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After Transmigrating, the Bosses Begged Me to Plant the Land – Chapter 40

ATBBMPL – Chapter 40


    "Please the host produce 30 different kinds of flowers within 43 hours."
    30 kinds of flowers?
    Even if she has lived for 10,000 years, Shen Tingshuang at the moment couldn't keep calm: "No, I can understand that you grow fruits and vegetables. After all, you can eat them. What about flowers?"
    What else can they do besides being good-looking?
    The system sternly answered: "You can make scented tea." The hosts of other systems used flowers to make all kinds of scented teas.
    Shen Tingshuang: "..."

    Shen Tingshuang got up and completed the delivery task of today's Super Mall. As for the six new fruits that were provided yesterday, Shen Tingshuang said that she will provide them again after a few days.
    Lu Minghui was a little disappointed but didn't say much. After he left, Shen Tingshuang picked some fruits and put them at the foot of the mountain, and then went to City B. She agreed with the police yesterday to go see the patient today.
    Besides, she has to buy flower seeds.
    She went to the police station first, and when Shen Tingshuang was about to see a patient, the older policeman Zou Zheng was still busy and couldn't spare time, so he sent another policewoman and the young policeman yesterday to accompany her.
    Last night, this Zou Zheng brought home the fruit, and when his daughter came back from studying for the night, she saw the peaches on the table.
    During this period of time, a classmate in their class brought delicious fruits to school every day. He also said that it was not easy to buy the fruits. His mother has to wait in line for a long time every day.
    Occasionally, this student will share the fruits he brought with other students.
    On one occasion he brought peaches.
    Zou Zheng's daughter liked to eat peaches very much. At that time, she tasted a small piece the size of her thumb. After eating, she was amazed, but she was embarrassed to ask for more to her classmate. Besides, this classmate only had one peach.
    She rarely asked her family anything, but after a few days she can't help telling her parents that she wanted to eat peaches.
    Her mother bought her peaches that night, but the taste was completely different from the ones brought by her classmate.
    After eating the peaches brought by her classmate, eating the ordinary peaches bought by his mother, Zou Zheng's daughter felt that they taste like wax.
    Zou Zheng noticed it at that time and asked his daughter what was wrong.
    She told her father about it.
    Mother said that she would look for delicious peaches tomorrow, but she never found the peach that tasted like that.
    She thought it would be over, but she didn't expect to see the peach on the table when she went home tonight, exactly the same as the one brought by her classmate!
    After a bite, she found that the taste was the same. She immediately cut the peach into three parts, ate one by herself, and shared the other two with her parents.
    Zou Zheng and his wife naturally refused to eat. It was just a peach, if the child liked it, they would leave it to the child.
    The daughter lied: "This peach is too unpalatable." 
    Zou Zheng naturally also smelled the peach scent, and felt that the fruit should not be unpalatable. After tasting it, he realized that this was deliberately said by her daughter, and the purpose was to make them eat as well.
    Both his wife and daughter were asking where he bought the peaches.
    Zou Zheng also planned to buy more peaches today, but there were too many things and he was too busy to go. He didn't expect Shen Tingshuang to come.
    Seeing this girl not much older than his own daughter, he arranged for two police officers to take Shen Tingshuang to the hospital.
    The young policeman's name was Yang Zhengqing. He was working overtime when he came back yesterday. He simply cut the watermelon he bought from Shen Tingshuang at the station. He only split the watermelon into two and ate half of it with a spoon.
    The other colleagues wanted to eat it too, so Yang Zhengqing asked them to take whatever they wanted.
    The end result was that he only ate the first half of the watermelon that was cut at the beginning, and the rest was divided among other colleagues.
    No way, the scent of watermelon was too attractive.
    Thinking of this, Yang Zhengqing felt a bit wronged: "You don't know, the watermelon I bought yesterday was eaten by them in less than half an hour." 
    Those guys, that watermelon was tens of catties, when Yang Zhengqing wants to eat more later, he found that his colleagues did not even leave him a piece of skin.
    The policewoman was called Wei Youyou: "This morning, my colleagues in the office have been saying that the fruit you grow is delicious." She didn't taste the watermelon, but all the colleagues said it was delicious, so it should definitely be not bad.
    "Thank you."
    The three of them chatted and arrived at the hospital soon after.
    "That person is on the tenth floor." Yang Zhengqing took them to the ward.
    The patient was a middle-aged man in his 40s. He was lying on the bed with a pale face and weakness. Anyone knew at first glance that he had suffered.
    According to the doctor, he had just undergone a second gastric lavage.
    Generally speaking, it was painful to wash the stomach once. In extreme cases, the doctor will not wash the patient's stomach twice in a short period of time.

    Shen Tingshuang saw the man: "Hello."
    The man lying on the bed, after seeing Shen Tingshuang, his eyes were full of surprise and wretchedness. He glanced at the police next to him again, and probably guessed that Shen Tingshuang's identity was the seller of peaches. His eyes rolled around a few times: "It's you, I bought peaches at your house, and it's like this now. Let's talk about it. You will not be able to resolve this with  just medical fee."
    The man's voice was a bit loud and the whole ward was attracted by him. In the past few days, the patients around the hospital where he had been in knew that he had food poisoning.
    Shen Tingshuang repeated the man's words: "Bought peaches?"
    The man instantly changed his words: "It was the peach that my son won in your live broadcast room. He didn't want to eat it, so he gave it to me. It really wasn't a good thing." Yang Zhengqing wanted to refute, but considering that he was a policeman, he held it back. This person was telling complete nonsense.
    This person ate half a peach, and after a test on the other half, it was indeed poisonous.
    But the peaches brought back by the police yesterday were also tested and found to be non-toxic.
    The peaches they brought back were picked from the tree with their own eyes. Besides, among 10,000 peaches, everyone else was fine. Why did this person alone have a problem?
    It's just that, they couldn't say this as a policeman.
    Shen Tingshuang didn't talk, the man continued: "You can not admit, I became very sick because of it I felt only half alive, how they dare to say only compensation?"
    Wei Youyou glared at the man and took a step in front of Shen Tingshuang: "The cause of your poisoning has not been found out yet." 
    The middle-aged man was a little excited: "How could it not be found out, I got sick after eating her peach, the hospital's diagnosis was clear. It was written food poisoning!"
    The patient next to him also said: "Yes, he is really pitiful these days."
    Wei Youyou looked worriedly at Shen Tingshuang. She saw that the latter was just standing in place.
    Yang Zhengqing also said: "We did not deny that you were poisoned, but the cause of the poisoning has not been found out. Please don't make any rushed conclusion."
    The patient next to him said: "These eight and nine are not far from ten."
    "It must be that peach."
    While other patients were speaking for the middle-aged man, they saw the excited middle-aged man sat on his bed suddenly: "Yes, I just framed this woman."
    Yang Zhengqing and Wei Youyou were taken aback: "You, what do you mean?"
    The person who helped him speak was also stunned.
    The middle-aged man said: "I was walking the night before and met a young woman. She said that as long as I eat this peach, she will give me 100,000 yuan. If I can ruin the reputation of the person who grows this peach, she will give me another 100,000 yuan." 
    Yang Zhengqing was still new after all and he didn't immediately react to this.
    Wei Youyou on the side already asked: "What is this woman's name?" 
    The middle-aged man: "She didn't tell me her name, but she gave me her contact information."
    Wei Youyou wrote down the contact information.
    When they travel, the law enforcement device was always on, so what the man said just now was recorded in it.
    "Is there anything else you want to explain?" Yang Zhengqing felt that this man was too hateful, and he was so arrogant when framing people!
    The middle-aged man was full of horror: "Ghosts, there are ghosts!" For some reason he suddenly felt that he could not control himself and his mouth blurted out the truth one after another.
    Didn't want to loose the momentum, Wei Youyou said: "You alleged false alarm and framed others. With such a crime, considering that you are now in a hospital, we will wait for your recovery before taking relevant measures,"
    The middle-aged man retorted: "No, no, no, what I said just now is not true." 
    It was just that the law enforcement device has recorded this.
    Wei Youyou has sent back the contact information provided by the middle-aged man to the bureau.
    Seeing that the middle-aged man was still retorting, Yang Zhengqing was very angry: "For the money, why are you so shameless?"
    The patients next to him apologized to Shen Tingshuang : "I didn't expect this to be the case. I'm really sorry, little girl."
    "Yes, we are. Seeing him so miserable, I thought it was true, but I didn't expect it to be self-inflicted."
    Shen Tingshuang shook her head and left with Yang Zhengqing and Wei Youyou.
    The panic in the middle-aged man's eyes has not disappeared.
    There was a lot of grievances in the hospital, Shen Tingshuang only used part of it, and moved them around the middle-aged man, so he told the truth.
    Walking out of the hospital, Wei Youyou saw that Shen Tingshuang had not spoken, thinking that she had been framed by others, and was in a bad mood: "Let’s go, we will send you back."
    Shen Tingshuang shook her head: "When you find out who is behind this. Can you tell me?"
    Wei Youyou: "Don't worry, we will let you know as soon as possible."
    "Thank you." Shen Tingshuang refused their offer to send her back.

    Looking at the back of Shen Tingshuang's, Yang Zhengqing said: "I hope this case will be over soon, and I will go to Miss Sister to buy fruit at that time."
    Wei Youyou smiled and said nothing.
    After leaving the hospital, Shen Tingshuang took a car to a nearby flower shop. It sold common flowers include roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, and lilies.
    There are several kinds of roses alone, and Shen Tingshuang has chosen small pots so that they can be taken back by herself.
    In addition to these, Shen Tingshuang also bought 5 kinds of flower seeds, such as plum blossom, morning glory and Gesang flower. Shen Tingshuang almost bought all the flowers in the shop.
    30 kinds of flowers were a lot after all. After Shen Tingshuang made selection for nearly an hour, the owner of the flower shop almost thought she was joking.
    Later, when Shen Tingshuang paid, the florist knew that Shen Tingshuang really wanted to buy thet.
    Since Shen Tingshuang bought so many things, shop owner drove her directly Xin Yuan Shan. Seeing the area the florist sighed: "it is so nice here."
    Although a large part of the mountain were still empty, but the part that has loaded fruit trees are particularly beautiful, with all kinds of colors, red, yellow, green, and purple.
    "Thank you." Shen Tingshuang led the boss's car to the front of the courtyard, and the two put the flowers inside.
    Shen Tingshuang also filled the boss with a bag of fruit, thanking her for sending herself back.
    The boss happily took it and then left.
    Shen Tingshuang first transplanted flowers in pots, such as roses, all transplanted to the mountain.
    As for the transplanting place, she chose the outermost part of the fruit tree.
    After transplanting the potted plants, Shen Tingshuang began to sow seeds.
    The plum seeds were first scattered in the rear of the courtyard.
    The last Gesang flower, Shen Tingshuang sowed them along both sides of the road. Where the seeds were planted under the mountain, Shen Tingshuang did not dare to water with spiritual energy, for fear that people would look suspicious. So Shen Tingshuang just watered the seeds that were invisible from under the mountain.

Gesang Flowers / Cosmos

    Gesang flowers doesn't need a lot of spiritual energy, just a little bit of it could make it shoot several branches.
    Although there were many seeds, the seeds that Shen Tingshuang sown on the left and right sides of the road were one meter wide, so they were used up in a short while.
    "How many tasks have I completed?" Shen Tingshuang asked the system. She just planted so many kinds of seeds, transplanted so many flowers, the task should be completed, but the mechanical sound did not appear to remind herself of the completion.
    "You have completed 5 out of 30, please continue to work hard."
    "Are you selling cute?" Shen Tingshuang said the phrase she saw on Weibo yesterday. Netizens said she was cute, and she went to check the meaning. But it doesn't matter whether the system sells cute or not, the important thing is: "Why did you only count five kinds of them for me?" Obviously 30 kinds of them were planted.
    System: "The roses are originally with blooms already, so the host is just transplanting, not planting."
    Shen Tingshuang: "?" Dog system.
    System: "I'm not a dog."
    Okay, she didn't ask.
    Shen Tingshuang glanced at the time. It was 7 o'clock in the evening, she didn't bother to go to the city to buy seeds anymore, so she started the live broadcast.
    Netizens were waiting for Shen Tingshuang's live broadcast yesterday, but found that she didn't live broadcast at all. As soon as the live broadcast was turned on today, these waiting netizens came in.
    [The grapes I bought are here and they are delicious, but when will Miss Sister restock? ]
    [The same question, there is purchase restrictions per id, so I thought to have my parents register an account, after it was done the fruits were already gone. Its not even restocked.]
    The 10,000 pieces of fruit on the shelves before, as of today, have been sold out, but Shen Tingshuang has no plans to replenish the goods : "A few days later." 
    [Does this sell according to mood?]
    [Miss Sister is so headstrong.]
    [I went to Xin Yuan Shan, you can buy it.]
    [If I am in City B, I will definitely go, but I am in the most southern part!]
    Shen Tingshuang didn't say anything about the fruit on the shelves: "Today I transplanted some flowers, they should look good when they grow up." Shen Tingshuang pointed the camera at the flowers transplanted today, and she received a lot of praise.
    [Good looking.]
    [I want to live in here.]
    [There is nothing like this in Shangdu.]
    "Today, I will take you to see longan and cantaloupe." Last live broadcast, she took everyone to see magnolia berry and grapes.
    [The cantaloupe is so big.]
    [Envy the friends who bought it.]
    [Longan is almost as big as lychee.]
    [I really want to eat.]
    Because of the late time, after Shen Tingshuang finished with the lottery and was preparing to close the live broadcast, she saw someone commenting below.

    [Don’t be fooled by her. Someone was food poisoned after eating her fruit. He is still lying in the hospital. If you don’t believe me, go to Weibo to see the malicious Xin Yuan Shan boss.]
    This information has been swiped several times in a row.
    Shen Tingshuang saw: "This netizen is responsible for what he has said. The police are investigating this matter, and I believe the results will come out soon." 
    As soon as the viewers heard this, some began to help Shen Tingshuang to speak.
    [Miss Sister's fruit, I also ate, no problem at all.]
    [Yeah, is it cost-free to spread rumors now?]
    This person didn’t give up and continued to comment: [Don’t believe her, because of this, she dare not put fruit on the shelves today.]
    [If you think this is hoax, go to Weibo to check, the hospital's certificate is all there!]
    Someone helped to speak, but they were all brushed down by this comments.
    Shen Tingshuang was too lazy to watch it again. As she was done with the lottery, she turned off the live broadcast, washed and slept. She had to plant flowers tomorrow.
    Weibo has exploded at this moment.
    [Vicious Xin Yuan Shan boss: My friend won a peach in Ah Shuang who Farms live broadcast. It was originally a happy thing, although the postage is paid by the winners. He did not expect that after eating, he vomited and had diarrhea. We have called the police. Please do not buy again. The following is the police and hospital certificate. (Picture)]
    The pictures sent by this blogger were indeed certificate by the hospital to prove food poisoning. The proof of police report was also true.
    Everyone talked a lot for a while.
    [I was hammered when I opened the shop, and it was too miserable.]
    [I just bought peaches, and I don’t know if I can eat them yet.]
    [I bought it too.]
    [I was envious of the winners, but now I don’t envy them anymore.]
    [How about the poster friends?]
    When netizens started more comments, the blogger posted another Weibo.
    [Vicious Xin Yuan Shan boss: Thank you all netizens for your attention. My friend has done gastric lavage twice and is now much better, but he is very haggard. (Picture)]
    Although the picture was in mosaic, it could still be seen roughly.
    All netizens looked at it, what a haggard and weak looks as if the friend had lost his life.
    [This is too much.]
    [After calling the police, remember to also report to the Market Supervision Bureau.]
    [2 times gastric lavage? Can this person stand it?]
    In a short while, The Vicious Xin Yuan Shan Boss went on the hot search, passers-by clicked in, and many people ran to Shen Tingshuang Weibo to start cursing.
    [Doesn't your heart hurt if you make money like this?]
    [Curse you to be doing gastric lavage every day.]
    [Click this comment like me, most likely this blogger will only live for a day.]
    All kinds of unpleasant comments were coming. As soon as Feng Shao finished the express delivery, he saw the news on Weibo.
    He also posted on his Weibo.
    [Feng Ge Street Photography V: There is absolutely no problem with the fruits of Ah Shuang who Farms. Our family have always bought fruits in Xin Yuan Shan and have never had problems with them.] 
    The last time Shao Feng spoke for Shen Tingshuang, he offended Shen Xuan’s fans. His followers dropped from one million to 900,000. After posting today, followers began to fall again.
    [Do you mean that other people's poisoning is false?]
    [Brother Feng, I’m really disappointed in you. You don’t take street photos recently, and you still talk to that person. Have you forgotten your job?]
    [I never thought that you are a licking dog. I will never see you again.]
    [Food poisoning, this matter can't be washed away, you are just a dog, goodbye.]
    [I think that from the photo you took to the live broadcast of Ah Shuang, it was planned. You must be her accomplice.]
    Shao Feng looked at these comments and was very angry, but the comments on Shen Tingshuang's Weibo were more vicious than these.
    He contacted his computer genius friend to see if he could find out who this Vicious Xin Yuan Shan Boss's blogger was.
    In H city, Qin Yueze just finished a night scene, he sat in a chair and waited for the end scene.
    Xiaoyue next to him was scanning Weibo and saw the hot search content, and said: "Xin Yuan shan is on the hot search again." Qin Yueze has Weibo, but Ai Ming managed it most of the time. Qin Yueze heard Xiaoyue say this and opened his own Weibo.
    Qin Yueze's action made the huge number of fans who follow him not calm down.
    [I just saw my brother is currently online!]
    [Everyone is ready, brother is going to post on Weibo!]
    After 1 minute, Qin Yueze still did not post on Weibo.
    [It must be too many private messages and stuck.] 
    After 5 minutes, still nothing.
    [Recently, there are too many private messages and comments, maybe he haven't gotten back.]

    After 10 minutes, still nothing.
    [My thumb can't be used anymore, now I switch to the computer, and I feel that my f5 key is about to break.]
    Fans keep refreshing until 15 minutes later.
    Everyone finally saw Qin Yueze's Weibo.
    [Qin Yueze: The fruit is delicious, it must be no problem (Picture).]
    This picture was of the refrigerator in the hotel where he lives. When Xiaoyue put all the fruits in the refrigerator at that time, he felt happy to have such a box of fruits, so he took a picture.
    Before posting on Weibo, Qin Yueze asked Xiaoyue for the picture.
    Qin Yueze's fans were confused at first, and then reacted.
    [Ahhhhhhh, you said, we will support it.]
    [My brother said it’s okay, it’s definitely okay.]
    [Alright, who told brother to speak.]
    [My brother’s birthday party fruit was bought here before. Speaking of which, we have a good relationship with Xin Yuan Shan.]
    Soon after, some of the hate voices were suppressed by Qin Yueze's fans comments.
    Fans of Qin Yueze stood up and friends who scolded Shen Tingshuang were all suppressed.
    Many people say that Shen Tingshuang saved Qin Yueze at that time and what Qin Yueze was doing now is to repay her favor.
    But there were also people who say that Qin Yueze was nosy, has guided fans badly, and was not worthy to be an idol.
    Ai Ming saw Qin Yueze’s Weibo and almost jumped to his feet. He immediately called Qin Yueze: "Yueze, what are you doing?"
    Qin Yueze has always done things properly and Ai Ming was also very relieved of him. But what Qin Yueze did recently, as long as it had something to do with Xin Yuan Shan, Ai Ming felt that he couldn't understand him.
    Qin Yueze: "I have a sense of measure."
    Ai Ming sighed and said nothing in the end: "Then you take a good shot."
    The phone hung up, and a staff member came over here: "Mr. Qin, your next act is ready. "
    Qin Yueze got up, there seemed to be no expression on his face: "Let's go."
    Because of Qin Yueze's appearance, Shen Tingshuang was pushed to a higher hot search.
    Xin Yuan Shan directly climbed into the top ten of the hot search.
    While everyone was arguing, a Weibo appeared in front of netizens.
    [Safe City B V: Explanation of Xin Yuan Shan.
    Yesterday, our bureau received a report saying that the citizen Xie had food poisoning. After laboratory tests, the peaches Xie provided were indeed poisonous. Our bureau then went to Xin Yuan Shan to take samples. After testing, they were non-toxic.
    Today, our bureau and the owner of Xin Yuan Shan went to visit the victim. The victim claimed that he had been instructed to eat poisonous peaches, and he received 200,000 yuan for framing Xin Yuan Shan.
    Through the afternoon follow-up, we have found out that Xie’s instigator is Wang, female, from City B, 23 years old, and our bureau has arrested Wang and brought her to justice.]
    A description of less than two hundred words contains a lot of information.
    There were photos of Wang and Xie attached to the Weibo, and the one who posted this Weibo was Yang Zhengqing.
    The unit leader asked him to make mosaics. He originally muzzled all their facea. Thinking about it, he felt puzzled. Why did he make mosaics for such a villain? So he wrote the three words mosaic and put them on Wang Qian's face.
    He has done it anyway, although the mosaic pasted like never before.
    Don’t blame Yang Zhengqing. At first, when they received the alarm, everyone really thought that Xie was food poisoned. Later, when they came to Xin Yuan Shan, they saw a large peach tree and could guess that Shen Tingshuang was framed.
    Then Xie personally admitted that he was instigated by someone and gave the phone number of the contact person.
    As a result, they went back to the bureau and found that the number could not be reached. After repeated inquiries, they learned that a number that instructed Xie was bought illegally and had no real-name authentication at all.
    The clue was broken at this point, but Yang Zhengqing and Wei Youyou did not give up. They continued to search the video of the day Xie said to see who had contact with him.
    Some people were being screened out, but the Vicious Boss Xin Yuan Shan, a blogger, appeared.
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