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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 28


ATBBMPL – Chapter 28


July 27th was Qin Yueze's birthday. On this day, his agency never slackens and arranged it in advance every year.
    This year, Qin Yueze’s birthday theme was overthrown again and again, revised many times, and finally decided.
    The details were even more meticulous. People with different tastes were invited to try the desserts to be served many times before the menu were finalized.
    The arrangement of the table was set, no error was allowed. Until 12 o'clock in the evening, the banquet preparation was finally finished.
    The director who designed this banquet looked at the empty fruit plate on the table: "Where is the fruit?"
    The staff on the side said: "Mr. Ai said they will deliver it directly tomorrow."
    The director suppresed her anger: "They are irresponsible to do so. What if the fruit is unpalatable?”
    She didn't want to ruin his reputation. Although it was not easy to create a banquet party for the movie actor, it will improve her reputation if done well, but if she didn't do it perfectly even a little bit she will be scolded by thousands of fans.
    The staff didn't dare to say more. They looked for Ai Ming many times. Ai Ming always said that they would wait until d-day of Qin Yueze's birthday banquet to bring the fruit, and they didn't know why.
    The director turned around at the table, and finally took out her mobile phone to call Ai Ming: "Big broker, when will the fruit be delivered?"
    In fact, the director kept saying that they will prepare the fruit for the banquet, but Ai Ming didn't agree.
    Ai Ming: "Don't worry, it will be delivered in the morning, but I warned you that you are not allowed to steal it."
    The director couldn't help rolling her eyes: "At nine o'clock tomorrow morning at the latest."
    Ai Ming: "Okay, I know."
    "Ok." But Ai Ming's tone didn't mean anything. The director sighed with her mobile phone, nothing else.
    This was Qin Yueze's birthday party. Ai Ming must have taken it seriously. The director conforted herself like this: "Okay, everyone go back. Rest and come early tomorrow morning."
    At 8:30, the director came over and prepared to put the fruit. At 9 o'clock, Ai Ming didn't come. At 9:10, the director couldn't help but start calling. It wasn't until 10 o'clock that Ai Ming brought the fruit.
    The original irritable director smelled the fruit scent, and then suppressed her irritability: "Work, work."
    When the director saw that there were only three types of fruits, apricots, peaches, and watermelons, she looked at Ai Ming suspiciously: "There are only these three kinds of fruits?"
    Although there were enough servings, the varieties were too few, and these three are also very common fruits. If it weren't for Ai Ming to be Qin Yueze's agent, the director would think Ai Ming was deliberately sabotaging her.
    "All three are top quality." Ai Ming said.
    The director showed a look that speaks 'don't think of me as a fool.'
    Ai Ming simply used a fork to take a piece of watermelon that was cut on the side, and fed it to the director: "I won't eat it!"
    The director was going to refute, but a piece of watermelon was already in her mouth. The sweetness at first was so good it calmed the frizz in her heart, this watermelon was too delicious!
    After taking a bite, the director looked at the watermelon next to her and found that Ai Ming had a wary look. If it weren't for the director suspicion of the fruit, Ai Ming would not give her the watermelon.
    The director was a little helpless. The watermelon was really delicious, but she also had a professional bottom line. Knowing that today's banquet was special, how could she steal some. The most he could do was to ask they bought the watermelon. But after tasting the watermelon, she finally felt relieved.
    At 11 o'clock, fans arrived one after another. Ai Ming and Xiaoyue were in charge of entertaining, and the director and staff could finally rest in another room.
    One of Qin Yueze’s big fans, Si Maidong came early in the morning. She nodded after taking pictures of the desserts at the door: “Today’s birthday banquet for my brother is well organized.” Just the set-up at the door could tell it was done well.
    After taking the photo, she took a piece of cake. It was soft and sweet, and it tasted of a certain brand.
    When she walked in, she saw Ai Ming, and Si Maidong said hello to him.
    Unlike other fans, Si Maidong has been chasing after Qin Yueze since his debut until now. Si Maidong's family was also rich so she was able to go to Qin Yueze's every concert and every TV show appearance.
    Of course, Si Maidong was also very capable, has organizational skills, and can be a standing sister, taking beautiful big photos. Sometimes Ai Ming will also ask Si Maidong for photos. After a long time, Si Maidong and Ai Ming also became familiar.
    Ai Ming: "Today's fruit is good." For Ai Ming, this sentence was the greatest kindness to Si Maidong.
    Si Maidong nodded: "I see, thank you Ming Brother." Fans call Ai Ming Brother Ming. Over the years, everyone has also seen Ai Ming's careful care of Qin Yueze.
    Ai Ming didn't talk long Si Maidong, he had to greet other fans.
    Si Maidong was taking photos in the venue. When the shooting was finished, she was going to eat fruit, but she was surprised to find that there were only three kinds of fruit: watermelon, peach and apricot?
    But what Ai Ming said, Si Maidong felt that there must be a deep meaning. So Si Maidong picked up an apricot, although it looked very ordinary but it can be seen that the fruit was carefully selected.
    With a size as big as a baby's fist, Si Maidong took a bite and almost bit her tongue. This was too delicious!
    Si Maidong looked at Ai Ming, who gave her a look 'you understand.'
    Si Maidong nodded; Brother Ming really treated her differently. After eating the apricots, she went to eat the watermelon, which was as delicious as the apricots! Si Maidong wanted to scream, and took a peach. After eating the whole peach, she couldn't wait to ask the person who arranged the banquet where they bought these fruits.
    After Si Maidong finished eating, he took three close-ups of the fruits and posted them to Weibo.
    [Yueze's Xiao Dongdong: Brother's birthday party, this fruit is really delicious. (Picture)(Picture)(Picture)]
    These three photos are of apricots, peaches and watermelon. Si Maidong didn't expect that these three photos would cause a big stir in the end.
    As one of Qin Yueze’s big fans, Si Maidong has hundreds of thousands of fans. After posting on Weibo, many fans of Qin Yueze’s fans expressed their envy for her. Qin Yueze’s birthday party was envied.
    The black powder who was scolded by the whole network recently finally found a chance to jump out.
    [Even ordinary people will not have only these kinds of fruits on their birthdays. The key is someone still takes photos to show off.]

    [Lol, the actor's birthday party turned out to serve only peaches, apricots and watermelon, so shabby.]
    [Hahaha, this is to cut cost, okay? Fans’ money is good, so it’s an effort to give back to fans.]
    In the entertainment industry, many stars’ birthday parties were directly organized by fans, but Qin Yueze’s birthday was always hosted by the company.
    After the black fans commented, the fans quarreled with them.
    But even though some fans were fighting back, they also feel that these fruits were really shabby. They even think that the company did not properly organize the birthday party for Qin Yueze.
    The black fan found the chance and rioted on the Internet. After a while, the topic #Qin Yueze Birthday is too shabby# was on the hot search.
    Meanwhile the named protagonist was stepping into the banquet hall between fans screaming louder than ever.
    After a few words of greeting, Ai Ming began to play a video which was made by fans. This year the concept was Qin Yueze's journey of stardom.
    The video was playing and fans started to give birthday gifts.
    Qin Yueze never accepts valuable gifts from fans, and generally only accepts letters or flowers. After a long time, fans also know Qin Yueze's principle of receiving gifts, and most of the gifts will be handmade by themselves.
    In return, Qin Yueze's banquet souvenirs were exquisitely made, one of them should worth several hundred, and it was a limited quantity. Once this birthday was over, and there will be none in the future.
    After receiving the gifts it was time to start eating the birthday cake. Qin Yueze divided the cake into several portions and distributed them to the fans. After interacting with the others, he left.
    In previous years, Qin Yueze would stay with fans for a few hours. This year, Qin Yueze had a car accident, so the fans did not expect him to stay too long. Fans also expressed their understanding and asked Qin Yueze to take care of himself.
    When Qin Yueze left, the fans finally settled down to eat and drink. Some fans took out their mobile phones and prepared to post on Weibo. When they saw Qin Yueze on the hot search, they suddenly shouted: "Brother is on the hot search!"
    Fans took out their phones one after another, but at first glance, what the hell.
    This birthday party was shabby?
    In the most advanced hotel in City B, the seven-layer birthday cake was custom-made, and the entry-level desserts are also from the high-end bakery.
    As a result, the fans clicked in and took a look at the fruit, and then looked at it, uh, it seemed a little shabby.
    Many fans looked at Ai Ming, and the latter sighed. Anti fans is anti fans. They could catch even the smallest things, and then zoom in infinitely: "Why don't you try it first?"
    Fans who were originally discussing this matter heard Ai Ming words; she began to eat the fruits, some apricots, peaches, and watermelons.
    Everyone calmed down and ate the fruit silently.
    There are 1,000 fans here today, and a total of 600 catties of fruit were bought. Some fans have eaten it in advance, and the director took some before she left.
    So at this meeting, everyone tasted a few bites, and the fruit was gone.
    Someone in the crowd said: "Brother Ming, did you buy this fruit in Super Mall?"
    She bought some in Super Mall, and it was really delicious. It's just that the cheating supermarket restricted the purchase. So she can't buy it.
    As soon as the words came out, someone immediately agreed: "Yes, I also think this taste is familiar, like the apricots sold in Super Mall."
    "Peaches are also the same flavor."
    "Watermelon is also the same, you see, this is the one I bought in Super Mall. The watermelon is exactly the same."
    If it was the fruit bought by Super Mall, then the shabby rumors of Qin Yueze's birthday would be self-defeated. Unfortunately, Ai Ming shook his head: "We bought it in another place." Ai Ming did not pay attention. He has not seen the things about Shen Tingshuang and Super Mall, so he didn't know that Shen Tingshuang's fruits were the fruits supplied to Super Mall.
    Fans present were thinking about how to deal with this matter, they need to take carr of the hot search, they didn't want to leave a bad memory on Qin Yueze's birthday.
    Ai Ming planned to contact the company and withdraw the hot search.
    But other fans of Qin Yueze have already started to use the Super Mall fruit to fight back on Weibo.
    [The black powder rolls out; this fruit was bought in Super Mall at first glance. How could the company not pay attention to my brother's birthday?]
    Many Weibo also attached a comparison chart. They have to say that the fruits on the scene are really similar to those in Super Mall.
    As a result, the black powders quickly fight back.
    [I asked the customer service of Super Mall. Recently, they have not sold hundreds of catties of fruit. Their apricots, peaches and apricots have always been restricted. Fans of Qin Yueze should not day dream, it is too ugly (Picture).]
    A conversation with Super Mall's customer service was attached to Weibo.
    For a while, most passers-by stood on the black fan's side.
    After all, anyone who has been to Super Mall knew that their supermarkets limit the purchase of these three kinds of fruits, including Qin Yueze's fans.
    The fans on the scene hurriedly finished arranging counterattack comment, but were still anxious. Suddenly someone asked: "Brother Ming, did this fruit bought at Xin Yuan Shan?"
    Ai Ming felt a little bit surprised in his heart. He didn't say anything about Xin Yuan Shan just now. He didn't want to emphasize their relationship with Shen Tingshuang, but fans suddenly mention this, so he asked, "How do you know?"
    The fan immediately knew the answer when he heard what Ai Ming said. She breathed a sigh of relief: "Moons, the fruits of Xin Yuan Shan are the same one supplied to Super Mall, everyone fights back!"
    So the group went to Weibo and explained that the fruit was bought in Xin Yuan Shan.
    Ai Ming was stunned. Shen Tingshuang's fruits were actually supplied to Super Mall? Some time ago, after Qin Yueze's car accident involved Xin Yuan Shan, Ai Ming listened to Qin Yueze's instructions and asked the company to withdraw the hot search. Later, he did not see the post on the forum. Naturally, he did not know that Shen Tingshuang was already involved.
    [Black powders get out! These fruits were bought in Xin Yuan Shan. It was be the same as Super Mall's fruit.]
Soon #Qin Yueze Xin Yuan Shan# was on the hot search.

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