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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 25

 ATBBMPL – Chapter 25


Shao Feng comforted Shen Tingshuang for a while, but couldn't make Shen Tingshuang get better.

    Shen Tingshuang put the fruit on the table at the foot of the mountain and returned to the peach forest. The tree was still half full of the peaches, exuding their scents fragrantly.

    In the past, Shen Tingshuang would be happy when she smelled this scent, but now, Shen Tingshuang chose a big peach tree and sat down on the ground next to it.

    As a ginseng spirit, when Shen Tingshuang is unhappy, she likes to sit on the ground, which makes her feel safe.

    The unknown bird was screaming, Shen Tingshuang sat with hands on her legs, her little head on her arms, and staring blankly forward.

    Life is really hard.

    Within ten minutes, Shen Tingshuang stood up. She patted the dust on her pants and decided to pick more fruits. Wasn't it just 300 more people, if she sat like this, the mission will definitely fail.

    She might as well take action.

    In the past, Shen Tingshuang only put 50 catties of apricots and peaches every day in the village. At this time, Shen Tingshuang picked 50 catties more each, and planned to pick some watermelons from the mountain and put them under the mountain for sale.

    If a customer bought a whole watermelon, just one person will definitely not able to eat them all, so Shen Tingshuang planned to divide a watermelon into several portions to sell.

    Shen Tingshuang put the peaches and apricots at the foot of the mountain, and then returned to pick watermelons. When she came back after picking the watermelons, she found another car parked in front of the stall.

    It was a strange car.

    Shen Tingshuang didn't take a closer look either. As long as it wasn't Qin Yueze, she had no interest. She put the watermelon on the stall and saw two people walking out of the car.

    Another unexpected person.


    Shen Tingshuang did not expect that Qin Yueze and his agent Ai Ming were really here.

    After a few days, the expression on Qin Yueze's face was better than before. He looked at Shen Tingshuang: "Long time no see."

    Qin Yueze brought some snacks. He originally planned to buy some fruits, but thought that Shen Tingshuang had fruits by herself. Finally, Ai Ming went to buy some snacks, saying that these were what little girls like.

    Ai Ming handed two large bags of snacks to Shen Tingshuang : "This is for you." Shen Tingshuang didn't care about the snacks, she was happy the moment she saw Qin Yueze.

    Ai Ming saw that Shen Tingshuang did not take the snacks from her, but turned around and slashed the watermelon on the table with her bare hands. Ai Ming was so frightened that his hands shook. The watermelon was tens of catties at a glance. Someone that was able to split the two in half must be Hercules.

    Shen Tingshuang broke a small piece and handed it to Qin Yueze: "Try it, this watermelon is ripe and very sweet."

    Afraid that Qin Yueze would refuse, Shen Tingshuang directly stuffed the watermelon into Qin Yueze's mouth.

    Qin Yueze's cold expression cracked for a moment, but the sweet watermelon juice quickly flowed from between his lips and teeth into his stomach, and he subconsciously swallowed the remaining watermelon in his mouth.

    After seeing Qin Yueze taking a bite, Ai Ming finally woke up from the shock just now, and said: "Yueze ?" 


Qin Yueze finally finished the watermelon, his face calm: "We want to buy some fruit."

    "Okay." Ah. For Shen Tingshuang, don't talk about buying, as long as Qin Yueze eats it, she did not mind just giving it away.

    Ai Ming glanced at Qin Yueze. He had known for a long time that this girl must be a super fan of Qin Yueze, or some crazy fan.

    Only in this way can he explain why during Qin Yueze car accident before she didn't call the police, and took good care of Qin Yueze instead, even then she gave so many fruits when they left.

    Ai Ming saw the fruits on Shen Tingshuang’s booth and said, "We need a lot. How much can you provide?"

    Shen Tingshuang was calculating the amount of tasks in the next few days, and then said: "A few thousand catties will be no problem."

    Ai Ming choked, first Shen Tingshuang split the watermelon with her bare hands, then Qin Yueze ate the watermelon without scruples, making him forget that Shen Tingshuang had a whole mountain, he looked at Qin Yueze, the latter said, "Apricots, peaches and watermelons just give two hundred catties each."

    "Wait, I will go to the mountains to pick them." There were not enough apricots and peaches to even be one hundred catties at the booth, but watermelon was enough. Shen Tingshuang gave Ai Ming a piece of watermelon and only then she began to return to the mountain to pick fruits.

    Ai Ming was holding the watermelon. He always felt that he could eat this watermelon because Qin Yueze took him by the way.

    He lowered his head and took a bite of the watermelon. Ai Ming thought of the fruit Qin Yueze brought back before, it was very delicious.

    Until now, he still remembered that the first bite he ate. It was apricot, and after one bite, he even thought that apricots were the best fruit he had ever eaten, soft and sweet, with endless aftertastes.

    Now the watermelon in front of him, he have to say was not worse than apricots. After taking a bite, he felt that the tip of his tongue is dancing. It was completely different from apricots. It will be really refreshing to have such a bite in the hot summer!

    It's no wonder that Qin Yueze ate all that piece of watermelon just now.

    Shen Tingshuang quickly picked the fruits, saying that each weighed two hundred catties, and Shen Tingshuang gave a lot of extra too.

    Ai Ming paid the money.


    Qin Yueze has been busy doing many schedules. After the car accident, he was recuperating in the hospital for a few days, and he started to rush to his schedules after he was sure that there was no major problem. Today, he took the time to come to Xin Yuan Shan. In addition to buying fruits, he wanted to thank Shen Tingshuang again in person.

    Shen Tingshuang repeatedly explained that Qin Yueze needs to remember to eat fruit every day, and finally, in Shen Tingshuang's reluctant eyes, Ai Ming took Qin Yueze away.

    Looking at Shen Tingshuang from the rearview mirror with her eyes wide open and a look of dissatisfaction, Ai Ming felt like a bad person.

    Qin Yueze also saw Shen Tingshuang's expression, and his always indifferent eyes showed a touch of warmth.

    Ai Ming smelled the scent of fruits in the car: "Yueze is really good to fans."


    Qin Yueze’s birthday was July 27th. Since his debut, Qin Yueze has spent his birthday with fans every year. Although there was a car accident this year, fortunately Qin Yueze has recovered quickly.

    Seeing that it was approaching the 27th, Ai Ming had planned to schedule a break for Qin Yueze today, but Qin Yueze refused, saying that he would spend it with his fans.

    For birthday banquets, fruits and snacks need to be purchased. At that time, Qin Yueze's assistant Xiaoyue and Qin Yueze said in unison that they would come to Xin Yuan Shan to buy fruit. Although Ai Ming didn't say it, he agreed in his heart.

    Before, after the accident, when Qin Yueze brought the fruit in, Xiaoyue already smelled the fragrance of the fruit.

    He put the fruit on the coffee table and let everyone eat as they pleased.

    In fact, Xiaoyue didn't have much demand for food. At the first time when Qin Yueze was not popular, he had a box lunch with Qin Yueze, and even occasionally only have boiled vegetables for dinner.

    Afterwards, Qin Yueze became famous, and Xiaoyue's food got better, but even if he had to eat poorly, Xiaoyue was okay.

 Xiaoyue took an apricot out of the bag, "This apricot seems to be delicious."

    Many fans have also sent fruits to Qin Yueze, including those bought from abroad. Qin Yueze sometimes gave them to the staff.

    It can be said that Xiaoyue also ate a lot of good fruits.

    But Xiaoyue had to admit that this apricot was not worse than the best fruit that he had eaten before.

    Ai Ming took a look, then retracted his gaze, ready to continue to ask Qin Yueze how to deal with the follow-up.

    As a result, he smelled the scent. Xiaoyue on the side had already peeled the skin, and the scent of apricots came out completely.

    Then, Ai Ming saw Xiaoyue feed the apricots into his mouth, and the juice splashed out.

    This scene seemed to be in slow motion, and Ai Ming swallowed.

    After that, Ai Ming suddenly forgot to ask Qin Yueze the question, and followed Xiaoyue to eat apricots.

    In less than half an hour, the two of them ate the fruits that Shen Tingshuang gave away.

    Strictly speaking, apricots cannot be eaten too much, but the two greedy people can't control themselves at all. Who makes this apricot so delicious!

    The two of them still felt uncomfortable after eating. They found a hammer and smashed the apricot kernels and ate the nut inside.

    Fortunately, the two of them were fine the next day.

    Xiaoyue was going to wait for Qin Yueze to get better, and then buy some fruits back, but when he came out of the hospital, Qin Yueze started to rush to announce.


    So, He waited until this day, but Xiaoyue was called back by the company today to get Qin Yueze's documents.

    Ai Ming smelled the scent on the car, swallowed, and felt a little embarrassed, so he found a topic: "I am a little worried now, that kind Xiaoyue might finish the fruits before the banquet started."

    Qin Yueze: "..." I worry about you too.

    At that time, the speed at which the two ate apricots was incredible.

    Ai Ming saw Qin Yueze's eyes and touched his nose, okay, who made Shen Tingshuang made her fruits so delicious. He could also guess that Qin Yueze's birthday party would be wonderful the day after tomorrow.

    After Qin Yueze left, Shen Tingshuang heard the mechanical sound of the system: "Congratulations to the host on completing the 15th mission, you get a reward: restore 15% of the spiritual veins, and activate her previous skill: able to communicate with animals."

    "Hey, the mission is complete." "Shen Tingshuang was a little surprised. There were more than 16,000 people today. She thought it would be completed at least nearing noon. After all, Qin Yueze can only count as 100 people.

    The system reluctantly replied: "The BUG upgrades. He tasted one bite, which means 200 people have eaten it."

    Shen Tingshuang: "!!!"

 The human shaped BUG can be upgraded too! She decided to work hard to be a good internet celebrity. Then invite Qin Yueze to enter her live broadcast room.

    After listening to the news and being happy, she suddenly reacted to another thing. The system just said, activate your previous skill, and communicate with animals?

    As a ginseng spirit, after living for so many years, she could communicate with all kinds of animals, but after Shen Tingshuang transmigrated, her original body was a human, so she didn't know what the animals in Xin Yuan Shan were talking about.

    But after this skill was activated today, Shen Tingshuang found that he could understand what the surrounding animals said.

    For example, the bird not far away kept shouting: "It's hot, it's so hot."

    The bird on the side responded: "Don't shout, it's too noisy."

    There was also a bug in the far forest: "If the heart is calm, you will feel cool naturally."


    Shen Tingshuang smiled, today is really a good day.

    The system on the side poured cold water: "Tomorrow's task needs 32768 people to complete."

    Shen Tingshuang: "..." Did I let you talk?

    System: "As the host's spiritual veins recover more, the system's functions will increase."

    Shen Tingshuang eyes brighthen: "For example?"

    System: "Talking functions are becoming more and more humane, for example, I can read out the host thoughts in her mind."

    "Can I apply to turn off this feature?" It is not a good thing to be informed of the thoughts in her own mind by a mechanical system.

    The system didn't speak any more, Shen Tingshuang sighed.

    Shen Tingshuang farmed for a while, and a bird flew over and whispered: "Ah Shuang Ah Shuang, someone is looking for you below."

    "Okay, thank you." Shen Tingshuang put down the seeds and ran down the mountain.


    The author has something to say:


Shen Tingshuang: Keep Qin Yueze.

    Ai Ming: As I said, she is your fan.

    System: No, she is not. She just needs this BUG to complete the task.

    Qin Yueze: ?

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