety of delicious fruits.

    When he returned home, Lu Minghui found that the fruits he brought back were gone, and all that was left was a table full of fruit peels.

    His wife and daughter were whining to buy more.

    Lu Minghui repeatedly promised that he would bring back more.

    So, when the idea was still fresh, Lu Minghui took Sun Ping, the manager of Bailian, to Xin Yuan Shan.


    Seeing that Shen Tingshuang was not busy, Lu Minghui explained his intention: "Our company has a supermarket chain, Bailian, and we want to cooperate with you to put your fruits on our supermarkets for sale."

    Shen Tingshuang way of thinking was different from them, what she thought in her mind was: "Are there many people buying it?" After all, it is a chain supermarket, and there should be more people going to shop than Xin Yuan Shan area.

    "Of course." Their Bailian supermarket may not be among the top 500 in the world, but it must be among the top 500 in the country.

    After listening, Shen Tingshuang immediately agreed: "Then that’s OK." 

Lu Minghui was stunned. He obviously didn't expect Shen Tingshuang to agree to his request so quickly. After all, if they cooperate, the two parties have to talk about their needs and prices. There was still a contract to be signed, but seeing that Shen Tingshuang is young and probably inexperienced, he can understand.

    However, the other party is sincere, and he can't be too demanding: "Then, we will collect fruits at 7 o'clock every morning, and the price will be based on what you have. Apricots are 5 yuan a catty and peaches are 10 yuan a catty."

    Shen Tingshuang: "No problem."

    Lu Minghui brought a car: "How much do you have now? We will buy them all today."

    Sun Ping on the side finally reacted: "Can I taste it first?"

    Shen Tingshuang was wishing for someone to finally taste it, picked up an apricot, peeled it neatly, and handed it to Sun Ping.

    Sun Ping took the apricot. The goods on the shelves of their supermarket have to go through layers of screening. Even as a manager’s recommendation, it is still the same. Although Lu Minghui has spoken and this cooperation can be considered done deal, he still has to try it.

    He just saw the apricots. In terms of appearance, they are indeed much better than the existing apricots in their supermarket. It seems that these apricots were only brought down to the mountain for sale after careful picking. It's all about the same size, with reddish yellow color, it looks very nice.

    After one bite, Sun Ping almost bit his tongue. Lu Minghui was personally responsible for this. This apricot was too delicious. After one apricot was eaten, Sun Ping couldn't help saying: "As what Brother Lu said, everything you have now. Can we buy all of it?"

    Lu Minghui on the side showed a face I had expected your reaction a long time ago.

    Shen Tingshuang: "There are some more, but however many you need I can pick for you."

    Sun Ping cannot wait to put these fruits in the supermarkets: "That will be great, do we need to help you?"

    One peach tree, after watering with spiritual energy, can bear about 500 catties of peaches. There are more apricot trees, so apricots can bear at least over 800 catties.

    Although Shen Tingshuang now has spiritual energy and has great strength, a basket can  only hold up to 50 catties of fruits. After picking these fruits, she has to go back and forth several times. Thinking of this, Shen Tingshuang said: "You just drive the car up directly. When I got to the fruit tree, I picked the fruit and put it in the car."

    Lu Minghui: "Okay!"

    Lu Minghui drove an off-road vehicle. The trunk and back seat were empty and could hold a lot of fruit.

    It just so happened that there were some big bags on the car to hold fruits: "You get in the car and lead the way."

    Under the guidance of Shen Tingshuang, the three quickly arrive next to the apricot forest.

    Shen Tingshuang pointed to the outermost apricot tree: "Just pick these apricots, the rest are not yet mature."

    Yesterday, after Li Ying and his team building activities ended, Shen Tingshuang watered the rest of the apricot trees with her spiritual energy. In this way, it seemed to outsiders that the fruits on the apricot trees were almost all ripe, but only when they got closer would they find that there were many small immature fruits inside.

    To Lu Minghui and Sun Ping they all looked all ripe, but Shen Tingshuang was the owner of this mountain after all. They still listened to what she said. Besides, this tree only can give hundreds of catties of fruit. They didn’t bring a truck today. So it is enough.

    Shen Tingshuang has recovered 5% of her spiritual veins and can water a whole tree at a time, but it takes two hours to recover her spiritual energy. She only watered a peach tree this morning.

    The spiritual energy was almost restored. While Lu Minghui and the others were picking apricots, Shen Tingshuang watered an apricot tree again, and then picked all the fruits on it.

    While picking apricots, Sun Ping happily asked, "Brother Lu, how did you find this treasure place." In a remote place like Xin Yuan Shan, Bailian Supermarket has always supply fresh seasonal vegetables on the shelves every day, but he never heard that there is such a place like Xin Yuan Shan.

    Lu Minghui: "It was also found by people from the department looking for the team building place."

    Sun Ping gave a thumbs up.

    The three of them cooperated and quickly picked the apricots, and then went to the peach tree to continue picking peaches.

    Sun Ping was picking the peaches, and was so tempted to take a bite. He immediately suppressed his gluttony and turned around, such delicious fruits should be put on their shelves.

    Sun Ping felt much honored at this moment.

    After picking the fruits, all three of them took another half an hour to weigh the fruits and put them on the car.

    The apricots are 900 catties and the peaches are 500 catties. Sun Ping directly paid 9,500 yuan to Shen Tingshuang.

    Even though the supermarket usually paid out payment once a month or once a week, but the two parties did not discuss a specific agreement yet. Sun Ping thought the fruit was too delicious, so he paid for it first, and Lu Minghui kept muttering next to him.

    He went out in a hurry in the morning and didn't bring the contract.

    After Shen Tingshuang sent Lu Minghui and the others away, prompt from the system came: "There are 60 minutes from the end of the mission, currently host task completion progress is 31.25%, if the mission fails, the spiritual veins will be deducted 6%."


Authors have something to say:

Ah, this chapter is quite fat. .

I apologize to all the little angels, it’s been a long time since I have been writing~~~



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    1. Based on what was said in earlier chapters, 1 catty of apricot normally goes for 3 yuan, MC has been charging 5 yuan because of her first customer. So she is still getting same price, the supermarket is just marking up the price (to 10 yuan) to make a profit their end. Dunno about peach price in this story though, don’t think it’s been mentioned?


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