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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 27

ATBBMPL – Chapter 27


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Today's task required 32768 people to eat the fruits. Although there were a lot of them, Shen Tingshuang was ready.

    Before Shen Tingshuang came down the mountain, Shao Feng was waiting for her at the foot of Xin Yuan Shan. He knows that it was meaningless to find Shen Tingshuang through WeChat, because Shen Tingshuang will probably not read them.

    A dying August melon seedling was found in the back mountain some time ago.

    August melon is a kind of wild fruit, ranging from purple to brown. It is like a small banana. It can only be eaten after the fruit has exploded. Therefore, August melon was also called August explosion.

August Melon (八月瓜/Bā yuè guā. Source here )

    Shen Ting Shuang used spiritual energy to revive this August melon seedling, and after it set fruits, she planted the seeds in the August melon fruit again.

    These days, by repeating such actions, there were so many acres of August melons trees.

    After the ripe August melon has exploded, the white fruit inside was exposed. The flesh was not much, and it was covered with black seeds.

    After Shen Tingshuang picked the other three fruits (TN: apricot, peach, and watermelon), she began to pick August melons.

    When Shen Tingshuang water the August melon trees with spiritual energy, she didn't water it all up, but left a little space to keep the fruit from exploding. The exploded August melon was not easy to transport.

    Wait for Lu Minghui and the others to transport the fruits to the supermarket, and then put them on the shelves for sale.

    Of course, there were also a portion of August melons in the field that are mature. Shen Tingshuang used this portion to sell it to the villagers at the foot of the mountain.

    Shen Tingshuang didn't pick a lot, she just picked a part of the mature ones first, and some August melon that hadn't exploded to the foot of the mountain.

    At 7 o'clock every morning, Shao Feng was always the first to arrive. When Shen Tingshuang drove the small trailer down the mountain, she found Shao Feng already there.

    Shao Feng helped Shen Tingshuang put the apricots, peaches and watermelon on the table, and by the way, he saw the new fruit next to him: "This is August explosion!"

    Shen Tingshuang: "Hmm."

    "This is good, are you going to sell?"

    "Yes ah."

    Shao Feng knew that someone in the village usually sell it for two yuan each, but he thought that Shen Tingshuang’s must be unusual, so the price cannot be set the same: "Is the price set?"

    Shen Tingshuang shook her head slightly: "Not yet."

    Shao Feng looked like he had guessed it: "I suggest you sell one for three yuan each."

    "Okay." Shen Tingshuang already trusts Shao Feng for pricing.

    Seeing Shen Tingshuang's agreement, Shao Feng went back to print the price tag. Although Shen Tingshuang now has a printer, she did not have a laminator.

    Shao Feng, who just printed the plastic covered price tag, came back and found that Lu Minghui had arrived.


    Lu Minghui lived in the countryside when he was young, and he had seen August Melon, but he had never seen any in Shen Tingshuang’s.

    Shen Tingshuang handed them the exploded August melon. Lu Minghui was very excited, while the other two were confused. What kind of fruit was this and how should I eat it?

    Fortunately, Lu Minghui had eaten it. The other two followed Lu Minghui's eating method and fed the fruit to their mouths.

    Lu Minghui had eaten August melon when he was young. When he moved to live in the city, he never ate it again. He didn't expect to see this fruit again after such a long time.

    In his impression, the taste of August melon was slightly sweet, but there was not much flesh, mostly seeds.

    Lu Minghui knew that the fruits of Shen Tingshuang were delicious, but when he tasted it, he found that this August melon was sweeter than he thought, and there was more flesh.

    The other two people didn't expect this fruit to be so delicious. If you have to say one disadvantage, it was that there is too little flesh.

    "How much can you provide this?" Lu Minghui was in charge of docking with Shen Tingshuang.

    Lu Minghui has the right to decide on the new fruits. He hardly needed to ask his superiors to know that this August melon can definitely be put on the shelves.

    Shen Tingshuang sold them three yuan each, they also paid three yuan, but in the supermarket later Lu Minghui decided to charge five yuan each. The ripening date of August melon was only this month; it will be gone after that.

    And this thing was really not that easy to eat.

    "Ten thousand, but you have to pick up the goods at nine." Shen Tingshuang said: "By the way, the goods I will provide are the closed ones. You can wait until they explode before putting them on the shelves."

    "This is no problem." Lu Minghui was used to eating August melons, so he knew that August melons had to explode before they could be eaten. Then they arranged for the staffs to go back and deliver the other fruits first, and then came back to take the August melons.

    When the staffs left, Shao Feng had time to talk about what he wanted to say. Originally, he had to talk about yesterday’s live broadcast early in the morning. But after seeing August Melon, he was a bit distracted: "I watched yesterday’s live broadcast."

    Shen Tingshuang didn’t know that Shao Feng was helping her publicize. Thinking of yesterday’s live broadcast, she sighed: "Live broadcast looked easy, but the reality it is not."

    She saw VIVI’s live broadcast before and felt that she just eat a few snacks. But when she was the one doing live broadcast, she found it was a little embarrassing. She can't do as freely as VIVI at all.

    Shen Tingshuang felt a little stiff when facing the camera, and sometimes she didn't even know where to put her hands.

    She didn’t know what to say. Only when she ate fruit, she can temporarily forget the camera.

    "You did a good job." Shen Tingshuang has no team behind her and was just an amateur. The first live broadcast can be watched by hundreds of people, which was really not bad.

    And from the live broadcast, Shao Feng really didn’t see that Shen Tingshuang was unnatural at all. "By the way, did many netizens put their address yesterday?"

    "233." Shen Tingshuang remembered very clearly, she copied down each address, marked the count and wrote to 233. Shen Tingshuang was very happy, but she had to contact the courier today and quickly sent the fruits out.

    Unexpectedly, almost half of the people in the live broadcast room left addresses. After all, this is Shen Tingshuang’s first live broadcast: "By the way, do you plan to open an online store in the future?"

    "Not for the time being." When she thought of writing so many addresses, Shen Tingshuang head was about to blow up.

    Shao Feng knew that Shen Tingshuang had always been a person with her own ideas, so he stopped talking: "I will help you sort out those addresses later."

    "No, I copied it all down."

    Shao Feng was stunned, and then asked in disbelief, "You didn't copy it by hand, did you?"

    Shen Tingshuang revealed a trace of doubt: "Of course." If not how?

    Shao Feng saw Shen Tingshuang’s expression and didn’t know how to express it for a while. Shen Tingshuang seemed to think that there was only one method of copying the address which was by hand:  "Actually, you can copy the URL, and then wait for the courier to come and copy the address in the recipient’s column."

    Shao Feng found that Shen Tingshuang didn’t understand most of the things on the internet. He also thought of Shen Tingshuang’s life experience and understood, so he explained patiently, "You can also use a printer. If you have an agreement with the courier company, you can directly print the list yourself."

    Shen Tingshuang listened carefully.

    After Shao Feng talked about how to send express delivery, he began to talk about the rules of live broadcasting. After all, he also had a few live broadcasts, but later found trouble. He did not lack the money to continue live broadcasts, so he rarely does live broadcasts again, but he still understands the rules. "You can draw the lottery today. I suggest you tell the viewers they need to pay for delivery fee upon arrival for the lottery next time."

    Shen Tingshuang did not plan to open an online shop for the time being. If she often sent gifts on the live broadcast, she will have to bear a lot of express money. In Shao Feng's mind, Shen Tingshuang was still a girl who was struggling for a livelihood.

    "Oh, I know." Shen Tingshuang knew that Shao Feng was very good in this area, so she wrote down Shao Feng's suggestions.

    "Also, the fruit you send out should be maximum half a catty, so that courier fee will be within the basic postage."


    Shao Feng gave explanation to Shen Tingshuang for almost half an hour before leaving.

    In the afternoon, before Shen Tingshuang contacted Y Express, she saw Y Express’s car. Today, it was Old Du. He had always delivered the express delivery in this village. He sent it out as soon as the quota was full. Yesterday Old Deng suddenly went crazy and also deliver to the village.

    As a result, Old Deng only took a portion of the express delivery to the village. So Old Du still has to visit here today.

    Shen Tingshuang was expecting with five packages today, and she waited for Old Du to put the courier on the table: "Can you come here again after you have delivered all the packages? I want to send some out."

    Old Du: "Okay."

    Shen Tingshuang nodded and head to the mountain to pick apricots. According to Shao Feng's suggestion, 233 people each half a catty, need to pick 116.5 catties of apricots. Shen Tingshuang estimated the appropriate number of apricots.

    When she went down the mountain and weighed, it was 117.2 catties. Soon Old Du also done delivering the packages and came back: "I need to send these apricots, you can take the extra."

    Old Du thought Shen Tingshuang only needed to return some goods, but when he saw a basket of apricots, he realized that it was a big deal!

    There were actually 233 express deliveries to be sent. The express staff salary was also linked to their performance. With so many express deliveries, he could complete a part of his target this month.

    "But I need you to help pack it and send it away." Shen Tingshuang knew this was also one of the things Shao Feng explained. The courier company could help with packaging.

    Old Du: "No problem, you send so many couriers at once, and I will calculate it at member's price. No matter where you sent within the same province it will cost 6 yuan each and 8 yuan each for outside the province."

    "Thank you."

    Shen Tingshuang made the payment, and Old Du took the addresses before planning to go back, she saw that Shao Feng return.

    He saw Y express car, and immediately got down and stopped Old Du: "You just happen to have not left. Give Shen Tingshuang your express account permission. In the future, she can print the address by herself."

    Old Du knew that this little girl sells good fruits. Probably now many orders also sold online. When Shao Feng mentioned this, he immediately said: "No problem, I will activate it."

    After the activation, Shao Feng helped Shen Tingshuang operate it on the phone and demonstrated once again: "I brought a printer for you. You can operate it on your phone starting tomorrow."

    Shen Tingshuang learned the operation from Shao Feng just now, and tried it by herself. It was much more convenient than handwriting: "By the way, how much is the printer?"

Although Shen Tingshuang didn't have a deep concept of money, she did know that there is reward in every merit. So you can't take other people's things casually.

    Shao Feng took the initiative to buy the printer for Shen Tingshuang. He originally didn't intend to collect any money: "It's not much."

    "That's not good. If you don't say it, I don’t want it."

    Shao Feng had no choice but to say the price.

    Shen Tingshuang happily transferred the money to Shao Feng: "Thank you."

    "By the way, are you still live streaming today?" Shao Feng asked.

    Shen Tingshuang: "Yes."

    The two chatted for a while, and Shen Tingshuang returned to the courtyard with the printer.

    After planting the land in the afternoon, at 5 o'clock Shen Tingshuang took out her mobile phone, clicked on the live broadcast, and shared the link on Weibo. The action was done in one go.

    She ate apricots and peaches yesterday, and Shen Tingshuang planned to eat watermelon live today.

    At the beginning of todays live broadcast, 10 netizens entered the live broadcast room. Shen Tingshuang felt that she was calmer than yesterday: "The viewers who left the address yesterday, I have already delivered the fruits to the courier company, and you should be able to receive the apricots soon."

    Some netizens who leave an address do not really think that they can receive the fruit, some purely didn’t want to leave the address, some are skeptical, and the other think that Shen Tingshuang was a liar and won't leave their address.

    Shen Tingshuang went to the watermelon field: "I ate apricots and peaches yesterday. Let's eat watermelon today. This is Ah Shuang's watermelon field."

    Everywhere the phone lens goes, there were big watermelons.

    [There are so many watermelons in the field.]

    [There are a lot of watermelons, and they are so big.]

    [This watermelon must be delicious, I like to buy this kind of big watermelon the most.]


    Shen Tingshuang chose a watermelon: "This is it."

    Then, under the gaze of the netizens, Shen Tingshuang split the watermelon with one palm.

    [? ? ? ]

    [Am I seeing wrong?]

    [Sister, did you make a mistake?]

    [I felt my mobile phone vibrated.]

    [Did I go to the wrong live broadcast room?]

    [I was watching the live broadcast on a computer. In the scene just now, I directly sprayed my bubble tea.]

    [Sister, you are so fierce.]


    But soon, the comment area quieted down, and Shen Tingshuang broke a piece of watermelon and showed the red watermelon flesh with a few black seeds on it.

    Shen Tingshuang took a bite.

    After watching the live broadcast yesterday, Xiao Li paid attention to Shen Tingshuang. Today, after seeing Shen Tingshuang's live broadcast prompt, she clicked in.

As soon as she came in, she was shocked by Shen Tingshuang's palm splitting the watermelon. Before Xiao Li was relieved, she saw Shen Tingshuang eating the watermelon.

    On the subway, Xiao Li swallowed unconsciously. This Ah Shuang blogger was a bit powerful. She just took two bites and made people want to eat with her.


    After Shen Tingshuang finished eating the watermelon, she took her mobile phone, put some watermelons in the basket, and put it on the table below the mountain: "This is the place where Ah Shuang sells fruits. You need weigh and pay by yourself."

    [This village is so simple.]

    [If you put it here, there will definitely be a bunch of aunts and uncles going to grab it.]


    Shen Tingshuang put the watermelons and said: "I should be able to draw a lottery today. The prize is peaches and there will 100 people drawn, but you need to pay for delivery fee upon arrival. So viewers participating in the lottery please think twice!"

    Not everyone was willing to accept paying for delivery fee upon arrival. This was what Shao Feng said, so she must remind everyone when doing the draw.

    There were too many people yesterday with 233, so Shen Tingshuang only plans to draw 100 people today.

    There was a moment of silence in the live broadcast room. Generally, there are a maximum of ten lucky draws, and there were 100 people here, although they need to pay for delivery fee upon arrival.

    Shen Ting Shuang set up the lottery method and used the pop-up screen to draw. 100 people were quickly drawn out: "The winning friends, who are willing pay for delivery fee upon arrival can leave your address."

    Soon after Shen Tingshuang said: "Well, today’s live broadcast is over. Goodbye everyone." After speaking, Shen Tingshuang ended the live broadcast.


    Wang Qian almost smashed her phone when she saw the black screen.

    She knew that Shen Tingshuang was doing live broadcast yesterday, and Wang Qian was still cursing a few words in the live broadcast, but she was attacked by netizens in turn.

    Today, when she saw Shen Tingshuang doing live broadcast again, Wang Qian learned well and didn't directly scold her. Instead, she hired dozens of navy soldiers. As a result, the navy just joined the live, and Shen Tingshuang live broadcast ended!


    On the other hand, Shao Feng smiled and closed the live broadcast. When he saw Shen Tingshuang break watermelon with her bare hands, he reacted like the netizens, shocked. He did not expect that a girl who looked weak and fragile would have so much strength.

    However, thinking that Shen Tingshuang had to bring so many fruits down the mountain every day, and guessed it must have come through practice. Thinking of this, Shao Feng scolded the Shen family again in his heart.

    He drove the car to Xin Yuan Shan and found that only half a watermelon was left in Shen Ting Shuang table, so he weighed the other half and took it home after scanning the QR code and paying.


    After Shen Tingshuang turned off the live broadcast, she went to try the printer. Following the method taught by Shao Feng, Shen Tingshuang began to print the courier slip.

    Out of the 100 winners, 97 left their addresses.

    When Shen Tingshuang printed the first few express orders, it was a bit slow. Later, she became proficient in the operation and can print several express orders in one minute.

    In less than an hour, Shen Tingshuang printed all the express orders.

    Shen Tingshuang breathed a sigh of relief and ran to the kitchen to prepare dinner.


    After Old Du went back yesterday, he worked overtime to pack all Shen Tingshuang's packages and send it away.

    Speaking this, there was a small episode in the middle, back when Old Du arrived, Old deng specifically looked into the car and found a car full of fruit, very surprised: "She actually give you so much fruit?"

    Old Du: "Don't talk nonsense. This are the fruits that a customer wants to send out."

    Old Deng nodded, but he thought how it could be possible to send so many fruits: "This is to be send to how many people?" 

Old Du said: "Hundreds."

    Old Deng's eyes lit up: "Let me help you."

    Old Du directly refused: "No, I can handle this."

Since the last time Old Deng took his peaches, Old Du has had an opinion at Old Deng.

    Old Deng persuaded him for a while but saw that Old Du really didn't want him to help, so he had to leave.

    It wasn't until 6 o'clock in the morning the next day that Old Du had packaged all the express delivery and sent it to the courier trucks to be sent to various places.


    At 5:30 in the afternoon, there was a lucky man in city B who became the first one to receive this package sent by Shen Tingshuang.

    This lucky one was Lin Ling. It was just a coincidence that she was watching Shen Tingshuang's live broadcast. She was watching other bloggers' live broadcasts when she scroll down without paying too much attention and accidentally clicked Shen Tingshuang's live broadcast room.

    As a result, she was attracted by Shen Tingshuang eating apricots. Later, she heard that Shen Tingshuang said that leaving an address in the live broadcast room can receive fruit, and Lin Ling left the address with the attitude of just trying.

    She was not afraid of encountering scammers. After all, many internet celebrities now use this method to sell their goods. At first, the goods sent were generally good. After the online reputation rises, these bloggers will open an online store but the products they sell will be different quality.

    Lin Ling squeezed the courier box. It was not heavy. The fruit should be about half a catty, but she could understand. After all, there must be many netizens leaving addresses. Let everyone taste it.

    If you really sent too much, then you will lose money.

    Lin Ling opened the express and found that the fruit was wrapped in bubble plastic, a little surprised.


    Yes, when Old Du packed these apricots yesterday, they were tightly wrapped in bubble plastic. He had eaten these fruits, so he knew that they could not be damaged.

    In the process of transportation, express delivery will inevitably be thrown around. Fruits cannot be subjected to strong impacts, so Old Du wrapped them in these plastic bubbles.


    Lin Ling had already opened a layer of bubble wrap, and the original apricot scent came out. Lin Ling nodded. If this blogger sold such fruits in the future, that would be great.

    She took an apricot, rinsed it with water, peeled it, took a bite, and was stunned.

    When watching the live broadcast yesterday, she saw the female blogger eating with gusto, but she also knew it was a marketing tool.

    The live broadcasts were all like this which will create an atmosphere, but she did not expect that the taste of this apricot was even more delicious than she thought!

    After eating one, Lin Ling did not wash the remaining apricots, and fed them into her mouth one by one. When the last one was finished, she suddenly realized that she had forgotten to take pictures, but at the moment there were no apricots, only a bunch of peels and skins, also apricot kernels.

    Lin Ling picked up the phone, took a picture of apricot skins, and then posted a Weibo.

    [Shuangmu: Yesterday in @Ah Shuang who Farms live broadcast room, the anchor said that you can get fruits by leaving address. I left the address with the attitude of trying.

    Unexpectedly, I received the package today. My first reaction when I got the express was it was not heavy. Excluding the packaging and box, it was about half a catty of fruit. I understood it. After all, it was delivered for free.

    As a result, I opened the courier and I knelt. These apricots are big and round, full of color and full of fragrance.

    After taking a bite, my whole person screamed with excitement, it was so delicious! I ate all of them without paying attention, only then remember to take a picture, now only this one is left [picture].]

The picture was a trash can full of apricot peel. After the Weibo was posted, some netizens commented.

    [It’s good to see the picture.]


    [Is this a trustworthy?]

    [I just took a look at that ‘Ah Shuang who Farms’, and I feel like she has backing. I guess an Internet celebrity wants to make a debut.]

    Lin Ling did not expect that the long commentary she wrote so hard would be questioned, and immediately replied directly below [You were offered free goods you refused; now you dare to question the review of someone who accepted?]


    After this Weibo, there were other posts. Everyone was reporting that the Ah Shuang who Farms’ fruits were delicious.

    [I came back from work and received the package. When I was at work, I was so angry that I was crying with anger. As a result, I took a bite of the apricots and all those unhappy things were gone!]

    [I just left my address at random. I didn’t expect the fruit to be especially delicious. When I went to the live broadcast room again, I found that @Ah Shuang who Farms today’s live broadcast has ended!]

    [Now I regret it, why didn't I put the address of my parents' house yesterday, otherwise at least half a catty of apricots will be in hand!]

    [I never send review on Weibo, but I don’t know where else to give it. I just want to say @Ah Shuang who Farms’ apricot is so delicious! I will buy it if there is a live broadcast!]


    The people who received the apricots basically posted Weibo. Everyone commented on how delicious the apricots were under Shen Tingshuang's Weibo, which made many netizens who did not leave their address felt regret.

    After the discussion heated up, a blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers commented on Shen Tingshuang's latest Weibo.

    [Of course it's delicious, she is the one who supplies Super Mall!]


    The netizens who saw this comment were very surprised, and then searched for the previous news and found that it was true. No wonder it was so delicious. They still think that this anchor will open a shop in the future. They found out that the live broadcast was probably just for fun.

    [I really envy the netizens who left an address the first time.]

    [Originally, I saw these comments praising the apricots I feel a bit regret not leaving address, but now I regret it with my whole intestines.]

    [I was thingking why the taste of this apricot is so familiar! Ahhhhhh, why the hell didn't I go to the live broadcast room today!]

    [It sounds like you can get a prize if you go to the live broadcast room.]


    With the discussion of netizens, Shen Tingshuang's fans were rising in a steady way, and soon reached 150,000 followers.

    Meanwhile at this time, Shen Tingshuang was watching the live broadcast of VIVI.

    The theme of the live broadcast of VIVI today is Life Festival, and all the things sold are daily necessities.

    Shen Tingshuang once again felt like she had opened the door to a new world. For example, there were fully automatic washing machines, dishwashers, thermostatic foot baths, wall breakers, laundry beads, and ultra-fast knives.

    The original owner was living in the countryside when she was young, so she didn’t have these electrical appliances, but when she returned to Shen house later, she didn’t need to do these things. Shen Tingshuang transmigrated and her inherited memory did not have these electrical appliances.

    During the live broadcast, the money on Shen Ting Shuang's account continued to fall from the starting point of 139087 yuan. When the broadcast was over, Shen Tingshuang Alipay's balance dropped to only five digits left.

    Shen Tingshuang actually spent more than 50,000 yuan.

    She has become a favorite fan in the VIVI live broadcast room. If she watched it often, Shen Tingshuang estimated that she can become the highest-level fan of VIVI.

    After watching the live broadcast, Shen Tingshuang put her phone aside and went to sleep.


    In a high-star hotel in city B, a group of people are still busy setting up tomorrow's banquet.

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