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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 38

ATBBMPL – Chapter 38


 Shen Tingshuang intended to start with the grapes behind the courtyard. The grapes trellis was full of layers of grapes: "This is it, delicious grapes."

    [This grape is so big!]
    [Sitting under the vines, I feel refreshed and crooked.]
    [But it’s only August now, why are the grapes ripe?]
    [Now it is different from before. There are a lot of off-season planting. Besides, grapes normally ripen in September, which is only one month away.]
    Shen Tingshuang picked a grape and placed it in front of the camera: "It's quite sweet." After speaking, a small opening was peeled from the top of the grape, revealing the crystal clear grape flesh inside.
    Shen Tingshuang tool a bite, and then spit out the seed inside.
    The taste of this grapes was very sweet, no sour taste at all.
    [I want to eat grapes too.]
    [At this time, I took a look, and there are no grapes in the surrounding supermarkets.]
    [Secretly tell you that there are grapes on the shelves of Miss Sister’s treasure shop.]
    [? ? ]
    [F*ck! It's in stock?]
    Shen Tingshuang saw the comments: "Well, today there are fruit grapes in stock, but the purchase limited to 200 grams per person, grapes were easily damaged, so temporarily only people in City B can buy"
    [...... Critical Hit.]
    [For this grape, I think I can move to City B.]
    [Yes! it's finally on the shelves, I'll go buy some fruit first.]
    Some netizens went to Shen Tingshuang's shop.
    Shen Tingshuang was doing live broadcast alone, she did not put direct purchase link on the room, and only put the treasure shop link in the lower left corner.
    After eating the grapes, Shen Tingshuang came to the magnolia berry tree: "Has anyone eaten this kind of fruit?"
    [Looks like grapes, but redder than grapes.]
    [And it is also in small bunch, still growing on the tree.]
    [Children in the mountains must have the answer, this is magnolia beery!]
    "Yes, it is magnolia berry." Shen Tingshuang put her phone aside, quickly climbed the tree, and picked a bunch of berries.
    The netizens in front of the screen were once again stunned.
    The comment interface was suddenly very clean, one minute later......
    [! ! !]
    [Miss Sister is too mighty!]
    [This tree-climbing action!]
    [Miss Sister, have you considered acting in a fairy movie?]
    [I have already made up a big show!]
    Shen Tingshuang has put the magnolia berries in front of the camera.
    The red, round fruits instantly attracted the attention of netizens.
    Shen Tingshuang fed it into her mouth: "Magnolia berry not as sweet as grapes, but also not sour, its a good fruit."
    "Magnolia berry can also be used as medicine, as pain killer and insomnia reliever can be eaten."
    As there were not many magnolia berry, soon after Shen Ting Shuang finished eating them, she threw the peel under the tree. After watering with spiritual energy, these can be used as fertilizer even if they were only fruit peels.
    [I want to eat.]
    [I just watched it and it is sold out in our area. What does this mean?]
    Shen Tingshuang explained: “This is the same as grapes, only sold in B City.”
    [No, I will move to b city tomorrow.]
    [I also decided to take the university in B City.]
    Shen Tingshuang: "I have shown the Chinese bayberry before, so let’s take a look at the kiwi fruit today."
    Kiwi tree was not as tall as the magnolia berry tree. The fruits were nestled among the leaves. If from far away, you could not see them at all, but if you look closely, you would find that the kiwis in the two fields were nestled in clusters.

    There were probably dozens of kiwi fruits in each cluster. Shen Tingshuang picked one: "The hairy kiwifruit is peeled like this." 
    The green flesh appeared after its skin was peeled. The bright green color, just looking at it people couldn't help but want to take a bite.
    Shen Tingshuang quickly helped the netizens realize this wish. She took a bite, and there was a bite mark in the soft kiwi fruit.
    The kiwi was very soft and it instantly turns into a sweet juice in the mouth. After Shen Tingshuang bit a few mouthfuls, she finished one kiwi fruit.
    [I have heard the sound of drooling.]
    [Stop talking, I will place an order first.]
    [Raise your hand when you just came back from ordering.]
    "Today’s live broadcast ends here, I will draw ten people to send kiwis, winner please remember to leave your address." Shen Tingshuang waved to the camera: "There are a lot of friends who placed orders today. I will pack it first. This is it, goodbye."
    Shen Tingshuang closed the live broadcast. During the live broadcast, netizens actually placed more than 5,000 orders. Although huge orders has been placed for the whole day, the information on a certain treasure store was still there. It raised frequently, indicating that the number of orders was still increasing.

    Seeing the everchanging screen, netizens later realized that today’s live broadcast was only half an hour.
    Someone simply went to Shen Tingshuang's Weibo.
    [Miss Sister, you have time for live broadcasting, but there are still restrictions on the purchase of items in the store.]
    [If it weren't for the purchase limit, I could also buy ten catties!]
    [Weakly speaking, I can also understand the reason for the limited purchase of Miss Sister, otherwise I can't get it at all. The apricots will be removed from the shelf as soon as its all bought.]
    Shen Tingshuang and Shao Feng were printing receipts, but there was still a steady stream of people placing orders. In addition to apricots, peaches was also taken off the shelves after being bought by netizens.
    Shen Tingshuang kept printing the courier bill until 11 o'clock at night, and the ink cartridge that Shao Feng brought back in the afternoon was replaced by another one.
    There were still many express orders not yet printed but Shen Tingshuang simply shut down and sleep first. After all, there was still time tomorrow.
    In the city of H in the distance, Qin Yueze was sitting in the room, remembering what Shen Tingshuang said last night: "I know you can't eat a lot due to your diet, so just take one bite every day."
    Thinking of yesterday, he carried the fruit back, surprising Ai Ming. He almost jumped up and said, "Are you going out to buy fruit in the middle of the night?"
    Qin Yueze didn't explain in detail at the time. He just put the fruit on the table and told Ai Ming to help him bring the fruit to City H tomorrow.
    It was evening when I arrived at the crew today. The ceremony before the start of the filming started at 6 o'clock, and every important actor was present.
    Qin Yueze didn't usually participate in such occasions, but due to the director's repeated invitations, he still came.
    It didn't take long before Qin Yueze returned to his bedroom.
    Ai Ming had asked his assistant Xiao Yue to put these fruits in the refrigerator in the hotel. Without Qin Yueze's permission, neither Ai Ming nor Xiao Yue moved, although they wanted to eat them.
    Qin Yueze took an apricot and eat after peeling it.
    Look closely at the lips, there seems to be a slight smile.
    After eating one, Qin Yueze went to read the script.
    For the first time in history, the system did not release a task at five o'clock, but Shen Tingshuang had developed a biological clock, and she woke up naturally at this time.
    After picking the fruits, Shen Tingshuang drove the small trailer down the mountain and arranged the fruits to be sold on the table.
    The result task would end today.
    After Super Mall weighted the fruits, Lu Minghui did not rush away, but looked at Shen Tingshuang: "When will the new fruit be on the shelves?"
    In fact, Lu Minghui has been following Shen Tingshuang's live broadcast, and he also knew that Shen Tingshuang has grown new fruits. He originally thought Shen Tingshuang would take the initiative to propose, but Shen Tingshuang never said it.
    Yesterday’s live broadcast, Shen Tingshuang posted a new fruit in a certain treasure shop. He thought that Shen Tingshuang would talk about it this morning, but Shen Tingshuang still did not say it.
    Lu Minghui couldn't help but asked.
    Shen Tingshuang : "Then put a part of it on shelves today, and tomorrow, I'll talk about it then?" Lu Minghui was stunned for a moment, obviously he didn't understand what Shen Tingshuang meant.
    Super Mall was a first-class supermarket, and supplier has always been rushing to deliver their goods to the supermarket. But Shen Tingshuang has the privilege to supply her own fruits and never requires complicated procedures.
    The thing was Shen Tingshuang herself was not at all anxious.
    Seeing that Lu Minghui didn’t speak, Shen Tingshuang said, “Then I will give you a thousand catties each for these new fruits? But you have to wait until 9 o’clock to pick up the goods, do you still want them?”
    Lu Minghui looked at the Chinese bayberry next to him, he knew Shen Tingshuang's fruits need to be picked up now. There were six kinds of new fruits. If each was one thousand catties, it will add up to six thousand catties: "Okay, we will come over at 9 o'clock, and the price will still be sold according to the price you have set currently.”
    After finalizing these matters with Lu Minghui, Shen Tingshuang went to pick the fruits. After the nine o'clock pick up, Super Mall supply today was finally completed.
    However, Shen Tingshuang was not idle, and began to process a certain treasure shop's orders again.
    Shao Feng was printing the addresses, and suddenly received a text message. When he saw the content, Shao Feng laughed.
    The franchising of Xin Yuan Shan's branch express delivery outlet has been approved.
    The address Shao Feng registered was in the warehouse downstairs.
    Shao Feng paused printing the addresses first and went to tell his mother about it.
    Since Shao Feng's mother saw Shao Feng was able to make money as a freelance photographer, Shao Feng's mother has not been too concerned about Shao Feng's career. When she heard that he was going to do express delivery, she just helped to clean up.
    Shao Feng went to City B again.

    At three o'clock in the afternoon, Old Du was already dragging the fourth car full of fruit back to his company. He wondered whether he could apply for a bigger car with the company tomorrow.
    Shen Tingshuang was too tired today, picking fruits, watering with spiritual energy, continuing to pick fruits and then watering again. When she watched Old Du drove the fruit away for the fourth time, Shen Tingshuang sat directly under the bamboo forest.
    Today was really not ordinary tiring.
    However, something more tiring has yet to come.
    Shen Tingshuang took a break, then ran to the mountain to continue farming.
    At the foot of Xin Yuan Shan, a police car stopped at the Shen Tingshuang's booth. There were three policemen in the car. The one who drove was the first to ask: "Is this right?" 
    The older policeman sitting in the passenger seat said: "This should be it. The mountain shown on the map is Xin Yuan Shan. Fruits were sold nearby."
    The policeman who drove turned to the right and walked up the mountain along the stall, except that the place was set with a formation by Shen Tingshuang so the police car can’t get up.
    Soon, the older policeman in the car discovered what was wrong: "Wait, we seem to be spinning around the same place." 
    The other two were talking, but when they heard the older policeman, they immediately silenced.
    There was also a young policeman in the car who had only been working for a few months. The first time he saw such a situation, his face turned pale with fright.
    After another distance, the policeman who drove whispered: "It's really a ghost hit the wall."
    As a result, once the voice fell, the car started going uphill.
    Three policemen: "?"
    Shen Tingshuang heard the little bird in the mountain saying that a police car had arrived down the mountain.
    She didn't know why the police car came to Xin Yuan Shan, but she broke the formation and let the police car came up.
    The policemen looked at each other, and the one who drove asked: "What should I do?"
    "Go up!" The older police was not afraid of this, so they decided to go up and have a look.
    When the police car arrived next to Shen Tingshuang, Shen Tingshuang was sowing cauliflower seeds.

    Sitting in the car, the young policeman subconsciously asked: "Is she a human or a ghost?"

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