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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 36


ATBBMPL – Chapter 36


Shen Tingshuang was very fast, and in a short while she started in the bedroom on the north side.
    Probably because Shen Tingshuang gave the three staff too much excitement, their work efficiency has increased several times than usual.
    Before it got dark, the wallpaper installations in all the rooms were done. They continued to install the lights, and Shen Tingshuang had already started cleaning the concrete floors in these rooms.
    The floorings bought did not include installation. If you need help, you will be charged an extra fee, but the three people saw that the little girl did more than half of their workload today.
    They easily completed the wall covering, installed the lights, connected the lights with the switch, and some to the plugs. The three of them exchanged the sockets and switches of Shen Tingshuang.
    Then they planned to help Shen Tingshuang install the flooring.
    When the wallpapers was installed, the room was already vacanted. They just needed to clean up the floor again a bit and spread the moisture-proof cloth to start installing the floorings.
    This type of flooring was known as a seamless link and did not require a screw, but it was a bit laborious to install.
    As the three of them started, they said: "It must be aligned here, so that it can be installed neatly."
    Shen Tingshuang saw the three of them installed a few pieces and tried it by herself.
    The three of them thought that Shen Tingshuang would ask them how to install it but they saw Shen Tingshuang easily align the wooden board into the previous piece.
    Three people: "..."
    Did you have to be good at this too?
    The trio had intended to help Shen Tingshuang install the floorings, Shen Tingshuang actually tried it by herself nd quite satisfied with her result. She then said:. "The hour is late, thank you for helping me install a good wallpapers. The rest I will do it myself,"
    The leader of the group said, "Don't we need to install the floorings for you?" Although they have been hit a little bit today, they also want to help Shen Tingshuang install the floorings.
    Shen Tingshuang: "No, I can do it."
    "So don't you need help to carry these things in?" After all, there are so many floorings delivered.
    "No." Shen Tingshuang felt that the strength of the three men just now was not very strong, and they were not as good as her alone.
    Thinking of how Shen Tingshuang was carrying things before, the three of them decided to remain silent, and finally found something simple to do: "Then we will help you clean up some of the garbage."
    "Okay, thank you." Shen Tingshuang gave them each of the three a bag full with mixed fruits.
    The three packed up and drove away.
    The 10,000 peaches she drew before have started being received by netizens.
    Xiao Zhang was one of them. It was pure fun for him to leave his address. He has been usually been unlucky all the time. When the barrage pops up, he presses the lottery.
    Unexpectedly he won. Xiao Zhang left his address, but he did not expect to receive the goods today.
    The courier put the courier in front of Xiao Zhang: "Hello, your courier, 15 yuan."
    Xiao Zhang: "So expensive?"
    The courier explained: "The delivery fee paid upon arrival are all at this price."
    The happy mood because of winning the lottery suddenly became unhappy and Xiao Zhang felt that he seemed to be fooled.
    The courier said again: "Are you signing for it?"
    "Sign." Xiao Zhang scanned the QR code and paid 15 yuan, which was a luxurious breakfast.
    The courier left.
    A colleague saw it and asked: "Xiao Zhang, what did you buy?" These days to still be paying for delivery fee upon arrival. These things mostly were for deceiving the elderly.
    For example, he’s saw a TV shopping, saying cash on delivery. An air fryer sold for 999 yuan. The key was the same style if he went to a certain treasure shop will only sold for 99 yuan.
    It's just that no matter how he persuaded his mother, she didn't believe him. Thinking that a certain treasure was a lie, and there was a reason why it was more expensive.
    Xiao Zhang's tone was not very happy: "Don't say it, I won a lottery but the prizes delivery fee need to be paid by the winners upon arrival." 
    The colleague looked surprised: "Aren't you being cheated?"
    Xiao Zhang slow unpacked the package with lack of interest: "Probably."

    The colleague stood beside him curiously: "Let me see, what kind of prize is inside." 
    After the box was opened, it was a big ball shaped things wrapped in styrofoam paper. Took a closer look at it, it was a peach.
    The colleague laughed: "You are really cheated, although this peach looks good." But it was definitely not worth 15 yuan.
    Xiao Zhang sighed, how can I say it, spend 15 yuan to buy a lesson, he said that his kind of luck will definitely not yield a good thing.
    On the way back to his desk, he went to the pantry to wash the peach.
    The colleague comforted: "Don't think too much, 15 yuan, you can help send relief to the poor in the mountains."
    "En." Xiao Zhang broke the peach in half, "Share it?"
    The scent smelled good, and the colleague took it: "Thanks."
    The two stood in the pantry, each biting a bite of a peach, and then the smile on the colleague's face froze, while Xiao Zhang's face was shocked, and he looked at his colleague.
    The two looked at each other, and an idea emerged in their hearts, this peach, who said it was not worth 15 yuan!
    Xiao Zhang's colleague reacted quickly, hugged half of the peach in his arms, and quickly ate it. Who would have thought that a peach could be so delicious!
    He was very afraid that Xiao Zhang would take the other half back.
    He bought this peach for 15 yuan, Xiao Zhang regretted it before. But what he regretted now was why he just divided the peach in half to his colleagues.
    However, no matter how much he regretted it, he would never get his peach back.
    There happened to be a female colleague coming in and smelled the peach scent in the pantry: "Did you eat peaches just now?"
    Xiao Zhang nodded.
    The female colleague then asked: "It's very fragrant, where did you buy it?"
    Xiao Zhang thought for a while: "I didn't buy it, but it was in the live draw."
    Xiao Zhang colleague: "That anchor sold the peach? I want to buy it."
    "Let me take a look." Xiao Zhang opened Shen Tingshuang's Weibo, and everyone gathered to see it. There was a link to a certain treasure store, but there was only one fruit on it, and it is still off the shelf.
    Xiao Zhang's colleague smelled the scent and looked at the shop again: "Don't tell me, I'm going to the live broadcast tonight!"
    Besides Xiao Zhang, many people have received this peach. Most of the winners were a bit unhappy to pay for the package, but there were also some that think it didn't matter.
    After they all eat the peaches, the unhappiness was gone.
    When they went to Shen Tingshuang store, they found that there were no peaches, only apricots, and they were still off the shelves.
    So, they were all guarding, ready to watch the live broadcast.
    One of the reasons Shen Tingshuang didn'y need the staff's help was that when she just laid the wall covering, she had already thought about it. The content of the live broadcast today was to install the floorings.
    Sending off these three people, it happened to be a little more than five o'clock, Shen Tingshuang opened the live broadcast: "Good evening everyone, live broadcast today to install floorings"
    For a while, many netizens clicked in and commented.
    [I received the peaches today, they are delicious.]
    [Miss Sister, when will peaches be on the shelves?]
    Some netizens also started to discuss what Shen Tingshuang will broadcast today.
    [I heard it wrong?]
    [She made trotters yesterday and installed floorings today. This span is a bit big.]
    [I feel happy with Ah Shuang and I can watch any type of live broadcast.]
    Because there were too many rooms and the area was too big, so Shen Tingshuang live broadcast time tonight was longer, the first room installed a little bit slower, after getting familiar, Shen Tingshuang’s speed was much faster.]
    [Miss sister's speed was so fast.]
    [If it weren't for the live broadcast, I thought it was fast forward.]
    [I know this floorings, it looks easy, but it’s actually super difficult to install. If one installed wrong, it will get stuck.]
    [I also bought this floor, and saw that others installed it simply, but later I still asked the master to install it after paying the installation fee.]
    The speed of Shen Tingshuang was getting faster and faster. One room was installed, and the second one was installed faster. It seems that the floorings were only placed on the ground and its done.
    After more than two hours, Shen Tingshuang finished installing all the rooms with wooden floorings.
    [Today’s live broadcast, inexplicably feels good to watch.]
    [You probably don’t believe me, I watched floorings installation for a full 2 hours. ]
    [Me too.]
    Shen Tingshuang installed the floorings, then she discovered that more than 200,000 people were watching the live broadcast. After seeing the questions raised by netizens, Shen Tingshuang responded one by one.
    "This flooring is not difficult to install, just master the know-how."
    "I'm also installing it for the first time."
    "Well, I live in a courtyard, and the last few rooms are warehouses."
    She talked to everyone for a while, then started the lottery: "Ten people will be drawn today to send Chinese bayberry."
    [Chinese bayberry, I want!]
    [Miss Sister, have you opened a shop? ]
    Shen Listen double: "Yes, the shop was openned, but temporarily not operating."
    [When open ah.]
    Many fans are asking, after all, it’s easy to buy what you want to eat.
    "I haven't figured it out yet." When will it be on the shelf? waiting for the system to release the task?
    After chatting with the fans again, Shen Tingshuang closed the live broadcast and moved the furnitures back to the rooms.
    At the same time, Shen Tingshuang got rid of a lot of furniture, such as unused cabinets and stools.
    The new floor was dark brown with light brown wallpapers. The whole room instantly felt different.
    Shen Tingshuang moved the bed in, cleaned up the dust, and spread the rugs she bought next to the bed. Although it was not winter, it was really comfortable to step on.

    After the room was cleaned up, it was night.
    Shen Tingshuang took a bath and fell asleep.
    Many netizens received peaches before the live broadcast today. After waiting for the live broadcast one night, they found that Shen Tingshuang did not draw 10,000 people, nor did she drew peaches.
    Xiao Zhang thought of the post on the Internet yesterday and posted a Weibo.
    [Above poster, you come up. Didn’t you say that, if Shen Tingshuang don’t draw 10,000 or 20,000 people in the live broadcast today, you will go live and eat shit? Now eat!]
    In addition to Xiao Zhang, there were also other netizens helping to speak.
    [Really so angry, Wan Nian Fei finally won the prize today, but the fragrance of the peach still lingers, and what's worse, I couldn't find anything to buy.]
    [I always thought that the Super Mall fruit could be sold out because of Qin Yueze, but now I found out that the fruit is delicious in the first place.]
    [Strongly request Super Mall to open a branch here.]
    [What are you thinking? The Super Mall in City B is not even enough. You still want to go to other places.]
    Shao Feng didn’t have time to read Weibo today, otherwise he would definitely like these netizens. He started to take photos since he came back in the afternoon. He took all the peaches and other fruits sold by Shen Tingshuang, and then sent the photos to Shen Tingshuang WeChat.
    He told Shen Tingshuang that these pictures can be used to put in her shop.
    Of course, Shen Tingshuang still did not respond.
    One second to five, Shen Tingshuang opened her eyes, and then the mechanical sound of the system followed: "Please the host let the same person eat the five kinds of vegetables you grow within 19 hours."
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  1. That task is not actually that hard. She just needs to feed someone a meal that includes five different vegetables and she's done...

  2. Oooh is it cooking time again?

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    1. can she reply if she's sleeping


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