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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 35

ATBBMPL – Chapter 35


    Taking advantage of the time to cook the trotters, Shen Tingshuang took out the Chinese bayberry she just picked, rinsed it with water, and put it in another pot.
    This pot was bought by Shen Tingshuang on Vivi's live broadcast. It also came with an induction cooker. It could be used for hot pot in winter, but at the moment, Shen Tingshuang was ready to use it to make chinese bayberry juice.
    In addition to water, Shen Tingshuang also added a piece of rock candy.
    There were no fewer comments in the live broadcast room.
    [It feels like I am following a universal blogger.]
    [I am a little hungry.]
    [Why you have to show me this on my way from work, it is too cruel.]
    [I'm so hot with heatstroke, now I want to have a glass of chinese bayberry juice.]
    Shen Tingshuang didn't have time to look at the phone. The water in the trotters pot boiled. Shen Tingshuang put rock candy in it and took out some firewood to lower the heat.
    The bayberry juice also began to boil. Shen Tingshuang took some chopsticks and stirred it twice, and then pressed the chinese bayberry out with a spatula. It was boiled for another two minutes before the bayberry juice was poured out and poured into a large glass bottle. She put it in a bowl and soak it in cold water.
    Shen Tingshuang thought of the refrigerator she bought in the live broadcast room. She really hoped it arrived soon so that she could drink cold chinese bayberry juice.

Bayberry Juice
    She washed the pot used for the Chinese bayberry and added water to boil it.
    As the color of the trotters and the soup in the pot gradually became thick, Shen Tingshuang poured the boiling water into the pot, and then put the remaining ginger slices into it.
    [Miss sister, do you not add spices?]
    [Yes, I think other people’s elbows are all spiced.]
    [I also think that adding bay leaves and cinnamon will taste better.]
    [But this color is really beautiful.]
    Until the final trotters soaked up the juice, Shen Tingshuang didn't add any other seasonings. On the contrary, when it was about to come out of the pot, Shen Tingshuang sprinkled a handful of the scallion on the trotters.
    She then scooped up the thick soup, poured it on the trotters, repeat it several times, and serve it out.
    The caramel colored trotters and green onions look particularly appetizing.

Braised Pig Trotter here

    [I hate trotters, but today, I said I can eat it.]
    [I was on the way home, but now I am going to eat trotters.]
    [Trotters of the same style as Miss Sister’s have been ordered, I immediately start eating.]
    [People who are in lost weight program saw this and said that they are going to break the diet tonight.]
    Shen Tingshuang went to pour a glass of Chinese bayberry juice.
    She brought her trotters and Chinese bayberry juice into the dining room, and then came over to get her mobile phone.
    "That’s all for today’s live broadcast, but before closing, I will still draw ten winners for the lottery. Today, I will give away kiwis. This time there are fewer people so no need to pay delivery fee upon arrival."
    Shen Tingshuang started the lottery and winners. After the draw was over, she said bye bye to the netizens, and then began to eat her trotters in peace.
    Netizens were dumbfounded.
    [No, Miss Sister, why don't you let us watch you eat?]
    [I also want to see Ah Shuang eat her trotters.]
    At this moment, Shen Tingshuang has started eating her trotters happily.
    After a long time of cooking, the trotters has become soft and waxy. She took a bite and had a full scent bursting even when she didn't put any spices on it. She was afraid that bay leaves and cinnamon would affect the meaty aroma of the trotters.
    Ginger and cooking wine could remove the fishy smell of the trotters quite well.
    During the process of cooking this trotters, probably the fire was a bit too big, so it had a somewhat smoky smell.
    However, rock sugar suppresses these smell, and the fragrance of chopped green onions conceals the shortcomings of the trotters a lot.
    Shen Tingshuang ate one-third of her trotters and drank a glass of Chinese bayberry juice, exuding a satisfying breath all over her body.

    After sitting on the chair for a while, Shen Tingshuang opened Weibo and swiped the comments. Seeing what Shao Feng said before, they really affected her mood.
    Shen Tingshuang put down the phone and brought the plates and cups to the kitchen.
    Shen Tingshuang did not watch the live broadcast tonight, but opened an online store according to the steps given by Shao Feng.
    The name of the shop was "Ah Shuang's Shop".
    At present, Shen Tingshuang has only photographed apricots out of all fruits and vegetables on Xin Yuan Shan, so Shen Tingshuang just posted pictures of apricots, but did not put in any stocks yet.
    Before going to bed, she asked: "System, what task is tomorrow."
    System: "..."
    Okay, pretending to be dead at the critical moment, Shen Tingshuang closed her eyes and started to sleep.
    As for the task, she would know about it at five tomorrow.
    At five o’clock, the task of the system came on time: "Please the host produce 20 different kinds of vegetables within 19 hours."
    Shen Tingshuang: "???"
    What the hell, yesterday was a fruit, today it has become a vegetable. The key was 20 kinds!
    Seeing that Shen Tingshuang did not respond, the system repeated it again: "Please the host produce 20 different vegetables within 18 hours and 59 minutes, and the system will restore 19% spiritual veins."
    Shen Tingshuang: "Tomorrow will It  become 40 different kinds of plants."
    System: "I don't know."
    Shen Tingshuang: "..." What do you know then?
    Shen Tingshuang thought for a while, and then asked: "Then tell me first, do you think scallions, ginger, garlic, etc., count as vegetables?"
    After getting the system's reply, Shen Tingshuang got up and started picking fruits while calculating the mountain vegetables she has planted.
    In addition to the green onion, ginger and garlic she asked before, there were also cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, and pumpkins.
    Although the growth cycle of most vegetables are shorter than that of fruits, and there will be less time for watering spiritual energy. Today's task needed 20 kinds of vegetables for it to complete.
    There were currently only 7 kinds of vegetables in Xin Yuan Shan, so 13 more kinds of vegetables needed to be produced.
    Walking down the courtyard, Shen Tingshuang watered the five vegetables of radish, carrot, green beans, yam, and tomato, all of which were watered on at least one acre of land.
    When the spiritual energy ran out, Shen Tingshuang rested for a while, and waits until the it was restored to continue watering.
    Loofah, leeks, amaranth, spinach, cauliflower.
    Before she watered the next one, Shen Tingshuang heard the mechanical sound of the system: "Congratulations to the host, complete the 19th task, get a reward: restore the spirit pulse 19%."
    Shen Tingshuang: "???" I seemed to have only watered 10 kinds of vegetables.
    System explanation: "The host planted four different kinds of peppers."
    Even though they were all peppers, but the varieties were different, they can be counted as four. Shen Tingshuang discovered this and was surprised: "So simple?"
    She felt a little surprised. The truth was that during this task completing period, she was so busy with the task every day, and even thought that the task could not be completed several times.
    Unexpectedly, this task suddenly changed from a difficult mode to a simple mode.
    The task was completed quickly today, and there was still more time.
    However, Shen Tingshuang didn't dare to rest, and was still farming, fearing that the system would have more tasks tomorrow.
    The villagers discovered that Xin Yuan Shan had sold hundreds of catties of fruit or even more a few days ago, but they have reduced a lot in the past few days. Every day there was only one basket of each fruits, and they would be sold out very fast.
    They wanted to suggest adding more fruit to Shen Tingshuang, only to realize that they could not contact Shen Tingshuang at all.
    Many villagers decided to buy them at the foot of Xin Yuan Shan at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning!
    In the afternoon, another large trailer parked at the foot of Xin Yuan Shan.
    Shen Tingshuang bought lamps, floorings, and rugs, which were home decoration materials.
    Shen Tingshuang asked these staffs to put things outside the courtyard, there were many packages.
    The wallpapers were sold with installations included, and the flooring provided tools to do by yourself. The staffs can also help with the floorings, but an additional fee will be required.
    Except for the kitchen and bathroom, Shen Tingshuang bought wallpapers for the rest of the rooms.
    After confirming that these items were bought by Shen Tingshuang, they first followed Shen Tingshuang back to the courtyard.
    Seeing this courtyard house, the three of them were a little surprised. No wonder this customer bought so many wallpapers.
    The three felt that today's work might have to go into the night.

    After the three followed Shen Tingshuang, they found that the courtyard was also very beautiful. Although the vegetables were grown in it, it did not violate the harmony at all.
    The person in the lead asked: "Which room to start with?"
    Shen Tingshuang: "It's here."
    "If you want to install all of them, you should start with the least used room." The southernmost part of the courtyard was the warehouse. Shen Tingshuang also bought wall coverings of the same color.
    Shen Tingshuang has no opinion.
    The three of them first moved out the contents of the warehouse, only to find that there were not many things in it, only some cabinets.
    It's just that the cabinets were old and the wood was quite good, which also makes these cabinets extra heavy, especially when they were still set up together.
    The three of them carried the cabinet and moved weirdly, only able to move a few centimeters after a long time.
    Shen Tingshuang sighed and lifted the cabinet on one side, then said faintly: "You three lift the other side."
    The three people were horrified to find that Shen Tingshuang lifted the cabinet with ease. If they hadn't been carrying the cabinet earlier, they would have thought that Shen Tingshuang was lifting foam board!
    As they walked out, the three big men were even more shocked to find that Shen Tingshuang's strength seemed to be greater than their three big men combined.
    As for the other small cabinets, when the three big men lifted one together, Shen Tingshuang picked one up by herself and placed it outside the courtyard.
    Three people: "..." I feel embarassed.
    Shen Tingshuang looked at the cabinets moved outside the courtyard, they were not so good-looking, and she planned to make a new one by herself.
    After the room was emptied, they began to clean the walls and then scrape the old wallpaper of. Shen Tingshuang watched from the side. After the three staffs finished scraping old wallpapers off, the three of them began working for the installation. One applied the glue, the other two cut the paper, and then the three of them began to paste the paper onto the glued wall.
    During the pasting process, Shen Tingshuang also noticed the movements of their hands, to ensure that there were no bubbles, and they had to scrape the paper on.
    After she saw them finishing one wall, Shen Tingshuang went to the next room. She moved the contents out into the yard and began to scrape the old papers.
    When the three of them finished installing the wallpaper in the first room, they found that Shen Tingshuang had already vacated the other room, and the wall had been scraped.
    Three people: "?" Scraping old wallpaper was not a simple job, why this girl done it so easily.
    After they took a closer look, they found that the girl has done a very good work. One of the three began to apply glue, and the other two began to cut the wallpaper after measuring.
    When they were finished with the dining room, they found that Shen Tingshuang had already prepared the other two rooms.
    Three people: "???" Was she trying to grab our job?
    However, it seems that if this customer wanted to grab a job with them, they couldn't keep it at all!
    Finally, watching Shen Tingshuang worked faster and better, one of the staff couldn't help but ask: "Have you done this before?"
    Shen Tingshuang shook her head: "No, done it for the first time."
    The other two glared at the interrogator, with warnings in their eyes. When these words were asked, wouldn't it be obvious that they could make the customer uncomfortable?
    The person who was speaking was also a little speechless, and he really blamed his cheap mouth.
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