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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 33

ATBBMPL – Chapter 33


After Shen Tingshuang finished the live broadcast, she went to the dining room to clean it first and then moved in the newly-made table and chairs.
    After dinner, Shen Tingshuang put the bowl in the dishwasher, and took a hot bath. Finally, Shen Tingshuang, who didn't need to boil hot water by herself now, expressed her happiness.
    After changing into her pajamas, she threw the changed clothes into the washing machine, and then lie on the bed happily, ready to watch some live broadcasts.
    It was not yet time for VIVI to start broadcasting; Shen Tingshuang took advantage of this gap to print out a part of the lottery winners' addresses.
    Previously on Weibo, Shen Tingshuang rumored lottery of 10,000 winners to send fruit, was reposted by many netizens. Even if the winners needed to pay for delivery fee themselves after arrival.
    The main reason was that these netizens thought that 10,000 people will each had at least one catty of peaches, and they clicked on the live broadcast. Then they found that 10,000 people were drawn but only one peach each will be given, plus the postage was paid by themselves. They were immediately unhappy.
    Before the live broadcast was over, these netizens posted everywhere on Weibo, went to Shen Tingshuang's Weibo to comment, and also mentioned these things on other Weibo with a relatively high amount of reposting.
    Soon, many netizens knew about this.
    Wang Qian was very dissatisfied with the navy bought last time. She gave the store a bad review and said that the store was unreliable.
    In the past few days, the store has been asking Wang Qian to say good things, asking her to help correct the bad reviews, and stop proclaiming that their navy was bad.
    Seeing these comments on Weibo today, Wang Qian intends to give the store a chance to redeem their merits.
    Soon, these navy soldiers were dispatched again.
    There were more and more Weibo on the Internet about Shen Ting Shuang's bad news.
    [@Ah Shuang who Farms just wanted publicity. She drew 10,000 netizens to give me one peach, and the postage is also self-paid. Who knows if she wants to steal your information.]
    [Public information, even if it’s sold, it’s three cents apiece, ten thousand per day, you can earn three hundred yuan, how much is a month, and @Ah Shuang who Farms only give one peach.]
    [Believe it or not, tomorrow this Ah Shuang will still draw 10,000 people, or even 20,000 people, just to steal your personal information. If not, I will live broadcast eating shit.]
    [I advise netizens to still pay attention and not be deceived.]
    [Rubbish! @Ah Shuang who Farms has relationship with Pei family, and sells her fruits there.]
    Some people also refuted it.
    [What information is stolen? All she cooperates with is Y Express!]
    [The lottery draws are voluntary, and you can choose to leave not join.]
    [The peaches if bought at Super Mall are all five yuan each!]
    [A Shuang’s fruits are really delicious and there is no need for marketing.]
    Soon, the voice of these discussions weakened, and the hot search first attracted the attention of netizens.
    #'Sword Fairy' makeup photo#
    'Sword Fairy' was the next drama that Director Zhang Qing will shoot.
    Zhang Qing was originally a great director. The drama he made does not need to be promoted, and it has its own traffic. In addition, not long ago, a staff member released a sneak peek that the lead actor of 'Sword Fairy' as Qin Yueze.
    Qin Yueze has transformed from a traffic artist to a powerful actor. He has many fans. After hearing the news, many fans expressed their expectations.
    When they saw Weibo, everyone was stunned.
    [Sword Fairy V: See you for the first time, hello. @Geng Chengyun @Shen Xuan……]
    There was no figure of Qin Yueze in the official announcement, and the fans suddenly became angry.
    [Isn’t it said that the lead actor of this drama is our brother?]
    [F*ck, the crew is too unscrupulous, this is a trick?]
    [Although Geng Chengyun is very handsome, it is obvious that Qin Yueze's acting skills are much better.]
    [It’s so disgusting.]
    Geng Chengyun was one of the little fresh meats. He also has many fans, but he can't compare with Qin Yueze. What's more, when it comes to acting, the two are really not in the same class. (TN: Little Fresh Meat (小鲜肉) is an internet buzz word in China used to describe handsome young males. It is most commonly used for celebrities, particularly a rising star. Here
    Therefore, after Geng Chengyun's fans found that the lead actor was not a Qin Yueze, they criticized from another direction.
    [Our family's Chengyun absolutely did not sideline senior Qin Yueze's play. As early as a few months ago, Director Zhang started to choose the lead actor. Chengyun was chosen after the audition.]

    Qin Yueze's fans were even angrier when they heard this. This clearly implicated that Qin Yueze hasn't auditioned better than Geng Chengyun.
    As a result, fans from both sides went to the person who auditioned that day. As a result, they found Qin Yueze didn't go to the audition at all.
    Qin Yueze's fans contacted Ai Ming and asked about this.
    Recently Ai Ming accompanied Qin Yueze to rush back and forth to complete his schedules and saw the news on the Internet. At first, he was a bit disapproving. After all, many crews sometimes quoted Qin Yueze name on before the filming started just for heat.
    They were not surprised, after all, they cannot block everyone's mouth. Anyway, whether it was really filmed or not, when the official announced it, everyone would know.
    But this time it seemed to be a bit loud?
    Ai Ming first replied to the fans who called. He said that Qin Yueze did receive the script, but refused because the schedule was inappropriate.
    The fact was that although director Zhang Qing’s script was usually of good quality, the content of this particular play felt a little worse. The audience of the fairy universe (TN: Xianxia) genre was quite large and the pictures were exquisite, which will definitely attract a lot of people.
    But if the plot was not enough and the pictures were too fake, it will definitely not be popular.
    What's more, this drama was a bit demeaning to women, and based on this, Qin Yueze refused.
    The fans who got this response suddenly reacted and they quickly brushed up.
    [@Zhang Qing, I didn’t expect you to be such a director. My brother didn’t take part in the shooting. The crew initiated the fans out just as a joke. Is it fun?]
    [Excuse me, @Zhang Qing is really out of style to do such a thing.]
    [I thought that Director @Zhang Qing definitely would not bother to do such a thing, but now I am blind, it doesn't matter, personally resist #Sword Fairy#.]
    [Boycott +1]
    As a director, Zhang Qing certainly concerned about the dynamic of the network, which has the effect of oriented marketing behind a drama.
    After finishing the makeup photo, the netizens were not praising his hero and heroine, but scolding him?
    You know, this makeup photo was a styling done by a top makeup artist.
    Zhang Qing turned pale with anger when he saw what the netizens scolded.
    Someone asked him if the crew had hired Qin Yueze. He returned to the reporter at that time and said lead was not Qin Yueze.
    Unexpectedly, there were still so many netizens today who think that it was Qin Yueze. Although he wanted Qin Yueze to be the leading actor in "Sword Fairy", Qin Yueze has refused.
    Zhang Qing asked his secretary to check who had released the news.
    Shen Xuan has also been following the comments of netizens. Today, her look was particularly beautiful, with a white dress, like a real fairy.
    It’s just that when the set-up photos were released, there were not many praises about her beauty. Most of them were discussing Qin Yueze and crusaded against the crew?
    Shen Xuan glanced at the hot search, not related to herself, on the contrary, she saw Shen Tingshuang's hot search.
    Shen Xuan edited Weibo and clicked to send it shortly.
    [Shen Xuan: I hope you don’t bother my sister. Although she was rebellious before, she is unlikely to do anything like that. You can follow my new drama #Sword Fairy# when you have time.
    Shen Xuan’s followers were already almost 20 millions, after it was sent out many fans commented.
    [Xuan Xuan, you are too kind, but we will definitely support the new drama #Sword Fairy#.]
    [I don't understand how a good person like Xuan Xuan has such an older sister.]
    [She is expelled already from Shen's house, and you still call her sister. Xuan Xuan, you are too simple.]
    Fans were fighting against Shen Tingshuang below, and praised Shen Xuan. They also said that they will definitely support Shen Xuan's new drama.
    After a while, the topic of #Shen Xuan speaks for her sister# was also searched.
    But the netizens inside were all scolding @Ah Shuang who Farms, on the contrary they were all talking about how good Shen Xuan was.
    After Shao Feng posted today's Weibo, he saw the hot search. He was scolded by Shen Tingshuang, so he used his trumpet to help Shen Tingshuang to speak. But when he saw Shen Xuan's Weibo, he switched to his main account.
    [Feng Ge Street Photography V: Ah Shuang will never sell personal information. The winning address is voluntary, and anyone who has eaten Ah Shuang fruit knows that the fruit is really delicious, otherwise there will be no restrictions on purchases in Super Mall. A person real personality will always be revealed eventually.]

    Actually, Shao Feng’s Weibo has a very good tone, but it hit the hearts of Shen Xuan’s fans. They thought Shao Feng was implementing Shen Xuan has character problems.
    [I have followed you for so long, I'm really blind.]
    [Hehe, I unfollow today. Let's never see each other again.]
    Shao Feng's fans originally counted more than 1 million because of Shen Tingshuang's photos. As soon as this Weibo was posted, they began to drop, and after a while, there were only around 900,000.
    However, Shao Feng didn't regret it. Because of his previous experienced, he didn't have a very good opinion of Shen Xuan. After sometime, he even disliked Shen Xuan. He really didn't know how he could have a good impression of Shen Xuan before.
    He signed out of Weibo, feeling all bitter.
    Shen Tingshuang has started a new round of buying, buying and buying. Recently, the income from Super Mall in a single day could exceed 40,000, so Shen Tingshuang's Alipay has increased from 80,000 to more than 120,000.
    VIVI's live broadcast tonight was the home improvement festival.
    Flooring, rugs and other decoration materials were also sold live.
    VIVI introduced: "This flooring is very good, it's all solid wood panels, and its waterproof, and it's very easy to install..."
    Shen Tingshuang went to measure the size of the room with a ruler, and then took a note of the number of floors needed.
    As for the rugs, she also bought one. Shen Tingshuang intendef to put it in the bedroom. It will be very comfortable to nest on the fluffy rugs in the winter, basking in the sun.
    There were also lights; Shen Tingshuang bought one for each room.
    The lights in every room of the courtyard house are all kind of old bulbs. These kinds of LED headlights were not too bright and look pretty. Shen Tingshuang liked them very much.
    In addition to these, Shen Tingshuang also started with wallpapers. As for the other thing, tables, stools, Shen Tingshuang did not buy, she could made all these things by herself.
    After watching the live broadcast, Shen Tingshuang went offline, and took a look at her level in the VIVI live broadcast room, Favorite fan 5.
    After Old Du sent Shen Tingshuang's goods, he was not in a hurry to go home, but waited for the person in charge of the outlet to come over.
    "Why haven't you gone back?" After the person in charge came in, he found that Old Du was still there.
    Old Du: "I have something to report to you." 
    The person in charge knows that Old Du was prudent. If it was not a particularly important matter, Old Du would not wait until he came back. Hearing the words, he said: "What's the matter?"
    Old Du brought in a chair: "You sit down first."
    The person in charge waved his hand: "It's okay, you can say directly."
    Old Du thinks it was better for the person in charge to sit down first: "You should sit down."
    "Alright." The person in charge sat down.
    When Old Du saw the person in charge sat, he said, "It's the customer named Shen from Xin Yuan Shan. There may be 10,000 express orders to be sent by our outlet tomorrow."
    Although he was sited, after hearing this, Old Du saw the person in charge leaned forward in fright and slumped on the ground.
    Old Du did not expect even when the person in charge sat in a chair, he would still fall to the ground and silently lifted the person in charge up.
    The author has something to say:
    Person in charge: I have never seen the world...

    Old Du: Don't talk about you; I also reacted like this...
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  1. I don't get it. How did that single sentence from Shen Xuan make MC look like a bad person?

    1. I think it's because SX is painting MC as a bad person but hiding it in "kind" words. SX is insinuating that MC is a rebellious and bad person. With her words, the netizens would be reminded that "oh MC was this kind of person all along?" and so on.

      I think that's the best explanation I could give :D

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    I binge read this in one day and lemme say it was worth it!

    I love a strong and self-sustaining MC who focuses on her work! 👍👍👍

    The fruit description makes me drool so much. This novel is made for fruit lovers♡

  3. im happy bc her home becoming complete, all is due to her hard work


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